Friday, July 01, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-01-05 (Fireworks EXPLODE Over Scamdy In DUmmieland)

The biggest fireworks you’ll be seeing this long weekend might not be those in the sky on July 4. That fireworks display already looks like it will pale into comparison with the EXPLOSIONS now firing up the DUmmieland arena over the Scamdy situation as you can see 20 posts down this THREAD titled, “Andy Stephenson still hospitalized.” At first, this thread is nothing more than Freepers sending out their “get wells” to Scamdy (notably ABSENT from these well wishers is Pied Piper Pitt who continues to cold shoulder the Round Red One). However, the fireworks in this thread really begin with DUmmie AMAZONA who dares to question the prevailing DUmmie dogma concerning Scamdy. So let us open the scene now with Post #20 by DUmmie unhappycamper who unknowingly opens a HUGE can of worms with his inquiry into the financing of Scamdy’s ailments. What follows are fireworks of such explosive force that they threaten to do great damage to the foundations of DUmmieland itself. So break out your brewskis and picnic baskets and enjoy the DUmmie fireworks in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the explosions in awe, is in the [brackets]:

How are we doin on the $$$ front?

Thanx for lighting the fireworks, DUmmie unhappycamper. Now standby for the explosions soon to follow.]

Andy is pretty much broke.

[Really DUmmie benburch? Let’s see… Scamdy has about $250,000 equity on a house worth about $400,000. He invested $70,000 in gold about 3 years ago. I figure Scamdy is worth about a half million dollars. The only one broke here, DUmmie benburch, is going to be you for threatening to kill franksolich. Let’s see… I figure franksolich will now have to ask for police protection due to you asking your fellow DUmmies to kill him. Therefore the cost of protection for franksolich should come out of YOUR pocket.]

I have not asked Skinner for permission to do any fund raising, and in fact have been waiting for the doctor's plan to see what's up. Andy is covered by Medicaid in WA. There are some things he needs that aren't covered. Hopefully today I can get all my factoids in the same linear sequence.

[Hmm, DUmmie sfexpat2000. If Scamdy is covered by Medicaid in WA then why did he need to travel all the way to MD for his non-pancreatic cancer operation?]

please no more fund-raising here. Too many bad feelings as it is. An attorney should have set up a bank account to receive donations long ago. At this time we still don't have any accountability as to where the money is going.

[STOP IT! STOP IT DUmmie Amazona! You’re making too much sense!]

I was emailed these posts that Andy supposedly made in October 2002.

[Let us take a look, shall we, Amazona?]

With my income in the high four figures, I don't appreciate that I was asked for money (and sent money) for an heir to $70,000, pretty much an undreamed-of sum for me.

[So Scamdy could have paid for his non-pancreatic cancer operation out of his own pocket and still have at least $20,000 to spare.]

In fairness to everyone who feels that they were misled about the need, please no more individual fund-raising on DU. I don't doubt that Andy is ill, and I hope he gets well soon, but I don't think it is right that the money has not been accounted for. People who pretend to be his friends, yet do not insist that he get proper legal assistance in handling his fund-raising and the funds, are not being a friend to him in the long run. He cannot be an effective spokesperson for anything if he is embroiled in an investigation or a trial for possible mis-use or diversion of some of the funds.

[Scamdy diverting the “cancer” funds for his own personal use? GASP! Who could suspect such a thing of poor Scamdy? You’re such a skeptic, Amazona.]

Forgive me for speaking up, but we were told that this issue was NOT to be discussed on DU...and for exactly this reason. Every time the issue is raised, people start dropping hints to raise more $$$ and the lack of proper legal paperwork again arises.

[Scamdy is just $10 away from completing his post-operative recuperation.]

I don't know how to do a screenshot but the text of the posts were as followed, both by Andy. Here's October 16, 2002:

[Pay attention all you prosecuting attorneys out there!]

"But I don't comment too often as I am a dummy when it comes to high finance. Hell I even have trouble balancing the old checkbook. Seriously though...I need all the help I can get. I have an inheritance coming in soon...about 70k and I want to secure it instead of corporate "wrong doers" taking it away. What should I do? I'm so afraid...Why did they have to go and leave me any money in the first place. No I will fret over what I am gonna do. Put it in the bank? Stocks? Gold? the matress??? I'm so confused."

[Oh poor me! 70 big ones plopped on my lap. Whatever shall I do? Woe is me!]

The other was the day before, October 15, 2002:

"I have been buying gold on the dips...I am real worried about the JP MOrgan derivatives problem and am using gold as a hedge. Do you see gold going higher still...Or are we in a bear market? I am so bugged over this. Thank God I got out of the market at the top. Now I am firmly in the gold camp. SO what do I do? God has advisors you know!"

[I am smothered in money. Dear God, why hast thou burdened me so?]

Amazona, I think you'd missed a couple of months worth of updates. And will review briefly for your information.

1. We had NO time to hire an attorney or set up a special account last April.

[Yeah, it might have taken you all of ONE day to do this. DUmmie sfexpat2000, you’re always such a bundle of laughs when it comes to thinking up lame excuses.]

2. Since then, an apparatus has been set up.

[And I’ll bet you’re the apparatchick, DUmmie sfexpat2000.]

3. Not only do we have accountability, we have TRANSCRIPTS of the last fundraiser, and it is now registered in WA state.

[You were tape recording the DUmmie pleas posted here for Scamdy? I’d like to read, er, hear, er, read those transcripts.]

If you have any further concerns, and it's likely you will, you need to take them to the Admins.

[Or find the answer in google. That’s the usual reply, DUmmie sfexpat2000.]

