Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pitt Defends Hillary; Owned by DUmmie

Attention DUmmie MADem! As the Lord Protector of the DUmmie FUnnies I hereby grant you absolution for all your leftwing sins you may have committed in the past or might commit in the future. Let the word go forth that from now unto all eternity, DUmmie MADem shall be immune from any criticism by the DUmmie FUnnies for providing the public service of completely owning WILLIAM RIVERS PITT in a most humiliating way. So what happened? WILLIAM RIVERS PITT who is now suffering extreme boredom in the lily white woods of New Hampshire attempted to get back into Hillary's good graces by very publicly defending the indefensible, namely her laughable performance at yesterday's brief press conference in which she tried to justify using a homebrew email server (and, no, she won't turn it over). You can see Pitt's Hillary's defense in this THREAD, "I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but..." ...But you are about to make a complete FOOL out of yourself again. What is really surprising is how quickly Pitt has set himself up for complete HUMILIATION on the heels of being very publicly smacked down for completely FALSE REPORT about TurboTax a month ago. So let us now watch WILLIAM RIVER PITT set himself up for a softball pitch to be smacked out of the ballpark in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that this and future DUFU posts on the Free Republic will be excerpts due to an excess of pearl clutching, is in the [brackets]:

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but...

[...I will soon be completely smacked down due to my usual hypocritical idiocy.]

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but I am even less a fan of the "mainstream" news media...and with this email thing, you just have to love how these laggards have managed to go from "Clinton Scandal!" to "Remember The Other Clinton Scandals!" to, now, "Look, The Media Is Back In Clinton-Scandal Mode!"

["Look, The Pittster Is Back In Pompous-Hypocrite Mode!"]

In essence, they've downshifted so they can report on themselves. Easiest gig in America, and now they get to do it until a year from November. "Wow, look how we do what we do!"

["Wow, look at how Pitt plays the fool again!"]

Maybe a cat asleep in a ray of sunlight is lazier than these frauds, but I doubt it.

[A Pitt asleep on his sofa is about to be OWNED by a fellow DUmmie. Hee! Hee!]

Maybe a cat asleep in a ray of sunlight is lazier than these frauds, but I doubt it.

[You are absolutely right, DUmmie MADem. Please proceed in your Pitt exposure...]

Why yes, you were! You said she "has a sad" and was "disinterested in following the law" (ooops, that was a big fail-wrong) and then you went back into her past in an attempt to smear her with ancient history and "guilt by association" innuendo of the worst sort.

And right here on DU, too:

[Yup! Right THERE in DUmmieland and only a couple of weeks ago. Here is what Pitt said then, contradicting the current Pitt:]

I'm very sorry Hillary Clinton has a sad today.

She voted for the PATRIOT Act.

She voted for the Iraq War Resolution.

She is snuggled up good and tight with organized crime crews like Goldman Sachs that stole our future.

She got the Keystone XL pipeline ball rolling at the State Department.

Personal liberty...unjust war...Wall Street crime...climate change.

Gosh, seems to me those are the signal issues of our time...and every chance she's had to cast a vote or exert influence, she's gone in absolutely the wrong direction.

Now, it seems, she's disinterested in following the law when it comes to governmental data collection. A poster here who claims to have worked at State says it's because she's a Luddite working within a calcified bureaucratic technology, and she's just more comfortable with her Yahoo account, or whatever it is.

If the Bush administration had unspooled that line, this place would have erupted. And rightly so.

So maybe the trick isn't to try to elect the most "electable" Democrat. As Democrats, maybe the trick is to wrestle this party back from the abyss and rediscover a few DNA-level values.

Like protecting personal liberty...and avoiding unjust war...and holding Wall Street to account...and thwarting climate change.

I'm sorry she has a sad today, but my unavoidable conclusion is that Secretary Clinton - based on her black-letter record - does not strike me as the avatar for that change.

Oh, and P.S.: I'm not being divisive. This is the cold, hard truth. Deploy your coping mechanisms as you will. The facts are on the wall. Read them or don't; you're still free, for now.

Let the million flowers bloom.

[And much more than a million brain cells must have died of alcohol poisoning in Pitt's head because the March 10 Will Pitt completely forgot what the March 3 Will Pitt posted. Now back to DUmmie MADem...]

You might take your own advice, there.

t [You actually expect Pitt to remember what he posted a short time earlier? This is not meant as a criticism, DUmmie MADem, since you have been granted DUFU absolution in perpetuity for your service in exposing Pitt hypocrisy.]

"it seems" being the important phrase

[That's it, Pitt? Somehow that is supposed to magically wipe away your utter hypocrisy? Why not use "if the" instead of "it seems?" Makes about as much sense.]

Keep swinging, MADem. You're nothing if not persistent.

[Keep drinking, Will Pitt. You're nothing if not intoxicated.]

Naaah. The "important" phrase was "has a sad." It all went downhill from there. I'm not swinging--I'm hitting the bullseye. I can tell by your reaction.

[Absolutely DUmmie MADem. You hit the bullseye and slamdunked Pitt for all to see.]

IWR. Patriot Act. Keystone. Wall Street. Still waiting.

[Bukowski's. Brew. Still waiting.]

Guilt by insinuation and association, and context-free, as always. Why not give us some of your trademark "argle bargle" while you're at it?

[I understand that a certain Temporary Sockpuppet has stolen Pitt's trademarks. And now we have Pitt flopping around helplessly on the DUmmie deck...]

"Guilt by insinuation and association"

IWR: = "Yes" vote

Patriot Act: "Yes" vote

[Newton Coed: YESSS!]


[ps, ok, aka...]

Insinuation? Association?

[Intoxication? Humiliation?]

Black-ink legislation.



You are really shameless. It's a strength...and an indelible stain. ...and I forgot my first rule: don't feed the ___________.

[Uh-oh! Calling someone a TROLL in DUmmieland is a tombstoning offense as DUmmie MADem is about to note...]

And she's never talked about those votes, never, ever again, has she! Oh wait--she has. But that doesn't fit your narrative, so you gloss over it.

[Pitt's employment history also doesn't fit his narrative and he glosses over that as well.]

Your remarks are as rigid as someone saying "Can't trust Betsy Warren--she was a REPUBLICAN in 1996!!! She loved Saint Ronnie's approach to markets--never minded his views on AIDS, women, "Welfare Queens," and so forth...!"

See how absurd THAT sounds?

You have the moxie to call me shameless? For pointing out YOUR OWN WORDS, too?

No one is more shameless than you, Will. I'm a rank amateur compared to your prodigious talents on that score.

FWIW, calling me a troll isn't cool, either. I've never been PPR'd and reinstated from this forum--can you say the same? Just because you don't fill in the blank on your little

[Pitt can't tell you the same because he was tombstoned for threatening physical attack on a woman. Poor beloved Bobo the Hobo. Fortunately Pitt's Mama checkbooked his way back into DUmmieland.]

...and I forgot my first rule: don't feed the ___________.

comment, that doesn't mean one can't figure out what you mean. I won't alert, but it wouldn't make me "has a sad" if someone else did--it would serve you right.

[This was followed the next morning by a DUmmie jury voting to allow Pitt to remain. Reason was probably to continue allowing the laughs to roll.]

Admit it. You contributed to this spectacle. And continue to do so with the petulant repetition. Fucking rich.

[Another DUmmie slams Pitt.]

By posting two threads in GD of DU. Yeah, it was me.

[More specifically Pitt, for posting two completely CONTRADICTORY threads in the space of a week.]


[You got that right, DUmmie joshcryer. DUmmie MADem completely OWNED Pitt. And thanks again for highlighting this comedy GOLD.]