Thursday, July 10, 2014

DUmmies and KOmmies Enjoy Obama Laughing At Border Crises Meeting

Call it Blind Optics. The DUmmies and KOmmies are so desperate to make Texas Governor Rick Perry look bad that they overlook the fact that Obama looks horrible in the photos above and below. These photos were taken by Reuters during the B order Crises meeting yesterday. Normally the Regime would have prohibited these pics of Obama not taking the border crises seriously but apparently they have the same narrow mindset as the DUmmies and KOmmies because they focused in on Perry looking upset and thought that was a "win" for them. Actually it is turning into a bigtime loss, only they don't realize it yet with the exception of one KOmmie who sounded a discordant note of reality which earns him a Kewpie Doll award as we shall see. The DUmmies can be seen completely misinterpreting the situation in this THREAD, Spew Alert - OBAMA/PERRY: Sometimes, Yes, A Pic Is Worth More Than A 1000 Words and the KOmmies echo their idiocy in A Picture truly is worth 1000 words. So let us now watch both the DUmmies and KOmmies reveal how divorced from reality they are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, eagerly awaiting their shock when they finally realize that the public reaction to the pics is the opposite of what they expect, is in the [barackets]:

Spew Alert - OBAMA/PERRY: Sometimes, Yes, A Pic Is Worth More Than A 1000 Words

[Soon to be followed by 1000 Excuses.]

what a contrast. Perry looks like he just dumped in his pants.

[While Obama looks like he wet his pants laughing at how FUnnie he finds the border crises.]

Our Pres. is relaxed, Perry is frozen in his outplayed grimace as he realizes he has been hoisted on his very own, very uncomfortable petard.

[How dare Perry not find the border crises a laughing matter like our beloved Obama.]

Our President has a great sense of humor!

[Border crises. Scabies. Lice. TB. HILARIOUS!!!]

Some things still make me smile. This made me smile.

. [Your smile will fade fast as soon as you find out the public reaction to Obama laughing at the border crises.]

Something was FUNNY and Perry didn't think so..

[It's called BORDER CRISES.]

The captions will write themselves.

["Obama laughs about border crises as Perry looks on in disgust."]

Guy on the left nearest to the camera has a really strained expression on his face.

[Because he is also realizing what a fool Obama is making of himself by laughing about the border crises. And now we go to KOmmieland where one KOmmie actually injected a note of brutal reality...]

A Picture truly is worth 1000 words

[A picture showing Obama not taking the border crises the least bit seriously.]

two thirds of the electorate ain't laughing.

[KOmmie River Rover, for pointing out the reality of the situation, you WIN a Kewpie Doll!!!]

sad silly little reply.

[Replied a KOmmie who hates being confronted by reality.]

Are you a purity troll, or a Tea Partier?

[What is a KOmmie Tombstoning called?]

that picture is a thing of beauty all by its own self. I don't even care what caused it. I just love it.

[Will you also not care when the public reacts AGAINST Obama laughing during the border crises meeting?]

I can laugh at him, and do. I encourage you to do likewise, and as many others as care to join in. And mock him, insult him and lampoon him. Publication of a pic where it appears the President of the US is doing so does not help us at all. Quite the opposite.

[Sorry, KOmmie Catte Nappe, but only ONE Kewpie Doll awarded per DUFU edition.]

It was all probably very innocent...Rick didn't get the Knock-Knock joke...

[Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Lice Who?
Lice Who jumped the border and into your crotch.]