Saturday, January 28, 2017

DUmmies Angry Over Being Scammed by Jill Stein

DUmmies NEVER learn. That's why they are DUmmies. In 2004, the DUmmies got thoroughly scammed by BBV Bev Harris who happily pocketed lots of DUmmie bucks in exchange for the promise to overturn the election. Of course, BBV Bev never came close to fulfilling her laughable promise. When it was too late, the DUmmie scamees loudly complained about being so easily fleeced. Well, fast forward 12 years to 2016 and Jill Stein performed the almost same type of scam by going through the bare motions of challenging the election results in 3 states with the promise to overturn the election results. You would have thought the DUmmies had learned from their bitter BBV Bev experience but NOOOOO... They fell for the scam AGAIN as you can see in this DUFU EDITION of last November where they eagerly handed over their bucks to Jill Stein with the spooky smile (see pic above).

Now it finally seems as if the DUmmies suddenly realized they were completely scammed yet again as you can see in this DUmmie thread, Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed for her recounts. Gee! And I wonder how Jill so easily scammed the DUmmies...NOT! Truth is the DUmmies have been scammed over and over again since the beginning of their existence and will continue to be scammed as long as they exist. So let us now read of DUmmies griping about being scammed by Jill in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that PT Barnum said "There's a DUmmie born every minute," is in the [brackets]:

Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed for her recounts.

[Full title should be: "Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed FROM DUMMIES for her recounts."]

How many people gave money they couldn't really afford in the hope that they'd get fair recounts of all three states -- and possibly overturn 7the election?

[Do a census count on the total number of DUmmies and then multiply by 90 percent to get the answer.]

She knew from the beginning that she'd already missed the deadline for an automatic Pennsylvania recount, so that recount court petition was a Hail Mary pass.

[And yet you DUmmies fell over each other to send Jill money.]

So, between the money she never had to spend in Pennsylvania, and the $2 million in funds returned to her from WI and MI, she had quite a sum left over at the end of it all. She went from about $58K cash on hand at the end of the campaign, to more than $4 million cash on hand after the partial recounts of two of the states.

[A nice scam whose success was assure because she was dealing with DUmmies.]

But she kept pleading for more donations till the bitter end.

[And the DUmmies kept on giving and giving and giving until well after the bitter end when they finally realized they were easily scammed yet again.]

And now Jill Stein, the only candidate who had dinner with Putin in Russia last winter, has a big pile of cash to use to disrupt the next Presidential election. And desperate Democrats helped her get it.

[Desperate Democrats and desperate DUmmies. And now on to the other DUmmies angry that they were so easily scammed by Jill...]

No Surprise here

[Nope no surprise at all. Predicting the scamming of DUmmies is as easy as predicting that a rock thrown up into the air will eventually fall to the ground.]

I warned you here on DU...It didn't feel right..

[To quote from the incredibly gullible November DUmmie thread..."There's no downside as far as I can tell. Good on Jill."]

Screwed and used HRC, then made her getaway with the loot. Stein is a fraud.

["If she gets enough money for one state, she will do that, if two states, she will do that, and if three states, she will do that. Her goal is election integrity, exposing the problems."]

Yep. Stein is a tool of the right wing.

[Please don't expect a $4 million refund.]

she is dumb. She is so clueless

[And yet she very easily SCAMMED you DUmmies.]

I'd say it's pretty clever to go, in one month, from $58K cash-in-hand to $4 million. More clever than many of the people who donated to her cause.

[Come on, say it! "DUMMIES!!!" Say it! SAAAAY ITTTT!!!]

Nope. She's dumb like a fox, and she is playing American voters hoping for better. She should be ashamed -- but I doubt that is in her nature.

[So how much did Jill scam you for, Sucker?]

Is there any possibility that Jill Stein can be forced to return this money?

[No and don't expect a cent of your money back, SUCKER!!!]

When she was collecting her millions, she always said that if she had some left over it would go toward her party, i.e., her "voter integrity" work.

[I think BBV Bev used the same pitch.]

Jill Stein is a hero.

[Is that you, Jill?]

I wonder how she'd have paid all her bills if she hadn't thought up the audit money-maker?

