Thursday, March 31, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-31-05 ("Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?")

There is a movement in Dummieland to support a Dennis Kucinich candidacy for president in 2008. I say bring it on! The Evil Elf is even more unelectable than Hillary Clinton. Another plus is that the Evil Elf is sure to provide LOTS of comedy material for future editions of the DUmmie FUnnies. Right now the publishers are a bit wary of a DUmmie FUnnies book project (with CD-ROM insert for related comix stories). However, with the prospective candidacy of the Evil Elf, how can politics be treated in any other way than as comedy? Yes, I support the candidacy of the Evil Elf as the DUmmiecrat presidential nominee in 2008. With the possibility of his candidacy in the wings, Mary Matalin would be BEGGING me for the DUmmie FUnnies book. And think how easy it will be to produce a series of Evil Elf comix stories in the CD-ROM insert section! So let us observe the DUmmies propose the Evil Elf as their ’08 standard bearer in this THREAD titled, “Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?” As usual the DUmmie postings supporting the Evil Elf are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, ALSO supporting the Evil Elf’s candidacy for ulterior motives, is in the [brackets]:

Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?

[Nope. I consider the Evil Elf to be about the same Leftist Whack Job as before.]

If so, how has it changed?
I voted for him in the Wisconsin Primary, Kerry/Edwards in the General Election. I'm an independent voter and longtime DUer that recalls ridiculous attacks on DK but not on his core issues. I'm asking you if you'd consider lending support to a politician that called George W. Bush a liar in public debate (along with Rev. Sharpton).
A politician that truly comes with no strings attached.
Dennis Kucinich. We need more elected Democrats like him (and Cynthia McKinney).

[Oh yes. We do need more DUmmiecrats like them. We Do! WE DO!]

Yes, from "fringe candidate who could never win" to one of the few politicians i respect these days.

[From “fringe candidate who could never win” to whack job who could never win.]

Yes, Dennis may may the last hope for sanity in this nation.

[Best comedy line of the month!]

My opinion of him remains as high as ever. We certainly need more like him.

[True. How about Barbara Boxer as his running mate?]

I don't believe in "electability" being a major focus of a presidential primary campaign (it gives the actual issues short shrift), but there are criteria that need to be met that DK just doesn't have. Maybe before the days of television, but these days, I just don't see it. And his support in the primaries reflected that.

[KILLJOY! We want our comedic entertainment! We want to laugh the Evil Elf off the stage!]

Nope. He's still too far left to be President.


I just might hold him in more esteem than I used to which is hard to do. He rocks!

[You could probably hold the Evil Elf in one hand.]

No change. I liked him then, I like him now. I'd prefer him to Hilary, too.

[Unfortunately for you our Lord and Master, Karl Rove, has already decided to make Hillary the DUmmiecrat nominee in ’08. And you can’t STOP the will of Karl Rove.]

Kucinch fought harder for Kerry than Kerry did. Dennis voted with Boxer and Tubbs-Jones when Kerry was AWOL.

[ALL will be explained by Kerry when he signs his form 180.]

He is not a "politician" but a no-nonsense no strings attached rarity. I think he is the best hope and best solution we have in this country. I think with half a chance of getting his points and ideas heard by the public there would be a great groundswell of support for Kucinich.

[EVIL ELF! What he did to Cleveland he can do to the country. YES! Let that be his rallying cry!]

Dennis routinely whacks Bush/Republicans, gives voice to issues and stances too impolitic for the more glittery pols, has markedly less artifice and calculation, what's not to like?

[Comedians will certainly like the Evil Elf for all the rich material he will provide them.]

I would vote for him in a NY minute if he had a chance of winning

[Speaking of NY, Karl Rove has already determined that a certain senator from NY WILL be your nominee in ’08. And you CAN’T fight the mighty WILL of our Lord and Master, Karl Rove.]

Yes, I am more in favor of him than ever before. I voted for him in the primary, one of only a dozen who did so in the entire county of Huntington, IN. After reading about him in wikkipoedia, I was amazed to see his net worth. Check it out. Probably one of the poorest people in national politics. That speaks volumes for his integrity. He sure isn't getting richer off it, like some other fat cats are.

[I didn’t realize that the Evil Elf is living in such dire poverty. In that case, after I start receiving the humongous DUmmie FUnnies book royalty payments made possible in large part due to his candidacy, I shall invite the Evil Elf to watch me eating dinner from outside the window at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Perhaps, in the spirit of kindness, I shall take out a doggie bag for him to knaw on the bones.]

Dennis is still the best man for the Presidency.

[Too bad he will be crushed under by Hillary. Karl Rove has preordained this and his decisions can NOT be reversed.]

What kind of support do you want me to lend? Give him cash to run for senator? Work and vote for him in the 2008 primary? Write him in in the General?

[Send money to Bev Harris c/o BlackBoxVoting.Org. Remember, the Evil Elf is just $10 away from being nominated.]

I still think he's a well-meaning crackpot.

[I agree….but only if you take away the “well-meaning” part.]

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-30-05 ("Republican Fatigue")

Pity the poor DUmmies. They are suffering horribly from the syndrome known in medicine as “Republican Fatigue.” The symptoms of Republican Fatigue are consistent loss of elections, frustration, and extreme humiliation accompanied by despair. So let us stick a thermometer up one of the backwaters of DUmmieland and proceed with our prognosis of this DUmmie THREAD titled, appropriately enough, “Republican Fatigue.” As usual, the fatigued DUmmie moanings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing to administer a morphine overdose to the despairing DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

Republican Fatigue. Hatred, Fear, Immense Debt, American against American. I am sick and tired and suffer very much from Republican Fatigue I suspect I am not alone..

[No, you are not alone. Almost all of DUmmieland is suffering from this ailment for which there is NO CURE.]

Everyday I wake up & wonder what unbelievable shit will they get away with or try today & will anyone call them out on it? It's draining, isn't it?

[I’ve heard a vague rumor that they will try to MOCK the DUmmies with a blog. The horror. THE HORROR!!!]

I had Republican Fatigue before 2000. Mine goes all the way back to the days of Saint Ronnie.

[There you go again!]

Yes, 1980 was the year for me, too because that's when Saint Ronnie handed the party over to the religious hysterics for rhetoric (and the rich for real control). Funny, Nixon didn't turn me off to the pubbies, although I was very glad when he was gone. It took Reagan and his pandering to the absolute worst people that the intolerant fundie churches have produced to do that. I don't think we're alone. I think the 70% of Americans who don't go to evangelical, dead letter literalist, fundy churches are sick to death of these people and their antics, no matter how much they want their taxes cut.

[Let me guess. You are NOT a member of the First Church of the Dead Letter Literalist Fundies.]

I've been fatigued of Republicans since about 1968. But it's certainly gotten even worse since 2000. I'm fatigued of the Republican tilting media as well.

[Yes. It is a known fact that the Republicans control SeeBS News.]

I concur. I'm sick of them, they're ruining our country.

[Nasty, tricksey, Reeeepublicans!]

Fatigue or apathy or both? Yeah, I'm on the same page, but at the same time, I have this creeping feeling of apathy as well towards Democracy and the Democrats in congress. It just seems to me, that just when they appear to be getting a spine, they roll over. This is why the progressive movement it so important.

[The Socialist Workers Party welcomes you!]

