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DUmmie FUnnies 01-06-05 ("SO DEPRESSED.")

Today’s NON-event in Congress has caused MASS demoralization in DUmmieland. Instead of some congressional uprising against the Ohio vote, there was a massive YAWN in both congress and in the media. All the handful of congressional loonies and Barbara Boxer accomplished was to put up a minor speedbump on the road to the inevitable result of Bush’s official notification of victory. No protests, little media coverage, and even less public interest. In fact, the vast majority of the public are completely unaware of the minor speedbump thrown up today. And the few who are aware of it, now look upon the Democrats as even more the marginalized lunatics than in the past. The overall effect of today’s congressional speedbump that signified nothing was wide demoralization in DUmmieland. There were many rich targets of opportunity for today’s edition of the DUFU’s but I chose this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Tell me why I should keep fighting. SO DEPRESSED,” as the most representative. We lead off with the loud lamentations of DUmmie Paligal. So sit back and enjoy the hilarious spectacle of DUmmie demoralization. As usual, the depressed DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, holding packets of Prozac for his Pet Ants, is in the [brackets]:

Tell me why I should keep fighting. SO DEPRESSED. Not that we here on DU didn't already know this, but having watched this evolve since election day, and seeing it culminate in this "just for show" debate which is covered NOWHERE in the mainstream media and will be ignored and dismissed after it takes place, I am so depressed about the system. What's the F'ing point of us all putting our heart and energy into fighting this? There is a complete control of power here, and we have none of it. I watch these guys, one after the other, say "sour grapes", "move on", "wild-eyed conspiracy theorists", and know that we won't get taken seriously. Our government has experienced a coup, and nobody cares but us in the minority, and they will not relenquish power. There will be no changes. There will be no reform. I feel it. These a**holes speaking now on the republican side invoke terrorism and "attacking the noble Americans who volunteered to work on this election". They make it seem like we are attacking Americans and encouraging terrorists, and as long as people continue to respond like sheep to these keywords, and our Democratic representatives don't retort with specifics to dismiss that those are the issues we are debating, we stand no chance. I can't watch it. I can't after today. My blood pressure will go through the roof.

[<>AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!< /Max Cady Laugh>]

Do any of you still believe we have the power to change this corrupt government? Tell me, why should I keep actively fighting? I am only getting enraged and depressed over the response to all our efforts. At this moment, I hear some b*tch state "The American people must be shaking their heads at this debate" and "these allegations are without merit". They keep repeating over and over that Bush won by 3 million votes, and that's why 100,000 don't matter. NOBODY questions whether Bush's margin is even true. They say that Bush couldn't have pulled off a massive fraud, as though we were claiming that the man himself was solely responsible, rather than a whole network of people, and probably without his involvement. I want to reach through the TV and smack these people. So, I will remove myself for at least a while after today. I can't take it. It's too personally upsetting. How do you all feel, as my only sense of community on this issue?

[<>AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!< /Max Cady Laugh>]

T.S. Eliot best expresses my feelings: "This is how the world ends; not with a bang, but with a whimper"

[Now that you’ve done more than your share of whimpering, DUmmie Paligal, let us read what the rest of the DUmmies have to say.]

Hee hee hee. These posts crack me up!

[You bet! They are a laugh riot!!!]

Her sadness cracks you up? shame.

[Sniff! I feel terribly castigated…… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]

Good to know you can laugh at our pain.

[Happy to oblige……. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]

This is far more important than Bush v. Kerry. It's about the legitimacy of our democracy. And this debate in the congress is historic. What we need to do is to translate it into election reform. Don't be depressed. Channel your frustration into action.

[As historic as a barely suppressed yawn on the Capitol steps.]

Keep in mind that the policies of the current regime have led to thousands of unnecessary deaths. As tax payers who fund the current regime, we have a lot of blood on our hands whether we like it or not. But if we don't like it, we should do what we can to put a stop to it. There are a lot of people outside of the US that are being hurt by US foreign policy, but because they are so far away, it's hard for them to do much about it. However, we are right here inside this country and in a position to bring about change. We have a great responsibility to the rest of the world.

[Forget about the 9-11 terrorists and their allies. It is the USA who is the font of EVIL in the world. Thank you for so clearly stating the DUmmie talking points.]

I definitely did not get what I wanted today and I am mad as hell about having been victimized by the theft of an election we WON

[Keep believing that. It will keep your bile riled.]

this is ridiculous. its posts like this that make me infuriated with the state of our party today. A coup? massive fraud? You blame Bush for this "massive fraud" and then say how it would have taken an incredible number of people to conglomerate such a fraud, and yet there is not one shread of evidence supporting such claims. If so many people are involved, dont you think it'd be easier to find a slip up?

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Take your sickening sense of reality and get the HELL OFF this progressive forum!]

It would have taken a few hand-fulls of people here and a few hand-fulls of people there to accomplish the thefts of millions and millions of votes. They had means, motive, and opportunity. Sorry we don't have the smoking cannon we need yet -- but it is out there. Just my humble opinion. Being angry at those of us who believe this just contributes to the dirty work that the Republican party wants done. In psychology theory the role you are playing is called "minder" -- the person who makes sure that everyone sticks together and says all of the "right" things. Herding Democrats is like herding cats - generally, it can't be done. In many Republican locations there were more votes than voters. In many Democratic locations there were fewer votes than voters. That suggests fraud at some level and fraud should be investigated and people responsible punished. Maybe we can start from this common ground?

[Ahhhhh! Thank you for bringing back that reassuring sense of unreality.]

I have to agree with you . . . this was a sham . . almost none of these senators or congresspersons had their hearts in this . . . when the vote came in the Senate, only two voted for the resolution . . . with all the letters and e-mails and faxes and phone calls, the best we could do was get a pro forma objection to the Ohio electors . . . when what should have happened is the entire party standing up and saying this election was stolen . . .truth be told, both parties are playing for the same corporate team . . . until we take corporate money out of politics, we'll never see any true reform . . . what we saw today was the best we could do, and that's a sad, sad commentary on things . . .

[Allow me to merrily tap dance on the tabletop of your misery.]

We have no choice. We either fight or die like sheep. Fascists are ruthless and merciless. They don't care about the Geneva Convention and they approve of torture. They control all three branches of this government. They will continue the war in Iraq, they will not reform the privatized election process any more than they will reform Halliburton's no-bid contracts. They will continue to dismantle social programs while expanding corporate welfare. Both unemployment and the deficit will continue to grow. They will continue to stack the courts with wingnuts to feed their immensely profitable prison industry. The object of fascism is to enrich the few while reducing everyone else to slave labor, and they revel in the deaths of millions of innocents. They are war profiteers and human rights violators. This was the very last "victory" the Democrats will have in Congress. Even though it was voted down, it did get discussed. From now on it is unlikely that anything introduced by a Democrat will make it out of committee. We can ignore fascism only so long as it is other people who are dying, but when our turn comes we will not be able to ignore it. The question is not why we should keep fighting, but whether we have the ability to fight at all. Our votes don't count. The votes of our elected representatives don't count. Anybody who isn't depressed, is either profiting from fascism, or has their head in the sand.

[Who’s your speechwriter? Osama bin Trotsky?]

It feels like we are locked up in a jail in the deep south, and the sherriff owns the town and everyone is crooked. It is like an insane dream. The only thing that I think I want to focus on is trying to find the proof that fraud was committed and the hope that it will come out eventually. I think the realization that the dems wouldn't stand up and scream for the rights of the disenfranchised makes me the maddest.

[Keep looking. I heard that the proof of fraud can be found right next to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.]


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