Friday, May 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-26-05 ("My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats" ---Pitt)

As you can tell from the twinkle in his eyes and his ever moving eyebrows, Li’l Beaver is a rather impish critter. And today Li’l Beaver decided to smoke out a Rat by the name of William Rivers (Pied Piper) Pitt. Ever since Andy Stephenson’s operation yesterday at Johns Hopkins, there has been a blanket of silence in Dummieland thrown over the fact of whether or not he had surgery for Pancreatic Cancer. Every mention of “pancreatic cancer” in DUmmieland has been instantly deleted and thrown down the Memory Pitt by Skinner. Fortunately, a few such deleted posts have been preserved on the DUmmie FUnnies Free Republic thread for posterity. Meanwhile, Skinner’s STONEWALLING partner, Pied Piper Pitt, has maintained an eerie silence over the exact nature of Andy’s surgery. One would have expected that today Pitt would have POSTED something in his Blog about Andy but NO. Instead Pitt posted the usual Leftist bilge without the SLIGHTEST MENTION of Andy despite the fact that he finally completed his surgery. That is, Pitt didn’t mention Andy UNTIL Li’l Beaver set fire to Pitt’s Blog with his ever present cigar. Suddenly Pitt’s Blog received more attention than ever before. Unfortunately for Pitt all the posts were requests that he come clean about the fact that he was shilling for weeks for an unnecessary Johns Hopkins operation for Andy. Yes, Andy could have gotten his surgery performed in Washington state but that would have precluded raising funds for which NO ACCOUNTABILITY was given in DUmmieland while Skinner sat helplessly by while the scam was being perpetrated. So since yesterday’s operation the words “Pancreatic Cancer” have become verboten in DUmmieWorld. However, thanx to Li’l Beaver’s successful effort to smoke out the one who spouts constantly with thesaurus inspired bloviations, Pitt has broken from the DUmmie game plan and flat out declared his unsupported belief in the pancreatic cancer scenario as you can see in his whining DUmmie THREAD whiningly titled, “My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats.” So let us now observe Pied Piper Pitt dashing from the heat of his Blog as he coughs up his latest erroneous Andy proclamation in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, dining on smoked rat, is in the [brackets]:

My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats

[No wonder your fellow students used to beat the crap out you on a regular basis back in the 8th grade, Pitt. They didn’t like sniveling crybabies. “WAAAAAAH!!! MOMMIE!!! MAKE THEM STOP REMINDING EVERYBODY ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT ANDY’S PANCREATIC CANCER!!! WAAAAAH!!!”]

[Thanx for providing us with a link to your bloated blog, Pitt. Now let us go over there and see what all the sniveling is about.]

Update on the Andy Stephenson situation

[Actually there was NO update from you, Pitt, until you were SMOKED OUT.]

Yesterday, Andy went into surgery to remove his tumor. The surgery lasted 7.5 hours, and thankfully all of the tumor was extracted. The doctors also removed half of his pancreas. The tumor itself has been sent to a pathology lab to determine exactly what kind of cancer this was, which means Andy is not out of the woods yet. The cancer could be one of two kinds, and forgive me for not knowing the terms. One kind will mean Andy is looking at good health, and one kind means he will be facing more trouble in the future. We all have our fingers crossed for that pathology report, which should come sometime next week.

[Why the sudden indecisiveness as to the nature of Andy’s problem? Here is what you said on May 18 PDA Blog, Pitt: "I have come to a few absolutely concrete conclusions. First, Andy does in fact have pancreatic cancer…”]

I would like to take a moment now to speak a bit about the graveyard rats that have infested this blog….

[And forced me against my will to comment about Andy.]

If you scroll through the other blog posts here, you’ll see a bunch of empty entries by someone named ‘Anonymous.’ Before I cleaned up, these were posts left behind by ghouls who have stapled their reputations to the conspiracy theory that Andy did not have cancer and was scamming. They have been pushing this idea for weeks, and have only recently been forced to deal with the fact that their lies and unutterably disgusting motives have been exposed.

[“Ghouls” that broke through the DUmmie inspired blanket of silence as to the nature of Andy’s surgery. BTW, how do you even know whether or not Andy is scamming since you have NO INFORMATION as to how much Andy took in for his PANCREATIC CANCER operation. Since Andy’s pleas, aided by your cheerleading, appeared on over a hundred websites, those funds should add up to quite a chunk of change. Of course, you have NO IDEA of just how much that is.]