I'm sick n tired all right. The rightwing just keeps on and on doing stupid and criminal things as if there's no end in sight. Will nothing stop them?

[Only Dennis Kucinich can stop the EVIL Republican Monolith.]

Neozombies will tire before I do! I'll just keep hacking away. Keep lining them up and I'll keep knocking them down. Just like a video game like "Resident Evil" or "Hunter the Reckoning". There is too much at stake to become fatigued. Become fatigued and you become one of them.

[Great marketing idea! It’s the new political video game: “Neozombie Attack!” Hey, if you don’t make money off that game, then I will when I include it in the CD-ROM insert section of the DUmmie FUnnies book---attn: Mary Matalin.]

Do you think those who voted Republican are also feeling the fatigue? I do. They voted for the Republicans and, guess what? No improvements. Nothing. The economy is mired. Jobs pay less. Healthcare is eroding: we're paying more for less. The fundies are sucking all of the air out of the room with their relentless assaults on the foundations of our government. Our state legislators are bogged down in petty battles while educational systems languish. More children are suffering from povery and neglect. Our environment is becoming more dangerous and less productive. And America's reputation internationally is that of a bully and a buffoon. There's enough fatigue for everyone.

[But the economy WILL recover when the hit video game, “Neozombie Attack!” hits the market. Of course, DUmmie CanOfWhoopAss, will be cut OUT of all royalty payments despite coming up with that idea. Hey, they don’t call me an EVIL heartless Republican for nothing!]

But where is the outrage? We're all tired of the lies, self/corporate interest, the unnecessary dying, rape of the environment, and on and on and on. What is it going to take to bring outrage? To bring truth? To get people to ACT? Are we boomers to comfy in our SUVs to spark real protest?

[And all this time I thought it was EVIL to own SUVs as per Arianna (Golddigger) Huffington.]

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-29-05 ("Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)?")

This edition of the DUmmie FUnnies touches on two topics dear to the hearts of DUmmieland: shutting down “Hate Radio” and the coming civil war that they so desperately yearn for. You can see just how bloody of a civil war the DUmmies want in the title of this THREAD, “Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)?” As usual, the DUmmie rantings trying to shut down freedom of speech are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)? Will people like Hal Turner, Rush, Hannity, and the likes, cause violence against liberals? Would Americans kill other Americans again because of the hate spewed by these people? Some of these people have been on the air for over 15 years inciting hatred for Dems and liberals. Hate radio was given a lot of credit in the genocide that happened in Rwanda, and that hate has continued to cause loss of life in Darfur. Talk is dangerous. Thoughts?

[Yeah, I’ll give you my thoughts other than the thought that I wasn’t aware that Rush and Hannity were big hits in Rwanda. My thought is WHY did you list Hal Turner, who I never heard of before, at the beginning of your “hate radio” list with Rush and Hannity? Since I know DUmmies have an agenda of smearing conservative radio I deduced that this Turner guy was some racist on a small radio station and that you wanted to tar Rush and Hannity with that guy’s thoughts. After checking “Hal Turner” on Google I found out I was right except the radio station he is on is pathetically less than what I imagined. Hal Turner broadcasts via shortwave and webcasts which is why almost nobody has ever heard his nuttiness. The most publicity Turner has ever gotten is in your attempt to smear Rush and Hannity by pathetically trying to tie them in with the unknown Turner.]

Pigboy Limpballs Rush railed against Tom Daschle so much that Daschle actually had threats made against him and his family and he neede to get extra security. I've always thought the anthrax sent to his office came from a ditto head.

[So why don’t you subpoena all ditto heads?]

I also think that the echo-chamber the right-wing hate radio provides can definitely be a force for evil. People really believe everything they hear, for all the "librul media" crap they spew.

[And yet you believe all the DUmmieland wacko tinfoil hat theories about BFEE, PNAC, MIHOP, LIHOP, etc.. Try reading your own threads in DUmmieland for examples of hate.]

I have seen a few comments made in freeperland and maybe reading about what Hal Turner said, that liberals are not even human. Dehumanizing was one of the hate radio tactics in Rwanda, calling Tootsies (sp?) cockroaches. Also, didn't that happen in Germany when hitler didn't think the Jews were human? To seriously sick right-wing nutjobs, making liberals less than human will make them easier to kill.

[Nice try with that Hal Turner shtick again but we are on to this smear tactic already so you will have try something new. And speak of dehumanizing, you are referring to the TUTSIS as a candy with your misspelling. Have yourself a Tootsie Roll and learn to SPELL the names of groups that YOU are dehumanizing.]

two guys on TV were "joking" about taking a crow-bar to Hillary Clinton.

[Maybe they were talking about using the crowbar to separate Hillary from a certain former Attorney General…but what was the source for this story?]

I did not see it, it was quoted on the Daily Howler.

[Thank you for that info. And I just checked the Daily Howler website and here is their current headline: “GEISHA GIRL! Bumiller was afraid to question Bush pre-Iraq. But she isn’t afraid to give tongue baths.”]

I believe we're in a cold phase of a civil war now, the catalyst for the shooting is yet to come. The nation is becoming more polarized each day and discourse, which was already strained, has devolved into shouting matches. The local fundamentalists have spoken up on a local Freeper-type call in program and have officially labled us as evil. Several callers have stated that our "evil" must be confronted and fought. Now, that said, it's not too much of a cognitive leap to include "kill" into the equation. Arm yourselves, buy extra canned goods, network with trusted neighbors, and prepare before it's too late.

[THE END IS NEAR, Chicken Little.]

I hope so...I know that sounds weird, but I really hope they do lose it and just start trying to take us out. Maybe then the rest of the country will see how insane they are. They've alread lost A LOT of respect from a lot of people after this whole mess (yeah, its amazing but some people actually did have and for some reason even still do have respect for that terd). But yeah, I get a kick out of seeing these protesters - the Randall Terry's and the like - they are being exposed for the whacko nutjobs that they are. Ill be a martyr. Bring em on. Come get me motherf*rs. Im not afraid.

[A DUmmie feeling persecuted because he hasn’t yet been persecuted.]

I'm with ya. Come get me mother f*ckers!

[…Joined by another DUmmie wishing for persecution yet frustrated over the current lack of it .]

How many people's lives have been ruined by these fascists, lives ruined under the banner of 'helping' people.

[And we will continue to ruin your lives by not persecuting you. The shame. We have frustrated your martyr complex by simply IGNORING you.]

Limpballs has done damage for 17 years here in Tn.

[And he ravaged the countryside of Ky.]

I am absolutely positive that Limbaugh had a huge influence on my mother. She had just gone through a wicked divorce (equally her fault) & then suffered a major health crisis & started listening to that hateful, fat-ass windbag. In 15 years, she has gone from being a kind-hearted, generous, fun person to hang with to being a mean-spirited, hateful racist who's only fun in life seems to be provoking everyone she comes into contact with. O'Reilly has become her new master the past 5 years or so & her meanness has gotten worse. I hate these fuckers! I absolutely believe that given the right circumstances they can & will incite violence against liberals.

[Or worse, incite LAUGHTER at liberals. Oops! I mean, “libruls.”]

It's amazing just how persuasive they are using false facts. Maybe most people are too lazy to check facts, but the spin is tremendous and powerful and if someone takes them (the hate radio people) at their word, they almost become possessed.

