Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DUmmies Pray for Halt in Trump Victories

Just a quick DUFU today but it is perfectly illustrative of the plight of the Left and the DUmmies in particular. Bottom line they are FRUSTRATED that President Donald Trump is WINNING!!! It is absolutely KILLING them that Trump is enjoying success after success: the economy, peace on the Korean Peninsula, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, rising in the polls which also reflect that the Democrat midterm "Blue Wave" is rapidly receding, and many many other wins.

You can get an idea of just how frustrated the DUmmies have become just from the very title of this thread, Praying that something will break our way tomorrow or this week. So let us now watch the frustrated DUmmies express their angst over Trump victory after Trump victory in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, not yet tired of all this WINNING, is in the [brackets]:

Praying that something will break our way tomorrow or this week.

[Dearest Goddess Gaia, please make the Trump wins stop.]

Motherfucker got his embassy, his massacre of Muslims, his fucking military parade. When is he going to face the consequences?... 

 [Right after he brings peace to denuclearized Korean peninsula. Now on to the other demoralized DUmmies...]

He needs a BIG smackdown, and the sooner the better. 

 [Hurry! Hurry with the smackdown or I'll turn into an incoherent blubbering mess!]

A watched pot never boils....

don't think that since it may jinx it and keep it from happening. I am trying not to read my own tarot cards since sometimes they trick you and tell you what you want to hear if you ask the same question too often. 

[Have you considered staring at chicken entrails? Perhaps you can find the end of the Trumpocalypse in there.]

We need something soon. The GDP, or Genarally Dumb Public, are becomming conditioned to accept the present insanity. 

[HELP!!! The public is way too happy with Trump WINNING!!!]

Truly down about politics right now. 

[Sniff! I thought St. Mueller would have saved us by now.]

Just keep intoning MAGA--Mueller Ain't Going Away. 

[You mean he won't be going away from his own court date tomorrow in which he has to actually put up evidence against a Russian company or go away by dropping the case?]

The world seems such a cruel place sometimes. 

[Yes, Trump winning and winning and winning can be cruel and brutal for the leftwing world.]