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DUmmie FUnnies 03-07-05 ("Is Free Republic a Hate Groupp?")

Without the least sense of self-awareness as to the continual bile spewing out of DUmmieland, the overwhelming number of DUmmies have labeled the Free Republic as a “Hate Group” as you can see in this DUmmie THEAD titled, “Is Free Republic a Hate Groupp?” This info from the same folks who daily screech about the Bush “regime” being fascists or labeling the terrorists as “freedom fighters.” Oh, and let us not forget the wide DUmmie support for their beloved Nutty Professor, Ward Churchill, who proclaimed that the 9-11 (fomented by the Evil Bush in DUmmie lore) victims got what they deserved. The most revealing of the DUmmie postings on this thread was done by IanDB1, who posted the ACTUAL FR threads about different topics. So what did they show? That the Freepers universally CONDEMNED racism. The only “charge” he could come up with in those threads was so-called “homophobia” which is really social discomfort in certain situations with homosexuals. So is this some sort of Hate Crime? Only if Dave Buzznik of Anger Management” could be accused on a Hate Crime since the (very funny) movie showed Buzznik’s discomfort at Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) sleeping nude in bed with him or in sitting in the back seat of a car with a transvestite (Woody Harrelson) putting the moves on poor Dave. As usual, the HATEFUL DUmmie posts are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who admits to a feeling of discomfort if forced to sleep in the same bed as a nude Dr. Buddy Rydell, is in the brackets:

Is Free Republic a Hate Groupp? What is a Hate Group? Broadly defined, a hate group is any organization whose ideology or agenda is based on intolerance or hatred of particular races, ethnicities, religions or sexual preferences. Most hate groups in the United States are comprised of white supremacists who promote racism and anti-Semitism as well as hatred of gays, but there are also, for instance, African-American and Latino groups that espouse racism, anti-Semitism or other forms of intolerance.-- Anti-Defamation League

[Ahem! Have you read what it says on the HOME page of the Free Republic? Let me refresh your minuscule memory: “Please enjoy our forum, but also please remember to use common courtesy when posting and refrain from posting personal attacks, profanity, vulgarity, threats, racial or religious bigotry, or any other materials offensive or otherwise inappropriate for a conservative family audience.” So basically you are basing your whole Hate Crime routine on “Homophobia.” Well, if “Homophobia” is a Hate Crime then Dave Buzznik of Anger Management is "guilty" of this as well. Sorry, if not wanting to spend the night in the same bed as Michael Jackson makes me a “Homophobe” then so be it.]

I don't think so. The may be vile, with blatent homophobic, xenophobic, and jingoistic leanings, but I don't think they are a hate group in the same way that Fred Phelps' ilk or the Ku Klux Klan is a hate group. I think there is a line between freedom of speech by expressing your dislike for something and advocating hurt and pain against a particular group of people - in that case, I don't think that "Free" Republic is quite there yet (as much as I'd like to believe that they are).


I think the purpose of FreeRepublic is to give a haven to haters because they are easy for the neocons to manipulate. So yes, FR is a hate site because a sizable percentage of its members (at least the most vocal) seem racist, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic, but it's worse than your garden variety hate site because the people that are using the haters are even more vile.

[PROVE IT! The posting of your own own IanDB1 where he posts the ACTUAL FR search results on those topics prove quite the contrary. As to “Homophobia,” you really have to stretch to make that charge to include folks uncomfortable with or religiously opposed to being in close quarters with a gay person or having a gay priest or minister. The search results on racism posted by IanDB1 show the Freepers to be OPPOSED to racism. Sorry to contradict your DUmmie theories with FACTS.]

the site itself might not be one yet, but something tells me that many of its members are pretty familiar and well versed with what one is from their involvements in them... wouldn't surprise me to see it turn the corner at some point

[So now that you ADMIT that the Free Republic is NOT a Hate Site but it COULD be. That reminds me of that MTV promo attacking Bush during the campaign by saying that even though there is not currently a draft, there COULD be. As it turned out there was NO draft.]

I Think A Lot Of Right Wing Groups Hate Themselves More Than Others--- so they project their hate outward. Look at all the closeted gays in the Right Wing Groups that eventually come out or get exposed.

[I hope you never discover the pink panties that I wear underneath my Bermuda shorts.]

yes. Free Republic, like all GOP sites and organizations, is a hate group. That's how Reeptiles collect money and win elections, by tapping into the fear and hate of those who don't want to share anything with others who are less fortunate, most notably people of different races, religions, and class.

[YAWN! Proof?…None? Oh, I thought not.]

The whole place is one big shrieking psychosis.

[I know what you mean. Just look at this nutty Freeper quote: “My mood has gone from absolute despair to ‘we're going to get the bastards.’ Now I'm mostly mad as opposed to depressed.” OOPS! Sorry that was actually a DUmmie quote on from this DUFU THREAD. Don’t worry if you miss it. There are THOUSANDS of other similar DUmmie posts.]

While I would love to say yes, they really are not, yet.

[But they COULD be! We COULD have the Draft!]

I've seen some pretty hateful things said here, too.


It's a hate site. Freepers are unabashed homophobes--it's rampant throughout the forums. GLBT folks are invariably treated as subhuman and a threat to all that's decent and good in Amerikkka. The Gannon thing must have been very confusing to them. Those dull, wet popping sounds a couple of weeks ago? Freepers' heads exploding when Mangate first broke.

[Yet more proof that the DUmmies are hanging their whole “Hate Site” shtick on “Homophobia.” “Son, I really don’t think it is a good idea for you to be spending the night in Michael Jackson’s bed.”…. “Dad, you’re just suffering from Homophobia.”]

