Thursday, December 19, 2013

DUmmies #GetTalkingAboutPajamaBoy

OFA, Organizing For Action--née Obama For America, the neverending campaign operation--OFA, trying to promote their Mutual of Obama health insurance disaster, recently launched a series of ads to get mind-numbed Obamabots to talk up the program over the holidays. The ad that has gained the most attention is the one pictured above. It depicts a scrawny youngish person of indeterminate gender, wearing hipster glasses, cradling a cup of cocoa in a non-masculine manner, and wearing a plaid onesie. The accompanying message reads:

Wear pajamas.
Drink hot chocolate.
Talk about getting
health insurance.

Well, this ad immediately went viral, and subject to much mockery. The plaid-pajama-clad twerp drinking the cocoa instantly gained the name "Pajama Boy." But in honor of our DUmmie FUnnies founder, PJ-Comix, I would like to give him the additional name of "PJ-Cocoamix."

Even some of the Proglodytes are doubting the wisdom of OFA using Pajama Boy/PJ-Cocoamix as the face of their campaign, as we see here in this THREAD by DUmmie B2G, "OFA can't be serious."

So let us all now put on our Obama Pajamas, grab a cup of cocoa, and listen to the DUmmies #GetTalkingAboutPajamaBoy, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, assuring our audience that William Rivers Pitt will definitely be enrolled in ObamaCare within 24 business hours, is in the [#barackets]:

OFA can't be serious

["OFA" . . . Let's see, I think that's short for "Obama F***ing America."]

Will this bring the Millennials in by the droves?

[I don't know about the Millennials, but the Metrosexuals are as happy as a little girl.]

Why can't they get decent marketing people engaged??

[I think one of their marketing guys is engaged to Pajama Boy.]

wow. they can't really believe young people are that stupid.

[Exhibit A to the contrary: The election of Barack Obama. Twice.]

to fall for pandering. . . .

[Panders in Pajamas. And possibly, judging by the look of Pajama Boy, Pampers in Pajamas.]

Seems like the entire Internet is talking about it.

[Amid spasmodic gales of laughter.]

Are you talking about the ad? Then it's working.

[DUmmie JaneyVee tries to defend the ad. Vee for in Vain.]

There are plenty of bad ads, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

[Or in this case, in the gay of the cupholder.]

telling them it's important to have health insurance is pandering? enjoy your stay.

[DUmmie CreekDog thinks DUmmie FatBuddy was slandering by calling it pandering and is meandering into a tombstone.]

Makes all 20 something's look like lazy bums sipping latte's while living at home with their parents. REALLY F***ING BAD image.

[And it is so NOT TRUE! Many of the lazy bums sipping lattes and living at home with their parents are in their 30s and 40s!! They're a good chunk of DUmmieland!]

"Wear pajamas." Geek in a onesie (I wonder if it has a button-up flap in the back?).

[Calm down, benburch, calm down!]

He's in a ONESIE! My conservative mother is having a field day with this pic. Arg!

[Don't you just want to pick him up and cuddle him? I think the not-so-subliminal message is that all liberals just want to suck on the government teat and be cuddled and taken care of.]

What's wrong with wearing one piece pajamas in your own home?

[Give one-piece a chance. JaneyVee keeps trying to sell this stupid ad.]

Yeah, cooler jammies would've been better. . . .

[I vote for some dingbat-yet-hot actress in a teddy.]

Pretty sure it's the crazy wax job to his eyebrows thats freaking everyone out subconsciously. The onesie and cocoa just push it over the top. Missing 1 teddy bear!


haven't you heard? 24 is the new 8

[24 year-years = 8 lump-years.]

I like it. Looks like Christmas Day.

[It looks like the Ghost of Christmas Gay. Give it up, JaneyVee.]

This is only being criticized by the right. Because the man in the ad doesn't fit their view of masculinity.

[I think you're right. They should have gone with Rachel Maddow instead. She looks a little more masculine.]

This is not about masculinity, it's about adultness. . . . The onesie and cocoa are societal totems for children.

