Saturday, January 30, 2016

DUmmies Suddenly NOT Sick & Tired of Hearing About Hillary's Damn Emails

During the first Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate last year, Bernie Sanders told Hillary Clinton that "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails." That was the attitude of the DUmmies as well and for months afterwards not much was said about the topic in DUmmieland...until now. Suddenly, with the Iowa caucuses looming this Monday, her "damn emails" have become a hot topic in DUmmieland especially since some of her "damn emails" are rated top secret at the highest level and could be easily hacked from her private server. You can see the sudden DUmmie outrage at Clinton's emails labeled 'top secret'. Actually it is the Bernie Sanderistas who are suddenly outraged about Hillary's emails. Therefore the very few Hillary supporters in DUmmieland provide comic entertainment in their support of her as they get fervently attacked by the rest. So let us now watch the DUmmies work up strange new outrage over Hillary's emails in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who has returned from the wilderness after a very brief break, is in the [brackets]:

Clinton's emails labeled 'top secret

[DUmmies labeled 'bored' ...until now.]

Source: The Hill

The Obama administration will entirely withhold seven email chains found on Hillary Clinton’s private server because they have been classified as “top secret,” according to The Associated Press.

The former secretary of State’s presidential campaign quickly dismissed the news, which spokesman Brian Fallon called “overclassification run amok.”

“We adamently oppose the complete blocking of the release of these emails,” the campaign aide said on Twitter.

The revelation comes days before Iowa holds the first-in-the-nation nominating contest and on top of mounting scrutiny of Clinton's use of the private email server.

[Yes. Days before the Iowa caucuses which explains sudden DUmmie interest in a topic that they would normally write off as just "righwing" spin. So let us now watch the DUmmies show their sudden great concern about this...]

Just got an AP bulletin on my phone about the same thing. It's definitely informing/infecting...the news cycles. If she's to be the nominee, she has to make sure this doesn't hand the White House to the crypto-fascists...

["Crypto-fascists" is DUmmie-speak for "Republicans."]

I bet it will be "mum's the word" on the major networks.

[Good news! NBC News led off with it. Go Lester!]

SHE SHOULD NOT be the nominee. Too risky with this, not to mention what may be lurking in her husband's whole "pants-down department"...

[Give that DUmmie a crooked cigar!]

If she's the nominee Trump will crush her. Not even kidding. This whole fiasco is caused by her stunning lack of judgment and tendency to go right up to the line without crossing it. She should step aside and let Biden take her place as the establishment candidate.

[Get rid of Ughs! Bring in Plugs!]

She should step aside and let Biden take her place agree completely !

[I'll drink to that. Actually next Saturday I'll drink to that again and again and again when I go to the Tropical Rum Festival in West Palm Beach armed with my ALL YOU CAN DRINK ticket (GroupOn).]

Nonsense. Based on what? And if you want to hand the WH to the republicans, parachuting Biden in is a sure way to do it.


She broke the law buy sending highly classified information over unsecured servers. She removed classified information to unauthorized locations, is against the law, that's what this is all based on. It's unacceptable.

[And yet... You will still vote for her if she is nominated.]

Worried that this could sink her chances of being elected and ended of with one of nuts on the right.

[Would you like a coupon for worry beads?]

Maybe she shouldn't have set up a private email server for work emails

[Duuuh! Ya think?]

I think it speaks to her incredible lack of judgment and absolute hubris..

[But not a lack of moral fiber and Pappy O'Daniel has plenty of that.]

Anyway, the prospect of a Republican president at this time even more so than at others, is a ghastly scenario.

[It would definitely stir up the DUmmie Ant Farm for comedy gold.]

she knew what she was doing was illegal but figured she's a clinton, she can do as she pleases arrogance is another of her endearing qualities.....

[Along with her endearing cackle. Don't you just love it?]

She surrounded herself with sycophants and yes men.. nobody in that circle was about jump in and suggest that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to set up a private, unsecure mail server.

[The yes men wanted to preserve their cojones rather than try to correct Hillary.]

This morning on one of the news shows I heard a commentator musing about whether the FBI could clear her of all wrongdoing before the election so we wouldn't have to worry about a sitting president being indicted. That's what we'll be facing if she's the nominee. Trump will have a field day.

[A YUUUUUUUUUUGE field day.]

Why would she do something so dumb?

[But isn't she supposed to be the smartest woman in the word?]

Hillary's concern is Hillary.

[At the end she will NOT go quietly into the night.]

This isn't ever going to go away. God help us if she manages to keep the lid on this until after the GE. It's not going to blow,over, it's going to simmer until it explodes all over the place.

[It will go on and on and on. Always and forever unto the end of time.]

It would be worse if the lid popped off right before the general.

[Is that the same as a Chakra Release?]

Even if it was classified after the fact... we have Sec. Of State that can't recognize classified material. Does not speak well of her.

[It's like General Eisenhower getting a document with the date and location of the upcoming D-Day invasion and wondering if the document should be classified.]

The subject content of some of them was apparently about programs about which information is ALWAYS top secret. She shouldn't have needed someone to stamp the email with a digital rubber stamp, unless she was so clueless about her job that she didn't know that those programs were automatically top secret.

[At least she ran the documents by the Muslim Brotherhood supporter aka Huma.]

Same ol bullshit.. And yet she is still standing..

[As straight as a Weiner.]

Its been widely reported that there are over 1,300 classified emails found so far.

[Yet only just before the Iowa caucuses do the DUmmies get interested in this.]

DIRTY TRICKS WEEKENDS HAVE BEGUN!!! The time honored dirty tricks weekends start in earnest, as the primaries are upon us. Who will be the next targetS, I wonder - both this weekend and next, then before South Carolina?

[Thus spaketh one of the very very few Hillary supporters in DUmmieland.]

When will she be indicted? What's taking so long? Better now than late October.

[A DUmmie aching for Hillary to be frog walked.]

Someone else will take the fall.

[Huma Weiner?]

I agree there is over classification - but these are not confidential, but top secret

[Which means they were in Snowden's flash drive.]

Hillary's campaign wants them released because they know it cannot happen. Top secret.

[Bingo. Kewpie doll to you.]

What happens if Huma sends classified info to Hillary or vice-versa.

[Is the length of Weiner consider classified info?]

So they are spinning it as overclassification. Clever, but not good enough. Now they are impugning Obama's own people. Seems like they are firing everywhere.

[Obama's people are members of a VAST RIGHTWING CONSPIRACY.]

Sanders is supposed to be very honest and trustworthy. Makes me wonder if the Sanders' supporters that post such things as in this OP believe in those traits?

[Savor the fine whine from a rare Hillary supporter in DUmmieland.]