Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Triumph the Insult Dog Mocks PC Children of the Corn

This is one of the FUnniest of all the Triumph the Insult Dog Videos. Triumph visits the University of New Hampshire campus and confronts a group of absolutely humorless Politically Correct students. What results is COMEDY GOLD. Oh, and don't miss the hilarious bit where the PC students are asked to describe a certain suspect to a police sketch artist.

Exit question: How many of these PC students have DUmmie screen names?

Sunday, February 07, 2016

DUmmies Accuse Democrats of Vote Fraud

Remember whenever the Democrats lost an election, the DUmmies would accuse the Republicans of vote fraud? Of course, DUmmies would also get completely outraged if Democrats were accused of the same crime. Could never happen. As rare a an asteroid strike on the planet. Well, the DUmmies have now changed their tune. They are now accusing DEMOCRATS of massive vote fraud in the Iowa caucuses. Yeah, obviously the Hillary Clinton campaign was involved in it but they needed the help of the Iowa Democrat party bosses to enable the Hillary Clinton "victory" which was really a tie that was in actuality a Bernie Sanders victory. Think of it. Six coin flips to choose delegates and EVERY ONE of them goes for Hillary. In another case, there was only ONE vote in an Iowa precinct and the person who cast that ONE vote claims he voted for Bernie yet it was recorded as a Hillary vote. Right now the Des Moines Register is cataloging many, many more instances of vote irregularities which just so happened to have gone Hillary's way each and every time. Therefore it is enlightening to see, with the aide of the DUmmies in their thread titled, There is now enough evidence to think that Bernie actually won the Iowa Caucus,  just how corrupt the DEMOCRATS are. So let us now watch the DUmmies accuse the DEMOCRATS of vote fraud in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, recuperating from my All You Can Drink Rum Festival yesterday, is in the [brackets]:

There is now enough evidence to think that Bernie actually won the Iowa Caucus.

[GASP! Democrat vote fraud! Who could have imagined it?]

Too many vote-count irregularities. Too many "transpositions" of odd-numbered delegations, always in Hillary's favor... for example, taking a 5-4 delegation for Bernie, and having it entered in as a 5-4 for Hillary. "Oopsie!" How cute. Vote fraud doesn't have to involve obviously evil bad guys stuffing ballots in back rooms. It can easily be some low-level apparatchik dishonestly typing in the wrong numbers. It only takes a second. The deed is done so quickly, it hardly seems like vote fraud at all...

[Yup! This definitely sounds like a Democrat vote fraud MO.]

Obviously, this is just my opinion about who really won. But I think everyone would agree, a full investigation is now required.

[Yeah, good luck getting the Iowa DEMOCRAT party to turn over the raw vote numbers. Now on to the other DUmmies claiming DEMOCRAT vote fraud...]

To call someone who is reasonably calling for certainty in elections a conspiracy nut only furthers the perception is very...Republican and bullyish - in my opinion.

[LOL! Using DEMOCRAT vote fraud to slam Republicans.]

Thus far, 4 people have come forward to say that the numbers were reported incorrectly. Clinton was given one delegate that she didn't earn. Bernie had one taken away. All errors found have favored Clinton.

[Gee! What a coincidence.]

The entire Editorial Board of the Des Moines Register has called for the Iowa Democratic Party to examine the caucus results.

[Yeah, the ones who committed the fraud are supposed to investigate it. LOL!]

And of course Hillary knew nothing about it. But the look on the faces of Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea during her victory /non victory speech before they high tailed it out of town and refused to respond to questions, perhaps suggests otherwise.

[That was the angriest "victory" speech I have ever seen.]

The one thing that the Clinton's learn well is never to leave their fingerprints on anything. Just like the server issue, it was obviously under her authority but underlings will pay the price. That is the cost of being associated with a Clinton.


Of course she didn't personally coordinate irregularities (I guess)... BUT the "fix" was so in (with persons that are dedicated, die-hard Hill devotees, that will do anything) in many regions of the state...that it wouldn't come as any surprise that there could have been a few number changes. How many reports and videos of not only things in Iowa but Democratic offices around the country that have only Hill promotional materials and/or won't allow Bernie materials...thank you DWS for making it crystal clear the favored candidate.

[If Hillary continues suffering primary losses, the dirty tricks against Bernie will grow astronomically. Perhaps pics of Bernie with the Fidelistas when he visited Cuba years ago?]

Looks like its not gonna be a two tenths close. But a much wider margin with obvious cheating going on. But you go ahead and cling to that two tenths.

[BTW, head of the Iowa Democrat party owns a car with an "HRC 2016" license plate.]

I accept the official number from the Iowa Democratic party. Exhibit A: License plate HRC 2016. Blatant favoritism displayed prominently does not make me trust the "official" numbers.

[Blatant favoritism for Hillary? DWS would never allow it.]

there are some people within the DNC/Iowa Dems that don't want to release the total official count for a reason.That reason being is that Bernie won..but go ahead prove me wrong and I will the first tell you "well guess I was wrong".

[Yes, how convenient the RAW NUMBERS have not been released. Meanwhile the Republican raw numbers are out there for all to see.]

I get a kick out of watching democrats argue against transparency.

[Me too. Makes for great DUFU material.]

I bet the actual raw votes show a SOLID win for Bernie. We'll never see them.

[Welcome to the Wonderful World of DEMOCRAT vote fraud.]

Ah yes. Vote fraud only happens in other countries.

[And, until now, in other parties.]

The DNC has refused to release the raw vote count, what are they hiding?

[The real winner.]

we damn well better get to the truth before the rest of the states get a chance to rig their primaries.

[All future coin tosses will still be in Hillary's favor.]

Of course he won! And EVERYONE KNOWS IT. The cheating, lying, stealing and CORRUPTION is only going to make More people go out and vote, who may have just stayed home. Once again, HRH and all her corrupt THUGS, screwed up - Big Time. People are pissed!

[As well as amused.]

Some Americans don't like in your face election stealing.

[Does that mean Al Franken has to give up his senate seat?]

We must remain vigilant because they plan to pull this shit in every state.

[2 days till New Hampshire!]