Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-15-05 ("The Sun is setting on America")

Ever since the elections in Iraq, things have been looking up in the Middle East. Democracy seems to be sprouting in several locales in the region. Even many liberal journalists are forced to admit this. Meanwhile the overall mood of the citizens of the USA is generally upbeat. However, the one place you will get a doom and gloom, prognosis is, as expected, in DUmmieland as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Sun is setting on America.” Of course, the DUmmies offer little or no proof of this dark prognosis. In fact it is really just a HOPE for the DUmmies. The fact that America is doing well under the EVIL Bush Regime is something that they just can’t handle. As usual, the gloomy, doomy DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the American Sun RISE ever higher, is in the [brackets]:

The Sun is setting on America. We are well into 2005 and you can almost see no problems with America... on the outside…

[Stand by. I am SURE that this DUmmie is about to moan about all the problems on the INSIDE.]

Talks of Secession from both sides. Liberals feel cheated (Justified) and Christian Fundamentalists feel Persecuted (Paranoid)…

[Or maybe the reverse.]

Sham Elections. Who maintains the machines our nation uses to vote? Republicans, and not only that one of the type of voting machines are really easy to hack into too…

[So easy to hack into those Diebold machines even though they are not online. It is done via Brainwaves.]

Our nation's Infrastructure is crumbling. I live in the suburbs of Central Ohio and I can remember several times when the water was not safe to drink….

[Perhaps you should consider not sipping from the toilet bowl.]

The Sun is setting on the United States of America as our nation is in the Death throes of the end of Democracy. We aren't a Democracy, big Corporations, the Wealthy, and the Christian Right are the only ones who have a true voice in the government now...


What's going to happen in the coming months and years? I don't know, but Freedom is definitely on the March... away from America.

[Yeah. All that Freedom marched right into North Korea… And now let us hear the doom and gloom from your fellow DUmmies, ck4829.]

Let it set. America is cancerous.

[Can we use that as the 2008 DUmmiecrat campaign slogan?]

America has been the leading terrorist state since 1945. Let this murderous rightist unwittingly destroy what our own murderous leftist (Truman) began.

[Thus spaketh a Ward Churchill alumnus.]

In the years after 1945 the US rebuilt Europe and Japan in one of the most enlightened foreign policy decisions ever made.


Yes - maybe we can view this period...as the dark night of our nation's soul, through which we must go - painful as it is - before emerging anew.

[I view this period as the dark night of the DUmmie soul…and there WON’T be any daylight for you at the end of the tunnel.]

And just how would we "repair" the US at this point, short of an armed stampede of millions? … At this point, I'm increasingly of the mind that "fixing" the system will very likely mean mean breaking it first. Even if we somehow take back Congress in 2006, and the Dems retake the Presidency in 2008, this country is still in terrible disarray. A President Dean could very well end up like former Soviet President Gorbachev, who implemented Glasnost in the USSR, only to watch the government crumble away in bankruptcy and the Union dissolve a few years later.

[“Armed stampede of millions” is just the chicken way of DUmmie NEOBuckeye avoiding what he really means---Violent Bolshevik Revolution with a Stalin, not a Gorbachev, in charge afterwards to keep things in line.]

As Buddha said, Nothing is permanent.

[As Dr. Buddy Rydell said about Buddha, how can you worship some 600-pound fat guy who moralizes about self- control?]

Out of millions of left leaning people in this country-We can't come up with a big name leader. Howard Dean is pretty close, but he doesn't connect to well with minorities.

[Nor with majorities.]

Chill out dude. We're not even close to some Phillip Dickian nightmare society yet. This nation, and all others, have pendulum type swings in the way things are.


Instead of screaming at the TV I use another method!!! I post obnoxious signs on the freeway. It's much more effective and the stupid news pundits motivate me every time. It only takes a few minutes to create a sign and the people in power don't like it. It's a method they can't control.

[So you’re the culprit who is spray painting the freeway overpasses with ugly graffiti.]

Your average, Christian, Republican household is not going to talk about James Guckert's sex life being more important than National Security. They're not going to want to know, because it doesn't fit in with their beliefs. If, and or when, they do eventually get the information (re: I think many good people within MSM outlets are waiting for a real, strong voice from the people before they will put their ass on the line and stand up like they know they should), it will scare the living Bejesus out of them - and send them further into their shell and solidify their support for "leaders" who are clutching to the last few strings they have...

[Yet more DUmmie obsession about Gannon’s sex life. And up until recently they have been screeching that one’s sexual orientation is strictly a private matter.]

I'm for calling a spade a spade. If it's a revolution that you need, it won't help to mince words. Those with guts and commitment will come out first; the rest will wait around to see who's winning then run to catch the train. The resistance was like that in Nazi-occupied Europe. By the time Berlin capitulated, everybody had joined the resistance.

[Finally a DUmmie that says outright what the others were merely hinting at---Violent Revolution. And for that contribution you win the Student of the Week award from the Patrice Lumumba Day Care Center.]


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