Wednesday, November 05, 2014

DUmmies Discuss Why They Are Losers

Now that they have lost BIG in the midterms, the DUmmies discuss why they are losers. What is interesting in this post mortem is that the ground rules as set by DUmmie lumberjack_jeff is that they are NOT allowed to fall back on the usual excuses such as Diebold. Their loser awareness can be seen in this THREAD, "Post mortem thread. Why did we lose?" So let us now watch the DUmmies discuss their Inner Loser in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Ebola Nurse threw the election to the Maine Republican governor, is in the [brackets]:

Post mortem thread. Why did we lose?

[Because you're LOSERS?]

Ground rules;
a) "we didn't lose" = delusional.
b) "voters suck" = irrelevant and pointless. To win, we need their sucky votes.
c) "Fraud! Cheating! Vote suppression!" = denial

[Those are pretty horrible restraints for DUmmies but it will be interesting to see how they will handle it.]

I guess I go first. The democrats were overdependent on single female voters.

[As Mark Uterus learned the hard way.]

because the country is right wing, and has been so for some time

[Not ready for Bolshevik Revolution.]

BTW, 70% of Americans believe angels actually exist. So you'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. But they still support the progressive program when it is presented without party affiliation as a set of proposals.

[So label Bolshevism as "Progressive?"]

I live in Maryland and I'm still trying to process the fact that we just lost the f***ing governorship, despite all the good things Martin O'Malley did for this f***ing state--all because greedy-ass, self-serving ignoramuses want their taxes lower. Really? That's why they would rather have a Republican governor when the last ReTHUG governor we had nearly destroyed the Maryland state economy? Really?

[Please note that I used 3 (THREE) asterisks.]

unnecessary gun grab attempt.

[Followed by a very necessary Tombstoning for you.]

Gun Control died the day Di-Fi opened her mouth.

[Didn't Di-Fi once tell us she carried a gun with her for protection?]

Yes, the game is rigged. How do you beat a rigged game?

[By leaving the country so go now.]

Get leftists on the ballot. Only support outspoken progressives and liberal. Rock the f***ing boat.

[Guess what? You will STILL vote for Hillary in 2016.]

It made me furious when the Republicans started making "liberal" a swear word, and Dem politicians fell all over one another saying, "Liberal? No, nobody here but us moderates! We're business friendly and for a strong defense!"

[Tell that to Mary Landrieu for her Jungle Runoff.]

The sad reality is that the Senate leader will be an old white guy, just like it is now.

[Would you prefer it run by a young Latin guy like Ted Cruz?]

The fact is the majority of Americans consider Obama too liberal. And no hysterical screed is going to change that. Even if it's true that most Americans support liberal values, when it comes to the voting booth, as has been proven over and over again, many don't want liberals and they don't like them. Reality.

[And DUmmie Number 23 WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

The democratic party lost tonight because for the most part the party is composed of losers. it's not this demographic or that one, it's not any one magic button, it's everything. It's systemic. You know how people here will tell you to "hold your nose ang vote?" Well, that smell you're protecting your nose from is gangrene. Internal rot.

[Mark Uterus is still reciting "War on Women" in his sleep.]

As for Coakley, I am baffled. She is the worst candidate ever! Why do MA Dems insist on running her for office?

[COAKLEY 2016!]

Repuglikkkan gerrymandering

[Yeah, gerrymandering explains all those Democrat Senate and gubernatorial losses.]

The Democrats did not turn out enough voters

[Both live and dead.]

We can thank The Clintons to have sided with the rethugs by relaying their Obama undeserved criticism....

[HILLARY 2016!]

I'm sitting here stunned in Illinois. We appear to have elected a right-wing, wealthy Republican as our governor.

[Would you prefer to be sitting stunned in Maryland?]

Koch money

[Harry Reid got a nickle for every time he mentioned the Koch Bros.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

As I suspected the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats continue to refuse to accept reality.

DUmmies indeed.....

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