[A regular Ponzi scheme? But that's not a sure thing like scamming DUmmies is. Works every time.]

Jill Stein did great in gathering cash by getting upset people to donate for recounts so they could all feel better about the did that work out?

[It worked out as well as all the other easily detectable scams perpetrated upon DUmmies.]

She had enough for her recounts with the first $2.5 million she raised, with a half million to spare. Interestingly, that was the original amount she asked for, that was supposed to pay for the three recounts. However, when she raised that much very quickly, she immediately saw the chance to raise a lot more money -- for her party. So then she asked for another couple million. And another.

[Which the DUmmies unquestioningly handed over to her each and every time.]

Plenty of us were calling this a shameless cash grab while it was taking place. She gets to keep the money? Of course she does! To be fair, she never had any intention of giving any of it back and made this perfectly clear while she was asking for donations. People need to read the fine print.

[Sorry but there is no Kewpie Doll award for retroactively having a very convenient moment of mental clarity.]

We tried to tell people here what was going on, but they still gave her money.

[What's this "We" bit, Kemosabe?]

Desperate Dems just helped to bankroll her 2020 campaign.

[Stein 2020! Drain those liberal votes away and assure the re-election of President Trump!]

Her recount was a scam from the begining. The manner in which she went about it has cemented in the minds of Americans that it was a fair election. What she did was horrid in every way.

[So how much did YOU fork over to Jill like a complete SUCKER?]

I understand why people wanted to believe. I hope this will be remembered next election though.

[Nope. Another scam artist can challenge the 2020 election results and DUmmies will AGAIN fork over their money like complete SUCKERS.]

She flat out scammed people.

[Let's be more specific and replace "people" with "DUmmies."]

And donators can almost certainly get their donation back.

[Still holding out hope for your refund?]

The caliber of Jill Stein's character will be sealed as we watch how the money is spent. Follow the money. It's always about the money.

[Follow the money. It will probably end up paying for 5 star hotel suites as the money to turned over to BBV Bev did.]

If you donated to Stein for the recount, call your credit card company for a charge back refund. My daughter did just that when she realized she had been scammed out of her money by Stein. Tell your credit card company that the charge was a donation solicited under false pretenses.

[Call your credit card company and just tell them you are an easily scammed DUmmie. Then cross your fingers hoping for a refund when the person on the other end of the line stops laughing.]

I did donate to the recount because I didn't want to look back and wish that we did do something as I don't think the vote was fair. I did go in with open eyes and had my doubts.

[And, of course, you were SCAMMED yet again!!!]

Stein helped get trump elected and then scammed donors with recounts

[I call that WIN/WIN.]

She's a great con artist. Not only did she net millions of dollars, many of them continue up to defend her, despite being bilked out if money they doubtless need that money more more than she. She's not the first and won't be the last.

[It is inevitable that there will be a BBV Bev III.]

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Donald Trump Can be Deposed, Even Without Impeachment"

The total stupidity and gullibility of the DUmmies is absolutely astounding. Their latest fantasy is they can remove President Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. Yeah, that would take the agreement of Vice-President Pence along with a majority of Trump's cabinet or Congressional Republicans that Trump is unable to continue being President. Short of a health crises, what is the possibility of that happening? How about somewhere between NIL and NONE? And yet this is the latest laughable DUmmie fantasy that they have latched onto as you can see in their dopey thread, Don't look now: It's President Pence! Donald Trump can be deposed, even without impeachment. So let us now watch the DUmmies indulge in their latest wild fantasy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the more desperate the DUmmies are the FUnnier they are, is in the [brackets]:

Don't look now: It's President Pence! Donald Trump can be deposed, even without impeachment

[Dont look now: DUmmies can be institutionalized even without court order.]

Given Trump's erratic behavior in his first few days, Washington is starting to murmur about the 25th Amendment

[That pink hat you were wearing Saturday cut off the blood supply to your head.]

Donald Trump is in over his head. This comes as no surprise to the millions of people who could see that he was unprepared and unfit for the job of president of he United States and voted against him. He’s basically a celebrity heir to a fortune who was so entitled that he believed his privileged existence proved he was competent to run the most powerful nation on earth. That’s the attitude of an aristocrat who ascended to the throne without having any idea what it actually takes to rule. History’s full of such men. It doesn’t often work out well.

