Friday, April 27, 2018

Korean Peace: DUmmies and KOmmies Desperate Not to Give Trump Credit

Both the DUmmies and the KOmmies are DESPERATE to NOT give President Donald Trump any credit for North and South Korea agreeing to declare peace after 65 years of an uneasy armistice. They want everybody out there to believe that the peace agreement would have happened no matter who was in the Oval Office. Yeah, what a coincidence that after 65 years it happened on Trump's watch. Of course, what would absolutely KILL the DUmmies and KOmmies would be if Trump were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which he richly deserves for helping to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, the accord the two leaders signed today stated there would be DENUCLEARIZATION. We shall start our tour of their outrage by looking at the DUmmie thread titled, Trump: 'KOREAN WAR TO END!'

As usual, the rantings of the DUmmies and KOmmies, who have a deep seated fear in their gut of Trump holding up a Nobel Peace Prize, are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:


[Technically it ended today with the signing of the peace accord that replaced the 1953 armistice.]

Source: Mediate

by Aidan McLaughlin | 7:29 am, April 27th, 2018 

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to celebrate news that the leaders of the two Koreas have agreed to end the Korean War, 68 years after it began. 

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un signed a declaration establishing peace between the two longtime foes, and pledging to work towards a complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. 

[Now watch the DUmmie ants run around in circles, triggered by a Trump Tweet.]

I KNEW that if this happened, Shithole would take credit for it.

[And yet no objection from you for Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize merely for being a Democrat president with warm blood flowing through his body.]

A factor is the realization by both North and South Korea that they were going to be big losers. Trump was pushing for a direct confrontation and the Koreans were going to be the cannon fodder along with the U.S. troops who he would sacrificed. Trump was instrumental in bring this about not because he was seeking a peaceful solution but just the opposite, total destruction that would have devastated the entire peninsula with tens of millions of deaths. Remember that people on both sides of the 48th are Koreans with a history that reaches back thousands of years and that blood is thicker than water.

[History as seen through a thick TDS lens.]

He didn't take credit *directly* but the tweet oozes with implied self-congratulation. That's what he wants people to think. He literally had nothing to do with it. But oh, boy, the claims he will make after the meeting - if he doesn't call it off. It'd probably be better if he called it off and left well-enough alone.

[Yeah, absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Please, please, PLEASE believe that! Oh, and dearest Gaia in heaven please don't let Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize or I shall roll up into a fetal ball permanently sucking upon my thumb.]

Trump ended the Korean War about as much as Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall.

[Which means that Trump ENDED the Korean War.]

ra I have serious doubts, but if the two sides do find a way to live together and (especially) if our troops start coming home from Korea... then there is no possible way that Trump won't benefit from it.

[AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!! No, Gaia, NOOOOOOO!!! Make it not so!]

Kim is playing games to get concessions, but meanwhile it's safe to say his new testing site is being built. Kim will not give up his nukes.

[How do you build a new testing site when you have NO money? Also China is just going to let him build another nuclear site where the radioactive dust floats into their country?]

They took credit for the end of the Cold War and they will also for the Korean War. Prepare yourselves for the image of Trump receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

[Goodbye cruel world! Just give me my cyanide capsule now to end the pain. ...And now we go to the KOmmie thread where they spell it out plainly... Don't let Trump take credit for NK]

The credit goes to President Moon and gravity. Do NOT let the Republicans get control of the narrative on this one. .


Credit for what? Nothing has actually happened?

[Except for the END of the 65 year old armistice which was replaced by a peace accord.]

If there are substantive improvements with N. Korea, a formal peace treaty with S. Korea finally ending the Korean War, and a halt in the N. Korea missile and nuclear programs Trump will get a lot of credit. It may be just luck, but that’s how it works. It happened on his watch.

[Gaia, why do you hate us so?]

Let them wave their flag and when Kim bites them in the ass, I’ll laugh.

[It sounds like this KOmmie is rooting for war.]

If there is a signed Peace Treaty with the US being one of the parties to sign, expect that to be Exhibit A in saying Trump gets credit.

[Gee, you really know how to hurt a KOmmie.]

Everything in life is just a bunch of staged bullshit while we wait for indictments in this ongoing act of war called the Trump administration.

[Yes, the Great Pumpkin is sure to arrive at any time with those Trump-Russia Collusion indictments.]

Thursday, April 19, 2018

KOmmies and DUmmies Dump on James Comey

If James Comey thought liberals would treat him as their homey on the heels of his book publication and tour, he is sadly mistaken. Since Comey offered not a shred of any kind of evidence that could lead to the removal of President Donald Trump from office, the left has receded back to the position they had at the instant before he was fired. Namely they hate Comey and continue to blame him for the election of Trump.

