Monday, May 30, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-30-05 ("What do you love?" ---Pitt Posts "Trype" And Conspires With Scamdy)

Pied Piper Pitt has once again consulted his ever-ready thesaurus in preparation for this paean to himself posted in DUmmieland. The most interesting thing about this DUmmie THREAD titled, “What do you love?” isn’t Pitt’s tedious and overlong self-glorification but his interaction with co-conspirator Scamdy. So let us now view Pied Piper Pitt telling us how wonderful he is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who will be asking the judge at the Scamdy trial to permit a large screen monitor with an internet connection at the Scamdy trial so as to allow the jury a better view of the vital evidence contained in the DUFUs, is in the [brackets]:

What do you love?

[I love following this whole Scamdy Scandal and you, Pitt, provide among the best entertainment of all the co-conspirators.]

I love my mom. She had me when she was 26 and then watched her marriage fly apart for reasons I have no place to judge.

[Perhaps the breakup was caused by your mom blaming your Dad for the way you turned out. But continue with the sob story, Pitt…]

She went to school with a young boy on her hip and became one of the best in her business, all the while with the whip-hand raised to make sure her son was worth the world he was to live in. She lives today, paintbrush in hand and canvas at the fore, at the end of five miles of dirt road in New Hampshire in a small log cabin by a lake. She is the strongest, smartest, wisest, funniest and best person I will ever know.

[Your mom paints? Great. If cameras are not allowed in the courtroom at the Scamdy trial perhaps she could be the courtroom sketch artist. Please tell your mom to make sure that she sketches Scamdy as healthily plump as the day he arrived at Johns Hopkins.]

I love my dad. He was born out of red North Alabama clay to love FDR and the Tennessee Valley Authority, and met my mom just before he volunteered for Vietnam duty in 1969.

[Uh-Oh! We seem to have a veracity problem here, Pitt. If your Dad was young enough in 1969 to volunteer for Vietnam then why would he be reminiscing about FDR and the TVA? That love for the TVA is mainly something that folks who grew up in the DEPRESSION would do. Somebody who is a Baby Boomer (or even a just few years older than that) wouldn’t be expressing love for the TVA any more than someone born in, say, 1930 would be expressing his love for the Panama Canal because it was a bit BEFORE his time.]

Yes, volunteered. He watched his marriage fly apart for reasons I have no place to judge, and embarked upon a 40-year oddessy of public service that took him from the Secretary of State's office to the Attorney General's office to the US. Attorney's office - all in Alabama, where Democrats are awfully popular, you know - and only in the last couple of years did he figure out that you can actually make money as a lawyer in private practice. He is the strongest, smartest, wisest, funniest and best person I will ever know.

[Hopefully your Dad is not an ambulance chaser like a certain recent vice-presidential candidate.]

I love my city. Boston, cold, rainy, hot, sunny, bitter and snowy altogether, with a confluence of 400 years of history marking the cracked streets.

[You left out humid, windy, and foggy in your Boston weather report, Pitt. However, I am happy to see that you consulted your ever-present thesaurus in time to come up with “confluence.”]

We started slavery and ended it - the slave trade came from here, 'Boston Baked Beans' were slave food for generations, and yet The Liberator was printed here, the Union Clubs were started here, and the spine of Union strength during the Civil War was found here. Never mind the Guns of Ticonderoga and the lashing of the British. That's just the fun stuff. Boston is America: Every race, and every racism, dirty and clean together, a port city at once looking ahead and anchored to the past, with all the weather of the country pouring out along the jet stream and across the Cape. Don't like it? Wait five minutes. Oh, and the Sox. And the Pats.

[I’m impressed with your interjection of history on the heels of your Boston weather report. Can I just kiss your tuchus right now, Pitt, or do I have to wait for that privilege?]

I love my country. We made the slaves, and freed them. We slaughtered the natives, and carved out a space for millions of others to find freedom from their own lands, opressions, tortures. We stand for freedom and sell it out every day. We stand for profit, we exude the excess of victorious capitalism from every pore, we are governed by an avarice and a body-lust that has nothing to do with the soul or the spirit, and yet, with a million billion kindnesses done on streetcorners and church pews and protest rallies and God knows exactly where else, we show with every breath that profit and money and wealth are not a reason to breathe in and breathe out.

[Boston weather report: A long hot wind coming from the direction of a certain Pied Piper Pitt.]

No propaganda can paint over the blood and horror and woe we have created. No propaganda can obscure the greatness of the ideal - Of the People, By the People, For the People - nor can any propaganda obscure the greatness of our accomplishments. We have done great things, and terrible things.

[No appeals can get Pied Piper Pitt to keep from bloviating. No plea for mercy Of the People, By the People, For the People can make him cease his hot air attack.]

We are guilty, and we are innocent. We have done great things, and boy o boy, we have a lot of cleaning up to do.

[You are guilty of being Scamdy’s chief cheerleader on the Web and you are innocent of having the slightest lick of common sense. And boy o boy, you have a lot of cleaning up of the Scamdy “documents” on your hard drive to do.]

What do you love? What do you fight for?

[I love reading your rationalizations about how Scamdy really really does have pancreatic cancer and I will fight to get a front row seat in the courtroom at Scamdy’s scandal trial.]

Do you fight for an ideal, a promise at the end of your struggle? Or is the fight itself so much a habit now that you have forgotten what it is that got you started in the first place? Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I lose myself in the warring between party, between ideology, hell, sometimes in the warring within forums here.

[Sometimes you forget that self-glorifying paeans actually do have to END at some point, Pitt.]

But then I remember.

[Please remember to someday terminate this tribute to yourself.]

I'm an American. My family came over her on boats from Ireland, England and Germany. My family farmed, went to school, busted their humps to make sure their kids did better than they did. This is a lot of what we are missing these days, that idea of sacrifice, that immigrant ethic: You aren't in this for you, but for your kids, for the future.

[It’s bad enough that we have to hear you tell us how wonderful you are, Pitt, but now you are torturing us with what great folks your long forgotten ancestors were.]

Once we lost that, once instant gratification became the state religion, then easy gas and easy steel and easy labor and easy war and easy death became, well, easy, and we forgot that there is a price to be paid in the end.

[Why don’t you take it EASY, Pitt, and quit with the (inevitable) segue into politicization of everything?]

Everyone is born owing a death. Every man, every woman, every nation, every empire. To think this escapable is to laugh in God's face, and God is not mocked.

[Actually God is pissed that you are invoking His name in your never ending spiel.]

I'm an American. I am proud of my nation and ashamed of it. I am proud of the ideals of our institutions of government, and ashamed at how easily they are corrupted by money, by that instant gratification desire which mouths platitudes of patriotism while spitting on the nation entire.

[Speaking of being corrupted by money…How is Scamdy doing since his “miraculous” recovery from his pancreatic cancer operation?]

Somewhere in history, I'm pretty sure my family owned slaves. Somewhere in there, I know for a stone fact my family fought to free them. I'm an American, so I'm conflicted. That's how it is.

[Doesn’t matter if your family freed their slaves. You still gotta come up with the reparations payments. BTW, my family only ran whores in Chicago so I don’t have to make those reparations payments.]

But I know we can do better than this. I know we will. I am a profound believer in what-goes-around-comes-around, with the caveat that nothing will come around without some shoulders to the wheel.

[I too am a profound believer in what-goes-around-comes-around and since you were the chief Scamdy cheerleader it will all come around in a courtroom at his fraud trial.]

I love my mom, I love my dad, I love my country, and I hate it, too. I love the fact that I can sit here and say whatever the hell I want, trype it out and push a button and make my nonsense the fodder for hudreds or thousands or millions. That's freedom. That's raw democracy. But I wish I could say only good things about my country, my people, our history, or legacy. That would be nice.