[Good description of Err America except for the “persuasive” part.]

my extended family has been riddled with bitterness and ill feelings due to hate radio. Our family gatherings are fraught with hostility and anger. The hate-radio folks get outraged by anyone who disagrees with whatever drivel Limbaugh, O'Reilly, whoever has spouted. Nevermind what you've read or experienced. They worship the hate-talkers. They've turned sensible, caring people into people who mistrust and fear. I'm sorry for you. And for me. For all of us. These hate radio/TV hosts are a plague.

[Did you check the backs of the necks of your extended family for small green leaves? It sounds like their bodies were snatched by the hate-radio folks when they were turned into mind-numbed robots.]

Is it because anger creates an adrenaline rush? I know that sounds silly, but I know lots of people that have to have something to be "against" in their lives to keep them getting out of bed each day. Is adrenaline the answer?

[Yes. Listening to Rush causes my adrenaline rush aka a Rush Rush. It makes me leap out of bed every morning wanting to grab my AK-47 and waste a bunch of “libruls” before breakfast.]

I think adrenaline is part of it, honestly. It gives people a "high," and also encourages them to see the targets of hate radio as the cause of all their difficulties. I never understood the appeal of hate radio, even when it was first starting. It seemed dangerous to me then, and even more dangerous now. The scary thing about human nature is that it's so easy to inflame people, encourage hatred, and induce violence. And most don't have the objectivity to realize that they're being played.

[I tossed away my crack pipe after listening to hate radio. The crack high just can’t compare to the high of hate radio.]

That kind of indoctrination is indeed scary! On the other hand, I notice sometimes that the * admin goes in the completely other direction and tells us that "everything is OK, everything is working out, don't worry, be happy". We even joke about it here on DU. That kind of indoctrination is just as dangerous, putting us to sleep while they work on the "business of the day".

[Karl Rove NEVER sleeps while weaving the webs of your DEFEAT!]

It's all part of the grand strategy ... make us pissed off at the wrong people, while the actual bad guys wave at us from behind the curtain.

[Forget Bush. Your true opponent behind the secret curtain is none other than Mr. Rogers.]

Hate radio has coarsened discourse to the point of outright rancor. Too many hate-radio listeners rely only on hate-radio and cite what they hear as "news". It's not. It's propaganda without respect for facts. But it's successful. And that's what the purveyors care about -- the revenue. Nevermind that this discourse is ruining our country with division and obsession with lies. Hundreds of people are now employed to lie. Either on the radio or through Swiftboat Liars or the hired guns on Faux. There is no understanding of truth. As a result, we are becoming a nation with those who read and care about our country, and those who are led around by the power elite.

[Yes, yes. It is a shame how Hate Radio has coarsened discourse…. Sooooo do you believe in MIHOP or LIHOP? While you’re at it, tell us ALL about the BFEE.]

There is another question - WHY DID THE SWIFTBOAT LIARS GET AWAY WITH THEIR LIES? When Kerry did come out and say they were lying and even after the proof came out, people still believed those lies. Hate radio and talk shows - is that the answer?

[Lousy Swiftboad Liars. Kerry can easily prove them wrong by signing form 180. And I know he is going to do it. He promised on national TV and Kerry wouldn’t lie. Form 180 WILL be signed. Sometime. Someday. Whenever.]

tim mcveigh said he believed the country was doomed cuz of clinton and liberalism and political correctness....when he was in jail he met ted 'unibomber' kazcynski and their discussions were recounted in a book by a couple of buffalo ny journos....mcveigh realized his hate for the federal gov was mistaken...his ideas (all the militia movement/posse comitatus/survivalist/white supremists) were fed by hate radio backed up by the msn, mainly fox and cnn...several msn bigshots, including limbah-humbug, have denied they inspired the okl city bombing...mcveigh also felt gulf 'war' 1 was bs..the iraqis had no chance...mcveigh killed 2 iraqis who were too far away to shoot back, and he felt it was murder.....
the rightwing led the anti mcveigh chorus in case anyone noticed...his trial/execution happened fast, in part because tim felt he had been greiviously mistaken, and helped the bfee to get rid of the end, mcveigh had become 'one of ours' or at least that's the impression i got from the book...the nazipoos of course felt they dodged a bullet with mcveigh, and emboldened, things like the swift boat vet scam are almost inevitable... SO remember this MANTRA! the okl city bombing was inspired by rush limbo and the US media! they can deny all they want, but being f*kking liars, no one (not even freepers) can believe them! and this time, osama and arabs etc can't be used to muddy the water!

[SIGH! So what’s your preference this morning? Prozac or Lithium?]

I think one of the only things that will prevent such a thing, is the fact that we're mixed together and not geographically separated as was the north and south in the civil ghettos to separate libs' from Conservatives .... no skin color to give away your idenity..if it were not , I feel that we would be headed that way

[Better wear sunglasses in public because the deranged look in the eyes is a definite DUmmie tell.]

I look at my repub friends here in my very "red" area...and wonder if things went that far, would they take up arms against me? They would win cause I have no guns!


I'm afraid that things will get worse long before it gets better. Make plans to either fight or leave. I'm choosing to leave.

[Good! Go! Now!!!]

I've even noticed here on DU that when things get a little heated, the sh*t hits the fan, and we aren't having civil discourse with each other any more. The problem is heated and inflammatory language and what it triggers inside each of us.

[BINGO! And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for a very brief moment of focused self-perception.]

I know that so many of us are against guns. . .But this is one very good reason for us to be armed. I know that if any of these wingnuts try attacking me or mine, I will happily send them to an early meeting with their maker. There is no need for us to be like sheep led to the slaughter. They need to know that there is a very definite price to be paid for attacking "liberals." If the single brain cell that the whole lot of them have among themselves ever tells them to listen to the perverse advise of the pigboy and initiate any type of attack against us, I hope (for the sake of dear Liberty) we will be found ready to meet them. And yes, I DO hope that the "can less than a six-pack" crowd at Freeper central read this.
Don't Tread on ME!

[Okay, we won’t tread on you but can we LAUGH at you, DUmmie brensgrrl, for your hypocrisy about guns?]

If those wingnuts are looking for trouble, they will have come to the right place for finding it if they ever attack me or mine.

[Just give us the room number in your psycho ward and we’ll BE THERE!!!]

Followed by us kicking their f*cking asses.

[Hopefully you won’t get your tutu wrinkled in that endeavor.]

America is heading for a fall, and in a big way. I doubt there will be a civil war: one or two protests will be brought down in a hail of gunfire and blamed on the protestors turning violent; I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet, but I don't doubt that it will. Thank G-d Bush & Co have stuck their nose in the Schiavo case and some of these morons have gotten off their knees, put the pants back on the radio, and wiped their mouths; the merest glimmer of the notion that they've been licking the naughty bits of the GOP's commercial advertising spokes-"people" is starting to hit them. Maybe it'll slow our slide into hell down a bit. After all, German militarism was "appeased" only enough to give everyone else a chance to arm up and get ready to kick their ass, and look at China ramping up its industry. History repeats itself.

[Open your mouth wide so we can stick the leather strap in between your teeth. Oh, and don’t forget to wipe the rabid foam off your bib.]

Didn't anti-liberal hate radio start in the '30s?

[Yes. Fibber McGee was a notorious anti-liberal hate radio host.]