Definitely a homophobic hate group. Every time I have visited that site, literally EVERY time, there is somebody spouting anti-gay vitriol no matter what the actual topic is. They are obsessed with gay people and very open about their condemnation.

[Not wanting to worship under the aegis of a gay priest or minister has suddenly risen to the level of vicious “Homophobia.” Dave Buzznik feeling very uncomfortable in the back seat of a car as a transvestite puts the make on him is “Homophobia.” Me not wanting to sleep in bed with a nude Dr. Buddy Rydell is “Homophobia.” “Homophobia,” by greatly stretching its definition, is the ONLY hook that the DUmmies can hang their “FR is a Hate Site” routine on.]

Freeper Uglyness: Anyone have the stomach to sift through these?

[Yeah, I did sift through it, IanDB1, and your listing of the FR search engine results show the Freeper postings to be either non-racist or condemnatory of racism. However, you cleverly led off with FR search results about Gays in an attempt to prove “Homophobia,” which in the case of Freepers, shows them to be uncomfortable with their kids being taught in public school about gayness or to have gay priests or ministers. Again, you hang the whole “Hate Site” shtick on an incredible stretch of the definition of “Homophobia.” Okay, I admit that I am a “Homophobe” (by your stretched definition) because I would feel very uncomfortable sitting in the back seat of a car with a transvestite, especially one that looks like Woody Harrelson.]

The is a complete loss of civility on the part of most republicans and you will notice it when their speakers talk.

[You mean when they say something like THIS: “Screw republicans. Screw ‘reaching out’ to republicans!”]

I don't think DU is entirely innocent to FR. Considering the GD posts I've seen, the numerous Bush parodies, I think Freepers would think we are one as well....

[BINGO. And DUmmie fortyfeetunder wins a Kewpie Doll for a very brief moment of accurate perception.]

A hate website like the Nazis and KKK and their members are a threat to peace loving people everywhere.

[Thus posted DUmmie Moderator IndianaGreen who in the past drooled at the prospect of administering “Revolutionary Justice” to the EVIL Republicans if the DUmmies ever got into power.]

careful, now FR won a monetary judgment against the Fresno city council because a councilwoman called FR a hate site. She lost her job, too.

[YUP! And I sure would like to see DUmmie IndianaGreen similarly drained of his dinero.]

Holy crap! BUSH ORDERED Fresno to settle the Freeper Lawsuit!! WTF!?!?!?! Bush orders settlement to conservative GOP website Settlement funnels money to local conservative website on orders of president George Bush. Rightwing website "FreeRepublic" to recieve large settlement from City of Fresno. This is urgent-read and call the attorney general's office as soon as you can. We must stop this criminal give-away to GOP activists at taxpayer expense.

[WOW! George Bush PERSONALLY ordered Fresno to settle the Freeper lawsuit? Let me check the Fresno City website for the PRESS RELEASE about this settlement. Uh-Oh! I just checked and NO mention about President Bush. Here is what the Press Release says: “On September 12, 2003, the City of Fresno’s Human Relations Commission issued a news release describing Free Republic LLC as a “hate group” and accusing it of threatening violence towards minority groups. As a result of this, on September 22, 2003, Free Republic LLC filed a claim with the City of Fresno, which was a procedural first step in filing a lawsuit for defamation. Free Republic LLC and the City of Fresno announce that this dispute has been fully resolved. The City of Fresno officially retracts the press release and acknowledges that the City had no basis for referring to the Free Republic as a hate group or accusing them of making threats against minorities. The City of Fresno also wishes to announce that Debbie Reyes, the Chair of its Human Relations Commission has resigned from her position, effective January 2, 2004.”]

some of our most extreme posts don't exactly put us into a good light either. The nonsense in 9/11 forum about Bush ordering the WTC attack, occasional troop-bashing, anti-Semitic posts about Lieberman being a "Likudist", posts supporting the Iraqi insurgency and posts that declare Bush worse than Hitler and Hussein make Democrats look like kooks unworthy of holding high office. (I recall one thread, when I was still a lurker, after Osama Bin Laden's video before the election, that concluded he wasn't so bad, and that OBL just wanted to expand his empire.)]


GOP is one big hate group. I consider all republicans to he hateful. Just listen to some Rush "El Pigbo" Limbaugh, or watch Shemp Hannity on Faux News. Just read an Ann "The Man" Coulter editorial. The Republican Party has become the party of hate.

[DUmmie Joey Liberal performs the miraculous task of calling the GOP a hate group in one sentence and then calling Rush “El Pigbo” in the next sentence without out the slightest sense of self-irony.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an idiotic post. Because FreeRepublic states they encourage posters to send messages in a kind and polite tone doen't mean that it is so in actual experience.

FreeRepublic has had far more than their share of incitement to violence against liberals, Muslims, and gays -- and even libertarians and paleoconservatives have been banned from the website and complained about the posters' rudeness (see the Mises Institute weblog).

I don't know what do you mean by "if not wanting to have sex with a guy makes one a homophobe, then Freepers are indeed homophobic", because animosity against homosexuals are not usually expressed in those terms. They usually whine post after post about how "disgusting", "perverted", "parasitic", and "life-threatening" homosexuals supposedly are, and more than once they incited violence against them (specially against male homosexuals - there's something about gay men that makes freepers tick). Those kind of comments are, of course, rarer than the "sick homos" and "disgusting buggers who like to play with male genitals", but are not too infrequent. The resentment and anger is very palpable. The last time I read such a truly violent and homophobic post at, some obviously angry poster suggested "all" gay men should be dropped in the sea and be forced to swim to land if they want to live.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I would like to add that your juvenile and arrogant tone sounds just like the Freeper's.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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