Friday, July 26, 2013

KOmmies Beat Weiner

Not too long ago I posted some FUnnie remarks about Weiner (not hard to do) on a Facebook thread populated primarily by liberals. They were irked that I didn't consider his "progressive" agenda that they claimed outweighed whatever personal foibles he had. Well, now even "progressives" are abandoning Weiner in droves on the heels of the latest revelation that Weiner continued sexting for over a year after he publicly apologized and resigned from Congress in 2011. And just a few minutes ago, I heard Weiner declare that there might be another six...or possibly ten women he has been sexting with. So this has turned out to be too much for even liberals such as the KOmmies as you can see in their THREAD, "Weiner's Numbers Plummet." I think the FUnniest thing that will happen is after Weiner either loses or drops out of the NYC mayoral race because without a career in politics, he has NOTHING. Look for Huma to drop him because in a marriage of convenience there is absolutely no convenience in being married to a political loser. The good news for Weiner is that when he gives up all hope of a political career and with no Huma around, he will be free to Sext all he wants. No holds barred. So let us now watch the KOmmies beat Weiner in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that if you lose you family and career over a sex scandal it would have been nice to have had real sex as part of the deal, is in the [brackets]:


  Anthony Weiner's reputation and his standing in the New York City mayoral primary have both plummeted, according to the first poll taken since Weiner admitted Wednesday that his online sexual misdeeds continued past his 2011 resignation from Congress. Weiner's negatives are at an all-time high: Just 30 percent of registered New York Democrats now view him favorably, while 55 percent have an unfavorable impression, an overnight NBC 4 New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll found. The figures are a dramatic flip from June, when 52 percent rated him favorably in another poll.

  [Okay, Weiner went limp following the latest revelations. Now on to the KOmmie beating of Weiner.]

You don't elect a pathological liar. All his campaign promises might as well be radio static.

[Then explain why you voted for Obama.]

Apparently Weiner was still sex texting as late as this March. Come on, this is after extensive therapy & dragging his wife thru the muck. Enough is enough. He's still sick. Now I'm beginning to wonder about her.

[Some have claimed that he was sexting during his latest apology press conference.]

One could call his numbers flaccid.

[The jokes are just too hard to resist. And did I just inadvertently make a pun?]

He's down to a dribble of supporters.

[Ben Burch was touched by Weiner.]

His poll has softened against stiff opposition.

[I heard that Huma has been avoiding his poll.]

I'm not sure what else he might be able to do to earn a living, but he needs to think about it long and hard. (pun not intended)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"George Zimmerman sues NBC for defamation"

The one inconvenient fact that DUmmies and other liberals are reluctant to confront about the Zimmerman case is that NBC News FRAUDULENTLY edited Zimmerman's 911 tape to make him sound like a racist. As a result, Zimmerman is now suing them for defamation. There is no doubt that he will win but the only question is how much will he get. $10 million? $20 million? More? I just hope any settlement (and NBC News will be anxious to settle OUT of court) includes a stipulation that Brian Williams MUST issue an apology to Zimmerman at the top of his news show. Even better, the hosts of all NBC and MSNBC news and commentary shows issue an on-air apology to Zimmerman. That would include in addition to Williams, Chris Matthews, David Gregory, Rachel Madcow, Big Ed, and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton. Right now the DUmmies are having difficulty digesting the lawsuit as you can see in their THREAD, "George Zimmerman sues NBC for defamation." Since there are way too many rational posts on that thread, I suspect an invasion by LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS so no Kewpie Doll giveaways on this one. So let us now watch the DUmmies ponder millions in NBC bucks flowing George Zimmerman's way in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping that Brian Williams will be forced to eat crow on the air, is in the [brackets]:


George Zimmerman sued NBC Thursday, alleging the network defamed him when it edited the recording of his 911 call to police about Trayvon Martin, in order to make him sound like a “racist and predatory villain” for the sake of ratings.

“NBC News saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so set about to create the myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain,” Zimmerman alleged in the complaint, filed Thursday in Seminole County, near Orlando.

[That suit was filed last December but now that Zimmerman has been found NOT GUILTY, it is open season on the NBC News treasury. We now watch the DUmmie reaction...]

He's got a solid case.


He should get no money from it.

[Yes, he should meekly allow NBC News to portray him as a racist and go straight to jail based on the "facts" of that editied 911 tape.]