So what should we do - limit speech on radio (ala fcc)? What is hate anyway? I have a problem with all this really. When the right bitches about crap on tv and wanting to censor it, we say turn the channel. Why does not the same apply here? Is our faith in mankind such that we think others are weak and we are strong and that if 'they' listen to it 'they' will become violent (whereas we will not if we listen to things because we are better?). I dunno, the whole thing seems a little odd on some levels.


Lynch mob!! Yeah, let's drag them freepers out onto the street and burn them at the stake!! There do seem to be a lot of idiot red-neck that believe the lies they tell and are likely to act on false information - at least from what I've seen when I hang at the local red-neck bar.


Monday, March 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-28-05 ("Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged")

Remember the much ballyhooed Schiavo talking points memo? Until just a few days ago, the media AND the DUmmies were crowing about how the EVIL Republicans were using the Schiavo case for political benefit as laid out in that memo. One little problem, however. The talking points memo now turns out to have as much validity as the Bush Texas Air National Guard memos of SeeBS Rathergate fame. Therefore it is interesting to read this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged.” It is based on a Weekly Standard ARTICLE titled, “Fake but Accurate Again?” So let us all watch the DUmmies tie themselves up YET AGAIN in Bolshevik Red conniption fits while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering where in the Sierra Maestra mountains Dan Rather is spending his retirement, is in the [brackets]:

Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged. All they need for a perfect conspiracy theory is Dan Rather. Could this be more of Karl Rove's handiwork?

[Yes. Karl Rove, dressed in drag as Lucy Ramirez, faxed the talking points memo from a Kinko’s in Texas to Dan Rather. However, since Rather was already retired from SeeBS, he turned the Talking Points Memo over to ABC News since he knew they wouldn’t spend a moment fact checking its validity.]

“Questions about the genuineness of the memo intensified when, later the same day, the far-left website Raw Story published, for the first time, a JPEG version of the scanned memo, which it said ‘source on Capitol Hill has leaked.’ The print version of the memo, as posted on Raw Story, was identical to ABC's ‘exact, full copy of the document,’ except that the four typos that ABC had identified with a ‘sic’ were all corrected. Interestingly, however, the fifth typo--"applicably" instead of ‘applicable’ in the sixth paragraph--which ABC did not so identify, was not corrected in Raw Story's ‘leaked’ version of the document.”

[Such a mystery. The original “memo” had no errors which the later ABC News version had corrected with “sics.” Perhaps Mary Mapes can explain it.]

“THESE MYSTERIOUS CORRECTIONS raised obvious questions. Who created the second, corrected version of the memo? Why would they have taken a Republican-created memo and re-typed it, eliminating typographical errors, before ‘leaking’ it?”

“More basic features of the memo also raised questions. There is nothing on the face of the memo to indicate who authored it. Contrary to normal congressional practice, not only is it anonymous, but it is on plain white paper, not the letterhead of any congressional or Senatorial office. It could, literally, have been created by anyone.”

[Or even created by Bill Burkett.]

Faced with growing questions about its story on the memo, ABC News backed off. An ABC spokesman told blogger Josh Claybourn that ABC never intended to suggest that Republicans created or distributed the disputed memo, but only that some Republicans received it on March 17. In Claybourn's words: "ABC tells me they never meant to imply Republicans created the memo." ABC's revised position is, of course, ridiculous. They described the memo as "GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo." But the fact that ABC has backed off its original report indicates that they have no idea who created the suspicious memo.

[By ABC’s reasoning the fact that you are a bystander to a bank robbery somehow implicates you as a suspect. And somehow by being recipients of a Dummiecrat FAKE MEMO makes you involved with the contents of the memo. Nice reasoning there ABC News and thanx to DUmmie quaoar for posting this info, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

They are scared. Terri backfired on them, big time.

[If THEY are scared then why are the DUmmiecrats planting FAKE memos about this?]

ABC should be scared, too. The repubs don't have to be telling the truth about the memo. It won't matter whether or not they wrote it, now. All they have to do is accuse ABC of doing what CBS did, and the memo goes right out the window. The thing is...the memo really didn't change the fact that people saw through the effort of the politicians to keep Terri alive by congressional means. This time, the wall came down and the repubs are laid to bare. Almost everyone can see that the emporer has no clothes.

[Laid bare by the fact that the DUmmiecrats FORGED the memo? Is that you, Mary Mapes?]

So are they trying to put the blame on Raw-Story about this? I agree with the others who said that the GOP are afraid so here they are, as usual, trying to blame the democrats and leftist for everything they f*ck up! ARGH!

[Blaming DUmmiecrats for forging memos and other trickery? What a stretch! There is absolutely NO PRECEDENT for such a thing. ARGH!

Rove needs to quit recycling his manuevers. This time it is lame. Too bad it wasn't lame the first time.

[Karl Rove needs to be more creative the next time he plots for a forged memo to backfire on the DUmmiecrats.]

Why doesn't ABC point out that the Republican's seem to be using these as talking points--everyones rhetoric is the same--no matter who wrote them up? Just listen to any interview...Why is ABC letting itself get shot down when these so clearly ARE the talking points of the Republican Party

[As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” I remember the SAME THING said about the Texas Air National Guard memos. “Yeah, yeah. They are fake but their contents are true. So what does it matter if they are forged?”]

no one is gonna give a shit this time

[Yeah, we’ll just overlook the fact the biggest factor in the RAT attack on the EVIL Republicans is a FORGED memo. Great exercise in wishful thinking there.]

Republicans. I'm sick and tired of them. The more extreme they become, the more I feel the need to put as much distance between them and me as possible. Another memo that appears to be fake? Can't the republicans come up with any new, fresh, original, and seemingly newsworthy accusations? If they keep it up, the media is going to start ignoring them.

[Or maybe the DUmmiecrats need to learn new tricks. But don’t worry. The fact that the forged memo shtick has backfired on them two times won’t keep them from trying it again a third time.]

All of the wingnuts will say today that the memo was put out by Dems. No evidence needed, of course.

[Let’s see. If the fake memo wasn’t put out by the DUmmiecrats then it must have been originated by the EVIL Republicans who forged a memo and leaked it in order to make themselves look like crap. That makes sense…but not in this space-time continuum.]

Let me get this straight - it would be legit IF it had typos? Because only an elitist Democrat would know how to spell correctly?

[To set you straight---The ORIGINAL fake memo had the corrections made after ABC pointed out the errors with [sics]. Remember, far left Raw Story posted the SCANNED original fake memo WITH the corrections. They were DUmb to do this but that is why you all are called DUmmies.]

Reporters correct spelling errors all the time - no big deal.

[Which is what ABC News did. Unfortunately for you, Raw Story is so DUmb that they released the original scanned fake memo after making the corrections.]

It doesn't take away from the sentiment of the memo, it doesn't change its meaning and, in fact, it makes the author look LESS stupid. Next time, though, Raw Story probably won't edit Republican spelling errors and will put a big note at the bottom that all the errors are from the idiot GOPher who wrote the memo and not the news source.

[The next time maybe Raw Story will use half a brain to figure out that you can’t release an “original” fake memo after you have corrected the spelling. Duhhhh!!! Oh, and they might trying including a fake Senate letterhead rather than forging the memo on plain white paper.]

Nice try, KKKarl! F*ck you!

[Thus spaketh the DUmmie Coyote as he is left in the dust by the Karl Rove Road Runner whizzing off into the distance. BEEP! BEEP!]