[What really make this Salon writer mad is that President Trump is KEEPING his promises.]

Trump managed to convince enough voters in just the right places that his “business success,” born mostly of hype and relentless public relations over many years, qualified him for the Oval Office. Since the Protestant work ethic and the philosophy of virtuous capitalism still permeate American culture, it’s not uncommon for people to equate financial success with superior intelligence and character. Many among the public undoubtedly assumed that Trump’s persona at the rallies was something of a salesman’s act, that he was playing the role of demagogue to rile up the crowd. They assumed that behind closed doors he was a smart and able businessman, making tough decisions on the fly, handling many issues at once.

[Just admit that you don't like capitalism. Period.]

Those voters didn’t see what millions of others felt instinctively, and which explains the shocked reaction and immediate resistance to his election: Trump’s incessant bragging, his lack of empathy or remorse, his pathological lying and even his bizarre appearance were signs of an unstable personality. It was obvious to many of us that something was not right.

[Something was not right with the anarchists rioting and breaking windows. Oh, and the pink hat march the next day displayed some really bizarre appearances such as Ashley Judd's "nasty" rant.]

The presidential transition was a dumpster fire with endless resignations, rumors and public humiliations. Trump’s refusal to deal responsibly with the intelligence community’s investigations into Russian interference in the campaign was worrying. Picking a fight with them over it was downright alarming. Still, one couldn’t help but think that the weight of the job might inspire the staff and the people close to him to instill some discipline into the system and keep the new president focused once he took the wheel. That hasn’t happened. The first days of the new administration have been a disaster.

[Actually it is moving along quite smoothly and all cabinet appointees will be confirmed. THANK YOU, HARRY REID! Now on to the DUmmie comments about this idiotic Salon article...]

this is what i really want. not impeachment. i want it clear in the history books that those of us who saw how unfit he was were EXACTLY.FUCKING.RIGHT.

[Impeachment by a GOP congress is impossible and removal via 25th Amendment is even less likely.]

I want him humiliated and destroyed walk him out of the white house in straight jacket.

[The way Karl Rove was frogwalked out of the White House on May 12, 2006?]

i have said that a few dozen times at this point. i want them to take him down w a tranquilizer dart. on live teevee.

[Before that happens, the Secret Service will take you down for that threat DUmmie mopinko. I repeat, DUmmie mopinko.]

Somebody will have to throw a net over him at some point. You just know it's coming...

[Before that happens, the Secret Service will have to throw a butterfly net over you, DUmmie Ligyron. I repeat, DUmmie Ligyron who may soon be wearing Ligyrons.]

Humiliated destroyed and JAILED, Him and Pence. Both of them.

[Wait! I thought you were hoping for Pence to declare Trump unfit for office. DUmmie STUPIDITY at work once again.]

he's gonna pitch the most epic tantrum in american history.

[We already saw the epic tantrum the DUmmies pitched on November 9. It took a couple of weeks for them to come online again.]

This is quite possible but begs one question. Are we being had?

[Are incredibly gullible DUmmies being had? Let me ask BBV Bev Harris.]

We have already been HAD

[Right. By Bev Harris and many others.]

More wishful thinking. Its not going to happen. It may make people feel better to imagine that Trump is going to be removed pursuant to the 25th Amendment but the chances of that happening are essentially zero.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Logical thinking was the giveaway.]

It ain't gonna happen.I've come to the realization that any act or edict about Trump not being president anymore will be ignored... Impeachment or 25th Amendment.

[Kewpie doll for you.]

Trump is being EXACTLY as I thought he a distraction from the hideous things the GOP is going to pass with his rubber stamp signature. It is depressing in a way that has destroyed my optimism for the future and put me into a deep depression that shows no signs of letting up at all.

[Try drowning your sorrow in rubbing alcohol.]

But, it looks to me as though the opening is there in the language of the 25th Amendment.

[The only opening is in your microskull.]

