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DUmmie FUnnies 07-01-05 ("Two Cases of Bile"--- DUmmies Discuss Scamdy Article)

It has been somewhat quiet on the Andy Stephenson front during the past month of June but here it is the beginning of July and the Scamdy scandal is breaking out all over again. The latest outbreak is in the Seattle Weekly magazine as you can see in this ARTICLE titled, “Two Cases of Bile” which is also the title of this DUmmie THREAD discussing the article. I urge everybody out there to read this Seattle Weekly article in that it provides great laughs in the Whitewash Dept.. Most particularly this line from the article, “’He has pancreatic cancer,’ says Johnson.” So is Johnson some qualified physician finally giving us assurance of the true nature of Scamdy’s condition? Nope. Johnson was a nurse practitioner who became a primary care provider for Scamdy. I think I have problems with my kidneys so I guess I’ll be consulting a nurse practitioner for a diagnosis. As usual the gullible DUmmie weepings (sans any commentary from Pied Piper Pitt or Skinner) is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the Scamdy fraud trial will take place in Washington state or Maryland, is in the [brackets]:

Good article from a good paper. Would freerepublic raise 50,000 dollars if one of them needed it? I doubt it.

[Gullible article from a gullible paper. The Free Republic would NOT allow the recipient of medical funds to receive $50,000 without the slightest bit of accountability as your gullible Skinner has done.]

It would never occur to them to do so Personal responsibility and all that sort of thing!

[Personal ACCOUNTABILITY and all that sort of thing. Skinner allowed DUmmieland to be scammed by a con artist ONCE AGAIN.]

No one ever claimed to be professional fund raisers.

[And DUmmieland is certainly an amateur act thanx to Skinner. It’s gonna be a lot of fun watching both Skinner and Pied Piper Pitt sweating bullets on the witness stand during the Scamdy trial.]

think someone else said this - it was really DU's finest hour. The freepers must be jealous.

[The Freepers are jealous that you put on a better comedy act than anything they could come up with. The way you DUmmies were so easily SCAMMED is a comedy act that is hard to top.]

I hope we can finally end this controversy.

[Pied Piper Pitt certainly does since his worrying over this scandal has caused him to stay awake since April.]

I don't get it. How can this Grady guy claim that Andy "defrauded" anyone if the money was given freely and voluntarily for a medical emergency that has been confirmed and surgery that has been performed?

[Um…Duhhhh!!! Maybe because Scamdy claimed to have pancreatic cancer in order to raise big bucks when he really suffered from something different which did NOT necessitate surgery at Johns Hopkins.]

I never quite understood the Bev Harris thing.

[It’s simple. She scammed you DUmmies and then her assistant, Andy, turned around and scammed you AGAIN.]

I don't get it, either...I believe the ones of us who contributed to Andy were more concerned with getting his surgery done in time to worry too much about how professional the fund raising was.

[Yeah, it’s really “tough” to simply have a third party, such as Skinner, collect the money for Scamdy.]

Hold the flames, but… Something about the article doesn't quite read right, although the generally sorry state of medical reporting could be the cause. My cousin died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago and I spent weeks on the Internet trying to find something, anything, that offered hope. But pancreatic cancer is usually diagnosed only after it has already metastasized. No one has ever been confirmed as surviving metastasized pancreatic cancer. Never heard of treating it with radiation, and I think that surgery is fairly rare. Often the only treament is a chemo protocal know as Gemzar(sp?), which only provides comfort, not recovery.

[And this DUmmie WINS an Andy Stephenson Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity for realizing that something is not quite right about this article.]

don't believe his has metastasized and when it comes to pancreatic cancer, they are continuing to make strides. His tumor was encapsulated.

[Skinner has been encapsulating any mention of “pancreatic cancer” in DUmmieland and tombstoning it.]

Fred Grady has been exposed as a Moran and that will follow him for the rest of his life. Does the idiot still have his web site up?

[Yes. Visit it and you might learn something. And the threads in the discussion forum are NOT locked as Skinner tends to down when “pancreatic cancer” is mentioned too much in DUmmieland.]

