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DUmmie FUnnies 03-15-06 ("Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President")

It's the Ides of March and Senator Russ Feingold has already assassinated his own presidential ambitions with his dopey call to censure the President as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President." That title pretty much tells the whole story about Feingold's censure ploy. He introduced the idea to much DUmmie acclaim on Sunday, brought the dopey idea to the Senate on Monday, and by Tuesday it was completely DEAD thanx to his fellow Democrats who wanted nothing to do with it since its PRIMARY purpose was only to further Feingold's presidential ambitions. Thus another Acme Co. package explodes in the DUmmiecrat's face as we hear the Road Runner whizzing off in the distance saying "BEEP! BEEP!" in a voice that sounds remarkably like that of Dick Cheney. So let us now observe to the DUmmie reactions to their own Democrats plunging the Feingold censure shtick into ice cold water in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmie Coyote ONCE AGAIN eating Road Runner dust, is in the [brackets]:

Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President

["BOOM!" That was the sound of yet ANOTHER DUmmie Coyote Acme Co. package exploding.]

March 14, 2006
Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President

WASHINGTON, March 13 — Senate Democrats on Monday blocked an immediate vote on a call by one of their own to censure President Bush for his eavesdropping program.

They acted after Republicans said they were eager to pass judgment on a proposal that they portrayed as baseless and disruptive to the antiterror effort.

Minutes before Senator Russell D. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, formally introduced his resolution reprimanding Mr. Bush, Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader, said Republicans were ready to vote by day's end or Tuesday.

"When we're talking about censure of the president of the United States at a time of war, when this president is out defending the American people with a very good, lawful, constitutional program, it is serious business," Mr. Frist said. "If they want to make an issue out of it, we're willing to do just that."

[So the Republicans wanted to VOTE right away on Feingold's censure motion but the Democrats were the ones who NIXED that idea. Oh, and even Feingold left the Senate chamber rather than to actually DEBATE his censure motion. And now for the inevitable DUmmie IMPLOSION...]

Democrats: We're all spineless wimps and PROUD OF IT!

[Harry Reid has your back!]


[All bow to the Mighty Chimpus Khan!]

It's a misleading title, if you go past it and actually read the quotes

[If you actually read the quotes, the Democrats beat a quick retreat while PRETENDING to sort of support the censure motion.]

It's kind of sad when you cower before a milktoast like Frist

[Hey! Frist actually wanted a censure motion vote. It was Dingy Harry who nixed the deal.]

I was going to comment about these spineless creatures -- but I'm too angry!

[The DUmmie Coyote is angry that he once again got suckered by an Acme Co. exploding package.]

We've stored up a massive backlog of dry powder. Only later do we discover it has a shelf life of six months.

[Your dry powder turned out to be nothing but bitter ashes in your mouths.]

What exactly have these yellow bellied Dem leaders been doing about Bush's crimes against Americans for the last few months? Nothing, not a thing. Nada, zero, zip, zilch. Why would you expect them to do something now?

[Well, Kerry did lead that last minute futile filibuster against the ApocAlito from the ski slopes of Davos.]

I hear no clamoring for a floor debate by the dems.
On the other hand, a parlimentary requirement for a formal censure vote would certainly invoke debate as a prelude to the actual vote. I see dreamy eyes wishing that the dems had more balls, but I see no indication of actual balls.

[At least Hillary has a big set of cojones.]

They've had months to debate it. All they've done is hide.

[Even Feingold hid from debating his own censure resolution.]

This is the first time a Senator, on the floor, brought out Censure. This is the proper time to debate it... Dems hide? I have no idea what our Dem Senators are doing, but I do know that Feingold is the only one with guts right now...

[FUnnie, Finegold scurried off the Senate floor rather than actually stay and debate his own censure motion.]

They hear that grown-up-voice and shit in their pants we are so f*cked because these common assholes will not stand up to the bush crime family

[They were giving away free samples of Depends at last Sunday's Calle Ocho parade. Maybe I should have picked up a few for the Democrats to wear.]

barbara boxer hasn't even spoken up on this... argggh!!!

[Barbara Boxer has your back.]

she and others have to have time to think about it.