The tape was edited to elicit maximum outrage and draw ratings. What part of that is not legitimate?

[Your logic is too obvious so no Kewpie Doll for you, LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Zimmerman is an evil racist and must be loudly proclaimed so. The fact that he could make money off of murder is sickening.

Absolutely. NBC News has the right to fraudulently edit Zimmerman's 911 tape in order to falsely crucify him as a racist.]

We can always hope they get him on a federal charge.

[WOO HOO! Nail him on double jeopardy!]

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) already conducted an investigation last year and found no racial motivations or civil rights "violations."

[Enough already with these inconvenient facts!!!]

Federal hate crime laws should apply And Monday morning, an indictment will be done for GZ on hate crimes. That is the one with the needle.

[It's already Tuesday afternoon. Oops! Back to square one.]

They are going to re-investigate the entire thing from A-Z and then have more than adequate evidence to charge Mr. Zimmerman for capital murder with enhancement of hate crimes. Guilty verdict means death sentence. Murder is murder, and the idiots of the jury needs to realize that.

[If at first you don't succeed then try him again, i.e. double jeopardy him.]

you can't retry him for murder

[Thank you for that input, Captain Obvious.]

He deserves to be put down. Everywhere. Make him a red-headed stepchild that no-one wants to deal with. F*ck Zimmerman, and he ought to be in prison, rotting for the next 30 years. GZ got away with it because of prosecutorial misconduct.

[Their misconduct started with bringing Zimmerman to trial in the first place.]

Probably a good case against CNN for broadcasting his SSN.

[More $$Bucks for Zimmerman.]

They edited the phone call. "Doctoring" means they added to or otherwise altered the content.

[Sigh! Would one of you LFTs mind enlightening this DUmmie?]

Editing is altering. NBC has already admitted fault, apologized and terminated the employees responsible, he's got a good civil case here.

[Thank you.]

I don't know where the trial will be.

[Probably no trial. NBC will want to settle out of court to spare themselves yet more embarrassment.]

They edited out the part where the dispatcher asked him what race the person looked but left in his response. That's a pretty slanted thing, even if I think he's guilty.

is there a link to the edited audio?

[A DUmmie still living in ignorance of what is already widely known.]

Just because the dumb jury didn't find him guilty, doesn't mean he's not. Besides, he might not be around long enough to collect.

[Is that a death thread, DUmmie Politicalboi? I repeat, DUmmie Polticalboi.]

FBI will be ordered to reinvestigate thoroughly. And then George Zimmerman will have to be indicted again, arraigned in a federal court and ordered to stand trial. Then this time, the 12 members of the jury will definetely find him guilty and sentence him to death.

[Double Jeopardy him to death!]

This action will never see a courtroom. NBC will settle, as will CNN when Zimmerman sues them.

[It will cost both news organizations big bucks to keep this from going to court.]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DUmmies Upset by Public Prayer Over Meals

It's not my habit to pray over meals but I might just do it if I knew a DUmmie was nearby. Why? Because it annoys the hell out of them as you can see in this THREAD, "I hate when people pray over their food aloud in public." And I LOVE it when DUmmies are annoyed. So let us now watch the DUmmies vent their annoyance over public prayer before meals in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who now remembers quickly voicing thanks recently to Divine Providence for making 3 packages of pre-cooked bacon available for FREE via coupons before munching them down, is in the [brackets]:

I hate when people pray over their food aloud in public

[I enjoy when DUmmies are annoyed by people praying over their food aloud in public.]

Sitting in Starbucks, this couple sits down next toe with their bagel and coffee and hold hands across the table and start praying quite loudly to their God for their fine mid morning snack. Ugh!!

[THEIR God? And WHO is your God? Gaia? Princess Wicca?]

I get it. You love your God. But supposedly he can hear your silent prayers too. Don't under estimate the magical powers of your God.

[Princess Wicca has the power to make you win at Bingo after your Wednesday night oak worship services.]

And if you were trying to "bear witness" to your had opposite of the intended effect.

[It had the effect of pissing you off and ruining your meal. Good enough for me.]

And if you were trying to "bear witness" to your had opposite of the intended effect.

[Beautiful. A DUmmie coffee break completely ruined. Now on to your fellow annoyed DUmmies...]

People who pray aloud in public are doing it to be attention whores.

