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Not Much Pitt Love At TruthOut

24 business hours ago, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, committed the unpardonable thought crime in the eyes of the DUmmies and the TruthOut Truthies, of defending the law enforcement authorities in their hunt for the ISLAMIC TERRORIST Boston Bombers. According to the Leftwing ideology out there, this closing down Boston streets in this dragnet was a much worse crime than the bombing itself. Therefore, Pitt was raked over the coals for his heretical deviation from this ideology. However, rather than defend himself, Pitt came back with an incredible pander column praising Muslims for all to hear as you can see in his TruthOut column, Friday Prayers at Yusuf Mosque. What makes this article really FUnnie isn't the pathetic pander and call for love by Pitt but the fact that many Truthies just aren't buying into it. Maybe they were just as disgusted as the normal people by Pitt boasting about what a hero he would have been if only he had been on the scene of the bombings. You might also note that it is apparent that many Truthies read the DUmmie FUnnies since they bring up many points about the Pittster that we have focused on in previous editions. So let us now watch the Truthie disgust with Pitt in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who now knows why Pitt did NOT show up at the OWS Boston demonstrations, is in the [brackets]:

William Pitt YOU ARE A F*CKING HYPOCRITE OF THE WORST SORT!!!! When architects and engineers from all over the world are saying the 3 buildings that fell on 9/11/2001 were controlled demolitions, then that's what they were whether we like it or not!!!! ...So, to all those who continue to bash the 9/11 truth movement (as that c--- William Pitt has always done!!!), you are the main fuel for the biggest lie that is used to justify all the hateful acts and wars against Muslims throughout the world ('hateful acts' as illustrated by the first paragraph of the article). SHAME ON YOU William Pitt!!

[Sorry, Pitt, but when you try to pander to flat out leftwing whackos like the one above, it just won't work unless you howl at the moon along with them. ]

In 2010 the Egyptian-born German academic Hamed Abdel-Samad wrote a book called Der Untergang der islamischen Welt (The Fall of the Islamic World), in which he predicted the collapse of the Islamic world within 30 years.

[From his lips to Allah's ears...]

It appears that you’ve matured considerably since the time when you wrote that you were filled with hate and wrote about taking up firebombing.

[Really? And since that time he threatened bodily harm on poor dear Bobo the Hobo, an impoverished homeless woman going through life without the aid of a trust fund like You Know Who.]

Shocked that one of the top posters on democratunderground, and the brave soul who threatened a homeless women with bodily harm, would present this waste of pixels in defense of the religion of peace. May your newborn daughter grow up to become the wife of a islamic militant WillPitt.


Dear William, you have already lost so much of your credibility to critically think after your previous article where you degraded those of us who dare to question the tactics used during the Boston Lockdown. Please... spend less time at your local pub drinking suds.

[In Pitt's defense, he might have been writing under the influence of those suds when he stumbled into his Thought Crime.]

The Koran talks about killing non-believers. Why the two-facedness?

[Because when Pitt writes under the influence of suds, he sees two of you.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

At the bottom of that link there is a small bio of Pitt claiming he's a "international best seller author" of three books.

The Greatest Sedition Is Silence: Four Years in America - Amazon Best Seller Ranking...#1,748,028 in Books

War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know - Amazon Best Seller Ranking...#1,018,839 in Books (this is the only one I know of and that's because I've heard it credited to Scott Ritter not Pitt...still a worthless tome)

House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America's Ravaged Reputation - Amazon Best Seller Ranking...#1,450,505 in Books

With those rankings how the hell can he be an "international best selling author"? And don't you at least have to make the best seller list in your own country to be an INTERNATIONAL best selling author???


And while PJ does point out some of the more vicious slams Pitt got for that article, most of the Moonbats who commented seemed more supportive than derisive. Maybe that's just me.

Still it's in keeping with Pitt being a cowardly shill.

12:20 AM  
Blogger DFinley said...

I didn't notice the link to Pitt's bio until I read Jerome's comment above, but once I looked at it, I had to laugh, and when I started looking deeper, I laughed even more.

Let me put it this way, if one were to buy a single gumball from the machines that grace the entrance to your local Wal-Mart, it would cost you more than 8 complete collections of Pitt's works purchased on Amazon from the used book sellers. Yep, the majority of his books are going for a penny a piece, though he's set the price for his latest, (published 2006,) at over $30.

Consider that a discount though! Markos Moulitsas has set the list price for his paperback book equating the Republican party with the Taliban at $255.95, but you can buy it new for a mere $35.85 for a savings of 87%!

So how did Pitt become an "international best selling author"? Vanity press' let you write your own bio's, and don't care about accuracy, either within a book or about the author.

What we have is a study in the vainglorious self opinion of those who have decided that THEY are the intellectual foundation of the common man's new progressive movement.

I imagine a shrink somewhere could write a REAL best seller were they to sit down and do an evaluation of the leadership on the left, all the way from Obama down to William Rivers Pitt, (a person for whom two names just aren't enough!)

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ignorance is stunning, but no surprise. The 9-11 attack (the old one, not the last one) was NOT the cause of people ngstudy and understanding the evil of islam. It was a catalyst, but once any of us began reading sites like, with their weekly and daily round-ups of terrorist attacks around the world, the truth was obvious.

Damn, I wish these people would do a little research before spouting off. Such confidence in an idea that helps inform their whole view of Americans as "islamophobic" -- and it's easily corrected by looking at one site -- I guess their heads would explode if they read not only that, but Jihadwatch, CreepingSharia, AtlasShrugs, etc.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pigs are flying. The obotic left (also known as worshippers of the Petulant) is defending the police.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Your exposure of the losers at Dummy Underground is hilarious. Much better than the pathetic 'Freeper Madness' blog. Keep it up! The moonbats have to be held to the light.

3:32 AM  

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