Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pitt Delivers Personal Information to Russian Mafia Via ObamaCare

The ObamaCare website is a Russian Mafia dream come true. Think about it. A completely UNSECURE website with the personal and financial information of thousands of highly gullible people. Gullible because the website is known to be UNSECURE and yet they STILL entered their personal info. Think the Russian Mafia won't take advantage of this HUGE payday for them? Of course not. And WHO are the gullible people to so readily hand over their info to the Russian Mafia? Mostly liberals or idiots and since they are not mutually exclusive, make that liberal idiots. One of those liberal idiots who blindly turned over his personal info to the Russian Mafia via ObamaCare is none other than the Trust Fund Kid himself, our own WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. Here is the THREAD where you can see Pitt bragging about performing an act of extreme gullibility, "Well, I just had my first experience with the website..." Perhaps we all shall soon get a Christmas present in the form of Pitt screeching about how his trust funds were depleted by an unknown (Russian Mafia) source. Would he have the cognizance to realize that it happened because he entered personal info to an UNSECURE website? Remember, Russian Mafia, the name of the mark is WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. He is loaded with trust fund bucks and you ALREADY have most the info you need to clean out his account. So let us now watch Pitt happily give away his personal info to the UNSECURE website like a the sap he is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to the Brighton Beach hackers, is in the brackets:

Well, I just had my first experience with the website...

[Soon to be followed by your first experience with the Russian Mafia...]

Creating a user name and account: easy. 
  Plowing through all the questions: easy.

[Losing your shirt: easy.]

Alas, I logged out to track down some personal info, and when I tried to log back in, it said the system was currently down.

[That could have been a blessing in disguise but Pitt still manages a way to deliver that personal info to the Russian Mafia.]

...but then, Ermahgerd! A phone number: 800-318-2596


And it's toll-free, too!

[Wow! An 800 number that's also toll-free! Will wonders never cease!]

So I'll be calling in the morning to finish the process.

["Hello, Igor? Here is my bank account number I promised to give you."]

No. Big. Deal.

[Wait. Til. Steal.]

Thanks, Obama.

[Pitt, about to get the biggest reaming of his life, thanks Obama in advance. Now on to the other GUllible DUmmies...]

The website is nothing more than kayak or Travelocity for travel. It gives you the options available to you (less Southwest air - you have to go to their website for flight info).

[Except kayak and Travelocity are SECURE websites that aren't hacked by the Russian Mafia trolling for personal information.]

My neighbors just got signed up NO Problems..

[Check back with them in a few weeks after they pay their insurance premiums to the Russian Mafia.]

Another observation. Due to an administrative screw-up on my end, I let my BC/BS private policy lapse. Stupid. I applied for a new policy and was turned down. It seems my weight and some medication I was taking before was just fine. Now it's cause for refusal.

[Yeah, crack as a medication does tend to be a cause for refusal.]

ust finished the application process, now waiting for payment info from BC/BS, which can't refuse me. The premiums for three of us - two adults, one adult child - comes to almost the same premiums I was paying before, give or take a few dollars. However, my deductibles are no longer $5,000 or more but rather $2,000. The network is different, and that definitely sucks, but until more changes are made to our ridiculous health care system, I'll just have to accept that.

[Oh, you'll get payment info alright from BC/BS but it will be BS since it will be a Potemkin Website set up by the Russian Mafia expressly to separate a DUmmie from his money.]

It's no worse than Ticketmaster when you want to buy tickets for a hot concert or....sporting event. But Ticketmaster won't send you an email when they're available.

[Don't worry. The Russian Mafia will let you know when your "insurance" is available along with a bill and a link for payment. Hee! Hee!]

I had a great experience with it. Took less than 20 minutes, I got a much better plan for $5 more than I was paying. Thanks, Obama.

[Said the DUmmie Eloi just as the Morlock siren was about to sound.]