[Posted a DUmmie Drama Queen.]

I know a family of three, all of whom stop what they are doing five times a day, kneel, and pray. And they always face the same direction.

[And I bet you won't risk a beheading by criticizing them in person.]

So the Dalai Lama is up to no good apparently because he is always going on and on about compassion and buddhism and wearing those goddamn robes. Yeah, definitely can't trust that guy. Or his rapist glasses.

[Hello Dalai!]

Why should you care? It's not like there's a talking ban in Starbucks. Is every family that's having a conversation a threat to your peace?


We-are-sick-of-it. Fed up.'s NOT really because they prayed at a coffee house...It's because these same people will probably cause some Woman to have a back-ally abortion.

[On Ally Sheedy's back?]

They are thanking God for an extremely overpriced bagel and coffee?

[LOL! BTW, I can get that Starbucks stuff FREE via coupons. Usually I just opt for their ice cream which is better than their coffee.]

I come from Southern Baptist too. They all pray for my soul and I just smile and go on. Glad they care and I won't engage them. Now if they were hogtying me, that's a different story.

[Have no fear. Only LCMS Lutherans will do that while tickling your feet.]

I've prayed a few times in restaurants because the food tasted funny after a few bites. "Dear Lord, I hope I'm not going to be sick from this shit"

[It sounds like you were in a Vegan restaurant.]

Lighten up, Francis. As long as they were not trying to baptize you with their chai latte or make you eat a live chicken on your bagel, I say give it a rest.

[How about if they make him eat a live bagel on his chicken?]

I don't mind a bit in a food court when the occupants of the next table join hands to mumble over their food.

[Judge Debra Nelson of that food court would rule them out of order.]

Thursday, July 04, 2013

DUmmies Blame Republicans For ObamaCare Train Wreck

Now that even Obama recognizes that ObamaCare has become a train wreck, he has delayed enforcement (illegally, btw) by one year, safely past the 2014 elections, that businesses must provide health insurance to their employees. So who to blame for the ObamaCare train wreck? The Democrats who voted for the bill without even reading it? Of course not. The DUmmies actually blame the Republicans, none of whom voted for the train wreck, as you can see in this THREAD, "HUGE: White House Delaying Key Obamacare Provision For A Year." So let us now watch the DUmmies engage in the blame game in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that not one Senator read the entire Undocumented Democrats bill before voting for it, is in the [barackets]:

Source: Business Insider The White House will delay until 2015 the enforcement of a requirement for businesses to provide workers health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the Treasury Department said today.

[Is this even LEGAL. The law itself clearly states 2014 as when businesses must provide health insurance. Can the executive branch unilaterally decide not to enforce a law passed by Congress?]

More detail is set to come later in the week. The mandate would require most businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health insurance meeting certain minimum criteria — or pay a penalty of $2,000 per worker. The purpose of the employer mandate is to discourage employers from dropping coverage and leaving employees to buy subsidized insurance in the Obamacare exchanges at greater taxpayer expense.

[But that is now what it seems that Obama wants. Subsidized insurance at greater taxpayer expense aka single payer aka SOCIALIZED medicine.]

In the absence of a mandate next year, Treasury says it will "strongly encourage employers to maintain or expand health coverage."

[But in reality they really want "single payer." We will now watch the DUmmies blame Republicans for the ObamaCare train wreck.....]

Jeez Who Wrote The White House A Check to make this happen. I know that there have been employers from major corporations that have been laying off employees currently because of this mandate so what now will the corps hire them back.....likely not. This is not a victory for employees.

[Yup. Evil corporatist Republicans are to blame for the ObamaCare train wreck.]
This smells like the employees are going to receive a turd dumped on them when this is over.

[It's a huge turd sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite.]

Shit. If the ACA doesn't get implemented, when are the big savings supposed to materialize? I'm scared the whole thing is going to be undone and we'll be left with nothing to provide healthcare. Help.

[All aboard the ObamaCare train wreck!]

IMO this Republican Health Insurance Bill is as corrupt as most politicians.

[Yup! We all remember how a minority of Republicans in Congress FORCED the Democrats to vote for this bill and how an intimidated Obama signed the bill into law in fear of those Republicans.]

How many republicans voted for this "Republican Health Insurance Bill"? The number was pretty close to 0 was it not? There were certainly more more members of the Progressive Caucus voting for it than republicans.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Please stop pointing out uncomfortable truths!]