I suppose now that it is proven Andy has cancer they will accuse us of stealing a tumour and implanting it in Andy.

[A nurse practitioner diagnosed pancreatic cancer. I’m CONVINCED!!!]

Because the Freepers want Andy to die. I'm now convinced that that is the reason.

[Actually we want Andy to LIVE and testify In court as to how easily he scammed the DUmmies with the aide of the incredibly gullible Skinner and that hapless cheerleading fool, Pied Piper Pitt.]

Why would someone pay for a site just to attack Andy and his friends? That is what blew me away.. that this accountant fellow (freeper) would actually spend his own money to take out a website like that. Does that man not have any clients? Hope his clients realize what a putz he is and what a bad head for money he apparently has.

[Maybe he wants the world to know how easily conned the DUmmies were by scam artist Andy.]

Do you think this article will help shut them up? It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Andy really does have cancer, did have surgery and is still recovering. You would think this would be the end of scamdy.

[Only the end of the beginning of Scamdy. Now the fun begins as more spotlight is shined on Andy’s scam. As to it proving “beyond a shadow of doubt” that Andy had pancreatic cancer, are you in the habit of turning to nurse practitioners for a medical diagnosis of something that could be life threatening?]

Fantastic journalism. Obviously this kind of journalism can only be done these days at an independent weekly, since it doesn't manufacture moral equivalence between Andy and the jackals who accuse him of faking his cancer. The reporter actually did the hard work of seeing for himself. My best to Mr Stephenson for a speedy recovery.

[That reporter deserves a Pulitzer Prize for going no further than a nurse practitioner to obtain a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for Scamdy.]

I think I may just go visit Stanton. Who wants to come along? When we get there we can play baseball. So bring your bat! We could also go pheasant hunting along the way, so bring your shotgun and some birdshot. And then we can take Mr. Grady out for coffee and settle our differences in a civilized manner. Sounds like a fun trip, no?

[Sounds like a death threat, yes? And it WILL be used as evidence at your trial, Dummie benburch. I repeat, DUmmie benburch.]


[LOL!!! Ignorance, thy name is DUmmie.]

I'm in the second group.

”Another group appears to be people who are rightfully concerned about Internet scams.”

And I think there's a lot of people in this group with me.


are you saying you think this was a scam?


Left-Wing Web site? whoever wrote that doesn't read this site very carefully...

[LOL!!! FUnniest DUmmie line of the week!]

f*ck cancer, and f*ck freepers... I didn't know Andy had had complications. I hope he is feeling and doing better soon, and isn't listening to all the negative crap. I don't care one bit that this wasn't done the usual way, it was an unusual circumstance, with little to no time to plan. I was happy to donate, and still am happy I did.

[I don’t care that Andy scammed me and I would be happy to be conned again!]

I'm not completely up to date on what's going on, but I do know that I stumbled upon a post by WilliamPitt that was demanding answers from Andy because, according to him, the whipple procedure was not done. Has the story changed?

[Pied Piper Pitt “cleared” it up by posting a FAX document from late April claiming that Scamdy’s “pancreatic cancer” surgery was scheduled for the week of May 23 even though at the time of the FAX, the surgery was scheduled for early May and wasn’t rescheduled until AFTER the FAX was sent. Oh, and this is one big reason why Pitt has been completely SILENT about Scamdy recently. I notice that Pitt didn’t even sign on to Scamdy’s get well card in DUmmieland.]


Blogger Icarus said...

One questions I've never seen asked nor answered:

Why didn't ScamdyAndy have health insurance???

What is he - like 40? 45?

He ran for political office, he's a political hack, does all sorts of important grown-up things that require wearing a a jacket and tie ... yet he has no health insurance?

How is that even possible? I'm self-employed; I'm not yet rich; yet I'm fully insured.

I pay for my health insurance out of my own pocket. And frankly, it ain't very expensive. I spend more a month on beer and pizza then I do on health insurance.

So what is the deal there? Anyone know?

9:52 AM  
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