Monday, March 13, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 03-13-06 (DUmmies Last Stand)

Remember the 2002 elections? The DUmmies went into it brimming with confidence that they would INCREASE their slim majority in the Senate and win back the House. Instead, the DUmmies LOST the Senate as well as several seats in Congress. As a result, they went into full meltdown mode for several days with DUmmieland unable to operate at all. Well, the meltdown of 2002 (and 2004) will be nothing compared to the complete DUmmie implosion if they LOSE again this year as you can see in this THREAD titled, "I am making a stand, here, now, for the 2006 Elections- our last stand?" Yes, one can easily picture Custer's Last Stand where the DUmmies go trotting into electoral battle once again brimming with their typical overconfidence only to find themselves wiped out at the polls. If they lose this November it will push them so far over the cliffs of sanity as to destroy whatever chances the DUmmiecrats have in 2008 and the future. They absolutely CAN'T stand to lose this year. Of course, a great fringe benefit of the DUmmiecrats losing in November is that it will get my DUmmie Ant Farm so stirred up that it would be a great source for endless hilarious DUmmie FUnnies editions. So let us watch the DUmmies nervously approach their "Last Stand" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, assuring the DUmmies that Major Janet Reno is on her way to their rescue, is in the [brackets]

I am making a stand, here, now, for the 2006 Elections- our last stand?

[Last stand? Where's your overconfidence, DUmmie FogerRox. Please continue with your less than enthusiastic view of your electoral chances...]

I mean if everything seems to be looking good going into November-- and the elections dont break the one party rule head lock the repubs have, is that our last stand? If the DEMs do get the House back, and do squat. Is that your last stand?

[DUmmies Last Stand. And remember, Custer's troops saved the last bullet for themselves.]

Does Diebold, Sequoia & ES&S have an utter stranglehold on 100% of the voting machines? 100% of the votes, I doubt it. Not all of them, I think. I feel we must put up the fight of the Century for Campaign 2006. We need to generate the most turnout in modern history. We need to have a 50 state effort to push the repubs back at every front. We need national issues to act as coat-tails to help the most DEM candidates.

[The trouble is that your own Democrats don't want to run on issues. They avoid the topic altogether. Oh, and we have a stranglehold on only about 95% of the voting machines. Continue...]

WE need Democratic landslides against the republican cabal.

[You NEED Democrat landslides, DUmmie FogerRox or you will be heading back to the Rubber Room again.]

Fund raising: start with house parties and then think bigger. We can drown out the lobby money with ten and twenty dollar contributions, if we start now. I am planning to raise at least 50 grand by this summer, & I hope to be quitting my regular job for a staffers position in a Congressional race. I will put my all into Campaign 2006, because if I dont, and we dont get the House back by just one race, it will be my fault. This is no time to leave any balls on the table, this is the time to swing at every pitch.

[Does this mean you will be giving 50 Gs of your OWN money, DUmmie FogerRox, or that you will be merely shilling for it from others? Oh, glad to see that you are planning to quit your day job to get an UNPAID staffer's gig for the campaign.]

I'm drawing a line in the sand . I'm making MY STAND right here . right now.

[...Proclaimed DUmmie FogerRox, bravely casting a shadow from his glowing monitor in the depths of Mommy's basement.]

Lets start using the DU Campaign 2006 resources. Power to the People !

[That's just the ticket! Kick off the 2006 Democrat campaign with a commie slogan. Power to the DUmmies! And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

I believe we have to win in 08 period, E-voting is the fly in the pudding. If they have enough precincts locked up, then we're screwed and so is america. But E-voting isn't a done deal, because ever state has not jumped on the electronic voting band wagon. So allot of work has to be done to get the vote out, and try and convince people that still think it doesn't matter who you vote for, to take a leap of faith and vote for our candidate.

[ALL your Diebolds belong to US!]

Take the fight to the face of the Bush Cabal

[Proclaimed DUmmie FogerRox, squatting behind the door with the face of a Quarter Moon.]

2006 or bust!!!!! This is not the time to want to win one race at a time, we have to win a multitude of races, all on Election Day.

[Lucy is holding the 2006 electoral football and is awaiting your kicking foot.]

"2006 or bust!!!!! " . . . . . . . .EHHH HAWwwww

[Is that you, Howard Dean?]

I've been registering voters since 1976 and will continue until the last call this year. After that if it is still rigged, I am done.

[You are toast.]

We can win. We can get a net gain of 6 Senate seats and 15+ House seats. If you factor in the E-Voting problem, a double digit Democratid lead will result in a net gain of 25 seats. That's good.

[Enjoying your trip to Fantasy Land?]

I am a bit of a pariah. I'm the lady with the 2ft x 4ft fluorescent green sign that says * lies in her yard. I'm the one with the number of the dead soldiers written in the back window of my car in big purple numbers with *4 lies* next to it. I write the LTTE asking them to contact their critters and demand they actually work for us.

[You are a bit of a nutcase.]

I have registered many voters on a one on one basis since I first voted in 1976. Many have become very disillusioned and stopped voting at all even with my offers to give rides to the polls, especially after the debacle of 2004.

[Your garbage breath might have more than a little to do with that ride offer refusal.]

I dont own a house, drive a '81 Toyota. I drive a taxi for living.

[Oh, so THAT'S the terrific day job you plan on quitting, DUmmie FogerRox. Such a sacrifice on your part. And I guess that also answers the question about whether it is YOUR 50 grand you plan on raising.]

ALSO, and VERY IMPORTANT: WHEN we lose--and I think that is very likely in '06, given the electronic voting circumstances--people will KNOW WHY, and this will, a) keep them from being demoralized and disempowered (because knowing the reasons for things DOES help--it gets your mind working on SOLUTIONS); and b) create a constituency for getting rid of these machines and restoring transparent elections.

[It's so refreshing that you are setting yourself up already with EXCUSES for FAILURE.]

I hope we can turn it around and more indictments in Ohio will show that things were rigged. This might encourage them to try again. But without the corporate media screaming it loud many will never know it was another theft of an election.

[I heard that the Tooth Fairy is about to be indicted in Ohio for electoral fraud.]

the best I've felt is when I am resisting fighting Bush. Whether its protesting the war or being a low level staffer in the Kerry campaign I always find it satisfying. Seriously, this feels great. If I wasnt part of the resistance, I would be watching CATV and probably drinking too much. And I might start smokin pot again. And fire up a TV dinner. And do some more drugs. After a while my Kidneys will start fail.

[What was that campaign staffer job you plan on getting, DUmmie FogerRox?]

We now have a window of opportunity to get it back--at the state/local level. While we should of course participate in the '06 election, and do whatever we can to elect good people despite Diebold/ES&S's thumb on the scales, our PRIORITY should be RESTORING TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS, a longer term project. So '06 may be more a matter of gathering evidence in an organized way--not just to challenge election results, but to challenge and change the election SYSTEM.

[Translation: After we lose in '06, we will go on a wild goose chase.]


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