Monday, January 10, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-10-05 ("CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story")

It is interesting to read the Dummie reaction to the release of the CBS Memogate report and the firing of 4 news employees on this THREAD titled, “CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story.” If you remember, the DUmmies swallowed that original 60 Minutes story hook, line, and sinker. They were gloating over the damage the CBS Texas Air National story did to Bush. But even as they were gloating, Freeper Buckhead had already cast aspersions upon the authenticity of the letter CBS used to support their assertion that Bush got special treatment in the National Guard. Within days, the DUmmie gloating turned to ashes in their mouths as it turned out the letter was fraudulent. One strange aftereffect of this affair is that many DUmmies wanted to become leftwing versions of Buckhead as can be noted in their wild theories to explain away many things, such as why Bush won the election. However, let us now observe the DUmmie reaction to the release of the Memogate report. As usual the DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Most people here on DU will see it as a reiteration...of the shrub's spoiled childhood, but I guarantee that the talking heads and right-wing radio will focus on....."The panel said a “myopic zeal” to be the first news organization to broadcast"....and use that as "proof" of left-wing media bias.

[Actually the panel went pretty soft on the bias issue. Does anybody, except INSANE DUmmies, actually think this wasn’t a case of bias against Bush on the part of CBS and Dan Rather?]

Why are Dem media persona held to higher standards than Republicans?

[Thanx for the admission that Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, & CBS personnel are DEMOCRATS.]

Because they are purging Dems from big media.

[And thank you for seconding the admission.]

If you read the debates in DU at the time CBS aired the piece you will find that there were quite a few DUers that did not believe the documents were authentic and that took offense to Dan Rather's stonewalling when questions were raised in the MSM about the same documents.

[Dummie Moderator IndianaGreen here trying to rewrite history. Very LITTLE questioning of the authenticity of documents in DUmmieland when the initial doubts began. When later it was almost impossible to deny the fact that the TANG letter was a forgery, the DUmmies blamed Karl Rove for being behind it.]

There has been no evidence whatsoever that proves that these documents are false regardless of what Howie Kurtz and the rest of the major propagandists tell you.

[And this DUmmie gives lie to IndianaGreen’s assertion that there was much doubt cast upon the authenticity of those documents in DUmmieland. The fact is that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many or perhaps most DUmmies STILL believe they were authentic.]

AFTER the report aired, and the freepers "discovered" that the memos were phony (it was clear they were tipped off by someone in the Rove network) -- only THEN did Mary Mapes decide it would be a good idea to call Burkett's alleged source. The alleged source told that he knew nothing about the memos.

[Yes it was all part of a vast Rovian network that tipped off the freepers about the phony memos.]

The memos were never determined to be phony. What was determined was that they had been copied so many times over that it was impossible to determine they were authentic. By extension, it was also impossible to determine they were phony.

[Plus there was the matter of the justified right margin and the th superscript that an ordinary typewriter of the early 70s would have been able to reproduce. But let us not let the facts stand in the way that it was only a matter of being copied so many times that the authenticity could not have been verified.]

The focus should be on the content, not on the pieces of paper themselves.

[The TANG story MUST be true even if the facts don’t support it.]

And the sad fact of the matter is that there is damned good evidence that bush* DID NOT fulfill his Guard obligation, not to mention being AWOL (which, by ALL definitions he was) or his disobeying a DIRECT ORDER to have his physical so he could maintain his flight status. It seems the whole mess is now a non-story. But keep in mind that the documents have NEVER been proved to be a forgery. NEVER!!

[I can just picture this DUmmie getting wasted at a bar with Dan Rather and they are both screaming together: “The documents have NEVER been proved to be a forgery. NEVER!!”]

Rather and Guiliani should charter the "We Got Roved" Club

[A Perfect Rovian Storm.]

CBS's mishandling of this news story effectively neutralized the issue of Bush's missing service in the TANG. It was almost as if CBS's source had been an agent of the GOP, and CBS took the bait (along with many other people).

[And judging from all the gloating in DUmmieland right after the TANG story aired, most of you DUmmies took the bait too.]

The documents gave easy cover to the Republicans during the campaign, and that pisses me off.

[My condolences on the fact that the TANG story backfired on you.]

Rather and Mapes were after Bush for five years. Bush knew this, Rove knew this and they played Rather like a fool. Whether the story was planted by Rove or not, Mapes should have taken the time to decipher the story before presenting it to Rather for broadcast. The story they should have run should not have been about Bush's TANG service. It should have been about passing off documents to CBS.

[Right. Karl Rove dressed up like Lucy Ramirez and passed the fake documents off to a drunken Burkett in a Kinko’s parking lot.]

When this broke, I kinda felt this way too.
I mean, it was just too perfect for Bush, it made him out to be the victim! We still don't know WHERE those documents came from.
It looks like we never may know, but it SURE was too convenient for Bush, wasn't it...

[Let me get this straight. The documents are authentic but if they are fake it was because it was a Rovian operation to sting CBS.]

Where is the report on Ohio?

[On the bottom of Karl Rove’s bird cage.]

Back when this thing broke out, I remember thinking how this was so perfect for Bush. It worked in his favor, and most of my not-too-political friends (most democrats) thought that this DID prove that CBS was biased. I can imagine that this probably converted a few more votes to Bush from those idiot "undecideds".

[Just enough votes to give the election to Bush. The vast Rovian plot worked PERFECTLY.]

The real story here is Bush missing his physical. Why? He had been doing community service in Houston on a coke possession charge. He would have failed the drug test. Helen Thomas tried to get information on this at a WH press conference but was rudely ignored. Rove wanted to divert all guard duty issues to Bush's service only

[And I have an early 70s letter here with a right justified margin and superscript th to verify this story.]

the republicans own the media in all shapes and forms...there is no getting the truth out.....its hidden...except when the Democrats are in the wrong and everything is blown out of context........

[Apparently your meds have already kicked in.]

Is there a good blog that tells our side of the story?



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