The confirmation provided by Skinner, administrator of DemocraticUnderground, the documentation I have seen with my own eyes which put the tab for this surgery at $50,000 and confirms that Andy does have pancreatic cancer, and the conversations I have had with Andy and the others in the hospital have left these graveyard rats standing in the ashes of their own lies.

[Um, actually NO Pitt. There was NO confirmation of pancreatic cancer by Skinner. In fact, not only did Skinner NOT mention pancreatic cancer but ALL REFERENCES to pancreatic cancer were quickly deleted in DUmmieland and tossed down the Memory Pitt. However, it is nice to know that you put your head on the chopping block, ONCE AGAIN, with your misinformed declaration that Andy had pancreatic cancer.]

This won’t stop them, though. I will delete any trolling they do in other threads here, but I will leave what they post in this one alone. You will get the chance to see what true wretchedness looks like when they post here, and they will, because their shabby reputations are in ruins and they stand today in disgrace.

[Wretched, wretched Freepers who dare to question the Ingsoc Party Line. Andy has pancreatic cancer. Andy has ALWAYS had pancreatic cancer. And the five fingers you see before you are really four fingers.]

Watch them. They are graveyard rats, and they make me hope devoutly that there is indeed an afterlife where the acts and actions of a lifetime are judged, and judged harshly.

[The only RAT I’m seeing right now, Pitt, is the Big RAT that got smoked out from his Party Line position of SILENCE a few hours ago. And now let us see what your fellow DUmmies in Dummieland are saying, Pitt..]

Last time Will posted about Andy. The comments were utterly vile. I can imagine what the deleted ones were like.

[They were horrible, HORRIBLE! They dared to question the DUmmie Ingsoc Party Line about NOT mentioning the words, “pancreatic cancer.”]

i'm not seeing comments

[You are also not seeing any mention by Skinner of the words, “pancreatic cancer.”]

Seriously, though, those are vile people.

[You mean the vile DUmmies who gloated over Laura Ingraham’s breast cancer in such a way that even Elizabeth Edwards was disgusted by them?]

They're deeply disturbed, inhumane, vindictive, pathetic losers Who have nothing better to do but plot against a hospital patient who's fighting for his life. It's inexplicable. I've never met anyone this cruel in real life. Who can explain it?

[I should be insulted by your remarks, DUmmie Stephanie but…]"

[…You REDEEMED yourself by posting a link to the DUmmie FUnnies in DUmmieland. May I add you to the DUFU PING List?]

what am i missing?

[Your mind.]

Thanks, btw, for your great posts about Andy.

[A subject upon which Pitt has been silent until we smoked him out.]

OMG! These people are f*cking evil. I mean I knew they were assholes, but some of that shit is just beyond the pale.

[DAMN them for not swallowing Andy’s scam served up by the ever compliant Pitt.]

I have all their ISP numbers if that may prove to be helpful at some point.

[Lock those ISP numbers in the same ice cream chest where you keep the strawberries, Captain Pitt.]

Well do you want us to do anything?

[Yeah. Post the words “pancreatic cancer” in DUmmieland and count how many seconds it takes for Skinner to delete your post.]

I deleted the posts in the other threads because they were off-topic. It does serve a purpose. It creates a billboard for why we have to win. Right now, the sentiments in that post are the ruling mindset of this country.

[Correct Pitt. It’s that HORRIBLE ruling mindset that narrowmindedly thinks their should be some sort of financial accountability in fundraisers.]

If they were fundraising for one of their own, I would at least respect them for that.

[If we were fundraising for one of our own, we would establish an ACCOUNTABLE fund SEPARATE from the person who needs the money. For example a bank account for that purpose from which the money would be transferred DIRECTLY to the hospital doing the medical procedure. As it stands now, you have NO IDEA how much Andy has scammed via the websites which number over a hundred.]

I think it's important - I'm glad Will left it up. THIS is who's been attacking Andy, attacking us for helping Andy, attacking Dan Rather, attacking Hillary Clinton, attacking John Kerry, attacking Newsweek. Let's see them for what they are - hardly human. It's a fight to the death and they've proven it. Bring them out into the sunlight - they can't survive.

[DAMN those Freepers to HELL for exposing as forgeries the letters Dan Rather used to smear Bush. Have they no shame!]

If I were Will I'd complete the cycle and link back to the FR thread where they are slapping themselves on the back for such a great group effort they are doing with this.

[EXCELLENT idea!!! Li’l Beaver LOVES the limelight!]

here's the FR thread >"

[That’s the SECOND time you’ve posted a link to the DUmmie FUnnies, DUmmie Stephanie… I think I’m in LOVE!!!]


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