Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 08-24-05 (DUmmies STILL Obsessed By Karl Rove)

Lost in all the hullabaloo over Cindy Sheehan, is the fact of the continuing DUmmie obsession with Karl Rove. If anybody has noticed, almost all Rove threads have disappeared in favor of the Crawford Ditch Melodrama in which Cindy Sheehan, unbeknownst to the Democrats is in the process of causing them permanent damage due to her political radioactivity as noted by Rush Limbaugh today. As a reminder of how Karl Rove complete possesses the minds of the DUmmies, we have this THREAD titled, "A plea to STOP this 'We can't sink to Rove's level' BULLSHIT." The level in which Karl Rove has possessed the narrow DUmmie minds is quite hilarious. Oh, and I predict that when the Cindy Sheehan thing completely backfires on the Democrats, the DUmmies will claim that she was a secret Rovian Agent. Yes, Karl Rove dug up complete crackpot to be the new rallying leader for the Democrats and is now in the process of gleefully gloating over how the radioactive Cindy is poisoning the opposition. All is going according to the Rove Plan. So now let us view the DUmmie Karl Rove obsession in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching as they enter a Perfect Rovian Storm, is in the [brackets]:

A plea to STOP this "We can't sink to Rove's level" BULLSHIT.

[Wierd! This is actually a version of PRAISE from the DUmmies. They actually want to emulate Rove. Of course, this is the beauty of the Rove Strategy. He has the DUmmies so CONFUSED that they don't even KNOW what the Rove Strategy really is.]

I was HERE during the 2004 election.
RIGHT HERE, on DU.I REMEMBER how threads questioning John Kerry's campaign were greeted:

[The secret hand signal when Kerry adjusted his tie is proof that he knew what he was doing.]

I REMEMBER when I posted a thread about a phone call I made to the local Kerry headquarters. When I asked the person on the other end of the phone if Senator Kerry REALLY UNDERSTOOD his opponent...that it WAS NOT George W. Bush, it was Karl Rove...and if Senator Kerry TRULY UNDERSTOOD the depths to which Rove was willing to sink.

[I REMEMBER the laughter from the other end of the phone line.]

I REMEMBER the DU poster who replied to my thread, telling me that my phone call took that Kerry operator from VALUABLE RESPONSIBILITIES that were MORE IMPORTANT than MY CALL.

[That Kerry operator could have been more usefully occupied ordering extra large jockstraps for Kerry. Got that? EXTRA LARGE!!!]

We need to STOP THAT KIND OF SHIT. We need to QUESTION people who are not adequately prepared to SLAY THE F*CKING DRAGON.
I don't CARE if you like the fact that it's Karl Rove's playing field.
IT IS. That's how that WORTHLESS, A.W.O.L., substance-abusing, Oedipal, DRY DRUNK COWARD MOTHERFU**ING POS in the White House got TWO TERMS.
Because it's KARL ROVE'S GAME.
James Carville was a F*CKING CLOWN during the 2004 election.
He went on cable news to giggle and bitch-slap Tucker Eskew, but was he prepared to FIGHT?

[NOBODY put a trashcan over his own head better than James Carville.]

So let's KNOCK OFF this "we can't sink to Rove's level" CRAP, and accept the fact that if we want to win in 2008, we need to drive a fucking stake through the heart of the lead vampire.
The lead vampire is Karl Rove.
Accept it, or bend over for President Frist.

[More likely you will be bending over for President Cheney or President Allen. But now let us hear the Rove OBSESSION from your fellow DUmmies.]

Hey, I'm all for burning his ashes.
But, in case you haven't noticed, Rove's supposed genius has backfired upon him in the Valarie Plame scandal. There really is such a thing as going too far to ruin your enemies.All I can say is wait and see what Fitzgerald comes out with. If it's an indictment with Rove's name on it, then that is when we must throw everything in the book at him, including the book itself. Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind from that very moment on that the man is a treasonous coward, and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his pathetic life.

[And when there is NO indictment with Rove's name on it, methinks you will crawl into a corner and rot in the fetal position for the rest of your pathetic life.]

He IS a treasonous coward, but as long as Bush defends him...
...there's avery real chance that this treasonous coward could walk away without a SCRATCH, and become the "architect" of the 2008 presidential election.Are we REALLY prepared for that, or are we willing to do whatever we need ot do to BRING HIM DOWN?

[Including the favorite Democrat tactics of lie, cheat, and steal.]

the rove scandal hasn't concluded yet, but if i
were to place my bets and to do so based on past experience, i'd say that not much will happen to him. worse case scenario, he'll resign his position. but don't even think that'll stop him. he's already proven his mettle to these bastards. they'll continue to consult with him, it's just that they'll do so on the DL. at least for a little while.

[Worst case scenario: Karl Rove will be forced to listen to a recitation of the Desderata.]

Dem leaders have no excuse for sitting on their thumbs, doing nothing. They are rudderless and lazy.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I'd feel sorry for the person at Kerry HQ
I was that person sometimes. We were just shmucks on the phone, and yet we'd get calls like that as if we had a direct line to the guy. "Tell Kerry to stop being so negative or I won't vote for him! You tell him that!"

[Nice to hear from the Kerry Phone Shmucks.]

I've been that peon too
I've been that peon too. It's a definite eye-opener to the whole process. And no, us peons don't have a direct line to the candidate. But we do volunteer our time to get out there and knock on doors, make phone calls, talk to people and really get a sense of what it's like out there.

[And now we hear from a Kerry peon. BTW, how often did Kerry Pee On you?]

I say step up the Rovian maneuvers
We know the vulgar pigboy and his dirty tricks. I am fully into fighting fire with fire. It's the only way we will even tread water in their presence. Quiet dignity is BS. I saw let's get our hands dirty.

[Is that you, Robert Torricelli?]

Screaming NAKED from the rooftop
and STILL ...nobody believes me.

[That's because nobody can quit laughing at your Wee Willie.]

Multiple types of attacks from many directions. It's important to keep them off balance. Always do the unexpected, and really, how difficult can it be to lure such greedy, selfserving SOB's into compromising and destructive situations? Also, much of their arrogance comes from their sense of being powerful enough to control everything. That's why it is imperative to attack them from all directions to disrupt that feeling of control.

[Yeah. That's the ticket. Lash out blindly in all directions and make yourselves laughingstocks. Make fools of yourselves. That is how we get our sense of being powerful enough to control everything.]

We need to bitchslap the Rovian tactics down to the ground EVERYTIME they are thrown at us.

[One Rovian tactic is to get you folks so paranoid about Rove that you waste your time lashing out at a phantom of your own imaginations.]


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