[“Trype it out.” A Freudian slip that is ever so TRUTHFUL.]

What do you love? What do you fight for? What would you die for?

[I would DIE for you to finish trying to “trype it out.”]

This is Memorial Day Weekend. Better men than I am or ever will be marched off to fight and die for the best ideals this nation has to offer. This weekend, millions of assholes will stuff themselves into cars and ram down Routh 3 to the Sagamore Bridge for a hoped-for weekend of sunshine on cold Cape Cod beaches. Why? Because they got an extra day off. Sure, they'll maybe get choked up during the ballgame when the extra-special 'God Bless America' gets sung, but hell, Normandy was more than 60 years ago, and sure, Dad fought in Vietnam though he doesn't like to talk about it, and sure, the sister-in-law of the neighbors who moved last year might have had a son who was supposed to get shipped off to Iraq...what was his name?

[Meanwhile Pitt is trying to feed us the “trype” that he is so wonderful because he is sitting in his hole in the wall this weekend instead of going to the beach.]

Do we even remember what we stand for anymore?

[Do you even remember that all essays, even ones that are self-glorifying “trype, have to reach a conclusion?]

When was it that we were last a people governed by something besides ease, or the desire for ease; money, or the desire for money; fear, or the desire to kill what it is we fear? Have we ever been anything other than people motivated by base instincts? Of course. Can we be more than that? Of course.

[And of course your buddy, Scamdy, is not motivated by money, especially that $50,000+ that he scammed with your aid for a non-existent pancreatic cancer operation.]

What do you love? What do you fight for? What would you die for?

[What would you give for Pitt to terminate his repetitive “trype?”]

Those questions need to be asked and answered, and quickly.

[WHEW! FINALLY you finished your “trype,” Pitt. And speaking of questions that need to be asked and answered quickly: Why won’t you post on the web the documentation about Scamdy’s diagnosis and bill for pancreatic cancer that you claim to have on your hard drive?]

Well, I read all that and I thought, damn, that person really knows how to write.

[I agree. Pitt really knows how to “trype it out.”]

What an awesome article ,,,,, It is one of those that will stay in my thoughts for days,,,, haunting, paradoxical, bittersweet…

[…tedious, narcissistic, self-important, laughable, “trype”…

I love that I am alive. Life is good!

[It sure is Scamdy! Don’t you just love the fact that you so easily bilked the DUmmies thanx to the aid of Pied Piper Pitt cheering you on from the sidelines? Yup. Life is good!]

Get off the internet. I am so totally serious. There are some amazing vampires running around lately, and you don't need to bother with it.
Get off, go rest, or I will break your f*cking arms. I swear to God, Andy. Oh, P.S., hi. No go rest.

[Better listen to Pied Piper Pitt, Scamdy. Anything you post in DUmmieland is copied into the DUmmie FUnnies and can and WILL be used against you in a court of law. Please get off the internet, Scamdy, so as to not post things incriminating to Pitt. If Pitt is convicted due to your postings, he will break your f*cking arms.]

Yes sir. Oh and BTW callme...I want to talk to you!

[Good suggestion, Scamdy. You and Pitt need to chat offline and piece together a cover story that might hold up in court.]

I will. If you post again, I smash you.

[I will call you up, Scamdy, to devise a good cover story. However, if you post any more incriminating stuff on the web, I smash you.]

HI Andy. Glad to see you up and at em.

[Hi Andy! Glad to see you up and at them with your miraculous recuperation from pancreatic cancer surgery. Oh, could you give me a phone call from your ICU and maybe we could do some AIM chat on the ICU computer?]

Heeee...I adore both of you play nice or I'll bang your heads together.

[I adore both those co-conspirators.]

I love everyone with the wisdom to question what is widely accepted.

[Unfortuately, DUmmie LaraMN, if you question the widely accepted “fact” in DUmmieland that Scamdy had pancreatic cancer surgery, you will be tombstoned.]

I love collaboration and the power engendered by that simple gesture.

[That’s true, DUmmie sfexpat2000. We know you love collaborating with Scamdy in his $$$ scam.]

I love a pure heart. Nobody has one, but we can try to attain it.

[How about Scamdy? Doesn’t he have a pure heart?]

I love my kittyboy who is dying of cancer, he will be going to heaven very soon......This is my first pet that I have to put down, pure devastation

[Does your cat have pancreatic cancer? If so, then don’t post that fact in DUmmieland. The words “pancreatic cancer” are TABOO there.]

Friday, May 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-26-05 ("My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats" ---Pitt)

As you can tell from the twinkle in his eyes and his ever moving eyebrows, Li’l Beaver is a rather impish critter. And today Li’l Beaver decided to smoke out a Rat by the name of William Rivers (Pied Piper) Pitt. Ever since Andy Stephenson’s operation yesterday at Johns Hopkins, there has been a blanket of silence in Dummieland thrown over the fact of whether or not he had surgery for Pancreatic Cancer. Every mention of “pancreatic cancer” in DUmmieland has been instantly deleted and thrown down the Memory Pitt by Skinner. Fortunately, a few such deleted posts have been preserved on the DUmmie FUnnies Free Republic thread for posterity. Meanwhile, Skinner’s STONEWALLING partner, Pied Piper Pitt, has maintained an eerie silence over the exact nature of Andy’s surgery. One would have expected that today Pitt would have POSTED something in his Blog about Andy but NO. Instead Pitt posted the usual Leftist bilge without the SLIGHTEST MENTION of Andy despite the fact that he finally completed his surgery. That is, Pitt didn’t mention Andy UNTIL Li’l Beaver set fire to Pitt’s Blog with his ever present cigar. Suddenly Pitt’s Blog received more attention than ever before. Unfortunately for Pitt all the posts were requests that he come clean about the fact that he was shilling for weeks for an unnecessary Johns Hopkins operation for Andy. Yes, Andy could have gotten his surgery performed in Washington state but that would have precluded raising funds for which NO ACCOUNTABILITY was given in DUmmieland while Skinner sat helplessly by while the scam was being perpetrated. So since yesterday’s operation the words “Pancreatic Cancer” have become verboten in DUmmieWorld. However, thanx to Li’l Beaver’s successful effort to smoke out the one who spouts constantly with thesaurus inspired bloviations, Pitt has broken from the DUmmie game plan and flat out declared his unsupported belief in the pancreatic cancer scenario as you can see in his whining DUmmie THREAD whiningly titled, “My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats.” So let us now observe Pied Piper Pitt dashing from the heat of his Blog as he coughs up his latest erroneous Andy proclamation in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, dining on smoked rat, is in the [brackets]:

My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats

[No wonder your fellow students used to beat the crap out you on a regular basis back in the 8th grade, Pitt. They didn’t like sniveling crybabies. “WAAAAAAH!!! MOMMIE!!! MAKE THEM STOP REMINDING EVERYBODY ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT ANDY’S PANCREATIC CANCER!!! WAAAAAH!!!”]

[Thanx for providing us with a link to your bloated blog, Pitt. Now let us go over there and see what all the sniveling is about.]

Update on the Andy Stephenson situation

[Actually there was NO update from you, Pitt, until you were SMOKED OUT.]

Yesterday, Andy went into surgery to remove his tumor. The surgery lasted 7.5 hours, and thankfully all of the tumor was extracted. The doctors also removed half of his pancreas. The tumor itself has been sent to a pathology lab to determine exactly what kind of cancer this was, which means Andy is not out of the woods yet. The cancer could be one of two kinds, and forgive me for not knowing the terms. One kind will mean Andy is looking at good health, and one kind means he will be facing more trouble in the future. We all have our fingers crossed for that pathology report, which should come sometime next week.