There's no evidence that Trump is imbalanced or perturbed at all. None. He's happily holding meetings with businessmen and labor union leaders and so forth. And claiming that daring to run for president without being qualified proves that he is nuts is rather crazy itself, given that he did win the damned election. We don't have to be happy about it. We do have to deal with it in a way that is not insane.


Can we do a recall election? Can that be done?

[Sure. It's right there in Article 66 of the Constitution.]

Oh, boy, the frog march crap again. The only way he leaves is if he resigns. He only resigns if they force him to divest himself of his Trump related businesses. He only gets forced if congress or the courts choose to do so. Congress ain't, and I'm dubious after he appoints the next SC judge that they will either.

[Goodbye Cruel World!!!]

Can both the 25th Amendment and Impeachment happen? As well as criminal and civil charges against him? Just wondering and hoping that the gates of hell can be unleashed on him.

[The gates of Happy Land Funny Farm can be opened for you.]

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DUmmies Deeply Depressed Over Trump's Inauguration

The DUmmies are now in a state of complete grief over the impending inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday. Of course, their gloomy extreme depression is going to make watching his inauguration even MORE enjoyable than it normally would be. As you can see in the picture above of the OUTGOING gloomy White House staff, DUmmies and their leftwing cohorts cannot hide their extreme sorrow. You can see just how depressed the DUmmies are just by the very title of their thread, "Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week as I am?" Yeah, everybody in DUmmieland is despondent but for us normal folks on the outside it is HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!! WOO-HOO!!!! So let us now read the hilarious DUmmie depression in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, breaking out the beer at high noon on Friday for the first time since I caught a bad cold last month, is in the [brackets].

Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week as I am?

[I'm sure they are which makes it that much more enjoyable to watch.]

I'm pissed and I'm in mourning.

[I'm happy and laughing at you DUmmies. Speaking of which, let us now take a hilarious look at your fellow depressed DUmmies...]

I am grieving. I feel very bereft.

[Only 2922 more days of the Trumpocalypse.]

Going to the DC March ... Will get some good energy there

[Not if you hang out with violent protesters. All you would get then is a broken skull while splayed out on the jail cell floor.]

I can't come out of my bad funk.

[You will snap out of it after the 2922 days of the Trump era. Then immediately return to your bad funk when you realize there will be 2920 days more of the President Pence terms.]

I'm gonna have this funk for a loooooooong time. Pretty much always.

[Forever funked.]

Last night I watched a documentary about Election Night and I just got really angry. For some reason yesterday I was the most angry I have been since this happened.

[That's strange. The same Election Night documentaries put me in an extreme upbeat mood from laughing at all the snowflake meltdowns. They are HILARIOUS!!!]

I've been in a shitty mood for the last 10 weeks. I don't expect it to get better in the near future.

[At least 2922 more days.]

Yes. Same with me and Mr. Gaia. I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel, nor any silver linings anywhere, either. It's dismal.

[This Is The End.]

I'm ready to get the next four years over.

[But will you be ready for another four Trump years after that? 2922 more days, baby!]

I'm sorry, but donald trump does not have the power to make my life shitty any more than Hillary would have had the power to make my life wonderful. Our day to day happiness is in our own hands and we alone have the power to make it shitty or happy. I do NOT give the trumpster the power to make my life shitty. I can do that all on my own if I so choose. I intend to go on being the happy successful person I've always strived to be. I am a little depressed this week, but not because of trump. ...AS far as trump goes, I hate him as much as anyone could, but I refuse to let him make my life shitty.

[Translation: Donald Trump has ruined your life and there is NOTHING you can do about it.]

This week, as I say, has been terrifically sad and depressing anticipating the hurt that is going to be brought down on people and the planet by trump ascending to the position of leader of the free world.

[Have you considered brick wall head bashing therapy?]

The first place to resist trump is by not allowing him the power to ruin your sanity.

[That ship sailed long ago.]

I am unable to function.

[Uncontrollable bladder?]

I plan to avoid all news sources this week, as I have been doing since 11/9, but even more stringently so.

[Better go into hibernation until Jan. 20, 2025.]

Not much is cheering me up - not interested in watching late night comedy - because it's just not funny what happened and what is about to happen. The news is a no no - no effing way will I torment myself like during the Bush years.