Of course they didn't vote for it once it had President Obama's name on it. But that doesn't change the fact that most of it was a Republican proposal in the first place designed to make an end run around single payer.

[Wascally Weepublicans were weesponsible.]

It does not have Obama's name on, other than the derisive nickname, Obamacare, they gave it. If the ACA had passed with a lot of republican votes and a few votes from conservative Democrats, your criticism would be valid. That is not what happened.

[Stop throwing cold water upon our fantasies!]

Whatever it is, it isn't Republican GOP pretty much was thumbs down on it then and has kept running against it ever since. This was supposed to be the great Democratic triumph.

[Democrats and Obama OWN the ObamaCare train wreck.]

But politically, the Democratic party owns this one. No way around it. We ought to try hard to make it work.

[Hmmm... If you fiddle a bit with this mandate, delay enforcement of that mandate, and tinker a bit with the death just might not become a train wreck.]

"this republiccan health insurance"...this is the funniest thing I have read in months here. WE OWN IT. Democrats OWN this.


I just put my Obama magnets in my recycle bin. Enough is enough.

[Would you like me to send you an Obama bumper sticker scraper?]

Sheesh. My work hours were cut to no more than 29 per week -- because of the requirement and now it goes away. Will I get my hours back? I seriously doubt it.

[Sorry. No putting the ObamaCare genie back in the bottle.]

This is just a total eff-up.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I have no faith left.

[Good news! Atheists are now embracing the multiverse theory of an almost infinite number of parallel universes so perhaps your faith could be restored in that Alternate Universe in which Al Gore became president in 2000.]
I have no faith left.


But, but, but... I thought Obama could not do much with just a stroke of his pen? I would think these dates would have been part of the law. Are they subject to interpretation? Then why doesn't this admin "interpret" other enforcement of laws which Progressives care about? Feels like a shell game right now.

[The dates ARE part of the law which is why the delay might be subject to legal challenge.]

Thankfully the treasury will "strongly encourage employers to maintain or expand health coverage." What a f*cking joke. What a clusterf*ck.

[What a train wreck.]

Brilliant!! The President's three-dimensional chessplaying skills are getting even better!!! A novice might think that we've been shafted once again. But that's the beauty of it! That's exactly what we're supposed to think! A standing O for President O!

[Posted a DUmmie from the Fifth Dimension.]

If they can do this...what's to stop a future Republican administration from cancelling enforcement of this or other aspects of the law with a simple declaration from the Treasury Department? I mean, the employer mandate is written in the law. I didn't know it could be changed or postponed by executive decision.

[How about an executive order to grant ObamaCare waivers to everyone?]

But I thought the thundering success of the 2014 implementation was going to HELP Dems! now he's running away from it at the 11th hour.

[A few weeks ago, the Regime was encouraging Democrats to EMBRACE ObamaCare. Ooops!]

another lie another broken promise Obama never fails to disappoint.

[Hey, give the Lightworker points for consistency.]

Got a letter Saturday that informed me I'll be paying almost $100 more a month beginning in August. I'm looking into other options, but am not optimistic. This could not have come at a worse time for me. I'm sure a part of this increase is directly because of the ACA.

[Beause of UFA...UNAFFORDABLE Care Act.]

I hope that legal action can be taken to force the administration to enforce the law. This is so nonsensical it is mind-boggling. It reeks of opportunism and DECEIT.

[A DUmmie sings the Obama Regime theme tune.]

Personally, I think this Repug-originated system borders on extortion (because of the Repug conceived mandate) for average middle class/middle age peeps like me.

[Good. We're back to blaming Republicans for the train wreck.]

So the question is, where is the "affordable" the Affordable Care Act? Or should they just rename it the Unaffordable, not-so-much Care Act?

[Sorry, you have to send me a royalty payment since I thought of "Unaffordable Care Act" first.]

Monthly Premiums for Obamacare. Good God...321 dollars a month once this is implemented for me. Are they insane????? How in the heck am I suppose to afford that? I pay around 100 dollars a month today. I thought this was going to help us??????

[We had to pass ObamaCare in order to find out what's in it. Enjoy!]

If you are poor, you had better bend over and grab your ankles, it is going to be a rough ride in the very near future.

[Ben Burch is right behind you.]