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DUmmies Slam Lance Armstrong

You want to be a successful LOUSY FREEPER TROLL in DUmmieland? Then you need to build up your post count so as to avoid any suspicions. It is tough to do on the political threads where I generally just post fairly innocuous comments. However, sometimes there are DUmmie threads where I completely agree with the sentiment, such as F*ck Lance Armstrong.. where I was able to post my REAL opinion several times without fear of detection as an LFT. One fringe benefit was that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT joined the thread with a FALSE observation. I was tempted to ask him if he ever met Lance Armstrong at Bukowski's and then invited him home but his idiocy was soon corrected by someone else. So let us now watch the DUmmies 'Roid Rage against Lance Armstrong in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if I should award myself a Kewpie Doll, is in the [brackets]:

F*ck Lance Armstrong..

[Ben Burch is happy to oblige.]

He is an asshole. Took everyone for a ride, and now he wants what???..So, What does he want now??? To hell with him.. Sure...it is ugly...but he is/ was a cheating asshole..now, then, tomorrow too.

[I don't get why he is seeking absolution from Oprah. I mean no one watches her network. I wouldn't even know where to access it. Can someone tell me where I can watch the interview online?]

From all of us who NEVER enhanced our skills falsely, all of us who left sweat, blood and tears on the *surface of your choice, I spit on Armstrongs shoes.

[He might be Shoeless Lance Armstrong after all the lawsuits drain him of his cash.]

He should be in jail for the fraud he perpetrated with his business partners.

[Perhaps he could share a cell with the co-author of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

I can understand some folks feeling that way... But there's still a lot of good he did in the world where fund-raising for cancer research is concerned. In fact I think a lot of people connect him more with Livestrong and his recovery than with the cycling anymore.

[It doesn't take long before the complete idiots begin posting on a DUmmie thread.]

And probably caused his own testicular cancer in the first place with steroids and testosterone unintended consequences, and all.

[That's what I don't get. One of the side effects of steroid use, besides the much higher risk of a heart attack, is that your cojones will shrivel up and die as happened with Armstrong. And yet the idiots like him are willing to risk it? Of course, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is perfectly willing to risk lung cancer or having a hole puncture in the throat from continuing to suck down cigarettes even though his vocal chords are now completely shot due to being coated with globs of nicotine.]

I think everything he did was to burnish his own image or to promote his own causes. He had no interest in funding anything until cancer affected him personally. I don't think he's a great philanthropist by any definition. He's self-interested, narcissistic and needy of attention and adulation.

[Excellent observation, DUmmie LiberalAndProud.]

He never would have admitted it if not caught. It's not so much that he doped, but that he lied about it and continued to lie about it in spite of the evidence. And - maybe the worst part - had a lot of people stand by him and defend his name in good faith while he kept quiet. He's an asshole.

[Excellent observation, DUmmie Avalux. .I couldn't have said it better myself. (or maybe I just did.)]

The USPS is in bad financial shape. How would supporting a cycling team be good for their marketing?

[Because it is perfectly okay to blow ObamaBucks.]

The odd part is, he's actually a phenomenal athlete. I had reservations about his wins, but believed. Now I feel like a sucker.

[The same feeling you had after you PayPaled your $$$ to Bev Harris.]

My life has pretty much always been about bikes. There's so much personality and beauty in the sport. For me it's more than sport. When I rode the road, it was the 60's. Even today the bike is demonized in America. The bike gives one a real perspective on just who is aggressive and who is a lover of beauty. It's hard to put it into a tiny post.

[Then put it into a tiny Speedo like John Effing Kerry.]

I believed in him even when they were stripping his titles. I bought into the line that it was all a conspiracy ginned up by an overeager doping agency, and supported by false confessions from former teammates trying to arrange lighter punishments. Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed.

[I figure you sent at least $100 to Bev Harris.]

...and he's gonna rat on people...f*ck him

[The Scott Rothstein of the cycling world.]

He raised $500 million for cancer research. He's a lying fraud...but that ain't peanuts.

[A lying fraud like you, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Turns out Pitt is posting yet more misinformation. However, another DUmmie corrects Pitt less than 24 business hours later as you can see in the next post...]

Myth: Lance Armstrong has raised $500 million for cancer research.

Fact: According Gifford’s investigative piece, LiveStrong — the foundation Armstrong helped to establish after suffering testicular cancer — donated only $20 million to cancer research between 1998 and 2005. In 2005, LiveStrong began phasing out its research donation, and since 2010 the charity no longer accepts applications for research grants.

Instead, the lion’s share of the funds raised by LiveStrong, according to Gifford, have gone to fuzzier assistance programs, like “survivorship” and “global awareness,” and for the worthy cause of helping victims in the U.S. negotiate the thickets of the medieval American health-care system, where the simple and effective Canadian-style Medicare system is rejected for the greater profit of insurance companies, drug companies, private hospitals and doctors.

What is more troublesome is that there are two parallel organizations here: Livestrong.org, the charity, and the parallel Livestrong.com, a for-profit entity. And the myth that the charity provides funding for cancer research persists, even though LiveStrong’s own website makes it clear the charity is not in the research business.

[You have to realize that Pitt gets his info from Jason Leopold. Okay, here comes a correction excuse from the Pittster...]

Yikes. Thanks for the info. That's what I get for believing what I hear on sports talk radio. *withdrawing from conversation*

[Better yet, try withdrawing that cigarette from your mouth, Will. No amount of cancer research money is going to prevent your inevitable appointment with the compass needle puncturing a hole in your throat so you can talk.]

No excuse for his behavior and viciousness to people telling the truth about him

[That sounds like Jason Leopold after May 12, 2006.]


Anonymous krazy kat said...

I blame Bush.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


And all of the emotion and attention I lavished on the fabled Tour du Schwinn!

It's hard to believe...

...That anyone cares less than I do about a bicycle race...

Lance, babe! You did this shtuff for a friggin' nonevent like a bike race?

Even soccer has more respect!

8:30 PM  

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