Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dejected Hillary DUmmie Supporters Hide Out In Bunker

Talk about low morale! The rapidly dwindling number of Hillary supporters are under such assault from the Bernie supporters in DUmmieland that they now feel persecuted as you can see in this THREAD, "I am leary of posting this but... HRC ROOM." There has been no blatant revolt by the DUmmies against Skinner himself over the fact that he is receiving big bucks from the Hillary campaign via his wife. However, the Hillary DUmmies are in full retreat as the Sanders DUmmies have completely taken over the conversation in DUmmieland. Meanwhile no response from Skinner as to his cash connection to Hillary but that is because Skinner seems to have gone into a witness protection program. Basically he has been silent for weeks. Perhaps he is praying that Bernie will peacefully fade away but that hasn't happened. Instead there is a Bernie SURGE over there with the result that the Hillary supporters feel under complete assault. So let us now join the few DUmmie Hillary supporters whispering to each other about their persecution in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how much longer the Hillary cash flow to Mr. & Mrs. Skinner will last, is in the [brackets]:

I am leary of posting this but... HRC ROOM

[Posted the dejected Hillary DUmmie hrmjustin from the HRC BUNKER.]

It is becoming clearer after these last few weeks and particularly last night that vocal Hillary Clinton supporters are being targeted for hides.

[The Bernie drones are armed and targeting you Hillary DUmmies.]

Last night people put legitimate concerns foward about Sanders and two posts were hidden. All the hides were aboug were stifling opposition to Sanders.

[You must be absorbed by the Bernie Borg!]

We are in the minority here and that has become clearer as great posters have been alert stalked and gotten bogus hides and forced vacations. It is getting harder to post here due to fear of hides and the vitriol being hurled at HRC and her supporters here.

[We few. We sad, sad few. We band of Hillary posters.]

I am leary of posting this meta here because it is very meta but as a host I have leeway on it. This needs to be said.

[Post quickly and then scurry away to your Hillary hole.]

Just be careful what you say and use ignore and the trash function if you are inclined to.

[Big Bernie is watching you.]

Use your jury blacklist.

[I, The Jury.]

BE CAUTIOUS how you respond to this thread because people are watching and have itchy fingers on that alert button. I expect to be alerted on but it needs to be said.

[Alert button LAUNCH missiles!]

And again this is a reminder this is the HRC room which is for supporters.

[This is the HRC bunker for dejected DUmmies... Now on to more tales of woe and persecution...]

It is clear to me there is alert stslking and that we are on the receiving end of it. Just a shame.

[Have you checked the view screen behind your mirror, Citizen Smith?]

I am glad you are strong. Stay strong.

[Stay strong. Stay brave. We pray we outlast this Reign of Terror.]

Clearly they are reading this forum and looking for anything to be alerted on.

[Big Bernie is watching. Always watching.]

It is almost like there is a Sanders Enforcement Committee ready to pounce on any post that is not pro Sanders. I am a lifelong Democrat have been here for 11 years and I haven't seen anything like it.

[Pants down! Hands up! The Thought Police are about to break through your door.]

Sanders supporters have a nasty streak. I cannot tell sometimes, if Sanders supporters are just the GOP playing games.

[Or...or maybe they are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

I'm a strong supporter of HRC who will be the next President of the USA.

[Is that you, Chelsea?]

Hillary is a fighter and she is the best choice.

[The best choice for Mr. & Mrs. Skinner who have profited from a nice Hillary cash flow.]

Yes it is a shame that this is happening here.

[Yes, it is a shame that Skinner's scheme to turn DUmmieland into a bastion of Hillary support went down in flames. Maybe she will dock her payments.]