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DUmmies FUnnies 01-06-05 (DUmmies Turn On Kerry For "Betrayal")

John Kerry, while visiting the troops in Iraq, stated yesterday that he would NOT be joining Congressional Democrats in any protest of the Ohio election results today. Actually, how could he since he is in Iraq. The DUmmies should have known this but are now acting surprised at this Kerry statement. Of course, much DUmmie wrath is now directed against Kerry as we can see in this THREAD titled, “NYT: Election Results to Be Certified, With Little Fuss From Kerry.” So now if Barbara Boxer or any other Senate Democrat joins with the handful Congressional loonies in protesting the results, it will be done WITHOUT the support of Kerry. The only result of any senator protesting the results will be to make himself or herself further marginalized. Of course, this doesn’t bother the DUmmies. They are just ENRAGED at this “betrayal” by Kerry. Let us commence with the New York Times story about Kerry’s comment followed by the ANGRY DUmmie reaction in Bolshevik Red. The commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 - The day before a joint session of Congress to certify the results of the 2004 presidential election, Senator John Kerry said Wednesday that he would not participate in a possible protest by Democrats who are challenging President Bush's victory in Ohio.

"While I am deeply concerned about the issues being highlighted by my colleagues in Congress and citizens across the country and support their efforts to highlight the need to ensure voting rights," Mr. Kerry said in a statement, "I will not be joining their protest of the Ohio electors."

Senator Kerry, who is traveling in the Middle East, does not plan to be in Washington on Thursday for the formal tally of the Electoral College results, the official constitutional ending to the 2004 presidential race.

[Put on your asbestos suits! Prepare for the heat blast from the mighty DUmmie flames!]

I supported Kerry, gave more than any other election but feel betrayed that he quickly threw in the towel after giving all the speeches about making sure every vote was counted. Never again will I go along with the spineless democrats that only follow the right wing corporate controlled media.

[Scorching! Simply scorching!]

How could anyone still be a Kerry fan? Really...what a wimp! And you are right Mike, people did invest A LOT in him that he won't invest back in the people by supporting the voting reform..I can't believe I voted for this loser. Never again will I support this party, they are capitalist pigs also and getting worse every year!

[Your Socialist Workers Party card is in the mail.]

I feel like either he's been bought or threatened or he's planning to run again in 08. Wow. If he thinks dems will forgive this, he's delusional.

[As delusional as DUmmie “I Believe” Doohickie?]

Or he is the coward his critics said he was. Perhaps it was true that Kerry turned his swift boat away from the line of fire, until he realized there was no ambush and turned around.

[So maybe the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were…..RIGHT???]

I have to agree that Kerry has to be certifiably insane if he thinks that he'll be supported again.

[If Kerry is certifiably insane wouldn’t that make him at least an honorary DUmmie?]

How this for a slogan..."F*ck Kerry in '08!"

[Catchy. I like it!]

Anyone who knows me on this board knows that I was a diehard and committed Kerry supporter - took the Pachababies on the road to 3 swing states for him - donated maximum amount to him and $10K to the DNC - raised money for the GELAC fund (over $30K). I stood on the night before election 15 ft behind the stage in Cleveland, Ohio after listening to Bruce Springsteen dedicate "No Surrender" and Kerry speak about how they were going to fight....If this is his "fight" then, I guess I was really wrong....there I said it...and I thought I was going to have to wait till tommorrow to see if he had some backbone....I'm sick to my stomach right now....

[Look at the bright side---You got to see a FREE Springsteen concert.]

If you know my posts, you know I'm a loyal Kerry supporter...I just don't even know what to say right now...I also go with my intuition and I will say that for the first time ever, my feelings of Kerry were negative...Unless someone can point out how this is some "brilliant" strategy, I don't see this as a sign of his "worthiness" at all...

[It IS a brilliant strategy. Everything is happening as was planned over a year ago by the Kerry team. Don’t worry. The pieces will fall into place resulting in the Kerry inauguration on Jan. 20. If you have any doubt, just go to one of DUmmie Doohickie’s “I Believe” threads for encouragement.]

I hung on to the "brilliant strategy" hope for as long as I could also.

[Did you also send a big wad of cash to Bev Harris? Do you also believe in the Great Pumpkin? Just curious.]

John Kerry is now old news, as far as I'm concerned. I will never put my trust in him again. I can't even imagine how the minorities who had their right to vote STOLEN feel about this. They not only are not going to trust Kerry, they are freaking not going to trust the whole Democratic Party unless enough other Democrats work hard enough to turn this around and expose the fraud and impeach the jerk violating the White House. I'm from Massachusetts, and that means I'm going to continue seeing Kerry's face a lot whatever. That prospect makes me even sicker.

[Seeing Kerry’s face would make me sick too. Frankly, I think Seabiscuit is a lot cuter.]

I seriously feel I/we were duped....I am absolutely stunned right now....Don't even get me started on the GELAC fund...I gave serious cash and threw "Party's" to raise lots of money....and for what? All I ever heard about were "we have 10's of thousands of lawyers on call" "Jet planes fueled and ready to go" "No surrender" "We are expecting problems, in particular in Ohio and we are ready" etc. etc. And what do we get? A guy who in less than 24 hours "concedes"....then this? I'm so upset right now, I can't stand it....Even though I believe he won, if he isn't going to stand up and fight for us and the Presidency, then he never deserved it and never will....I am so mad right now I can't stand it...

[Don’t despair. Dr. Buddy Rydell is on the way right now to make a house call to help you in your Anger Management program.]

What a piece of shit he is. A publicity hound - as if he's a leader now in the senate. I unsubscribed from his e mails. And I agreee, it was a vote against the fascists, not for him, and I also worked my ass off and donated more than I ever have....Notice Edwards doesn't have a thing to do with him. I think he took Edwards in too, that Edwards believed he was going to fight and then sent Edwards out to the public to tell that he wasn't going to. I wouldn't support the democratic party for anything anymore. We need a new viable party.

[Psst! Socialist Workers Party. And their band plays a really great rendition of The Internationale.]

He's not a wimp. He is a member of the power structure. He did not and will not do anything to threaten his position.
He IS wealth and is married to wealth. That puts him in the power elite. Do you think he will do anything to go against his fellow power brokers? He did not during the campaign and will not now. We cannot depend on *any* of the leaders of the democratic party. It is DEAD as far as I'm concerned. It cares nothing about us, the working people of the country, or the world. We need entirely new leadership from the grassroots up. I think we will not get it from the party as presently constituted. In my experience, even the democratic executive committees are part of the power structure. The party might as well merge with the republicans. It would be more honest and give us a chance to form a new true democratic party.

[Arise ye workers from your slumbers

Arise ye prisoners of want

For reason in revolt now thunders

And at last ends the age of cant.

Away with all your superstitions

Servile masses arise, arise

We'll change henceforth the old tradition

And spurn the dust to win the prize.]

The democratic party is no longer my party; Iwill join the Green party and will hope that that a lot of us will make the leap out of the democratic party to the Green. Yes lets start to build our own party with the Green party.

[The Greens aka the Watermelon Pary. Green on the outside but Red inside.]

I watched Kerry speak many times. I was always baffled as to how he never talked to people.

[The peasants are revolting! They STINK on ice!]


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