[Why the sudden indecisiveness as to the nature of Andy’s problem? Here is what you said on May 18 PDA Blog, Pitt: "I have come to a few absolutely concrete conclusions. First, Andy does in fact have pancreatic cancer…”]

I would like to take a moment now to speak a bit about the graveyard rats that have infested this blog….

[And forced me against my will to comment about Andy.]

If you scroll through the other blog posts here, you’ll see a bunch of empty entries by someone named ‘Anonymous.’ Before I cleaned up, these were posts left behind by ghouls who have stapled their reputations to the conspiracy theory that Andy did not have cancer and was scamming. They have been pushing this idea for weeks, and have only recently been forced to deal with the fact that their lies and unutterably disgusting motives have been exposed.

[“Ghouls” that broke through the DUmmie inspired blanket of silence as to the nature of Andy’s surgery. BTW, how do you even know whether or not Andy is scamming since you have NO INFORMATION as to how much Andy took in for his PANCREATIC CANCER operation. Since Andy’s pleas, aided by your cheerleading, appeared on over a hundred websites, those funds should add up to quite a chunk of change. Of course, you have NO IDEA of just how much that is.]

The confirmation provided by Skinner, administrator of DemocraticUnderground, the documentation I have seen with my own eyes which put the tab for this surgery at $50,000 and confirms that Andy does have pancreatic cancer, and the conversations I have had with Andy and the others in the hospital have left these graveyard rats standing in the ashes of their own lies.

[Um, actually NO Pitt. There was NO confirmation of pancreatic cancer by Skinner. In fact, not only did Skinner NOT mention pancreatic cancer but ALL REFERENCES to pancreatic cancer were quickly deleted in DUmmieland and tossed down the Memory Pitt. However, it is nice to know that you put your head on the chopping block, ONCE AGAIN, with your misinformed declaration that Andy had pancreatic cancer.]

This won’t stop them, though. I will delete any trolling they do in other threads here, but I will leave what they post in this one alone. You will get the chance to see what true wretchedness looks like when they post here, and they will, because their shabby reputations are in ruins and they stand today in disgrace.

[Wretched, wretched Freepers who dare to question the Ingsoc Party Line. Andy has pancreatic cancer. Andy has ALWAYS had pancreatic cancer. And the five fingers you see before you are really four fingers.]

Watch them. They are graveyard rats, and they make me hope devoutly that there is indeed an afterlife where the acts and actions of a lifetime are judged, and judged harshly.

[The only RAT I’m seeing right now, Pitt, is the Big RAT that got smoked out from his Party Line position of SILENCE a few hours ago. And now let us see what your fellow DUmmies in Dummieland are saying, Pitt..]

Last time Will posted about Andy. The comments were utterly vile. I can imagine what the deleted ones were like.

[They were horrible, HORRIBLE! They dared to question the DUmmie Ingsoc Party Line about NOT mentioning the words, “pancreatic cancer.”]

i'm not seeing comments

[You are also not seeing any mention by Skinner of the words, “pancreatic cancer.”]

Seriously, though, those are vile people.

[You mean the vile DUmmies who gloated over Laura Ingraham’s breast cancer in such a way that even Elizabeth Edwards was disgusted by them?]

They're deeply disturbed, inhumane, vindictive, pathetic losers Who have nothing better to do but plot against a hospital patient who's fighting for his life. It's inexplicable. I've never met anyone this cruel in real life. Who can explain it?

[I should be insulted by your remarks, DUmmie Stephanie but…]"

[…You REDEEMED yourself by posting a link to the DUmmie FUnnies in DUmmieland. May I add you to the DUFU PING List?]

what am i missing?

[Your mind.]

Thanks, btw, for your great posts about Andy.

[A subject upon which Pitt has been silent until we smoked him out.]

OMG! These people are f*cking evil. I mean I knew they were assholes, but some of that shit is just beyond the pale.

[DAMN them for not swallowing Andy’s scam served up by the ever compliant Pitt.]

I have all their ISP numbers if that may prove to be helpful at some point.

[Lock those ISP numbers in the same ice cream chest where you keep the strawberries, Captain Pitt.]

Well do you want us to do anything?

[Yeah. Post the words “pancreatic cancer” in DUmmieland and count how many seconds it takes for Skinner to delete your post.]

I deleted the posts in the other threads because they were off-topic. It does serve a purpose. It creates a billboard for why we have to win. Right now, the sentiments in that post are the ruling mindset of this country.

[Correct Pitt. It’s that HORRIBLE ruling mindset that narrowmindedly thinks their should be some sort of financial accountability in fundraisers.]

If they were fundraising for one of their own, I would at least respect them for that.

[If we were fundraising for one of our own, we would establish an ACCOUNTABLE fund SEPARATE from the person who needs the money. For example a bank account for that purpose from which the money would be transferred DIRECTLY to the hospital doing the medical procedure. As it stands now, you have NO IDEA how much Andy has scammed via the websites which number over a hundred.]

I think it's important - I'm glad Will left it up. THIS is who's been attacking Andy, attacking us for helping Andy, attacking Dan Rather, attacking Hillary Clinton, attacking John Kerry, attacking Newsweek. Let's see them for what they are - hardly human. It's a fight to the death and they've proven it. Bring them out into the sunlight - they can't survive.

[DAMN those Freepers to HELL for exposing as forgeries the letters Dan Rather used to smear Bush. Have they no shame!]

If I were Will I'd complete the cycle and link back to the FR thread where they are slapping themselves on the back for such a great group effort they are doing with this.

[EXCELLENT idea!!! Li’l Beaver LOVES the limelight!]

here's the FR thread >"

[That’s the SECOND time you’ve posted a link to the DUmmie FUnnies, DUmmie Stephanie… I think I’m in LOVE!!!]

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-25-05 (Skinner STONEWALLING Scamdy's "Pancreatic Cancer" Surgery)

"Andy does in fact have pancreatic cancer, and is a long way from being out of the woods." So was that a quote from Skinner today regarding Scamdy's operation at Johns Hopkins? NOPE. That was a May 18 quote from Pied Piper Pitt ABSOLUTELY asserting that Scamdy does indeed WITHOUT A DOUBT have pancreatic cancer. So when we FINALLY saw Skinner come out of his ostrich mode to report on Scamdy's surgery we AT LAST expected to hear the details in his DUmmie THREAD titled, "Johns Hopkins has verified that Andy Stephenson is in surgery right now." I looked high and low and even used the FIND function but, guess what? NOT A WORD about pancreatic cancer from Skinner. As it stands right now, Scamdy could have had any sort of surgery from gall bladder operation to emergency gerbil removal but NOT A WORD from Skinner about pancreatic cancer. In reality, Skinner would now be crowing about how his veracity has been REDEEMED by the fact that Scamdy had pancreatic cancer. However his SILENCE on this SPEAKS VOLUMES. Let us now open an incision into DUmmieland as we see Skinner's modified limited hangout in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the STONEWALL unfold with fascination, is in the [brackets]:

Johns Hopkins has verified that Andy Stephenson is in surgery right now.

[Great Skinner! Now you can find out for sure if Scamdy had pancreatic cancer and prove all those fascistic Freepers wrong! Right? ...Uh, right?]

I just got off the telephone with the Johns Hopkins Hospital office of corporate communications. They confirmed to me that Andy Stephenson is "in surgery as we speak" at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They also confirmed that the surgery was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but it was changed to today.

[Can you also confirm for everybody how much $$$ Andy SCAMMED from you gullible DUmmies for a non-existent PANCREATIC CANCER surgery?]

Now that Johns Hopkins has verified directly to me that Andy is in fact a patient at their facility, we consider the issue of his alleged fraud to be resolved and closed from further discussion on Democratic Underground. We understand why some members may have had questions or concerns about this issue in the past when the facts were not known. There is a huge difference between the malicious trolls who outright lied (and were since banned), and legitimate DU members who had honest questions. The fact that I have verified that Andy is indeed in surgery does not give anyone license to ostracize or attack DU members who held a differing opinion in the past. We hope that now we can put this conflict behind us and move toward healing for this community.

