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"Kennedy Catholic" Pitt Delivers Sermon

Every once in awhile WILLIAM RIVERS PITT publicly puts on a very showy display of supposed faith for either political and/or showboating purposes. We already saw Pitt showboating himself as a KENNEDY CATHOLIC upon the death of Teddy Kennedy in which he recited Latin prayers in DUmmieland which he never utters in real life except, perhaps, when on a huge Bukowski's bender. And now that a new Pope has been chosen, the expected Catholic bashing went full force in DUmmieland which led the Pittster into full blown showboating in which he pretends to be indignant about attacks on his religion as you can see in this THREAD, ""Liberal believers are going to be the people who ultimately bring change to their own re ligions." Thus we see Pitt's agenda. CHANGE the Catholic Church from the inside from what it is into something resembling liberal goddess Gaia worship. Rather than just join another religion or declare himself agnostic/atheist, how much more satisfying to Pitt and his fellow leftwing Kennedy Catholics to drag REAL Catholicism down the tubes. So let us now watch the former Catholic school teacher engage in pretend outrage in Bolhsevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pitt gave up lint for Lent since withdrawing from brew and cigarettes would be too much of a sacrifice, is in the [brackets]:

"Liberal believers are going to be the people who ultimately bring change to their own religions." - Skinner, from an ATA thread about religious intolerance on DU.

[That was Pitt showboating in his rainbow wig while holding up a sign that says: "Skinner 3:16".]

Very well said, and very true.

[Pitt's analysis of a passage from the Not So Good Book on how to undermine traditional religion.]

So maybe take it easy on Catholic DUers, hey? You're shitting on your own friends and allies, causing hurt feelings, and making DU suck. Dumping on people because of their religion is one of the shittier things one person can do to another. In a great many cases, it means you are also shitting on their heritage as well (see, for one example, "Irish Catholic," understand why the first word comes before the second, and understand why it refers to far more than just a religious faith). I value and appreciate criticism, especially of the Catholic Church - which deserves it in spades - but think before you post. A simple request.

[Translation: "Psst! Don't you get it? Wink! Wink! We can be so much more effective in destroying Catholicism from the inside by PRETENDING to be Catholic. So PLEASE don't mess with our game plan. Amen."]

A DU Catholic

[A DUmmie Catholic? Is that the same as a Kennedy Catholic? Notice how Pitt seems to have a hard time to describe himself as a Roman Catholic. Probably because he is NOT one except for pretend purposes.]

My daughter and son are both atheists. My husband is agnostic theist. I am Buddhist, and my father is evangelical Christian. I stand up to my father in order to defend my children's beliefs all the time. I also stand up to militant atheists as well. I'm just glad my children are compassionate atheists, not militant atheists. Being militant and bullying people does not work. It doesn't work when evangelical Christians do it. It also doesn't work when atheists do it.

[The DUmmie version of ecumenism.]

If you don't agree with the established beliefs of Catholicism, you should not be Catholic. If you choose to identify as Catholic, you are choosing to support those beliefs. There is no gray area here.

[Tell that to Kennedy Catholic Pitt.]

Because no other religion/belief system has ever done anything wrong. How's your glass house, chief? Tell me what you believe, and I'll tell you why you suck. Try me. I can do it, in probably under five minutes. This is called life. Be respectful as you pass through.

[Pitt delivering another faux outrage sermonette. The whole purpose of which is to give himself street creds to tear down a religion he does NOT believe in.]

I'm an apatheist. My thoughts on belief in God: No one has any proof, everyone fights about it, and it doesn't actually seem to impact anyone in the slightest. However, while I prefer to avoid discussing it myself, I will not support or defend any organization which has a history of human rights violations, religious or otherwise, and I don't like it when others are vilified for criticizing the same.

[Apatheist? I'm not exactly sure what that is but it sounds like a non-belief system that Kennedy Catholic Pitt can subscribe to.]

Here is what Francis has said about my people seeking rights. Do you agree with him or not, Will? “Let’s not be naïve, we’re not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

[And here is Will's reply:]

I do not agree with him and the tone, tenor and content of your reply is precisely the kind of conversation I hoped to inspire with my OP.

[And when a liberal says "conversation" they really mean DO IT MY WAY!!! And now another sermonette from St. Will the Pompous:]

I am a straight white male, and can only begin to guess the depth of your personal feelings regarding the Church's teachings on homosexuality. I, personally, abhor those teachings, as I abhor their rampant misogyny, pederasty, authoritarianism, and everything else the Church definitely represents. But the Church is not just those things, disgusting as they are. Catholics believe that salvation is achieved by faith and good works. The faith is where you find so much of the filth...but the good works are there, too.

[For Kennedy Catholic Will the faith is where you find the filth. Such is his declaration of "faith."]

Liberalism has existed for centuries. Where is the change?

[A lost sheep seeking guidance from St. Will.]

Liberation Theology. Look it up.

[I did, Will, and this is the quote from WIKIPEDIA: "Latin American Christian communism is a strong trend within liberation theology..." aka COMMUNIST theology. Be careful what you wish for, Will, or this liberation (communist) theology could end up nationalizing your trust fund payments.]

Locking, despite my misgivings, as per the near unanimous vote of the gd hosts. Sorry Will. I think this makes du dysfunctional.

[Sorry, Mr Moderator. I think DUmmieland was dysfunctional from the get-go.]


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