Tuesday, November 04, 2014

DUmmies Already Cursing This Election

Five hours before the election results started coming in today and the DUmmies are already cursing this election. DUmmie Drunken Irishman (not to be confused with DUmmie Drunken Former Bostonian) seems to be the resident "intellectual" over this with a THREAD displaying this bit of wit, "F*ck Republicans. And f*ck the fuckers who f*cking vote for those f*cks." Since there is going to be a Fast and Furious posting of DUFU editions throughout the night without further adieu let us watch the DUmmies curse into the darkeness in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, fortified with coffee for a possible all nighter DUFU blizzard, is in the [brackets]:

F*ck Republicans. And f*ck the fuckers who f*cking vote for those f*cks.

[How erudite. I just wore out my asterisk key trying to clean up your act.]

f*ck them all to hell!!!!!!!

[DUmmie noiretextatique obviously not in the mood to sing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.]

Can I throw them into the pits of hell, and just "say" I f*cked them?

[DUmmie Elmer S. E. Dump adds to the intellectual feast.]

And f*ck their corporate masters as well!

[Originality seems to be in short supply in DUmmieland today.]

I just sent my employees home at noon and closed the shop. Now, it's just me and Jim Beam here. Not going home tonight, because I strongly suspect I'll be in one damn rotten mood, and my wife and 3 kids don't need that.

[By tomorrow morning DUmmie Old Nick should be ready for the restraining straps and the muzzle.]

And for good measure, f*ck 'em all, the long, the short, and the tall, f*ck 'em all

[Perhaps you would be best off taking sniffing the anesthesia rag now and wake up well into the future when the pain of this night mostly dies down.]

You're priming us for what is to come in about 7 hours. I have no idea why people are so fucked up to vote for a Republican. F*ck Republicans. F*ck their f*cking Corporate media, NPR too. Oh, and lets not forget the registered f*ckers who vote Republican simply by not getting to the polls. The registered non-voting f*ckers are the ones who yell the loudest about what is happening to our country!

[And I am priming DUmmie ReRe for DUFU notoriety. Thanx for your entertaining ANGER.]

F*ck every last one of the f*cking assholes

[Thank you for that excellent summation of this thread's DUmmie thought.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

DUmmie Drunken Irishman sounds just like TROGLAMAN - The Sick Perverted Clone of William Rivers Pitt.

It will be interesting to find out what moniker Guttersnipe uses on DU.

11:13 AM  

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