Friday, March 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-25-05 ("What would happen if Americans really KNEW?")

DUmmies feel that they have special knowledge about some inside secret about the EVIL Bush Regime and that if the American People somehow find out what that secret is, they would overthrow “BFEE.” You can read all about this DUmmie fantasy in this THREAD titled, “What would happen if Americans really KNEW?” The secretive DUmmie fantasies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, playing “I’ve Got A Secret,” is in the [brackets]:

What would happen if Americans really KNEW?

[If Americans really KNEW how truly vile the DUmmiecrats are, you would be losing elections by huge landslides.]

I feel like I have a secret and no one else wants to know the secret. Everyone is going on with their lives. They go to work, raise their childre, go on vacation and HAVE FUN! I feel like I am witnessing the begining of the end and I want to shout from the roof top to everyone to pay attention but no one can hear me. How do you deal with knowing the truth?

[I deal with knowing the truth of DUmmie insanity by exposing it to the public so they can hopefully HAVE FUN and laugh you out of existence. How do you deal with knowing the “truth?”]

Reduce it to 10 words or less. Write it on a sign, and Stand on a street corner.

[Didn’t I see you already with the sign saying: “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!”]

I go hiking...and listen to the radio a lot. Hopefully I can share my secrets someday, and it won't be too late.

[I sit on the toilet and play scrabble a lot. Hopefully I can share my secrets someday, and not be laughed at.]

That is why people need to know about the PNAC. The PNAC has laid out everything that Bu$h and Co. has been doing. Look who Bu$h has appointed to important positions for his 2nd term, all PNAC people. People don't think all of these bad things could be connected, but if you read some about the PNAC, they tell you they want to do it this way. The problem is I bet only 10% of America have ever heard of the PNAC.

[Make that less than 1%. However, haven’t you gotten the latest tinfoil hat talking points memo from Pied Piper Pitt. According to him the problem is CNP not PNAC. Perhaps you should all meet at IHOP and decide if the secret organization is PNAC or CNP. Then figure out if Bush LIHOP or MIHOP while eating your IHOP.]

Go deep into PNAC research and you'll find out very quickly. How MIHOP is very probable. 911 was the biggest wet dream for these guys. W/out it, not one part of their agenda would have been able to be acheived.

[Have another IHOP and then debate whether Bush LIHOP or MIHOP.]

If I'm surrounded by the completely obtuse, I gently point out the most glaring inconsistancies and take comfort in the occasional "I never thought of that" that is thrown my way. People have to be led slowly, as no one could believe the enormity of the outrage all at once.

[Speaking of obtuse. You might want to tell folks what all your nutty initials mean: PNAC, MIHOP, LIHOP, etc.. They shouldn’t be let out on a really good laugh while munching on pigs in the blanket at IHOP.]

I am regularly among a group of the obtuse and just listen to them discuss things. They eventually hit on something pertinent in which I can insert a niblet of fatual info. It's amazing how they grab onto it and take off. Most times they get downright outraged.

[“Psst! Psst! Psst! I have inside info on MIHOP and LIHOP and PNAC! I am in the know because I have the secret decoder ring that tells what all those initials stand for! I feel so important that I can knowledgeably toss around all those dopey initials.”]

It's lonely, but you find like minds, and hold onto what sanity you can. Rejoice in the fact that you are not alone, there are others like you out there, and through work, some simpler people will see the truth.

[SIGH! It’s LONELY at the bottom.]

Also I think what helps is to know the truth is on your side and you know you're right no matter how crazy it sounds. Someday on down the line it will be known that it was right and you can have some little glory in that. I know I'm waiting for the day when the truth about Kennedy, 9/11 and Iraq come out and I can go "see? I tried to tell you...."

[You’re right. It does sound CRAAAAAZY. But fear not. All those years of living in the DUmmie cave will be justified when folks someday proclaim that the smelly, raving hermit with the many tinfoil hat theories was right after all. Meanwhile you are condemned to living in your own private cave with your extra-special SECRET knowledge. SHHHH! Mum’s the word!]

The most we can do is to speak our mind. Participate in bipartisan forums. Speak up when a conservative says something to you offhandedly good about the administration. Remind them. Vote for the good guys.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Don’t you know that all the voting machines are rigged?]

I became even more introverted. Its a nightmare to even try to explain this to people. There's this huge web of connections and when you start talking about one thing you inevitably run into something/someone else the person (you're trying to explain this too) doesn't know and then you have to go on that tangent. Then the tangent has stuff they don't know about so you have another tangent. By the time you get to something they can understand, you don't even know where you started. I constantly find myself saying "If you don't believe me...there were newspaper articles about" or "its real, just look here," because some of the stuff is so gannon and the child prostitution ring of the 80's and some of the shit republicans say and do.

[“It’s a nightmare because I try to explain to the republicans that I’m NOT crazy. I only sound that way.”]

Go on vacation???? Who in the hell can afford to do that any longer? I went to the beach for a week 12 years ago, and I've had a vacation more recently than most of my friends and family.

[Leave the DUmmie cave and go on vacation???? I can’t afford to waste that precious time!!! Psst! Psst! PNAC! MIHOP! LIHOP! IHOP! Spread the SECRET word!]

It aint easy. When I have to explain shit to my FATHER, my Father. . can you imagine that? My dad, who in my mind was always the font of strength and wisdom and knowledge, and I'm hearing myself say dad, you're misinformed, deliberately misinformed. . .

[“Dad, you’re misinformed! The latest is that it was MIHOP, not IHOP! And I don’t care what Will Pitt says. The focus of evil has PNAC at its core, not CNP. Dad, if you don’t know what BFEE is then I just can’t help you. Dad, why are you aiming that tranquilizer dart at me? Dad? DAD! daaaaa….aaad.”]

It is terrible seeing your best friends of 50 years abandoning you because of your politics is quite depressing. It is no fun to be a blue dot in a sea of red. On the bright side, at least my Dad will still talk to me, just not about politics.

[Maybe your friends are getting tired of you screaming meaningless initials at them. Fortunately your Dad still remembers how to talk baby talk to you. “Little DUmmie made pooh-pooh in pants? Da-Da give him ice cream to make all better.”]

Welcome to our universe of reality as opposed to their alternate one. Drives you crazy, doesn't it?

[Yes. Welcome to our tinfoil hat reality. PNAC, CNP, MIHOP, LIHOP as opposed to their alternate universe where UP is the opposite of DOWN. Here in the DUmmie alternate reality, UP is 3 miles EAST of Philadelphia.]

Me ..well I try to talk and inform as many people as I can. I have used my clothes , house and car to inform people for close to 4 years now .

[What did you do? Loan your panties to a Republican in order to convince him of the reality of PNAC?]

I have "knowledge". I know that "truth" cannot be revealed without,...knowledge. I also believe that WE, collectively, cannot reach for truth without knowledge. My frustration lies only in the fact that so little "knowledge" reaches the people.

[That special SPECIAL secret knowledge that only we DUmmies have. My frustration is that so little of this special secret knowledge reaches the people. The problem is that if it did reach the people then it wouldn’t be our special SPECIAL secret knowledge any more and I would lose my sense of specialness for knowing the secrets of the initials.]

