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DUmmie FUnnies 03-08-05 ("So why doesn't Kerry sue the Swift Boat liars now?")

Although I disagree with the description of the Swift Boat Vets, this is an EXCELLENT question posed in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “So why doesn't Kerry sue the Swift Boat liars now?” Correct! If the Swift Boat Vets were lying as Kerry has claimed you would think he would SUE them for defamation. I mean didn’t they lie about Kerry not going into Cambodia on his Swift Boat? Kerry could simply prove them wrong by presenting the CIA agent cap given to him that says, “I Entered Cambodia On A Swift Boat And All I Got Was This Lousy Hat.” Let us now look at the reasons why Kerry hasn’t sued. As usual the DUmmie excuses and dopey rationales are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if a CIA Agent’s cap can be purchased on eBay, is in the [brackets]:

So why doesn't Kerry sue the Swift Boat liars now?

Everything is all set for him to do so and then John O'Neill and the rest of the attack dogs can get their just dessert. It would be perfect timing since these same attack dog groups are now going after groups like AARP. I thoroughly believe Kerry. I was just wondering what is taking him so long?

[Kerry is just waiting until he can get the CIA Agent Cambodia cap properly laundered to present in court. Right now that cap stinks from jungle rot.]

They can spread half truths or inuendos but out and out LIES are not allowed by LAW. Kerry has the backing of the US Navy on his side. they have word of mouth. Kerry should be able to sue and win if he is of a mind to do so. If he doesn't it will just get worse from here on out for any Democrat running.

[Kerry has the US Navy on his side? So sue, Johnny, SUE!]

It really doesn't matter if he could win the suit or not. If in fact the SBVT charges are baseless, he could have the whole thing debunked in a court of law for everyone to see. Other than money (which can't be a factor here) and time (ok, that is a small issue), if IN FACT THERE IS NOTHING TO WHAT THEY SAID, there is NO DOWNSIDE TO TAKING THIS TO COURT.

[No downside to taking this to court? So sue, Johnny, SUE!!!]

I will only support Kerry again only if he takes down these liars...When he says he can fight for us, I want to make sure that he can fight for himself.

[Kerry might eventually sue but right now he has more pressing concerns on the Sun Valley ski slopes.]

As long as he does nothing he will never have my respect.

[Kerry is doing something. Didn’t you see his secret hand signals recently while adjusting his tie? It means Kerry will be launching a MAJOR lawsuit sometime in the future against the Swift Boat Vets. Look carefully at those secret hand signals.]

I will NEVER support Kerry for anything again. And that goes for his Bilderberger pal John Edwards too!

[And all this time I thought Edwards was his Cheeseburger pal. Remember that Wendy’s meal they tossed away?]

Kerry would put himself in an awkward position-First by engaging this late he would elevate their status and then he would face "Christmas in Cambodia" and "Magic Hat" style attacks.

[GASP! Are you actually casting aspersions on Kerry’s claim that he entered Cambodia on his Swift Boat and received a CIA Agent’s Cap in exchange? LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

It is not too late, Kerry's biggest hurdle is form 180. He has said twice on Meet The Press that he would sign it and release all his military records. One of the SBL's direct hits was his longstanding position that he spent Christmas in Cambodia. (Remember "seared"?) My feeling is that Kerry does not want to open his record to misinterpretation.

[My feeling is that Kerry doesn’t want to open his record…PERIOD!]

I think Kerry should let everyone see the paperwork and get it over with.

[He definitely will be signing that form 180 but Kerry is just looking for the proper pen to do it with.]

When Kerry said he may have been mistaken, it was only about the exact date. It was still around Christmas that the operation occurred.

[Around Christmas of 1968 when PRESIDENT NIXON ordered him to sneak into Cambodia?]

Baloney. Kerry was in Cambodia ferrying CIA operatives, one of whom
happened to be Christie Whitman's husband. She blurted it out once early last year on the Daily Show that her husband once spent a week in Cambodia with Kerry.

[A WHOLE WEEK in Cambodia with Kerry? Was he the CIA agent who gave Kerry that kewl cap?]

Christie goofed when she said that. There's only one possible explanation for her husband spending a week on a boat with Kerry, since he was not a member of Kerry's crew. Not a far reach to figure he was one of the operatives Kerry had ferried into Cambodia.

[Mr. Whitman’s Cambodia mission was to find Colonel Kurtz and terminate him with extreme prejudice.]