And the only part of this that is not to be discussed on DU is the false claim of fraud, which has been laid to rest except by a handful of freepers how have been stalking Andy from sickbed to sickbed.

[Silly false claim that has now been laid to rest despite the mystifying weight GAIN by Scamdy all though his terrible ordeal with “pancreatic cancer.”]

I agree with the poster Amazona. After what has happened here, many have found this fundraiser to be disturbing due to the chaos and questioning it has raised.

[Careful there, DUmmie Malva Zebrina. You’re entering Tombstone Territory for asking sane questions.[

Andy was the keeper of the books for Bev Harris. Andy ran for office in his state, and as such, raised funds and had to account for those funds. Surely Andy himself was informed and completely aware of what needed to be done as far a raising funds goes. I find it difficult ot believe that people did not have one inkling as to how to be upfront about the fundraiser, and blithly believe that no one would think the manner in which it was done was questionable.

[Scamdy only had three months to prepare the fundraiser. Not enough time to establish an accountable fundraising process, DUmmie Malva Zebrina.]

And, there is still no accounting at all as to how much this fundraiser raised for this cause. Further, someone said on one of the threads at one time that anything that is left over will be used for the cause, or something similar to that. People who gave money to Andy to help him get the needed medical care, may not necessarily want to give to the "cause", you know. People deserve a full accounting, and it is funnyj, but I remember saying the same thing about Bev Harris and her fundraiser on one of those threads after she was tombstoned.

[But don’t you understand, DUmmie Malva Zebrina, that extra money is going to a great cause---‘cause Scamdy wants a whole bunch of $400,000 home improvements.]

Please, can you tell me how much money was raised? Can Andy? It would do a lot toward helping any further fundraisers -- not only here, but everywhere that people are being asked to donate money. People need to be aware of the pitfalls.

[Scamdy will be happy to tell you how much money he raised just as soon as he receives enough funds to hire a bookkeeper. Won’t you help, DUmmie Malva Zebrina?]

We raised $51,134.63. And please see my reply to "Amazona", as well as the fundraising threads -- especially before you misquote me or anyone else again. If you have further questions, you can direct them to the Admins or to the WA secretary of State.

[Nice touch there, DUmmie sfexpat2000, with that 63 cents at the end of your figure. So convincing. BTW, you forgot to say that any answer can be found in Google. That’s the standard DUmmie reply to tough questions.]

I have already said that Andy was well aware of what the protocals are for fundraising having had the experience of working with Bev Harris and being her keeper of the record. He also was well aware of the protocols having run for office and raised funds for his run and having to account for those funds raised. That he did not relay that information to you or anyone, is somewhat suspicious to me and others. Andy knew about fund raising through experience, so I do not buy it that it was all done in innocence.

[Poor innocent Scamdy. How can one NOT trust him, DUmmie Malva Zebrina?]

It would be far more honorable and od more for Andy or any fundraisers in the future, if you would fess up and confess that the way you and others, approached this, was not in the best of professionalism.

[But…but DUmmie sfexpat2000 said there were TRANSCRIPTS. And she has the EXACT figure for the amount of money raised. $51,134.63. Not $51,134.62 or $51,134.64 but $51,134.63.]

Threads dealing with this fundraiser here were erased forcing many left up in the air with questions still not resolved, to go to the "other" sites in order to get any information at all. Or we received information via e-mail from others who were aware of information that was not allowed to be posted here.

[Skinner sent those threads down the DUmmieland Memory Pitt. All mention of “pancreatic cancer” has been VERBOTEN.]

The threads were never erased, as a matter of fact, that is the wonderful thing about the fund raiser - we have A COMPLETE transcript of the days activities.

[Oceana is at war with Eastasia. Oceana has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.]

the harm that has been done is the inability of honest persons to ask questions and the villification of those who asked reasonable questions by a gang of cursing, accusatory persons in charge of the fundraiser. You do not know or not aware of the harm that has been done for future fundraisers. When people ask questions, and are accused of murder, well I have to tell you that the fringe element has done a whole lot of harm to those sincere persons who demand a little professionalism when it comes to collecting money from persons. And, those who are interested in justice and keeping order to fundraising activity, will pursue that justice for the long run. You have put a blight on any fundraising activity for the future with this Keystone Kops approach.

[I think we can all pretty much agree that $500,000 man, Scamdy, has pretty much poisoned the well for future DUmmieland fundraisers for those REALLY in need. $400,000 peons need NOT apply.]

Someone also NEEDS to be accountable and there is NO ONE who is willing to take on the responsibility.

[Looking for accountability and responsibility in DUmmieland is pretty much a waste of time.]

We still do NOT know how much money was collected. Do you have the concrete figures? No one does, except for Andy and so, we do NOT know. And I think we deserve to know.

[DUmmie sfexpat2000 has already given us the EXACT amount: $51,134.63. Case closed. No further need to inquire or think.]

If it's good enough for the State of WA, and the IRS, it will just have to be good enough for you.

[Thus spaketh DUmmie sfexpat2000. Case closed. NO further thinking is necessary…nor wanted.]

Merh can someone ban this Malva "thing" It does nothing but stir up trouble and refuses to accept any proof of anything it questions.

[DUmmie Malva Zebrina MUST be tombstoned. The asking of rational questions can NOT be allowed in DUmmieland.]

so, how much was raised? Do you know? and if you do, how do you know, Merh?

[There you go asking those annoying rational questions again, DUmmie Malva Zebrina.]

I was on the phone talking with Andy when I saw this thread...He sounds 100 percent better than yesterday and so relieved with the good news.

[ANOTHER miracle cure for Scamdy. Benny Hinn must have laid his hands upon him.]


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