Thursday, April 14, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-14-05 ("The Second Ammendment")

If there is one element of liberal theology that the DUmmies have dropped like a hot potato, it is support for strict gun control. In recent months the DUmmies have suddenly come all out in favor of gun ownership as you can see in this THREAD titled, “The Second Ammendment.” Of course, the MAIN reason why the DUmmies want to own and use guns is not for self-protection or hunting but to shoot EVIL Republicans in their Bolshevik Revolution that they so ardently desire. So for all you liberals out there still screeching about conservative “gun nuts” while you oppose the Second Amendment, may I present your fellow DUmmie leftists who truly are gun NUTS (emphasis on “nuts”). As usual, the AK-47 toting DUmmie blastings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wearing a kevlar vest, is in the [brackets]:

The Second Ammendment

Ok, ok before anybody quotes it to me, I know I know the right to bear arms is well withing a well regulated militia... but... it is time for my fellow DU'ers to think of learning how to be safe around waapons and how to use them. By the way the only safety that works in a gun is between your ears.

Our counterparts are armed and they are proud of it... hell they also do not think any of us KNOWS how to use a weapon and indeed think many of us are cowards (I'd like to take many of these idiots where I have gone in the past... but that is another matter)

that said, some in the right ARE PUSHING this country to civil war. Many of us have said it in the past. So it is time for you to get familar with how to handle a pistol, at the very least. This is coming from a Medic, who was sworn to keep people alive, not take life, and who has SEEN the effects of fire arms.

I know this is not a popular view among many, but the time is now.... before you can no longer at the very least get this training.

[Thus far the only ones calling for civil war aka Bolshevik Revolution are the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts. So you lose the election and now you want to shoot your way into power. Interesting to see the DUmmies supporting the Second “Ammendment.” Perhaps one day they shall support the Second Amendment.]

i agree with you I learned a while ago how to fire a handgun (25 cal. vintage mauser) that i inherited. but maybe its time to become proficient in assault rifles, since the GOP is making them so easy to obtain. I know I am a reasonably responsible person with firearms, so I think i can be careful with an AK besides, what could make the right-wing more nervous than a bunch of liberals openly training in advanced firearms??? And is perfectly legal to do so!

[I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?]

Romanian AK clone in 5.56 NATO...
That could be an option, load it up with SS-109 cartridges.

[And remember, you are not supposed to point the muzzle at your head as Al Gore did in a famous Vietnam War inaction photo.]

Yep that can always be an alternative
Especially for people not too familiar with how to clean them weapons or that they will go into the muck... the AK just makes more sense...By the way, let me welcome our freeper readers, I am sure they are going... look at what they are talking about at DU
Hi boys...

[Hi DUmmie hypocrites!]

Our side needs to take steps toward self-protection and firearms are a key to that plan. Even if you have an old Marlin .22 rifle, at least it's something. I fear something is brewing, especially with this latest news that a deadly influenza strain was distributed across the country. Rifles, shotguns, and even pistols can be affordable. PM if you want more details.

[So you are going to use the news about an influenza strain as a lame excuse to stock up on guns and prepare for Bolshevik Revolution?]

Okay, while I agree with some of what you are saying, I think saying it in a public forum is not a good idea given that stamps are enough now to call out the SS. Just be cautious because who the hell knows "what a person of interest" means to these people.

[The DUmmie persons of interest are being written down even as you post. Somehow I don’t think the government is too keen to allow DUmmies to buy guns for the sole purpose of shooting their way into power.]

Yep but getting the tranining is an NRA line as well and trust me at this point this is just advice... none of us is inciting violence, just asking that people are safe around guns.

[Why don’t read the posts in your own thread, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski? You fellow DUmmies, upset at losing the past election, now want to shoot their way into power.]

yea I agree, Its also a big drawback to the democrats in elections. I know many people that lean to vote democrat but dont because of gun issues. In my state NY the only thing I dont like about democrats is they are killing us with proposed gun bans. I want to vote against them but there is no alternative for me. Many people would feel better voting democrat if they knew their gun rights are safe. And what are they democratic gun grabbers going to do? They will vote democratic of course even if democrats turn pro gun. They wont go republican

[One thing I have to admit, it was FUN to watch Kerry dressing up in his Elmer Fudd duck hunting outfit to try to prove that he wasn’t anti-gun. But don’t worry. The Democrats will continue to shoot themselves in the foot with their support of gun grabbing.]

assault weapons are hardly used in crimes there no big deal. many people like to shoot them at the range. I dont see a different between a bolt action rifle or a assault rife. The german took over half the world with bolt actions. As far as voting there are alot of single issue voters. You use soft points with deer so you dont destroy the meat. Black talons were banned along time ago.


you cannot buy full auto kits in the mail, they cannot easily be converted. The ATF does not allow weapons that can easily be converted to a machinegun to be sold. Show me where they can be bought? They sell TAC trigeer or Hellfire triggers that say they make a semi a full auto but they a crap, just a marketing gimmic. Either way if they weapons were legal or not do you think if they were banned it would have stopped this? Keryy wanted to renew the AWB so my rights were at risk. Not any firearms but just cosmetic features on my guns, but theres always the worry he may have passed more bills.

[Hmmm….you have dispensed accurate information therefore you must be a……LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

How did the AWB reduce deaths if it did not ban firearms? Please explaon, to think it did anythign is wrong. Do you even know what it did? It banned bayonet, folingstock and flash suppressors on new guns. How does that do anything? Its all propaganda, the gun grabbers told you what you are speaking. And nuke is not a firearms nothing the constitution says you can have one. By the way "assault weapon" is a term invented by the brady campagin. What is an assault weapon? I own semi auto rifles. Why cant I own one of them? Give me one good reason. And I dont think you know what you are talking about. You cannot just convert a gun to full auto. You need tools and machinery and many times extra parts. It envolves new parts in the trigger groups and bolt carrier. Being a "green beret" does not mean you know how to do that. Why the hell would a green beret need to know how to comvert a gun to full auto when he is issed full auto guns? Full auto guns are not always better

[STOP! STOP with the rationality you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! BTW, for you onlookers, check out the rest of this thread. Mostly a debate on the AWB between DUmmie nadinbrzezinski and a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL.]

Guns Are protected by the Consitution. You can have guns but certain guns shouldn't be in cilivian hands such as military grade weapons. There was a bank robbery in LA that had the criminials holding down cops for over 30 minutes with AK-47s. Not a good thing in the hands of criminials.

[Also not a good thing in the hands of DUmmies.]

I need to get back into shape. I haven't shot a rifle in years. Still do well with an M-1 but I need to retrain on something more modern. Just need a job in this god forsaken bible belt...

[Yeah, being able to afford even one round of ammo would be a good start.]

If these were normal times, I would be in favor of gun control or better yet, no guns. These aren't normal times. Job one is being able to protect yourself.

[What you REALLY mean is you want a gun in order to participate in Bolshevik Revolution. This desire for such revolution is a constant theme in DUmmieland. Lost the election? BWAAAAAAHHHH!!! We’re gonna get us some guns and shoot our way into power!]


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