[YUP! We can put it all to soon as Johns Hopkins verifies that Scamdy had PANCREATIC CANCER surgery. After all that was the sob story SCAMDY used to scam the DUmmies out of their money. Remember, he stated that he HAD to go to Johns Hopkins because of their Whipple Procedure for PANCREATIC CANCER. Otherwise, if it was some other surgery he could have had it done in the state of Washington without running the scam on you DUmmies.]

We wish Andy Stephenson good luck in his surgery. He has had a very tough time these last few months, and hopefully now he can begin the road to recovery. We are anxious to hear any updates that people have about his condition. If anyone does have any news, please feel free to post about it on Democratic Underground.

We wish you would just forget that the REASON for the Andy Scam was to raise $$$ for PANCREATIC CANCER surgery. Please toss that memory down the DUmmieland Memory Hole. Please feel free to post anything about it in DUmmieland except for any mention of you-know-what. It has been tossed down the memory hole so it never happened despite what you think Inner Party Member Pitt stated just last week.]


DU Admin

[Now that Big Brother Skinner has stated that the four fingers he is holding in his hand are really five, let us hear from the DUmmie Prols...]

Thanks for clearing it up

[Thanks for clearing it up and tossing PANCREATIC CANCER down the Memory Hole.]

Good luck Andy. Come back stronger than ever!

[...And scam us again!]

I'm glad that this is sufficiently 'cleared up' although still amazed at the mayhem over the last couple weeks.

[Pancreatic cancer is not mentioned! Pancreatic cancer has NEVER been mentioned!]

God bless Andy. And thank-you Skinner for verifying this and putting up with all of the crap that has gone on over the past few months.

[And thank-you Skinner for tossing PANCREATIC CANCER down the DUmmieland Memory Hole!]

I'm sending strength to Andy

[War is Peace!
Freedom is Slavery!
Ignorance is Strength!]

Skinner, with all due respect, I'd like to point out that the organizers of the fundraiser, myself being one of the most active, went out of our way throughout this process to provide the best answers we could to our fellow DUers who asked reasonable questions, yourself included. As this situation developed, we were able to lay hands on better information. That is the nature of medical crises.
And I'd also like to point out that we have been accused of everything from obfuscation to outright fraud. It has been a sad time in many ways.

[You mean obfuscations such as Skinner never even mentioning whether or not Scamdy had PANCREATIC CANCER surgery, DUmmie sfexpat2000? NAW! We would never accuse you of that. PANCREATIC CANCER has been tossed down the DUmmieland Memory Hole. It was NEVER mentioned, especially not by Pied Piper Pitt in his May 18 PDA Blog.]

Being part of helping Andy has renewed my faith in what people who come together can achieve. I am really proud to be a part of this DU community, and grateful for what it gives me every day. So, thank you Skinner!

[Thank you, Skinner for allowing us to be fleeced by Scamdy for a NON-EXISTENT pancreatic cancer operation.]

I think you guys handled this well. It's a shame about the trolls, but I suppose that's the nature of the medium.

[DAMN those trolls for quoting Pied Piper Pitt's May 18th PDA Blog! Don't they know its been tossed down the Memory Hole?]

It would be nice if people who have some 'pologizing to do would be big enough to do so.

[Yeah, it would be nice for Pied Piper Pitt to apologize for FALSELY claiming that Scamdy had pancreatic cancer.]

I appreciate the acknowledgement that one could ask questions and express frustration without having malicious intentions. Groupthink is for the birds. I know some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but there is a lingering question: was the operation in fact for pancreatic cancer? If this question is not explicitly resolved I think we can expect ongoing doubt from the hardcore naysayers. If something is provided that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was in fact a cancer surgery, then those hardcore naysayers would be proved to have harassed a cancer patient. If that is what they did I think they should be made to face that fact. All that said, I hope the poor guy gets well quickly. I'm glad he has good friends around to take care of him. I am going to take some time to appreciate my health today. It's something too many of us take for granted.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Don't you know that ALL MENTION of pancreatic cancer has been tossed down the DUmmieland Memory Hole! As a matter of fact, Mizmoon, your Fascistic Reply #65 on this thread has been tossed down the Memory Hole! What? You say your post has already been copied and pasted in the Reply section of the May 24th edition of the DUmmie FUnnies thread in Freeperland? DAMN IT TO HELL! For that infraction of the Ingsoc rules you will be taken away to Room 101 and reprogrammed by Inner Party Member Pitt! Scamdy's pancreatic cancer does NOT exist. Scamdy's pancreatic cancer has NEVER existed!]

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-24-05 ("I just got off the phone with Gore Vidal"---Andy Stephenson)

One fringe benefit of being a famous scam artist for Andy Stephenson is that he has become a CELEB in his own mind. Yes, Scamdy has now revealed that he speaks to Gore Vidal regularly about twice a month as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “I just got off the phone with Gore Vidal.” What next? Will Scamdy tell us that he communes with the spirit of Truman Capote or shmoozes with the ghost of Tennessee Williams? Enjoy the fame for now Scamdy because methinks you will soon be bunkmates with the essence of Al Capone after this Thursday. As usual the star-struck DUmmie ravings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, channeling author James Jones, is in the [brackets]:

I just got off the phone with Gore Vidal.

[I just had a chit-chat myself with Theodore Dreiser.]

He was asking after my health again and telling me not to worry. He is such an inciteful human. Told me a very funny story about Peter Otolle...which made me laugh out loud!

[A funny story about Peter O’Toole? Just the name alone being bandied about by you two is good enough for lots of laughs.]

We talked politics...the nuclear option and for a few minutes I forgot I was sick. He is very witty and damned nice. I wish I were 20 years older and had known him back when. I like talking to him and it is very comfortable when I do.

[Nuclear option? Are you sure it wasn’t Amy Carter you were talking to, Scamdy?]

Color me starstruck.

[Call it Amore!]

Name dropper!

[Andy could have told you about talking football with Dave Kopay.]

That is the only one I will drop...cause he is my fave.

[Good. Then you don’t have to tell us about how Siegfried, now that Boy is gone, is looking for you to start a new act with him called Siegfried and Goy.]

Yes, he's an amazing man....Very "inciteful". I like the implications of your spelling!

[Yeah. I tremble to think what Gore “incites” in Scamdy.]

Spelling police? but yes he is "inciteful" He thinks Frist is a fool.

[Gore Vidal calls you from Italy to discuss Capitol Hill politics? I BEEEELEEEEEVE!!!]

I think Gore Vidal is the coolest person on Earth Andy. Hope you're feeling ok.

[Andy is feeling great since he knows his pancreatic cancer will miraculously disappear before Thursday.]

I just want the surgery to be over!

[It might never even begin, Scamdy.]

What do you make of "Visit to a Small Planet", Andy?

[What do you make of “Visit to a Small Tumor,” Scamdy?]

Gore said if Frist gets his way Democratic rule here in the US will be dead and we will effectively be a bona fide dictatorship.

[So what is Gore’s DUmmie screen name? “Mopaul?”]

does he talk in private conversation in the same way he does when you hear him in interviews, speeches etc ?

[Exactly the same except with a pronounced lisp.]

He is quite animated and he does talk like he does in public.

[“Hello Scamdy. This is Gore Vidal. Sorry you’re not in but let me leave this message on your machine. Anyway, I will be in Baltimore this weekend and I’m feeling quite animated. Let’s get together for a late night dinner. Make that a VERY late night room service dinner.”]

He said to me in regards to Franken... Well lets just say Gore is not a fan of Franken.

