Sunday, May 15, 2016

Team Hillary Hilariously Cheating Sandernistas at State Conventions


The Hillary Clinton campaign is in the process of screwing the Bernie Sanders supporters in a big way and it is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! The Sandernista DUmmies hardly even know what hit them. The big news now is how the Hillary campaign completely SCREWED the Sanders delegates out of their spots at the Nevada convention. You can read details about it HERE or at almost every other thread in DUmmieland right now. Why so surprised, DUmmies? You actually thought Team Hillary would play by something as ridiculous to them as RULES? Fortunately we have the experience of just how one DUmmie Sandernista, CoffeeCat, almost got screwed out of his (or her) spot at the Iowa state convention. Sometime after the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus, CoffeeCat was mysteriously switched on his registration card to Republican. When CoffeeCat showed up at the Iowa state convention, the Hillary folks somehow already knew of this "switch" and tried to disqualify CoffeeCat from participating. You can read CoffeeCat's tail of woe in this THREAD, "I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a tear or two." So let us now watch how yet another DUmmie Sandernista got completely but hilariously screwed over by Team Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, detecting the not so subtle hand of David Brock in Operation Screw, is in the [brackets]:

I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a tear or two

[After you shed your tears, DUmmie CoffeeCat will share a few laughs about a personal screwing from Team Hillary.]

I've never talked about this on DU, but I guess now is a good time.

[Always ready for laughs here. Share away.]

I'm a Bernie delegate from Iowa. I participated in our County Convention and I was gearing up to participate as a Bernie delegate in our District Convention, which was held two weeks ago. Three days before the District Convention, I get a phone call from a Bernie Sanders staff member.

They were wondering why I was registered as a Republican in the state of Iowa.

I was flabbergasted. Our Iowa Caucuses were Feb 1, and to participate you must be a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. I participated, gave a speech for Bernie and served as a Precinct Captain. Furthermore, I've voted Democrat my entire life, starting in the early 1980's.

You can imagine my shock. Why was I, a Bernie delegate, now a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN?

[The Same Clinton Cash that purchased DUmmie Leader Skinner via his wife also purchased your change of party registration. Please continue with your tale about The Screwing...]

I was told that there were other Bernie delegates who were also coming up as REGISTERED REPUBLICANS too. One of them was a life-long Democrat who was also a Democratic County Precinct Chair.

[And very "mysteriously" not a single Hillary delegate experienced that party shift.]

I was informed, three days before our District Convention, that if I showed up at our Convention as a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN that the Hillary people could challenge my credentials, strip me of my credentials and that I would be disallowed from participating or voting.

I had to go downtown and switch my registration. The woman at the counter confirmed that I was indeed--a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN.



I have NO IDEA how. I never switched it.

[Clinton Cash will work wonders.]

I showed up at the District Convention in May---and sure enough, my name had a big line through it. The Hillary person at the check-in table questioned my Republican status. I had the appropriate paperwork to document that I had switched to Democrat, so I was let in.

[Yeah, "strange" how they already knew about your party shift.]

I just learned that in Nevada that 64 of Bernie's delegates were stripped of their credentials. A Hillary supporter on DU posted the official reason: "because they weren't 'registered as Democratic voters by May 1, 2016'"

[Thank you David Brock.]

I bet they weren't REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. Maybe they became REGISTERED REPUBLICANS...just like I did. It's like some kind of political miracle, in which Bernie delegates get their registrations switched out of thin air.

Simply unbelievable.

I had a few tears coming down, when I read about why those 64 were stripped of their credentials. Bernie would have won that Nevada caucus room, if those 64 delegates would have been allowed to participate. I hope those delegates find out WHY their credentials were stripped and I hope they fight the ruling--if their voter registrations were switched without their knowledge.

[ Yeah those party flips are about as mysterious as all those coin flips that Hillary kept winning in Iowa. And now on to the other Sandernista DUmmies...]

They earn every ounce of disdain they receive.

[They tremble in fear over your severe chastisement.]

What has the Democratic Party become? One clue is when you embrace a scumbag like David Brock.