I think that collectively and as individuals we CAN make a difference; we have to persist in trying to disseminate that knowledge in ways that will resonate with the people who are in the dark, and will motivate those who DO know but think it's good enough to let others worry about it or work to change it. I know, it's frustrating as HELL to see many seemingly intelligent people so taken in by the shallow, style-over-substance bullshit tossed around by reThug politicians, and the damage being done to everyday people and their lives in the name of heaven knows what...But we have to persevere!

[Meanwhile we must continue to meet secretly late at night in the catacombs. After all, WE are the bearers of the SECRETS which must be preserved until the time the BFEE is overthrown and we can go out and enlighten the world with our TRUTH. But, until then, we must continue to meet secretly and only whisper the secret letters to each other.]

Every Republican president since Coolidge.... Connections to Franklin and MK-ULTRA, to the pedophile ring of Bush 41, down to the prostitute in the White House press room connected to soliciting of U.S. army ranger personnel! "You have a pretty face." (Wh-a-at?) "You have a pretty face. You are much prettier than our Scott." Tell them--just look up Bohemian Grove--if they DARE. Then tell them to look up, the PNAC Website that others have suggested.

[STAND BY! STAND BY! STAND BY! The Lithium treatment is on the way! Meanwhile make play-play with your pogo stick and the nicey-nice white coats will be there soon.]

I go to crowded resturants and talk excitedly with my friends...


…and quietly watch as the truth gets leaked out a bit at a time. The whisper campaigns have begun.

[“Psst! Psst! PNAC. MIHOP. LIHOP. CNP. Pass it along! Psst! Psst!”]

Try and to be calm and secure in the knowlegdge you believe you have. Eat whole foods, drink clean water and spend time with like minded friends. It will all work out in the end, on way or the other.

[And be sure to have yogurt enemas every day. At least five gallons of yogurt enema per day. Your stay at Wellville will turn out to be a pleasurable experience as a result. Oh, and it will work out in the "end."]

most don't want to know the truth . . .lost, as they are, in the "dark raptures of nonstop infotainment, recreational shopping, and compulsive motoring" . .

[DAMN those normal people!!!]

They probably wouldn't care. And most likely couldn't be bothered to think about it. After all, the baseball season starts soon, and there's "Survivor" and "American Idol" to watch...Most Americans are willfully ignorant, and quite happily so.

[Stupid STUPID normal people!!!]

Thursday, March 24, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-24-05 (DUmmies Unhinged over Peggy Noonan Calling Them Unhinged And Unstable)

The DUmmies have become very upset with Peggy Noonan for claiming that they are acting unstable and unhinged in their screechings for the death of Terri Schiavo as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Peggy "Nooner" gives a DU shout-out in latest screed!” The source of the DUmmie anger is Noonan’s Wall Street Journal ARTICLE titled, "In Love With Death,” in which Noonan excoriates the DUmmies and other assorted Leftists over their blood lust for Shiavo’s death. Actually I think that Peggy Noonan went too easy on the DUmmies especially since in addition to demanding Schiavo’s death they have even started posting jokes about her. The postings of the DUmmies, outraged at being called the ghouls, are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Peggy "Nooner" gives a DU shout-out in latest screed! Looked, but didn't see this posted yet:

Everyone who has written in defense of Mrs. Schiavo's right to live has received e-mail blasts full of attacks that appear to have been dictated by the unstable and typed by the unhinged. On Democratic Underground they crowed about having "kicked the sh-- out of the fascists." On Tuesday James Carville's face was swept with a sneer so convulsive you could see his gums as he damned the Republicans trying to help Mrs. Schiavo. It would have seemed demonic if he weren't a buffoon.

[Peggy Noonan NAILED the DUmmies in their article. To them this is all about “winning” one against the conservatives. They NEED for Terri Schiavo to die for this to happen.]


[Unhinged and Unstable? I would say that is definitely an ACCURATE description of the DUmmies.]

Peggy - there are 67,000 people here at DU, some with well-established reputations as commentators and writers, other just ordinary folk, and, yes, a few who are probably a little tense. But in tarring this virtual community in this way you show more of your own instability than that of others.

[Wrong! There WERE a total of about 67,000 registrations of which a large majority have been tombstoned, leaving only a small number of real DUmmies. Most likely under 10,000. Oh, and you are definitely NOT ordinary folk.]

And why are you so commited to ONE woman's "life," Bitch? What about all the people who will die because of cuts to Medicaid, Bitch? What about a sentient person who needs a heart operation, bitch, who will die without it? Will * convene congress to save a one sentient person, bitch? YOU DON'T F*CKING CARE.

[Prognosis of this DUmmie: Unstable and Unhinged.]

Take it from me - your days are numbered, there is a simmer growing to a boil of anger and when the boil starts you will be one of those on the casualty list - scalded.

[Another call for “Revolutionary Justice” from an unhinged DUmmie.]


[Unhinged and Unstable.]

Didn't they take her off the feeding tube? She's been writing brain dead screed for years.

[Unhinged and Unstable.]

The psycho hosebeast peggy probably registered that screenname herself, made the post, and quoted herself in the article.

[Nope! One of your fellow DUmmies has already proudly declared authorship of that quote.]

Nah, it was me.

[Thank you for admitting authorship of that idiocy, DUmmie BullGooseLoony.]

Peg, you ignorant slut, it would really help if you dropped that airhead, country club, way of speaking that makes you look like a groupie of the 60's swooning over Frankie Avalon and GREW UP YOU BIMBO. At 60, I'm really ashamed to think I'm of your same sex....I see you missed the revolution................jesus save us from these dimwitted bimbos. Only the corporate male whores talk to you like your were really an intelligent person. The rest of us laugh.

[Unhinged and Unstable.]

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-23-05 (DUmmie Looking For HUbbie For Sister)

Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit in the title where I suggested that DUmmie Plaid Adder is looking for a HUbbie for her sister. “Significant Other” would be a more precise term. Anyway, if some woman has all the great qualities that DUmmie Plaid Adder has listed in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Single men of DU: Help Solve One of the Great Unanswered Questions,” there must be some important REAL reason why her sister keeps getting shunned by men. Perhaps, we can act in an Ann Landers mode to come up with a romantic solution for DUmmie Plaid Adder’s wallflower sister. As usual, the DUmmie moanings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching this romantic tale of woe unravel, is in the [brackets]:

OK, this rant is on behalf of my sister, who I just finished talking to on the phone one more time about the sad state of her love life. It is one of the great mysteries of existence, as far as I'm concerned, that my sister is still single. She's 33, and she's got everything going for her--great personality, great sense of humor, very outgoing and engaging, intelligent, always very well put together, very interesting job, *and* she is also very attractive even as defined by our pitiably narrow-minded mainstream culture.

[True. It is sad that the men of our pitiably narrow-minded mainstream culture are overly interested in mere looks…. Hooter size?]

From a market economics standpoint, she's a much hotter commodity than I am. And yet, I hit the jackpot at 19, and she just can't get started. Probably part of this had to do with her spending a lot of her 20s in Manhattan, which is apparently a wasteland when it comes to relationships. However, she also seems to have run into this depressing pattern which keeps repeating itself:

[Manhattan. I actually had a female distant relative who dumped her HUbbie for relatively trivial reasons and then moved to Manhattan for the great single life…which meant sitting in her tiny apartment all weekend since almost all the Manhattan men available to her were either drug addicts or the otherly gendered.]

1) Sister of Plaidder hits it off with a guy who also seems to really like her.