[Why? Did Franken turn him down on having a late night room service dinner with him?]

wow! can i touch you?

[That’s what Gore said to Scamdy.]

Unfortunately...He does not use a computer. He still types on and old Selectric typewriter. When I want to email him something...I have to fax it.

[If Gore did use a computer I can make a good guess as to what type of websites he would be surfing to.]

How did you happen to call him? He is so in another world from us here it seems and that's just great. Are you two friends or something, or did you just call him to chat?

[Didn’t you know that Gore Vidal runs a chat line? He charges $2.95 per minute.]

Yes GV is my friend. I talk to him often and he has been concerned about me. So he called.

[Soooo…. At which bar did you two meet?]

That's some distinguished company you keep there, man.

[Andy loves hanging out with famous meat, uh, I mean men.]

We are friends...I talk to him about 2 times a month.

[Gore Vidal is just one of the MANY MANY famous names on Scamdy’s rolodex along with Richard Chamberlain and Tab Hunter.]

Monday, May 23, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-23-05 (Andy Stephenson vs Laura Ingraham)

There is currently a total lockdown on posts about Andy Stephenson (except what he posts about himself) in DUmmieland. Anything posted about the AndyScam situation is immediately tossed down the DUmmie memory hole. Meanwhile the Inner Party Member O’Brien of DUmmieland, Pied Piper Pitt, has reversed himself yet again after expressing strong doubts about Andy’s cancer. The latest directive is that Andy has pancreatic cancer. Andy has ALWAYS had pancreatic cancer. Yes, Pitt. Oceana is at war with Eastasia. Oceana has ALWAYS been at war with East Asia. Pitt/O’Brien has put his four fingers up before us and told us that he is holding up five fingers because the state says he is holding up five fingers as in this infamous Pitt/O’Brien statement explaining why Andy has ALWAYS had pancreatic cancer: “It's true because I say so. It's true because thousands of others say so.” And like the world of 1984, DUmmieland also has many Hate rallies. One such Hate Rally in particular is memorable because the target, Laura Ingraham, really does have cancer, unlike Andy who only has pancreatic cancer in an alternate reality. So why is DUmmie invective directed at Laura Ingraham? Simple. Because she is GUILTY of Thought Crimes. Meanwhile Andy Stephenson is given a complete pass from all skepticism because Pitt/O’Brien has decreed that his four fingers are really five. So let us now look at how the DUmmies treat a REAL victim of cancer who happens to be a conservative in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Laura Ingraham has breast cancer.” As usual the DUmmie Hate Rally screechings are in Ingsoc/Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, viewing the proceedings from Room 101, is in the [brackets]:

Laura Ingraham has breast cancer. Let's keep her in our prayers

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Your normal human sympathy plus your low post count gives you away!]

Cancer isn't a good thing, but it's her problem. I fell no obligation to pray for people who make the world worse.

[A normal reaction…for a DUmmie.]

Lucifer has cancer...please include him in your prayers. David Duke has cancer please pray for him. Liberal Andy has been diagnosed with cancer...if I do pray...I will pray for him.

[Correction: Liberal Andy does NOT have pancreatic cancer. However, you don’t have to pray for him. Just send in your money.]

She has to muster what few shreds of her life are not based on lies and evil and fight this on her own.

[Speaking of based on lies… How is Andy’s NON-EXISTENT pancreatic cancer?]

i hope she has to declare bankruptsy and see's how the other side lives!!

[At least she won’t be hitting up folks for PayPal payments for a PHONY pancreatic cancer operation.]

Of course we wish the best for her in this fight.

[Huh? This doesn’t seem like the typical DUmmie expression of non-sympathy for Laura. Must read more from this poster…]

I have been a Democrat for a long time, and part of the Democratic principles that attracted me as a young person and kept me a Democrat all these years is our compassion. Democrats are simply good and decent people. And good and decent people want everyone to do well -- those who agree with them and those who do not. We fight for the right of voices with which we disagree to speak out, for the right of people to say things we don't believe to be true, even for the right to be malicious and mean-spirited. If we fight for the right for LI to say what she says, how in the world can we use our disagreement with those words as an excuse not to be compassionate in her fight with cancer. Being willing to have her voice muted by illness is the same thing as not wanting her voice to be heard. It is not Democratic or democratic.

[Too rational here. DOES NOT COMPUTE! Must read more from this mystery poster…]

I hope others will join me in wishing her Godspeed in this fight, for the easiest road that she can have, and even for the development of compassion about others who have faced hardship and disease without the support network she -- and I -- have. As I go through treatment for this same disease, I think often about the women who fight breast cancer without health insurance, without a supportive husband, with a physically demanding job that doesn't know or doesn't care that she is exhausted and weak and aching, with children but no child care. I find it absolutely impossible that LI won't also have those thoughts run through her head or that she won't rethink her position on health care or the social safety net. Pray for her health AND her enlightenment, if you must. But pray, with me, for her good health.

[Praying for Laura’s good health? That will put you at odds with the vast majority of the DUmmies. And, lo and behold, this “mystery poster” turns out to be none other than Elizabeth Edwards herself. Nice of you to express sympathy towards Laura, Elizabeth. However, you might get an education into DUmmie hatred by reading their sicko posts on this thread. As to your own medical problems, the EVIL FASCISTS on the Free Republic had nothing but sympathy and good wishes for you as you can see on this Freeper THREAD.

Elizabeth, you are clearly a terrific person and of a type who is the Soul of the Democratic Party. But what we Democrats need now, as we face the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States since the Civil War (perhaps EVER, when viewed from the angle of Caesar Bush crossing the Rubicon), are some Hard and Tough and MEAN Warriors.

[“MEAN.” That certainly describes the DUmmies. Continue DUmmie tom_paine…]

And that, by necessity, requires hardening of the heart. It might not be right but if the choice is hard heart to insure restoration of Free America, then I will choose Hard Heart every time.

[Cold heart too. Continue DUmmie tom_paine…]

And no disrespect to your kindness and decency, but when have these Bushevik Monsters EVER shown us anything of the sort?

[Um…Did you check the Freeper thread posted above you, DUmmie tom_paine? Continue with your spew…]

Maybe it was when they used the Wellstone Funeral as grotesque political tool in 2002.

[Oh, so it was the REPUBLICANS who used the Wellstone funeral as a grotesque political tool? Nice rewrite of history. Maybe you tossed the video of the actual funeral down the Memory Hole.]

You may be able to retain your good will towards these monsters. I cannot.

[Thank you for that enlightening castigation of Elizabeth Edwards for urging sympathy for Laura Ingraham, DUmmie tom_paine.]

But we lose our credibility as advocates for decency and truth if we say hateful things about her vulnerability to a disease.

[DUmmieland lost its credibility a long time ago, Mrs. Edwards.]

But I cannot in good conscience pray for the health of someone who has abetted UnAmerican Totalitarianism with all of her heart.

[But did you in good conscience send in your money to someone who has abetted a FRAUD with all his heart?]

She Probably Gave it to Herself...All that Hate, Lies, Anger...

[Lies…Something Scamdy with his non-existent pancreatic cancer is very familiar with.]

F*ck Laura Ingrahm. F*ck her.

[Elizabeth Edwards asks for sympathy towards Laura Ingraham and this is the DUmmie reply.]

You want me to pray for her? Yech. How about you want me to pray for Hitler? No, not going to do it. No, not Stalin either. How about you want me to pray for Osama Bin Ladin? Not probably going to happen. Rush Limbaugh? Hannity? Medvid (Medvidiot)? O'Really? Rupert? The Bush family? Naw.... My best is going for Andy.

[Your best goes to Andy who is FAKING his disease. Interesting.]

But those who spout hatred on a regular basis often manifest that hatred in themselves. And this may have happened in Laura Ingraham's case.