This attitude is now held by both the DUmmies and the KOmmies. The fact that Comey acts so sanctimonious at all times only adds to their irritation. We shall begin our tour of the Comey hating leftwing blogosphere with an article by a KOmmie staffer, Joan McCarter who hit Comey with James Comey's revenge tour proving he is not the noble upholder of justice he wants you to believe. As usual (if I can remember correctly) the attacks upon Comey, not their Homey are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, a bit rusty at this DUFU thing, is in the [brackets]:

James Comey's revenge tour proving he is not the noble upholder of justice he wants you to believe

[Fortunately it is balanced by the fact that he is a political idiot who believed the polls declaring Hillary had it in the bag so it was safe to reopen the investigation on her emails 11 days before the election.]

Here's the thing: the Clinton investigation wasn't an ordinary investigation, and that's precisely why Comey should have shut up about. He's admitting that his July 2016 decision to publicly criticize Clinton was against FBI protocol. There's policy in place to prevent FBI directors from doing things like making public statements or taking action that could directly affect an election, because the FBI director could have undue influence. Comey apparently felt that those rules didn't apply to him.

[This KOmmie is reminding her fellow loons why they HATED Comey right up to the instant of his firing by Trump.]

They didn't apply three months later either, when just 11 days before the election, he took it upon himself to make public the fact that "new" emails relevant to the Clinton probe had been discovered—before those emails were even reviewed by the FBI. Those emails turned out not to be new, but to be duplicates of those already seen by the agency. Comey excuses this lapse in his book by saying "It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer."

[The KOmmie conveniently forgets to mention that the emails ended up on Anthony Weiner's laptop. In a way we could say it was Anthony's Weiner that elected Trump.]

Partisan or not, Comey was making decisions that proved he was holding himself above the agency he was directing, above the long-held policies that governed how it is supposed to operate—and how he was supposed to operate. His hubris, on full display as he preens and gossips and makes catty remarks about Trump's spray tan and hand size, quite possibly put this man he considers a dangerous buffoon in office. And even now, Comey says he wouldn't have it any other way. There's nothing at all noble in any of that.

[ And now the full fury of her fellow Kommies against the Green Giant comes on display...]

Tipping the election to Trump, who proceeded to launch policies to accelerate climate disruption, may have irreversibly fracked up the ENTIRE PLANET.

[ So...James Comey is the biggest reason for climate change and the destruction of the ENTIRE PLANET.]

He should put on his blue suit and fade back into the curtains where he belongs.

[Yeah, a 6'9" giant so intimated by the President that he hopes to fade into the curtains. Just what we want in someone to lead the FBI.]

Yes, once again, he steps in in the nick of time to “help out”. Thanks, Jimmy. Now could you STFU and go away before you do any more damage?

[Jimmy will go away only when he is finished shilling his book of self-righteousness.]

He’ll never be OK to me. He made this mess. Fuck him.

[Welcome to TrumpWorld....brought to you by Jimmy who made it possible.]

Comey apparently thought Clinton would clearly win anyway so his actions wouldn’t cause any relevant harm.

[Comey was a student of the Larry Sabato school of politics. Hillary had it in the bag so any action he took couldn't possibly affect the election outcome.]

Oh didn’t you hear? It’s not his fault! Somebody MADE him interfere with the election! All his careless actions and terrible decisions were forced by his subordinates, who he had no control over. Just the thing you want to hear from the top law enforcement, right?

[Right! And although there is still a lot of KOmmie whining over Comey left, let us now visit the DUmmies hurling bitter hatred in the direction of the Green Giant...]

Fuck James Comey!

[So do you feel negative or positive towards him?]

Sorry, I just can't cheer this guy on one fucking bit. 

He came out and helped tRump win the election by doing the thing that the FBI just doesn't do. He excoriated Hillary. 

Now, he thinks he's some fucking hero because he goes out and trashes tRump with a book and TV interviews. 

The only thing to be glad about is that it was his firing that got Mueller on the job. 

So, yeah...fuck James Comey.

[Would you like me to read you a Reinhold Niebuhr Serenity Prayer to calm you down. And now the DUmmies react to a statement by Lanny Davis...]

Admit it, James Comey: You've been lying all along

[Really? Reinhold cried... ]

Comey was a snake. Comey is a snake.

Comey will be a snake when our descendants read their history books 100 years from now.

[Add a tune and I think you can come up with a Comey Snake Song.]

The arrogance hiding behind the Boy Scout image is infuriating.

[Comey is on a higher moral plane than the rest of the planet...just ask him.]

Comey is disgusting and Stormy is disgusting

the fact that they are anti-Trump doesn't mean shit because they weren't anti-Trump WHEN IT COUNTED

[Who has a better sketch artist?]