[She needs time to think about what a self-serving gesture this whole censure shtick is.]

Think about what? Think about whether Bush broke the law? No, because that is blatantly clear, no matter how muddled the Republicans try to make it look. Think about whether they ought to do something about Bush breaking the law? I mean, we are talking a f*cking censure here. Its purely symbolic and hardly a drastic move. Its not like any of them are holding out for impeachment. Think about whether this is a smart thing to do politically? Bush's approval rating is at f*cking 34%! If this were a Democratic President the Republicans would have ripped off his head and shit down his neck a long time ago! So what do they need to think about?

[They need to think about how to spin this whole fiasco as yet another sign that it is the REPUBLICANS that are in political trouble.]

I really wish that Feingold could have stayed and had a debate on the floor with Spector. It could have been very ineresting.

[Even Feingold ended up RUNNING AWAY from his own self-serving censure motion.]

yes, Reid did help Feingold (at the moment)--but now what?

[Feingold got Reid's back...of the hand.]

Chimp is SO WEAK right now. Democrats have nothing to lose by supporting the censure motion. But, failing to support the censure motion will PISS OFF the grassroots and may negatively affect 2006 mid-term election turnout. So, f*cking stupid...

[Hee! Hee!]

The Whole Damn Bunch Must be getting Blackmailed,at least that is an excuse.

[Someone is blackmailing Dingy Harry with pictures showing him actually smiling.]

I think of the Vichy French who surrendered and then collaborated with the Germans. Feingold is our DeGaulle!

[I thought Feingold did an excellent impression of Marcel Marceau when he was challenged to debate his own censure motion in the Senate.]

F*cking cowards. 36% approval rating.How goddamn scary can that 36% be? What the f*ck are they afraid of?

[I dunno. Ask the Democrat policy woman who declared on Hardball yesterday that the Democrats don't need a policy.]

36% + Diebold = They "Win"

[36% + Diebold = You "Lose"]

If we lose either way, why not go down swinging? Why do they continue to sit on their hands and do nothing? There has to be an explanation for this incredible complacency and I have no clue what it is.

[Could it be the seductive warm glow from your computer monitor that keeps you in a permanent state of inactivity? DUAC! DUAC!]

Damm--what a terrible headline (and it is truthful which is the worst part

[Ye shall know the truth and it will HURT like hell.]

They are cowards, almost to a man, as I'm afraid we'll see in any resulting debate and in the ultimate vote. But I'm crossing my fingers. If we can't even censure for such a breathtaking array of crimes, American democracy is beyond hope.

[Hillary has your back.]

It's time for a radical overhaul of the democratic party. no spine = no vote for them come reelection!!

[Spread the word!]

Wow!! No wonder the public views the dems as weak on terror!! They can't even vote to censure one of the most despised men in the history of the US!! F*cking jellyfish. If I had not changed my registration to Independent, I would be cringing to be considered a Democrat.

[If Algore had been elected President, we would still be debating about putting economic sanctions on Afghanistan.]

No deep dark mystery here! No conspiracy theories! What you see are a whole bunch of liberals abandoning the DINOs in the democratic party because we feel that the party no longer represents our viewpoints. Now there are a bunch of people like perhaps you who will vote for the stinkiest, slimiest politicians like Lieberman and Zell baby just because they have a (D) after their name. I propose that we have ample proof that this approach fails miserably and that all that comes out of this approach are a bunch of fat cat DINOs who spout "political expediency" for the sake of principle, spout "keep our powder dry!", and on and on; just so these DINOs can keep their cushy jobs. Well, screw them. I won't help them keep their cushy jobs.

[DUmmie angst is FUN to watch!]

Did The Dems Retreat?

[Did the sun rise?]

Frist said this after eating a deep fried cat. He developed a taste for them back in college. Democrats heard his bluff of insanity and they fled. Sad. Even poll numbers can't sway Dems. I guess they need their mommy to tell em when it is okay to vote against a fascist, war criminal. Oh well...maybe next time.

[Perhaps Frist should get the barbecued RAT recipe from G. Gordon Liddy.]


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