[And Shelly Moskwa. On the Clinton Cash payroll as well. Oh, and the wife of uberDummie, Skinner.]

I've never seen or heard of anything like this in the history of our party.

[Um...outright fraud by Democrats is quite normal. Only difference is now YOU are on the receiving end of it.]

Ask to see paperwork that changed you to republican and call 911

[And check it against Shelly Moskwa's handwriting.]

I'm wondering how registration can be changed that easily. Both the paper form and the bmv online method require details that only the voter should know. Either way there should be a track on when it occurred and who processed it.

[DUmmie registration information would be very helpful in making those changes. Ask Mrs. Moskwa's hubby about that.]

Unbelievable...there are obviously lots of dirty tricks... Going on, especially in the states that have a lot of weight behind them with regards to number of delegates, momentum, perception, etc. Iowa and NV were two of those. DNC and Clinton machine are prime suspects.

[Also place Mr. & Mrs. Skinner on that suspect list.]

The system is RIGGED!

[Just wait until Bernie gives his speech at the Democrat convention and he finds out his microphone mysteriously malfunctions a few sentences in or loudspeaker music mysteriously drowns him out. Hee! Hee!]

Underhanded dirty low down scumbaggery.

[Tell us how you really feel.]

It has happened to A LOT OF Bernie voters, CC in several states. Remember the data breach way back when? That's where they got the names.

[Hmmm... Good catch! I hadn't thought of that but that is when Team Hillary got the inside info to screw the Sandernistas.]

Bernie must ride the wave before it's gone. He knows the fix is in for the convention...

[Yeah, I'm waiting to see how his speech works out. Look for technical "errors" to keep folks from hearing it.]

The most corrupt primary I think we have ever had. Bar none.

[Corrupt but funny. Funny that you DUmmies are being SCREWED by your own leader who has Clinton Cash funneled to him.]

I think of it as the Clinton effect. Everything they touch...

[And they touched Mr. & Mrs. Skinner really hard.]

I think of it as the Clinton effect. Everything they touch...

[They didn't have to steal DUmmie personal information. That was handed to them on a silver platter by Mr. & Mrs. Skinner.]

Funny how these "oopsies" only happen to Bernie delegates and not Hillary ones, right? Makes one wonder if they really believe Her Majesty is "inevitable" like her press releases claim.

[FUnny how Hillary won EVERY coin toss in Iowa.]

Sunday, May 01, 2016

DUmmies Demand That Skinner Come Clean on Clinton Cash Corruption

Call it, Skinner.

That is the demand of the Hillary supporters, including PAID trolls, to Skinner in DUmmieland. That want him to "call it" for Hillary as the nominee so all debate can end and the Sandernistas will fall into line behind Hillary.

However, there is now a louder call in DUmmieland from the Sandernistas: Tell it, Skinner.

Yes, Tell it, Skinner about how you SOLD OUT and betrayed your fellow DUmmies for Clinton Cash. You might recall that a year ago, the DUmmie FUnnies REVEALED that Skinner has been getting big bucks from his paymasters at the Clinton Campaign via his wife, Shelly Moskwa. Since then the payments have continued while Skinner has maintained his silence. The most recent Federal Election Commission DOCUMENT shows that Skinner's wife hauled in $14,000 from The Paymaster for the month of March.

Since last year, the DUmmies, timidly at first but later more boldly, have been casting aspersions upon Skinner's honesty. However, since he continues to maintain his oath of Omerta on this corruption, the voices in DUmmieland are now SHOUTING at him to come clean and reveal the extent of his CORRUPTION. We can see this happen in this THREAD authored by Skinner himself, The Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship! It starts out with Skinner republishing a Slate story about the effects of the Bernie-Hillary rivalry on friendship. I'll skip it to go straight to Post #44 in which DUmmie lumberjack_jeff demands that Skinner tell the extent of his corruption.

So let us now watch the DUmmies demand that Skinner come clean about his Clinton Cash payments in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Skinner worship the green goddess Cashia, is in the [brackets]:

Skinner, we've hung out together for thirteen years.