[We'll have to take a totem poll on that.]

the right wing is having a field day with this and it`s not pretty.

[Oh, give him some earrings and a little lip gloss and I think he'd be pretty enough. And maybe a nicer clock bracelet to round out the ensemble.]

Young generation feeds off of irony and sarcasm. This is perfect.

[DUmmie Pretzel_Warrior joins JaneyVee in trying to defend this Hipster Hindenburg of an ad.]

Hash tag GET TALKING. Seems to be working, everyone s talking about it.


Miley Cyrus made a zillion dollars after her recent "bad" publicity. #Get Talking

[Miley Cyrus twerking on a wrecking ball, in her pajamas, if she wears any, and holding a teddy bear, could not sell this pile of crap called Obamacare. #GetTwerking]

Young people usually aren't wearing long pajamas and drinking hot chocolate when they get together. I guess they can't really say have a beer or smoke a blunt and talk about health insurance.

[Hashish tag #GetToking.]

why not do a campaign that includes health issues young people DO have: sports injuries, STDs, PREGNANCY. . . .

[If Pajama Boy and Sandra Fluke got together, which one would become pregnant?]

show a snowboarder with three casts and a neck brace & caption: he didn't think he needed insurance. . . . Or a skateboarder: "he didn't think he needed insurance until he tore chestnuts open on a fire hydrant."

[Or a keyboarder posting in DUmmieland: "He didn't think. Period."]

Remember that girl you had sex with at the frat party whose name you can't remember? that's why you need health insurance.

[It doesn't look like that would apply to Pajama Boy.]

Hot chocolate is dangerous and he might poop his onesie before he can get the flap down and develop a rash.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

Are we sure that our side thought up this ad? 'Cause the message I'm getting is, "health insurance is for nerdy losers".

[Yes, it was done by someone on our side. In fact, I think it was the President's #HealthCareRollOut czar . . . Oh, what was his name again? . . . Yeah, that's right, Grove, Kurt Grove.]

He needs a pacifier to complete the cool image.

[I've heard that everyone who signs up gets a free binky.]

These ads (that I've seen posted on DU) are young adults who look middle class or wealthy. Where are the poor and desparate. Why are they all white kids with hip names?

[Don't you get it? They need the young and healthy and wealthy to sign up, in order to PAY FOR the people who are aren't!]

how unsavory it is to try to inject politics into the biggest holiday season of the year. Can't we take a break? Can't we just be done with politics for a couple of weeks and focus on our families? Does everything have to be about Obama?

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! The holidays are ALL ABOUT converting--or confronting--those backward conservative relatives! I'm sure we will see many a bouncy tale about "How I spent Christmas with my teabagger relatives." But we'll leave that for another DUFU about a week from now. Then we'll see how the Pajama Boy approach worked. #GetThrownOutOfRelativesHouse.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...haven't you heard? 24 is the new 8..."

Hey, this is DU - I thought 24 was the new infinity, since the Great Rove Indictment Fiasco!


7:35 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

"This is not about masculinity, it's about adultness. . . . The onesie and cocoa are societal totems for children." - A Troglaman Clone/Moonbat on DU

Talk about a lack of self-awareness and comprehension. That Troglaman Clone/Moonbat refuses to get the message - his god, The Obamassiah, thinks that PajamaBoy is an deadly accurate portrayal of his base. The Obamassiah thinks the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are children and treats them as such. And they reinforce that belief from The One and his minions by acting like clueless children.

3:24 AM  
Anonymous pajamaboy said...

Stop mocking me!! I love my onesie, my Gammy gave it to me. It makes my feet nice and toasty. There are little marshmallows in my cocoa, and my onesie has a hiney flap.

Now stop making fun; I'm an icon that represents a very important msg... Wait, what am I promoting again?? Swiss Miss??

9:00 AM  
Blogger Skul said...

Troggyboy would love it.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

I have to admit the photo comparison to Rachel Maddow was pretty damn funny.

Have a good holiday you bunch of turkeys.

Now back to the war on Christmas.

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet Troggytroll had fun torturing the poor on Christmas.

12:33 PM  

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