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"DWS needs to step down NOW !!"

The DUmmies are ANGRY at Debbie Wasserman Schultz and they want her to step down as Chair of the DNC NOW!!! The FUnnie thing is the DUmmies are far more upset with DWS than your humble correspondent ever was. In fact, I was never upset with DWS. I never told this story before but before we get into this DUFU edition, I need to relay to you an incredible personal story about DWS.

A little over 7 years ago my wife was having trouble getting her Green Card despite us having been married over a year. The Feds kept delaying the appointment and when we finally showed up to the immigration building in Miami at 79th street near Biscayne, the woman interviewing us had a bad attitude. She didn't believe anything we told her and basically nixed my wife's chances of getting the Green Card. Then when we had a later appointment that was cancelled because that woman claimed she had to go to the hospital because her friend's cousin (or her cousin's friend) had to go to the hospital. After that my wife was informed that all her paperwork was LOST and it looked like her application which couldn't be found was going nowhere.

My wife reacted with total despondency and began crying. So I told her I would write a letter to my congressperson who was DWS at that time to explain the situation. My wife angrily dismissed me with a flick of her wrist to wave me off like I was an idiot even though I had explained that a neatly typed letter written business style usually gets the attention of the person receiving it.

Okay, within a few days I got notice from the office of DWS that we should go back to the immigration office and that the problem should be resolved. In about two weeks after I originally sent the letter my wife and I were back at the 79th street building but something was strange. Instead of a crowded parking lot for the building, it was completely empty. Then when we got to the outside of the building there was no one else there which was strange since there was usually a crowd of people. I asked the guard where everyone was and he told us that they closed down the building for us. I laughed because I thought he was joking but when we got to the office upstairs there was NO ONE else there. Normally you have to wait a long time for your appointment because of the big crowd. Right away the Fed woman who was nasty before came up to us all smiles and very apologetic. Right away she told us she was sorry about the "misunderstanding" and that my wife would get her green card very quickly which she did receive in the mail a short time later.

On the way home both my wife and I were blabbering to each other in STUNNED amazement about what had just occurred. An entire building closed just to handle our situation and a Fed woman with a completely changed attitude. It spoke to the amazing power of DWS to be able to pull that off. Since that day I often do a FUnnie impression of my despondent wife flicking her wrist in disgust at my idea of sending DWS a letter. I use that as an example not to despair when all looks hopeless. Also I am still amazed at the power of DWS. So what happened with the election? Most likely DWS was so powerful that none in the DNC dare challenge her. Problem is that her decisions might not have been the right ones. So if you have a constituent problem, DWS is definitely the one you want to handle it but for a DNC problem, maybe not the best person.

Okay, enough with my personal experience with DWS. The DUmmies want her OUT as you can see in this thread, DWS needs to step down NOW !! So let us now watch the DUmmies call for the ouster of DWS in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that LBJ also provided some amazing constituent services to the point of causing his office staff to drop from exhaustion, is in the [brackets]:

DWS needs to step down NOW !!

[The DUmmie Reign of Terror begins. The Revolution is eating its own.]

Win or lose tonight - no matter what the results - we could have done a hell of a lot better ! We had to rely on Bill Maher (only one I know) to tout Obama's numerous achievements to the masses. Any party leader worth their salt would have compiled a list of achievements and sent it to every single frickin Dem to constantly throw to the press. We let the right define that Obama failed. Most Dems co-opted. The idea has reached critical mass. But it is not true ! And even the press doesn't challenge. DWS should step down and we need a true PR genius type with a great organizationally skilled team to take full and complete charge.

[As I have shown from personal experience DWS does (or did) have a great organizationally skilled team but when the message stinks there is not much one can do.]

A big Dem loss now helps Hillary in 2016.

[Almost every candidate that Hillary campaigned for LOST so that helps her?]

I think we underestimate the downright meanness and selfishness of the American people.


Most Republicans I know, not all but most, are mean people. Most are racists. They don't see the huge inequalities in America today because they just don't care.

[And they beat grandma before rolling her over the cliff.]

Honestly, folks, the people in this country have turned into monsters. We have to realize this. Now what do we do?

[Have you considered COAKLEY 2016!]

I am stunned at the Dem incompetence at campaigning. It's like they didn't want to win.

[COAKLEY 2016!]

I agree she needs to go

[War On Women.]

One of the worst chairpersons ever

[Hey, she closed down a federal building just for me so I can't complain.]

The Democratic Party hasn't had a successful leader since Howard Dean. And yes, I think it's time for a change in the DNC.


The candidates didn't have the support they needed to run winning campaigns. We really need Howard Dean back.

[Hillary hates him. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!]

Someone should have known better than to put her in that position. She was always a DLCer and rarely voted with the Dems when it mattered. I've never liked her, and this really doesn't help. She went with the corporatists again.

[Can YOU close down a building for a constituent, hotshot?]

Despite all that - which you know more about than I, she has always just seemed ineffectual to me.

[Let's see... A constituent writes her a letter. Within a couple of weeks her office closes down a building for that constituent and makes sure the problem is quickly resolved. Sorry, slam DWS all you want but "ineffectual" she is definitely not.]

Failure to perform. Her job is to deliver wins. Failed.

[She delivered for me. Maybe the Democrat message stinks so much that no amount of organizational ability can save them.]

Bring back Dean!


She has got to go!

[To be replaced by Martha Coakley?]

She's not the problem... Our candidates were idiots...


I agree her tenure as party chair has been shitty. Dean needs to come back.

[I doubt he can shut down a building for a constituent.]

DWS will most likely get fired for effect but replaced with someone equally favored by the Conservative Oligarchs.

[Coakley? Hagan?]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

She's not the problem... Our candidates were idiots...


Combine that with the fact the public refuses to go along with The Obamassiah's fantasies that the nation is far better off than it was when he took office and is fed up with the DSA insanity and you have the reason they got waxed at the polls in a nutshell.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


Can you describe the party makeup of the Fort Lauderdale City Council. There is a story going viral about feeding the homeless and would be curious to see who wrote the laws and how they were elected.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Your DWS encounter reminds me of how maggots are used to cure gangrenous infections. Maggots? Ewwww! But when used medically they can do the best job when called for. I can only guess that you prayed for Gods' hand in this whole affair and He used DWS as an unknowing agent. Good for you and your wife. And DWS. I always knew she wasn't evil, just misguided.

10:18 PM  
Blogger rehabgad1 said...

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