[So what happened in Andy’s case? Ooops! Just remembered. He does NOT have pancreatic cancer.]

I can't believe the shit I am reading here.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

These comments on DU are absolutely predictable. Every time someone with whom we disagree has a health problem or dies, the celebration begins.....


She's got all of konservative amerika praying for her. Who's praying for the single parent with cancer, or anyone else not in the media limelight for that matter? Those are the people I pray for. People like her sold their souls to the devil to get where they are. Let Lucifer comfort her in her time of trial and tribulation.

[Phew! Two DUmmie threads in a row before yours displaying some normality. Thank you for bringing this discussion back to its normal Dummie hate level.]

But when a person has that much hatred, it often manifests itself in physical ailments. For example, my first wife had so much hatred against me and resentment against society in general for the way she was treated for being a lesbian, she died of heart and kidney failure at age 46.

[Um… I could ask why you married a lesbian but since this is DUmmieland I guess it is not considered unusual.]

I didn't shed a tear for Barbara Olsen and I won't work up too much sympathy for Ingraham. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

[Will Scamdy be saying that when he gets the handcuffs slapped on him this Thursday at Johns Hopkins.]

Couldn't have happened to a kinder, sweeter, more gentle...HARPY!!!!! It would be absolutely terrible if she choked on her own vomit while under anesthesia!!! I'm praying, I'm praying, I'm praying...

[Note to Elizabeth Edwards: The above is a comment from a TYPICAL DUmmie.]

I'm sick of reading these comments on a daily basis. And I, for one, am leaving permanently.

[A DUmmie sees the LIGHT and, as a result, LEAVES Dummieland.]

Locking......This discussion has run its course. DU Moderator.

[The Truths HURTS which is why you are also locking all Scamdy threads too.]

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-17-05 ("I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation" ---Pitt)

YOWZA! YOWZA! YOWZA!!! It’s RED ALERT time in the AndyScam scandal!!! A regular 5-ALARM fire has broken out in DUmmieland. Pied Piper Pitt has FINALLY awakened from his insomniac state of apathy and has DENOUNCED Andy Stephenson in this THREAD titled, “I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation.” I’m sure you all are HOT to get right into this firestorm so without further adieu let’s get right to it. Pied Piper Pitt’s ANGRY RED HOT posts as well as those of his fellow DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Dummieland trying to extinguish the flames of outrage with gasoline, is in the brackets:

I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation

[It was ALL explained for you days ago right here in the DUmmie FUnnies, Pitt. I guess you were trying so desperately to get some sleep that you didn’t notice.]

As you all know, I was one of the people who took point on raising money for Andy. I wrote about it for truthout two or three times, and convinced the crew at Progressive Democrats of America as well that we needed to raise a call for help.

[Your choice, Pitt: Were you a sap or a shill?]

This is what I wrote for truthout on May 3rd:

"A few weeks ago, Andy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the more dangerous varieties of the disease. His doctors told him he needed a Whipple procedure to get at the tumor, and only a few hospitals in America can perform this complicated procedure with the required competence. To compound the problem, Andy shares the plight of millions of others in our disgusting for-profit health care system and does not have health insurance."

[That taste of Scamdy Kool-Aid does tend to leave a sour taste in the mouth. Eh, Pitt?]

This is what I wrote on the PDA blog, in our call for help, on April 29th:

"Several weeks ago, Andy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was recently told that he must undergo what is called a Whipple Procedure. This is a very serious surgery that few hospitals in America are skilled enough to perform well, and requires significant time for recovery. Fortunately, some friends managed to get Andy a slot at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, one of the premier hospitals for this type of procedure. He is slated for the procedure in the second week of May. Unfortunately, the hospital requires a $25,000 down-payment before they assent to doing the Whipple, and requires another $25,000 once the procedure is done. They are expecting the down-payment immediately."

[A FOOL and his money are soon parted. Same goes for his mind too.]

The basis for this started way back in February. On the 29th, I posted this truthout blog entry, which I reposted here on the first and fifteenth of every month to help raise money:

"For the last several weeks, Andy has been suffering through a bout of Hepatitis. The word came down yesterday, however, that his situation is far more serious. 'I apparently have a tumor growing around the bile duct where it passes through my pancreas," he wrote. "The tissue sample was consistent with malignancy; it could be benign but I am planning for the worst.'"

Note that here it says 'tumor.' In subsequent weeks I was told that it was pancreatic cancer requiring a Whipple. Note also that the fundraising for Andy did not start a week or so ago, but started three months ago.

[So you swallowed Scamdy Kool-Aid from the get-go. It sure doesn’t say much for your judgement, Pitt.]

I woke up today to this DU thread, in which it was reported:

"fyi: it is a tumour on the duct, not the pancreas themselves. it looks to not have spread at all. it is not pancreatic cancer as others have posted, but if it was not caught early enough, it would have certainly spread there."

" others have posted..."

I am one of those "others" who posted it was pancreatic cancer, requiring a Whipple. I posted it here, on truthout, and on PDA. I did so because that is what I was told was the diagnosis, repeatedly, by both Andy and others.

[“others” = “suckers”]

Now that it turns out not to be the case, I have some questions:

[I have a question for you, Pitt. Why are you JUST NOW waking up to this AndyScam when the whole scam has been revealed in the DUmmie FUnnies since last week? But continue…]

1. If it was not the very serious pancreatic cancer, why did the surgery need to be done at Johns Hopkins?

[$$$. And the best way to raise it is to screech pancreatic surgery needed at Johns Hopkins.]

2. If a Whipple was not required, why was $25,000 and then $50,000 needed for this surgery? Andy could have gotten this far-less-serious procedure done back in Seattle for a hell of a lot less money.

[Um…maybe because Andy is a CON MAN as has been mentioned for WEEKS here in the DUmmie FUnnies?]

3. Why was I personally told this was pancreatic cancer? Why was I allowed to repeat this now-inaccurate diagnosis many times without anyone correcting me?

[Because Andy knows a FOOL when he sees one.]

Understand: I believe Andy has a tumor of some kind, and this requires medical attention. I do not think this entire situation was fabricated from nothing.

[I happen to have an ingrown toenail, Pitt. Could you please raise money for me and tell everyone it is for cancer of the foot?]

But the 400 people who will come into this thread with "Andy doesn't need this stress" can hold your water. Andy is apparently a hell of a lot less ill than I and others were led to believe, and I need some answers. I put my reputation, the reputation of truthout, the reputation of PDA, and the reputations of all the people who work for those organizations on the line not once, not twice, but every day for weeks on this. I have a huge, huge responsibility here, and I am not going to just let that drop.

[Don’t worry about Andy. He is the FATTEST pancreatic cancer patient in history. You could have figured that out for yourself if you just bother to analyze for a half second those pics he posted recently of himself with chubby cherubic cheeks. As to your reputation, Pitt, I think that already went down the toilet when you posted your HILARIOUS Hockey Puck theory of geopolitics a few weeks ago.]

I have a personal reason for asking these questions over and above everything else. A great and good friend of PDA, activist Damu Smith, was recently diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. There is no ambiguity about this diagnosis. But because I was told Andy had pancreatic cancer requiring a $50,000 Whipple in the best hospital on the Eastern seaboard, I talked PDA into diverting time and resources towards Andy. This wound up diverting time and resources away from Damu.

[Would it make you feel better to know that Andy bought himself a pet puppy?]

I would like some answers. No wait and see. I have spent time with Andy, worked with him, thought I knew him well enough to vouch for him in a time of crisis. I am feeling personally betrayed right now, and furthermore I have put far more than my own feelings and standing on the line here.