[You need to cocoon yourself until Jan. 20, 2025.]

I will never watch any news network ever again. I just can't bear the thought of that guy being called "president".

[Another DUmmie for extreme cocooning.]

I can barely work, I'm depressed and angry, sarcastic and deeply dark. I tend to take a global view of all things, but no matter what part or how much of the world I pay attention to, I see nothing but Trump-shit all over it for at least four years.

[At least but in reality eight years.]

Depressed, stunned, still not quite believing it's going to happen yet I know it will. This is a disaster of world shaking proportions. None of us is safe.

[I really would love to see a video of your Election Night meltdown.]

What do I do with this rage for the people I know who voted for him? Especially the ones who are supposed to be intelligent? I understand how he conned the deplorables with his lies, but these people I know who have done quite well under Obama-- I want to spit on them.

[Have you tried sticking your head in a bucket and screaming?]

I'm drained.. I wake up angry and go to bed angry. I have been trying to pace myself but there is something every minute and he hasn't been sworn in yet.

[Donald Trump has complete control over your tiny mind.]

I am . . . permanently pissed off with no intention to get over it.

[You will NEVER get over it for all eternity unto the end of time.]

a number of my friends report suffering from Trumpsomnia Last night fell asleep at 3.

[Their Trumpsomnia will last all the way thru the Trumpocalypse.]

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DUmmies Wallow in Yet MORE Fake News

After a long absence due to illness, I wandered back to DUmmieland today figuring to see threads in which they were embarrassed for embracing the laughable Donald Trump FAKE NEWS story perpetrated by BuzzFeed. However, instead of embarrassment over such an obviously phony story, they are now wallowing in yet more FAKE NEWS where Trump supposedly cavorted with hookers in St. Petersburg hotels. Yeah, right. Trump already explained how if a prominent person stays at a hotel in Russia or in many other places in the world, there are probably small cameras recording you for possible blackmail material. Remember James Bond boffing that hot Russian chick in "From Russia With Love?" And right behind the 2-way mirror, all the action was being filmed. I'm sure Trump had that movie in mind. Anyway, the DUmmies must think Trump is as idiotic as they are and would have fallen into that trap as you can see in this THREAD, "Just heard on BBC World News radio that trump had another hooker-hookup." So let us watch the gullible DUmmies swallow yet more FAKE NEWS in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that hot "From Russia With Love" chick was worth getting blackmailed for, is in the [brackets]:

Just heard on BBC World News radio that trump had another hooker-hookup in St. Petersburg and in other hotels. Said the cooperation between Trump surrogates and the Kremlin in reporting on russian oligarchs in the US has been going on eight years. Said the russians had no need to use the kompromat because trump was cooperating with them.

[Ah! It MUST be true. Forward immediately to BuzzFeed and CNN.]

The reporter didn't say if it was more Golden Showers type stuff, just that russia has the goods on him from multiple hotel rooms in multiple cities, including audio.

[HD video?]

Where's his wedding ring? Heard on radio this morning he wasn't wearing one at the "news" conference....

[Maybe he tipped one of the fictional hookers with his wedding ring.]

He wanted to watch the 2 girls together , then told them how terrible a show it was. He didn't actually physically rape her till later. Sounded like something he would do IMO.

[Oh, it's your OPINION? Then it MUST be true.]

It may well be that the Watersportsgate story is just scuttlebutt. However, I'd imagine Trump has been scouring his memory for what he got up to during any of his trips within the Russian sphere of influence over the years.

[I would say that the credibility of the Watersportsgate story is somewhere between nil and none.]

The flood gates (no puns intended) are open. Trump going down. Maybe not now. But sometime soon.

[The floodgates on DUmmie Generator's tear ducts will be wide open on Jan. 20, 2025 when President Trump turns the White House over to Mike Pence.]

The trickle is turning into a steady stream of information (pun intended)

[A flood of fake news that DUmmies are eagerly lapping up.]

OK, I would really like to have someone view the video or videos. Just to verify. I do not want to see or see a link or read or hear any details. I just want verification if they are real or not. PLEASE.

[Please, Blue Fairy. Please make this FAKE NEWS real. Please, Blue Fairy!]