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DUmmie FUnnies 03-08-05 ("The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten")

Among my favorite DUmmie FUnnies editions are the ones involving our favorite con artist---Bev Harris who conned the DUmmies out of some big bucks. Of course, the DUmmies didn’t wake up to her scam until LONG after Bev’s con artistry was revealed HERE on the DUmmie FUnnies. Finally, after shelling out HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars with NO results even the DUmmies woke up to the fact that they were gullible suckers and banned her from DUmmieland. Therefore it is with much relish, that I am DUFUing this DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten.” Let us now lead off with the original post by DUmmie Kelvin Mace aka David Allen who got personally burned by Bev. The painful Bev Harris memories posted by the DUmmie SUckers are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, waiting for the DUmmies to be EASILY conned again, is in the [brackets]:

The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten.

[And also for the DUmmie veterans who were so easily conned out of their money and now want to forget Bev Harris.]

I have noticed recently that we have some folk trying to rehabilitate Bev Harris's reputation by explaining away her erratic and toxic behavior as some kind of "misunderstanding".

[AMAZING! Just how DUmb are the DUmmies? Bev Harris has been exposed as a fraud and a con artist and many DUmmies still want to BEEEELIEEVE in her.]

Access to DU is critical to Bev since it was an important source of cash, helpful researchers and credibility in the past and even more important now that she has been disowned by folks like Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann and Mike Malloy.

[DUmmieland was an incredibly EASY source of cash for Bev.]

Bev painted herself as a liberal activist (lately she strives for the status of a non-partisan) which she is not. She ran an anti-Clinton product site (Bev Dudley is Bev's real name and Talion is her company).

[Bev Dudley is Bev Harris’s real name? Perhaps we should call her Dudley Do-Wrong.]

She claims Bush supports her cause and was currying favor with freepers.

[However unlike the GULLIBLE DUmmies the Freepers gave her exactly ZILCH in the way of donations.]

Bev claimed that Randi's show raised only $23,000 for her. Insiders put the figure at $300,000.

[Actually Bev only admitted to suckering $300,000 out of the DUmmies which means she probably conned around a million out of the fools. Oh, and she only claimed to have spent a GRAND TOTAL of $19,000. But WAIT! She didn’t even spend that (except for her 5-star Hotel expenses). That $19,000 expense figure is what Bev herself only said was “committed” to finding vote fraud.]

Bev has damaged people's reputation, cost them large sums of money with her legal bullying (and I am not talking about Diebold and election officials, I am talking about her former activists and helpers) and wasted much of their time dealing with her foolishness. she has impugned the integrity of established liberals on this board and elsewhere and accused even John Kerry and the Democratic party of conspiring to suppress evidence of vote fraud (huh????).

[FUnniest of all was when Bev threatened to sue DUmmies for daring to type the letters “BBV” on their keyboards. Now that the charges against Bev Harris have been laid out by her former colleage, DUmmie Kelvin Mace aka David Allen, let us hear from the other DUmmies for more LAUGHS…]

I once was a big supporter of Bev Harris but I have never been a blind follower of anybody. I think, I watch, I research and then I decide. Sometimes I change my mind, as I did with Bev Harris.

[Sooooo… How much dough did Bev con you out of?]

As far as I can tell (and I could be wrong) a lot of the posts about her and her actions which endorsed Bev have been purged from the Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes site. Randi's contentious exchange with Bev about money and Bev's actions was deleted from Randi's archives (though I have an MP3 for those interested).

[Randi Rhodes has been trying to toss her shill activity down the memory hole. Too bad for Randi that a lot of Freepers also have that MP3 of Randi vs Bev.]

I was completely turned off...when Bev was soliciting non-stop right after the election and seemed to promote the idea she was going to get the election overturned in Florida. And a lot of DUers bought right into it...


We must not allow Bev Harris to attempt to re-write history yet again. She has done more damage to this issue singlehandedly than imaginable.

[On the upside, however, she was GREAT for laughs!]

She is trying to write me out...I am sick as a dog...could be dying...and she tries to steal the only legacy I have to leave. I hope ya'll remember what I did.

[Yes, Andy Stephenson, we remember what you did. You were partners in Bev’s con game until she cut you out of the action.]

She can't steal your legacy, it's not a solid thing she can carry away. Now your LAPTOP--THAT she can steal.

[Didn’t Andy steal some underwear from Bev?]

Ultimately, the real story will be knownand the press, know the real story. They know how Bev treated them. I have spoken to quite a few reporters who covered this and they known the story. At some future date, it will be written.

[How about Bev’s indictment? When will that be written? And I’m sure Andy Stephenson will be indicted as well as either a co-conspirator or a plea bargain prosecution witness.]

Who will do the work, who will expose the problems? She's the only one I've ever heard of addressing the issues associated with e-ballots. Is there anyone else on this?

[Actually the DUmmie FUnnies has set up a special corporation called Brooklyn Bridge Vistas (BBV). You may not know it but the Brooklyn Bridge is going private and will be charging tolls. If you invest in BBV, you will own a portion of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, instead of paying out dividends, ALL the profits will go towards investigating election fraud. I look forward to your investment in the Brooklyn Bridge via BBV.]

I was in the office the day she was to go to the Olberman Show. Right after they called her she was sure it was a "CIA attempt to silence her". The CIA operative was a woman named Pam Meeks...a wonderful woman who is an activist here in Seattle. She was in the office that afternoon to help...instead Bev and Kathleen lit into her...brelittled her and derided her to the point that she left and withdrew all support from BBV.org.

[Thanx for that inside scoop, Andy Stephenson. And yet you continued to work for that nutcase right up to the time she cut you out of the con game.]

Anyone who didn't recognize Harris' schtick from day 1 is, quite frankly, a dope.

[Then virtually ALL DUmmies are dopes by your own definition since they nearly all fell so easily for Bev’s obvious con, even though it was EXPOSED early in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

right after the election, so many folks were in complete shock over the result, we wanted somebody - ANYBODY to fix the wrong we saw. Bev came in saying she was going to go after Florida, and unless you were following the elections really close, it wouldn't have been obvious that she was barking up the wrong tree and was not going to be able to deliver what a lot of folks were thinking she would. Most humans are a sucker for nice, assertive, smiling people that tell them what they want to hear. I'm one of them, unfortunately, though I didn't contribute to Bev's organization.

[Make that most DUmmies are a sucker for a nice, assertive, smiling people that tell them what they want to hear. Hey, all one had to do was read the dopey “I BEEELIEEVE” threads in DUmmieland to know they were easy targets for a con.]

But when you have Randi Rhodes, syndicated radio host on Air America lending credibility to Bev --- if Randi trusts Bev, why shouldn't we, if we trust Randi as a credible source?

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You actually trust Randi Rhodes as a CREDIBLE source? BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!]

I bought into Bev's bullshit for a little while, but it became painfully clear that she wasn't what she pretended to be.

[So how much did her B$ cost you?]


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