Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Is DUmmie Screen Name of This I-93 Protest Leech Living in Dad's Mansion?

A homework assignment: What is the name of this #BlackLivesMatter leech who was among those who stopped traffic on I-93 in Boston last week? We know his real name is Noah McKinney and that this leech lives in daddy's mansion as you can see in this VIDEO. His dreadlocks plus the fact that he must be as much a Trust Fund Kid as WILLIAM RIVERS PITT means he is a Trustafarian. Note that he can't answer the question from the reporter as to what kind of work he does which means he is a 28 year old bum. Oh, and he is also a veteran of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement which is ironic since his trust fund money is heavily invested in the stock market much like the equally worthless Ted Hall.

All these things add up to the fact that he MUST be a DUmmie. So what is the DUmmie screen name of this useless Bostonian?