[You could have had your answers long ago, Pitt, if you actually paid attention to the DUmmie FUnnies. We were the FIRST to break the Bev Harris scandal. And we are the FIRST to break the AndyScam scandal. (Please take note, Mary Matalin).]

If you think I'm a bastard for asking, I will live with that. But if this is not explained to a degree I find satisfactory, there is going to be hell to pay.

[What are you going to do? Give Scamdy a Bowel Flush? And now on to the commentary of the DUmmie bystanders in this burning HOT melodrama…]

There is nothing wrong or offensive in anything you said. You want answers and you deserve them. I am certain others feel just the same way that you do. I among them.

[You could have had ALL the answers about the AndyScam long ago merely by checking out the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Question though and I'm not trying to discount your concern in any way . . .What is the difference between saying "I apparently have a tumor growing around the bile duct where it passes through my pancreas" and "it is a tumour on the duct, not the pancreas themselves?" They sound like they're describing the same thing to me.

[I’ll let Pied Piper Pitt answer that question. Take ‘er away, Pitt!]

That was February. In the time since, I was told it was pancreatic cancer requiring a WEhipple. I was told this by Andy. I put that third quote in there to underscore the fact that fundraising for Andy didn'st start here a couple of weeks ago, but has been ongoing for three months.

[Uh-Oh! But will you testify to that in court during the AndyScam trial, Pitt?]

Well, I have no clue what's going on. I trust both of you and to see that you aren't totally together on this, I don't know what to think. I'll wait to see what the answers are and what you make of them. *lost*

[*lost* ---You got that right.]

Just curious. If you spent time with Andy, worked with him, and knew him on a personal level - to whatever degree - how is it that you and he never discussed his diagnosis in detail?

[Because Pied Piper Pitt will unquestioningly swallow any Kool-Aid served to him by a Leftist.]

Perhaps you need to talk to Andy. After all, he would be the only one who could truly provide you with the answers you need. Besides, this is DU, after all, and shit can get flung around with great abandon, with matters being taken out of context, and people making mountains out of molehills. I'm assuming that you have a way of contacting Andy, I would suggest that you do. perhaps he can provide you with a copy of his doctor's diagnosis.

[Andy Stephenson is just $10 away from calling Pied Piper Pitt with a full explanation.]

Much as I pray for Andy's good health, I get the feeling I have missed something cuz I don't understand the nuances.

[Here’s a little “nuance” for you: Andy Stephenson SCAMMED buku bucks for the second time in less than 6 months out of you incredibly GULLIBLE DUmmies despite all the warnings posted about him.]

If people stop trying to make this world a better place because of being mis-led ( AND THAT'S NOT AN ASSUMPTION- SIMPLY A POSSIBILITY)- we should all drink the kool-aid asap.

[Um…I think you ALREADY did drink the Scamdy Kool-Aid.]

I just found out in this thread that our friend Damu is sick. Damu is an absolute stand-up guy!!!!!!! My husband has done work with him and Black Voices for Peace over the past few years and he is an inspiration to all. The news that he is sick is shocking and disheartening. I would hate for our side to lose someone so dedicated and valuable. My prayers go out for Damu and his family.

[Yeah, well too bad you fools already sent your money to Scamdy who is NOT sick with cancer.]

I think you need to talk to Andy directly, Will. He's the only one who can provide the answers.

[Andy Stephenson is only $10 away from providing you with the answers.]

Exactly. Why air a concern publicly before giving a "friend" an opportunity to respond? IMO, this is a perfect example of "shit flinging"... contact Andy! Go straight to the source.

[It looks like something is hitting the fan bigtime in Dummieland!]

It was the source that got me going on pancreatic cancer, Whipples and fifty grand. I would like a public disclosure for reasons I think are clearly understandable.

[That “source” will will make full disclosure to you, Pitt, after he is done flushing his bowels.]

especially since the "proof" was the copy of the certified check, not the cancelled check

[Actually copies of cashiers checks but its nice to know you read the DUmmie FUnnies.]

So how are your sleeping patterns? Do you find lack of sleep makes you jumpy? Andy is your friend, or so you say, so call and ask him. And go to the doctor so that you can sleep. Take care of your own health.

[Pied Piper Pitt is just $10 away from getting an hour of sleep this month.]

... Will, thank you for broaching a subject many of us have been afraid to post about and Andy, all I would like is a consistent history of what was known and when. What is the real diagnosis and do you really need a Whipple procedure? Sorry if I sound harsh, but I'm feeling particularly disillusioned this afternoon.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Give to Scamdy until it hurts. And then give EVEN MORE!]

For the life of me, I can't understand why someone in a position such as yourself would not get the patient to sign a HIPPA form and then send the form on to the hospital. There really is no need for all this public thrashing around. There is no need to wonder what is going on. The facts are readily available. The hospital can then send you ALL his medical records. Then any doubts could be absolutely and completely resolved.

[Um…maybe because Pied Piper Pitt is a DUhhhhh…mmie?]

It appears that horse has left the barn. Had I been a professional about this - instead of a trusting friend - I would have required that a hell of a long time ago before posting any calls for help.

[Thanx for “enlightening” us, Pitt… DUhhhhh…mmie!]

I was going to post a similiar thread. But was waiting for the PM and e-mail that I sent to Skinner to be answered before I did. I don't really care who flames me or whether I receive a tombstone for saying this, but I've been very uncomfortable with the silence on this board when it comes to this issue and any verification of the cause I donated not just once, but twice to. Would I have donated had I known it wasn't a life threatening condition? Probably not, because we all know there are MANY DU'ers on this board with medical problems and no insurance to pay for them. If I donated to Andy, I have to donate to them all. I dunno. I hope Andy comes along and clears this all up and that I get rid of this bad feeling I have that I've just had my pocket picked.

[Welcome to “The Silence of the Scams,” DUhhhh…mmie!]

It does "feel" odd, and has now for a couple of weeks. I would have thought by now we would have had the definitive answer, but there are just more questions.

[Well, don’t look to Skinner for answers…or leadership.]

I think all of us at DU need an explanation, because we all invested our time, money and our emotions to this calling. We deserve to be told the circumstances exactly as they are. No more embellishment, just the facts. If this matter wasn't handled on the straight and narrow, then someone needs to be accountable.

[You want the truth? Alright, I’ll TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!! You got SCAMMED!!! And if you want to hold someone accountable, then start with Skinner who idly sat by while allowing Bev Harris’ former partner in crime scammed EVEN MORE money from you incredibly GULLIBLE DUmmies. And after holding Skinner accountable, then hold YOURSELF accountable for allowing your feeble mind to guide you.]

Will, you have to get some sleep. Your lack of sleep is impairing your judgment. This is not an attack, it is an observation and you have let all of the Lounge know you have terrible insomnia. Deal with that, for your sake and for those who trust your judgment. Right now, you aren't using any imho.

[Sleep Will. It is ALL a bad dream. Andy is NOT scamming everybody based on your word. It is only a nightmare you are having, Pitt. When you wake up, ALL will be well…in your alternate reality.]

Skinner was going to get in touch with Andy and get him to give his permission to his doctors to discuss his situation. Then he (Skinner) was going to tell us here at DU what the doctors said. What is the status of that?

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Does that answer your question?]

It wasn't just here it was all over the net. Mike Malloy, Thom Hartmann, the Al Franken message boards, the Randi Rhodes message boards, numerous other websites. Always it was posted that Andy had pancreatic cancer which has a less than 10% survival rate and not pancreatitis (or whatever it is he is supposed to have now) which has a greater than 95% survival rate.

[It’s nice to know that DUmmieland has a lot of Leftist company in the Gullible Fools Dept..]