2) S.O.P. and the guy hang out a lot, maybe go out a few times, perhaps "hook up" at some point ("hooking up" apparently involves intimate activity and occasionally sleeping over but not actual sex).

3) Guy eventually sits S.O.P. down and says look, I really like you, but I'm not good enough for you/I have commitment issues/you don't want to be involved with me anyway, I have all these problems/bottom line is I don't want a relationship with you.

4) S.O.P has to forget this guy and go looking for another one.

[5) S.O.P. hooks up with steve 2470 and attends a Yanni concert.]

So what is it? I'm a lesbian, I've only ever had the one relationship, I don't know about these things. Are these guys completely lying when they hit step #3? Or are they telling the truth, and if so, why are they all so chickenshit? Why can't these guys she's meeting tell a good thing when they see it?

[Have you considered that S.O.P. is also of the lesbian persuasian?]

Why would a swine pass up the chance to date my sister? She's hot, and if he really didn't want to be involved long-term he could always dump her. I mean, are they so literally swinish that they can't get out of the mud long enough to make a passable effort, or what?

[Perhaps that swine is two timing with DUmmie Faye.]

have you read Erica Jong?
I think that is the "author" of "Fear of Flying" and "Fear of Fifty". I do not remember if it is the latter book or an interview where she said something like "sexy men are usually not faithful". They have no reason to be, since they are always getting new offers. If I was sexy, I probably would be the same way, who is to say? Also, I am fairly sure that "hooking up" is supposed to involve sex. If it does not with SOP, then such "virtue" could be a turn-off, particularly to a guy who is likely to get other offers from "easier" women, and maybe they are "virtuous" enough to not want to hurt a "nice" girl.

[Looking to Erica Jong for dating advice means digging yourself deeper into the hell that is your social life.]

They may be lying or telling the truth, but the basic kernel of it is they don't value your sister socially, sexually, or intellectually.

[Perhaps they will value her financially if she foots all their bills.]

it's probably a combo of things

1- lying males

2- just the wrong men

3- conceivably, they've been gay and have wanted to try out the other side.

Women like your sis have to kiss a lot of toads before they meet the right one. Ditto for high quality men.

[Including having to kiss a toad like you, steve2470.]

Is your sister unconsciously sabotaging herself in some way? I'm not saying she is, but it has been known to happen.

[Perhaps she should lay off gargling with garlic juice before each date.]

She needs to hook up with REALLY younger guy about 21 or 22, for about three months, go to Central America with him, live on a beach, surf, eat mangoes. Dump him and then find some "nice guy" to settle down with.

[Only problem with that dopey plan is that the REALLY younger guy will dump S.O.P. about 10 minutes after hitting Costa Rica. Too many hot senoritas down there looking for American guys.]

Agree, she needs to go out with much younger guys for a while.

[The Mary Kay Letourneau strategy.]

Have some fun, losen up, try to maybe not shopping list the relationship. Make sure she goes to places where she is seen by the older guys with younger ones. Ignore the ones in her age group when at parties, and make it obvious she is not interested in the 30's group. The 30's guys will see her having fun with the younger dudes, and they will persue…

[…the younger guys she is going out with.]

Your sister will have fun, because alot of young guys would love to be with her.
Downside, she will be footing some bills. Dinners, drinks, you know, the stuff the younger wilder guys are not adept at yet.

[I believe such younger wilder guys are formally known as gigolos.]

I would love to meet her and report back to you on my findings.

[“Angry. Depressed. Psychotic. Delusional. Bad body odor. And UGLY as hell.”]

She's being a "jerk magnet"
Attracting the wrong kind of guy, or going after the wrong kind. BTW, where I'm from, "hooking up" means "hooking up", like putting the "plug" in the "jack"? Not just sleeping over and heavy petting.

[Putting the “plug” in the “jack?” I think such terminology is childish. Dr. Ruth recommends we say what we really mean which, in this case, would be putting the sausage in the roll.]

Sounds like she's attracted to closeted gay men.

[BINGO! The Liza Minelli Syndrome, only in Liza’s case the men aren’t closeted.]

Could the intimate activity but "not having actual sex" part be putting these guys off?

[Nope. It the “having actual sex” part that is putting those “guys” off.]

DUmmie FUnnies 03-22-05 ("We all need to stay home from work for a week--everyone")

The DUmmies have apparently been reading out of date Depression era literature about the romance of the General Strike as you can see in this THREAD titled, “We all need to stay home from work for a week—everyone." What’s next? A pledge of “NO PASARAN!” before marching off with the Popular Front to the trenches of Catalonia? In any case, I would predict that a DUmmie General Strike would be as wildly successful as “Not One Damn Dime Day.” As usual, the DUmmie dreamings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

This morning my husband looked at me and said, "We all need to stay home from work for a week--everyone".

[Was he the one with the brilliant idea of “Not One Damn Dime Day?”]

I was amazed to hear him say that; he's very strongly work oriented. I've been saying a general strike will bring the corporations to their knees quickly. They need consumers. It would take huge organization, but at some point, the citizinry will have to exercise the one power it has remaining. Other peoples have brought change about in this way--Poland, Iran, France, to name a few. We no longer make products and shutting down factories has been accomplished by the corporations themselves.

[So if the factories no longer make products…WHAT THE HELL GOOD WILL IT DO YOU TO STAY HOME FROM WORK???]

I completely agree. The most dramatic political victory of commoners in the past century, in my opinion, was the fall of the Warsaw Pact and the Berlin Wall caused by Lech Walesa and the Solidarity strikes.

[The problem for you is that to participate in a General Strike, FIRST you must have a job.]

The concept of a General Strike...Has a lot of value.

[The dozen DUmmies with real jobs will get to take off for a week. Something that appeals strongly to DUmmie Faye.]

Believe me, my husband has tried a similar tactic on a very small scale in one department where he worked. There were only 8 people, and the best he could get was cooperation of 2. All the others were just too intimidated with a potential job loss to even try.

[No wonder. Easy to replace Burger King workers.]

Americans are Too Chicken to have a General Strike. Maybe someday they might have enough guts to do it, but not currently. People dont' want to lose their jobs, they don't want to lose the money that they would make that week, and so on.

[Also there is the little matter of figuring out exactly they are striking for. It’s not wages. So what is it? Thus far not a hint about what it is that workers should be risking their jobs for.]

shut it down!
we're tired, yeah,
tired of workin'.
yeah, workin' for nothin'.
we all want, what we got comin'.

all we need is a break,
come on take a break.
everything is not all right
and there's no end in sight.

you can call it, whatcha like.
come on, stand up for your rights.
stand up, stand and unite.
it's time for a general strike.

we been out, breakin' our backs.
been out workin' gettin' no slack.
all week long, payin' those bills.
that's just the people, that still got a job.
what about the rest of us, on the soupline.

stand up, stand, stand and unite.
it's time for a general strike.
stand up, stand and unite.
it's time!!!

[And I give a flower to the big fat cop.
He takes his club and he beats me up!
I give a flower to the garbage man.
He stuffs my girl in the garbage can.
And I give it to the landlord when the rent comes 'round.
He throws it in the toilet and he flush it down.
It goes into the sewer,
With the yuck runnin' through 'er.
And it runs into the river that we drink.
Hey, world, YOU STINK!]

