Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-09-05 ("Moving the Democratic Party to the Left")

The Democrat Party is now far to the Left which is why they have been a minority in congress for the past dozen years and have lost the last two presidential elections. So what is the DUmmies solution to the woes of the Democrats? It is to move them even further to the Left as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Moving the Democratic Party to the Left.” Yeah, they will move the Democrats so far to the Left that they will tumble off the cliff so I wish the DUmmiecrats well in this endeavor. So read of the DUmmiecrat plan to turn the whole Democrat Party into a bunch of screeching Jacobins in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmies attempt to storm the Winter Palace, is in the [brackets]:

How can the Democratic Party be moved to the left? It seems that people are so scared to lose that they are willing to vote for candidates that are more to the right. What is going to happen? Are Democrats going to take a chance and vote for candidates that lean toward the left?

[Kucinich ’08. That is about as far Left as you can go.]

One can only hope and pray and vote for the candidates that take us to the left. Howard Dean is a good start.

[Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Mao are also other great political role models.]

The only answer is to infiltrate. I'm running to become a delegate to my State Party Convention this summer. A small step, sure, but a first step. The more of us who become involved in the Dem Party aparatus, the more we can start pulling it in a "leftwardly" direction.

[Infiltrate? What for? The Democrats are already to the Far Left. You act like being a Leftist is some strange thing to the Democrats.]

screw moving the party to the left it's not going to work. I left the party and registered Green

[Good. Good. And registering in the Socialist Workers Party is also another good option.]

The Democratic Party is dying and anything I can help to move that death along, I'll do.

[Purchasing the DUmmie FUnnies book (with CD-ROM insert for the related comix stories) would also be helpful in that regard.]

Howard Dean isn't going to unite the party--he's going to be the one who watches it die.

[Do you have any extra popcorn? I love munching on that while watching my entertainment.]

Shouldn't we kick the 'class warfare' epithet right back at the 'Pukes? Sure it's class warfare, they started it, and it's our job to defend the classes which include 98% of the population!

[Class warfare? Let us all now sing “The Internationale.”]

We need to move left while appearing to move to "the center".

[aka “deception.”]

It doesn't matter who we vote for! All that matters is who counts the votes, and nobody with a shred of honor, decency or trustworthiness has counted the votes in this millenium. Vote for whomever you please, Mickey Mouse will do just fine, it doesn't matter, because, only Diebold counts, and Diebold can't count. The problem is not the way the Democrats run their elections, nor their policies, the problem is simply that repukes cheat. There is no more to the problem, that's all there is.

[The Diebold machines are already preset on “R” for the next election so there is NO NEED for you to vote.]

WE need a group that does nothing but promote outlets for our point of view.

[Take your choice: NPR, CBS, NBC, or ABC.]

EDUCATION and indoctrination is a key to victory, the whole country has been brainwashed to hate liberals and been fed so much right wing crap.

[They need to be sent to re-education camps.]

Hand them big wads of cash, cold hard cash--that appears to be the only thing they respond to. Pavlovian even--see wads of cash, watch pol drool.

[Bribe the pols to become leftwing loonies. But wouldn’t that be a waste of money for pols such as Tom Harkin? They don’t need that cash incentive.]

Are you a freeper? Come on... you cant tell the truth!

[You want the Truth? Alright I’ll GIVE YOU THE TRUTH!!! YES! I’M A FREEPER!!! Now bribe me to become a Bolshevik.]


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"EDUCATION and indoctrination is a key to victory,....."
didn't Hilter come up with that? nevermind, {sarcasm}it's all Bush's fault.{/sarcasm}

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