Couple of things. According to what I have seen, the Whipple is not going to be preformed now. The diagnosos I was told in the last weeks was difinitive: Pancreatic cancer needing a Whipple. That was the basis of the calls for help, that it was immediate and life-and-death. Like I said, I don't doubt that Andy has a tumor requiring treatment. But I am not at all sure that it required $50 grand at Johns Hopkins. It could have been pretty much free at a Seattle hospital.

[Which we have been saying for a LONG TIME here on the DUmmie FUnnies, Pitt. DUhhhhh!]

I thought someone said....that the surgery was scheduled for sometime next week. Is that in question now, too?

[Care to answer that question, Pitt?]

Who knows. This has been bouncing around like a ping pong ball. First it was $25k, then $50k, then the checks got lost, then Andy posts a thread about writing a 'hot check,' then he deletes his own thread, Skinner has not posted any clarifications, I don't even know what the surgery date is anymore, and now the whole diagnosis has changed.

[Beautiful summation of what we have been stating ALL ALONG in the DUmmie FUnnies, Pitt.]

But such surgery could easily be performed in Seattle...The $50,000 was needed to cover surgery at Johns Hopkins because the survival rate for pancreatic cancer was higher, not just surviving the surgery.

[DUhhhhh….mmie! Glad you finally woke up to REALITY.]

Next time, get the facts before you start a fund drive


Monday, May 16, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-16-05 ("Anyone have an update on Andy?")

Forget Reality TV. Reality SCANDAL is MUCH MORE interesting as we have learned with the unfolding scandal in real time of Andy Stephenson scamming the feeble-minded gullible DUmmies of at least $50,000. As we have learned there are elements of genius in Andy’s scam. For example, without actually saying he has cancer of the pancreas, he has allowed his cheerleading shills led by Pied Piper Pitt come out and flatly claim that Andy has pancreatic cancer. In fact, Andy has AT WORST pancreatis which means there was NO NEED for him to go to Johns Hopkins hospital for an UNNECESSARY Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer since he does NOT have pancreatic cancer. Of course, once Andy is diagnosed, he will “miraculously” be declared to be cancer free. And the $50,000+ he scammed for the PANCREATIC CANCER operation? In Andy’s scheme, DUmmieland (and their leftwing cohorts) will be so OVERJOYED by his “miraculous” recovery that they will not stoop so low as to actually inquire as to, um, what happened to their funds. Yes, Andy’s scam scheme is almost flawless. I say “almost” because poor Andy made a few grievous errors. Most importantly he didn’t really take the DUmmie FUnnies into account. Here, with the aid of HUNDREDS of Freepers, this scandal is being followed VERY CLOSELY. It is publicity that Andy does not want. And with this UNWANTED publicity comes the attention of Johns Hopkins. Somehow I think they are NOT AMUSED at being called “bloodsuckers” by Andy. Also they are less than happy that some scam operation is taking place by invoking their good name. So the next time you go to Johns Hopkins, Andy, will you merely go through some medical tests there or will you find your wrists bound by a pair of handcuffs? And these aren’t the S&M bar type handcuffs, Andy. These are the type of handcuffs where the authorities expect you to do a frogwalk to the open door of a police car. So let us now look at the blissful gullibility of the DUmmies as they inquire in this THREAD titled, “Anyone have an update on Andy?” As usual the gullible DUmmie postings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering when Andy will beg his fellow DUmmies to PayPal him funds for the VERY BEST legal defense available, is in the [brackets]:

Anyone have an update on Andy?

[Still successfully bilking the incredibly gullible DUmmies, thank you.]

I assume he had his surgery but how is he doing?

[You assume WRONG. He NEVER had the surgery. Even though we are told by the likes of Pied Piper Pitt that Andy has pancreatic cancer, we are now expected to believe the Johns Hopkins docs have postponed his “emergency” surgery to May 26. Meanwhile Andy is enjoying his nights out on the town in Baltimore with whomever happens to be his Boy Toy of the week.]

I don't think he has had his surgery ..he said that they were going to schedule it within the next week or so (by the end of the month).
He has had fairly extensive testing done. I had heard that it was good news.

[Expect Andy to announce that he has been “miraculously” cured and has NO pancreatic cancer in the next few weeks. And that $50,000+ that you sent him for the Whipple procedure to be done at Johns Hopkins? Don’t be holding your breath for a refund. Andy will be spending it, as planned, on lots of R&R.]

He's back on the schedule to have the surgery on the 26th. I guess they told him that sometimes spots open up because the patient might not be able to be operated on for one reason or another, and if that happens they'll let him know. So there's a chance he could have the surgery sooner.

[Whether its sooner or later, there will be NO pancreatic cancer surgery for Andy for the simple reason (as he ALREADY knows) that he has NO cancer of the pancreas. Therefore no need for the Whipple procedure. And don’t expect your 50k+ back. If anything, Andy will be whining for EVEN MORE money.]

he's kinda tired but in much better spirits than earlier this week.....and still a little pissed that he didn't eat for 30 hours for nothing! he was making up for it last night, poor dear.

[The “poor dear” just happens to be the FATTEST pancreatic cancer patient in history. Take a look at any recent photo of Andy. Chubby and cherubic. Supposedly 3 months of having cancer eating away at his pancreas and Andy still maintains his jelly belly.]

I presume you've seen him then? Glad to hear that the prognosis may be better than he had originally thought

[Surpise! Surprise! And your surprise will be even greater when Andy announces that he doesn’t have pancreatic cancer.]

I'm going to ask the "pregnant question" here: What happened to the money? Does Andy have it? Does JH have it? Is it in an interest-bearing account somewhere waiting for the surgery to happen? Or what?

[We do know that Andy posted last Wednesday that he wrote a hot check to Johns Hopkins. Within minutes of that posting, Andy realized his error and self-deleted his own post. But TOO LATE. A VICIOUS RIGHTWING Freeper caught it in a screen save and we now have Andy’s self-deleted post on record.]

Scores of people wish Andy well....but, in light of all that's transpired, inquiring minds (and there's a LOT of them here on DU) want to know - and, frankly, we DESERVE to know.

[Hmm… Some healthy skepticism here… LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

oh please...If there was a problem, we'd hear.

[Not in DUmmieland. Not only will Skinner delete any posts about Andy problems he will also tombstone the culprit.]

Scandal??? you might want to put on your flame retardant suit. 5...4...3...2...1...

[Thank you for that warning, Andy. You know your DUmmies well. Blatantly scam them and then allow your marks to angrily flame the few over there who can see through your obvious con.]

If you're feeling uncertain about the fundraiser, by all means, ask any questions you wish.

[Why did Andy delete his own post last Wednesday about passing a hot check to Johns Hopkins?[

JH Has the money...The surgery is paid for...just awaiting my date with the knife. I might add if you had been here just a couple of days ago...all doubt was dispelled in regards to my condition.

[We saw those two cashiers checks for a total of $32,000 that you posted Andy. Trouble is that the issuing institution, Verity Credit Union claims that they have not cleared yet. Could the failure to deposit those checks either be that Johns Hopkins is too lazy to do so or….maybe you just didn’t give them the cashiers checks? Hmmm?]

Hi Andy honey....How are ya feeling?

[Like a million bucks…or at least like 50,000 bucks.]

Well right now I am sitting down in my friends house resting my weary body.

[While getting acupunctured in the south end.]

Glad to hear you're taking it easy, as you should. Rest up, pamper yourself. Read a good book, watch some good movies…

[…Take a Caribbean vacation with a $50,000 bankroll…]

Andy, do not aggravate yourself -- rest and gain your strength for arduous surgery.

[We already know the “arduous” surgery will NOT involve the Whipple procedure. The docs will NOT find any cancer. A lightbulb, perhaps, or a stray gerbil or two but definitely NOT cancer.]

pancreatic cancer can take various forms and varies from patient to patient.

[We already know that Andy’s pancreatic cancer is of the NONEXISTENT variety.]