We need to get behind a new labor movement. Reforming and forming unions is a good place to begin. I quit a union years ago because I felt they didn't represent me and appeared to be a good old boy's drinking club. I'm in the process of joining an organizing effort here. It is important to have strong representation for workers.

[It looks like you prefer to be organizing workers than actually being a worker.]

while a general strike would be a very effective tool to get the corporate state to bend to our will, the option is not available to us right now ... to bring about an action like this on a grand scale, a majority of the population would have to have a clear understanding that we are living in a corporate state ...

[Bend to your will, comrade? It sounds like you are attempting to set up soviets of the workers.]

The old labor movement was a cooperative movement among many types of workers. We need to revive a populist message for workers--blue and white collar. I think white collar workers would be receptive now that their jobs are also being outsourced and they have become part of downsizing too.

[You need to revive Norman Thomas.]

If we could get enough average americans to send $10 each to one candidate, you're right, we wouldn't need Corp donations! I don't know if it's possible to make that happen without upfront $$ to make a very convincing case! I'm afraid this is another case of "you need money to make money".

[You are just $10 away from finding the correct progressive candidate. Just send in your money care of Bev Harris of the BBV.]

One thing I had been thinking about was a National Labor Union. One labor union who would fight for ALL American workers rights, and that would not affect membership in local or job specific unions, but would act on along side already existing unions. If indeed the idea of a National Labor Union were to take off. Then actions like this would indeed be possible and much easier to execute with already designed organization from a union database.

[IWW. One Big Union. YAWN! Been there. Done that.]

Some leaders (SEIU?) are working to organize along industry rather than
along trade lines, to give more power to the group as a whole in bargaining with the corporate leaders, and to address industry-specific issues. Seems like a baby step towards what you are talking about.

[Seems like Trotsky Steps to me.]

Part of the problem of the past decade has been that labor unions were seen as being as corrupt as the corporations. If we can front candidates for local offices which speak to issues we value, then why not join unions and effect change there too? The unions are in need of reform to. So much of the leadership forgot why the union exists. It doesn't exist to provide its officers with perks but to serve as a voice for the worker. I recently read an article on DU about a union that had started cleaning house. Membership provides you with a VOTE and a voice. Enough likeminded people can effect change. This is basic grassroots stuff. We've gone back to the era of the robber barons in spades, so lets take back the weapons our forefathers used to battle them.

[I have an idea. Why don’t we form a Worker’s Union without even having some boring job first? That way when we strike, we won’t have to lose jobs we don’t have in the first place.]

I am doing my own personal boycott for the next month. No shopping for anything but absolute necessities. And I am going to try to buy locally as much as I can for anything necessary.

[Not One Damn Dime Day multiplied 30 times equals three bucks you will be removing from the economy.]

The National Labor Union would work with all existing unions as well as give union protection to all Amercian workers who work in companies not currently enrolled in an already existing union. If you work, you are eligible.

[Which makes almost all DUmmies ineligible.]

How funny. A similar thought crossed my mind recently. But before we do it--if we can do it--we need to have our demands ready. Can't have too many, it would just confuse the message. I think ONE simple demand might just do it: "We will remain idle for a week, and we will continue to do that periodically until GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY RESIGN FROM THE GOVERNMENT, AND UNTIL THEIR RESIGNATION IS MADE FINAL AND IRREVOCABLE."

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You’re right! How funny!]

I would like to see everyone hold their money from buying ANYTHING one day a month, say, the end of the month. I agree with your husband one hundred percent. I also think it needs be reinforced by a money boycott once a month until things change.

[And we all know how incredibly successful Not One Damn Dime Day was.]

If I were a Dem strategist in the suburbs, I would organize social communities by precinct, inviting all the registered Dems to meet somewhere for pizza or a picnic. Once the social group was established, activities could be expanded to include education, participation in political activism, and outreach to unaffiliated neighbors.

[“If.” I love how you want somebody else to do that Dem strategist detail work. Much too mundane for our precious DUmmie who can’t cut into his valuable Web surfing time.]

Why don't you become a Dem strategist?

[No problem as long as it doesn’t involve WORK.]

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-22-05 ("Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba")

It is quite touching when the DUmmies have found their ideal news source as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba.” Yes, they have found a news source that they believe to be fair and balanced. Of course, the Cubans themselves don’t have this luxury of listening in to American radio because such broadcasts are routinely JAMMED by the Cuban government. No such problem with listening to Cuba. I often listen to Radio Reloj Havana propaganda broadcast via my AM radio in the early morning. Guess what? No blocking of the signal by the EVIL Bush Regime. And unlike the DUmmie I listen to it for laughs, not as a legitimate source for information. As usual the Radio Havana DUmmie propagandizing is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, not surprised that Commie radio waves permeate DUmmie brains, is in the [brackets]:

Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba… So, I'm listening to Radio Havana Cuba on my shortwave radio this evening and one of their top news stories was the fact that the U.S. media is downplaying/under-reporting the protests this weekend in conjunction with the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq war. And I couldn't help but think it's a shame that I have to go to foreign news media outlets to get really good coverage of what's going on in my own country! What's wrong with that picture?

[What’s wrong with that picture? How about the fact that you are treating Radio Havana as something other than a Commie propaganda broadcast. But of course, in Dummieland that would be a PLUS.]

Propaganda comes in many forms my friend. The picture is that you are listening to government sponsered radio funded by a commmunist dictator.


No one has a monopoly on truth, not even capitalists.

[Not even See-BS.]

I don't believe for a second that the US media is reporting honestly. I would believe Radio Havana over any US MSM media outlet.

[Except for maybe Radio DUmmie which is the USA sister station of Radio Havana.]

Well, they are reporting the truth in this case...It's definitely not propaganda. Have you seen the threads on DU with pictures and/or descriptions of the protests? Not much was seen or talked about on television "news" in the past few days.

[Teeny demonstrations just do not rate much coverage plus there has been a "slightly” more important news story going on the past few days.]

As corporate media becomes Corporatist media with an agenda of promoting fascism, these alternatives become increasingly important. Getting a shortwave radio in preparation for the time when even the net access gets restricted might be prudent.

[When the Fascist Crackdown comes one must be prepared to listen to Radio Havana in the basement over the shortwave radio.]

Flacking for Radio Havana. And Fidel Castro. A Communist dictator...can the tailor-made freeper cliches get any more obvious? Please...

[Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, those Freeper clichés are so funny. Imagine calling Castro a communist dictator when in reality he is merely a progressive agrarian reformer. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, those silly Freepers!]

And the Castro regime is nothing more or less than an example of watery fascism, plain and simple.


In Cuba the people are so poor that they don't have an economy except for tourists. The restaurants are empty..there is no work. And a policeman on each corner. For a while there female doctors were working as prostitutes because there was no other way to make money.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Maybe some of us like the idea of boffing an MD. Oh, does there happen to be an MDILF website?]

Things are pretty good in Cuba for most.

[Especially for guys into the MDILF thing.]

If you believe all the Cubans that live in Miami. And the hundreds that keep washing a shore each month, you would envision Cuba to be a complete hellhole.

[Aren’t the balseros really Haliburtonish tools of the corporate oligarchy?]

The only foreign media I would not believe would probably be from North Korea. Everybody else including Cuba has a less than biased world view. No. I would rather get the Cuban view than the corporate view anyday!

[But I bet you would believe North Korea media over Fox News.]