If you and I could sit down over a beer, I'd tell you this:

I get that the relationship isn't symmetrical, it's mostly a business/customer relationship... kinda. I know that as a site that is free to me, I'm not really a customer, but my eyes, and the words I type are the product being sold.

I'm fine with that because I felt that we had a shared purpose in... not so much promoting the Democratic party as a jersey or a logo, but promoting progressive change through the Democratic party.

... But there was a competing agenda at work; the party was also being used as a vehicle to promote oligarchy and to enrich families through influence peddling; the purchasing of superdelegates in the guise of "helping downticket", money laundering by exploiting citizens united and superpacs to their full capacity.

[The Skinner family is certainly being enriched but continue lumberback_jeff...]

When I heard that you have a personal financial stake in the success of that family, I was concerned that I'd been sold out. That what I understood to be our shared agenda had been abandoned.

[Of course you have been sold out for way more than 30 pieces of silver by Skinner. Please continue...]

I appreciate that you haven't... what? Banned Sanders supporters? Not quite sure what the "call it" folks have in mind actually, but I think it would be a show of good faith for you to explain (or deny) the family connection to the Clinton campaign, and to talk about the measures you've taken to be fair with your community, approximately 70% of whom supported Bernie.

[Skinner has had a year to explain his secret acceptance of Clinton Cash but he still maintains his silence on this matter so don't expect much from him. All you and your fellow DUmmies can do is continue to focus on this corruption until hopefully Skinner will be embarrassed into making some sort of statement on this matter. And now on to the other DUmmies...]

Skinner really has not proven he is running a democratically driven discussion board, and we're supposed to stand up and take this?

The Hell I am...

[Of course it's not democratically driven. Skinner has turned DUmmieland into Cash & Carry. Money Talks, BS Walks!]

Is what you have posted a preamble or rationalization to a forthcoming purge?

[Get on Team Hillary or take a hike! So demands The Paymaster.]

If Skinner starts purging people who dislike-to-despise HRC, he'd have to slash almost all of DU. Then he'd have not much of a website left.

[No but he would have plenty of Clinton Cash left and that's what counts.]

The article is bullshit... not real life. I wonder why Skinner is pushing the meme


Skinner, the only thing Michelle's article gives me perspective on is how the NARRATIVE GETS HIJACKED by people who get paid to explain it to us.

[Ahh, this DUmmie is referring to the PAID Hillary trolls now posting in DUmmieland. David Brock is handling those cash disbursements but Mrs. Skinner gets her Clinton Cash directly from the Hillary campaign.]

Thanks for the anti-Bernie supporter hit piece, Skinner.

[At least he got paid well for it.]

I've seen this mentioned a couple of times. But I haven't seen anyone spell it out. What is the claimed connection between Skinner and the Clintons? If you don't want to type up a long response that has already been said on DU, could you link me to it?

[Clinton Cash paid to Mrs. Skinner via the Clinton Campaign. $14,000 just this past March alone.]

A connection to a candidate doesn't ALWAYS mean that person supports the candidate. One of my friends and mentors was related to John Edwards, but I did not choose to vote for him in the 2008 primary.

[Is that you, Rielle?]

Though, I would be interested in reading the connections between Skinner and the Clintons. I have always found Skinner to be even handed, regardless of who he supports. It's something I admire about him because he's much more level headed than me. he doesn't seem to get worked up easily in his posts, etc.

[Skinner and the Clintons are connected by $$$$.]

It's time, skinner! Just change the name of the website to: Hillary, Come Hell (very probably) or High Water (um, yeah, already happened).

[$$$$ eases the way thru Hell and High Water.]

I appreciate what you tried to do by posting this article, Skinner. But if there is a clamp down on Sanders posters here, I fear it really will for all intents and purposes end this site as we know it, and that would be a shame in my view.

[Apocalypse Now! It will happen when more DUmmies realize how Skinner has BETRAYED them by secretly taking Clinton Cash and remaining silent about it.]