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HUffies React to Maduro Becoming ILLEGAL President of Venezuela

Imagine if, upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, that the Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace was ILLEGALLY sworn in as President rather than Vice President Harry Truman simply because Roosevelt had designated Wallace as his successor. Of course, such an action would have been universally protested because it was clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. However, that is pretty much what just happened in Venezuela. The Venezuelan constitution states that upon the death or the exit from office of the President that the Speaker of the National Assembly, NOT the Vice President, becomes president. However, because Hugo Chavez designated his big, lumbering, vice president, Nicolas Maduro, as his successor, the Chavistas have ILLEGALLY declared him the president rather than the National Assembly president, the tiny, wiry Diosdado Cabello. Anyway, I was curious as to the reactions of the DUmmies and/or KOmmies to this very clear Chavista violation to the Venezuelan constitution. Guess what? It was such an embarrassing move that both the DUmmies and KOmmies are NOT commenting on it at all. Therefore, I had to check out the slightly more reasonable HUffies (only a bit more reasonable because divergent views are not automatically tombstoned) as you can see in the reactions to this story, Nicolas Maduro Sworn In As Acting Venezuelan President, Succeeds Hugo Chavez. It will be fascinating in the future to find out the reactions to this illegal presidency from not only the DUmmies and KOmmies but also from other leftists such as Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson who attended the Chavez funeral in Caracas as he was prepared to be embalmed for his crystal tomb ala Lenin. So let us now watch the HUffie reaction to the new ILLEGAL president of Venezuela in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anticipating more entertaining leftwing excuses for the ILLEGAL power play, is in the [brackets]:

Nicolas Maduro Sworn In As Acting Venezuelan President, Succeeds Hugo Chavez

[Make that ILLEGALLY sworn in.]

CARACAS, Venezuela — Nicolas Maduro was sworn in Friday as Venezuela's acting president, using the occasion to launch blistering attacks on the U.S. as well as the political opposition, which objected that the ceremony violated the country's constitution.

[How dare they point out that my ILLEGAL act is ILLEGAL!!!]

Late President Hugo Chavez designated Maduro as his successor before he died Tuesday of cancer. Maduro had been Chavez's vice president.

[Ironically, if Chavez had gone to the USA instead of Cuba for treatment, he would probably still be alive instead of smelling the sulfur.]

The country's 1999 constitution says the National Assembly speaker becomes interim president in the event of a president-elect's death or inability to be sworn in. The constitution also says a presidential election should be called within 30 days.

[I gotta be wondering if part two about an election will also be violated.]

Opposition leader Angel Medina said earlier Friday that the opposition would boycott the swearing-in ceremony, and the vast majority of opposition legislators did not attend. Former U.S. presidential candidate, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, attended the ceremony as did Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

[Will some reporter out there actually perform an act of journalism and ask Jesse Jackson if the Maduro presidency is a violation of the Venezuelan constitution? Okay there is more to this news story but the most important part has been presented. Now on to the HUffie reaction...]

I see no violation of the constitution as of yet. As vice he takes control just as ours would in the US. I am just glad the poor and middle class are empowered thanks to chavez. So whoever ends up in charge will have to live up to the high expectations of the people. People first over profit. Occupy wall st would be proud. Hopefully venezuela will remain 5th most happiest place to live or better. Hopefully the US hits the top 10 some day. This will be impossible as long as money is allowed in politics with no limit.

[A HUffie moron who confuses his constitutions since the Venezuelan constitution clearly states that the president of their National Assembly assumes the presidency when the former president enters the Gates of Hell.]

the vice president does not take over if the president dies or is not able. you may want to read the venezuelan constitution.

[A voice of reason corrects the moron.]

Violation of their constriction is clear....the Natinal Assembly Speaker is to be sworn in per ther constitution...not the foreign minister/former bus driver.

[Hmmm... I wonder if any DUmmie making this point will be tombstoned. Of course, this is a subject as yet too embarrassing for them to address.]

Yes, how terrible that they have less poverty in Venezuela than in the US, that there are less children on the streets and going hungry and that their elections have been recognized as freer and fairer than those in the US. Terrible thing Socialism. If you only knew what it was.

[Thank you for verifying that there are brainwashed HUffies.]

that is TOTALLY untrue JOHN....I have a home next door in COLOMBIA.....I know FIRST HAND how poor venezuela is.

[I actually was in both Colombia and Venezuela a little over a year ago. Despite being oil rich the infrastructure was falling apart in Venezuela. For example, it is almost impossible to drive more than a block without coming upon large potholes (huecos). I remember one pothole being big enough to swallow a small car. Paint everywhere fading, buildings crumbling, and even filthy royal palms. Yes, I always assumed royal palms everywhere were majestic. Well, they are when the the trunks are WASHED but just about all the royal palms I saw in Venezuela were filthy. Then when I crossed the border from Venezuela to Colombia, a "miraculous" transformation: smooth roads, well-maintained buildings, and majestic CLEAN royal palm trees. The town of Cucuta in Colombia was vibrant with happy shoppers. Oh, one bit of criticism, the casinos in Cucuta SUCK. I mean the 20+ year old slot machines just took your money with almost no payouts. Also the casino atmosphere was like the inside of an ordinary grocery store. However, in general Colombia with its more free enterprise system was superior in every way to crumbling Venezuela.]

Since this President-designate is acting against the Constitution of Venezuala, that should be enough for the UN to get together and impose sanctions.

[From the UN? Don't make me laugh!]

Just what Venezuela needs, another song and dance con to take their money.

[Chavez scammed about $2 billion for his personal fortune and Cabello about $1 billion. No wonder the infrastructure in Venezuela is falling apart. The Chavista thieves have stolen their oil wealth.]

Hmm..let's see, the interim president is actually the head of the National Assembly, accoridng to the Venezuelan constitution, yet they had Marduro "sworn in" as the acting president, in violation of the constitution and their courts say nothing. Believe me, Venezuela hasn't been democratic for 14 years. Even if they do hold a sham election it will simply just be a coronation.

[I can't wait to hear what excuses our liberals come up with to defend Maduro.]

Amazing how a country can be controlled by one party and their allegiance to not giving up power at any cost. It will be an interesting thing to watch this so called democracy for the next couple of months. It's apparent Hugo's people will not go down easy.

[No matter how the election goes, the Chavistas will claim they won. Of course, they also control the ballots.]

He has neither the charisma nor the gift of gab necessary to maintain a cult of personality . The Ides of March blow strong in the South . This should be amusing .

[Speaking of the ides of March, Maduro better not turn his back to Cabello. Chavista vs Chavista.]

Meet the worlds newest Billionaire while he works to help the poor in Venezuela


So typical of an authoritarian, socialist dictatorship. Keeping Chavez stuffed and under glass to be gawked at by his followers is an effort to keep him alive in their minds if not in fact. This is idol worship at its worst.

[Are there skilled taxidermists in Venezuela?]


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