Must be his hat that Kerry carries around. I wonder if Christie wants it.

[Yes. Christie considers that smelly cap to be a family heirloom.]

Kerry blurted out on Meet The Press that he delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge, do you believe that?

[Absolutely! Even though the Khmer Rouge were COMMUNISTS that we were fighting.]

If he is going to sue then all of his records will be available. There is a defensiveness about a very simple signature on a form, readily available on the internet in pdf form, that to me seems misplaced. Kerry needs to go all out to defeat the liars in the court of public opinion, and my frustration is that this small task has yet to be done.

[So maybe the problem isn’t that Kerry is looking for the right pen to sign the 180 form. Perhaps he is looking for just the right printer to print out that form.]

forget the grounds, just come out and debate the bastards any charge left unchallenged is assumed true. He let his surragates answer those charges, and that is not the same thing. He has got to stand up and be counted. In reality, the opportunity is now gone, and with it the destruction of America

[Kerry’s failure to sign form 180 means the destruction of America?]

I stand by my position.... if the SBVT ads are totally without truth just getting an airing of the facts is worth it. Who cares about monetary judgements, for Kerry at least, that means nothing. As far as the charges getting more airing, again - if they are false and debunked well, who cares - it is a win for Kerry. As it is there has not, to my knowledge ever really been a fact by fact refutation by Kerry. At a bare miminum, it would give pause to those who think they can make stuff up with impunity. Someone has to lay down the gauntlet eventually - how do you propose it be done?

[By sending out Chris Heinz on a national tour to refute the SBVT?]

did you see him on Meet the Press Jan. 30? At least 2/3 of that hour was spent on idiotic SBVT crap, including closeups of the "unfit for duty" book and clips from the asswipe commercials. But he refuted all of it.

[By finally admitting that he was never in Cambodia during Christmas, 1968? And I also recall the “little matter” of Kerry PROMISING to sign form 180. Hmmm…. It’s “only” 6 weeks since that promise. Perhaps he needs more time…like another 4 years.]

I just wish we would have given someone else a chance if he wasn't going to answer charges against him.

[Kucinich. The Evil Elf is our man!]

If he or some of the other Swift Boaters don't sue, this whole thing will rear its ugly head again next time he runs for office. And it will be very difficult for him to refute it because he hasn't taken any legal action on it. Also not taking action on it emboldens the Swift Boaters -- and that is bad for all of us.

[Signing that form 180 would prove them to be liars. So why doesn’t Kerry sign? Maybe he is busy fixing up his Nantucket estate.]

Maybe you're missing the obvious here. Maybe the SBV's hit something damn close to the truth.


It is part of being a Beltway pol that you simply can never accept that your moment has passed. In Kerry's case, that is the case. There was never a particularly good reason for him to be our nominee in the first place. He pulled out a win in the early contests and the whole thing went downhill from there. The question that was never answered through the entire campaign was why anyone SHOULD vote for Kerry other than the fact that he wasn't Bush.

[Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye.]

Personally, I think Kerry should skip the libel suit and hire a Tony-Soprano-like figure to teach John O'Neil a few good lessons. That man is the biggest piece of scum that has ever walked the earth.

[DUmmie TwoSparkles advocating VIOLENCE against John O’Neil. And they call the Free Republic a Hate Site?]

It's definitely in the works...Kerry knows that he needs to put out that fire before 2006 and certainly 2008. As a former prosecutor who has taken down mafia asswipes and nearly took down the Reagan administration single-handedly with Iran-Contra, he knows that it has to be the right time and place to overwhelmingly strike with blunt and deadly force. I'd expect something by the summer.

[Or maybe next winter or maybe sometime in the next decade or…..]

Why didn't he come out immediately and deny the swift puke charges?

[Um, this is just a wild guess but maybe because those charges were TRUE?]

Kerry needs to sue after he signs that 180 to shut the Pubs up.

[We’re waiting and waiting and…..]

I really think he needs to go after the bastards or face "2004 Part Deux" from the Swift Boat Liars. I love John Kerry - don't get me wrong - but we can't risk a repeat of this crapola in 2008, there's too much at stake.

[Don’t worry. Kerry has already made a firm commitment to sign that form 180….in 2009.]

Kerry is working behind the scenes to sue the pants off SBV liars.

[Yes! Look for the same secret hand signals that Kerry used to send out to very subtly indicate that he was challenging the Bush electoral votes in Ohio.]


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