Monday, May 30, 2011

KOmmies Perform MicroAnalysis of Weiner Bulge

I won't be posting the KOmmie rants from their THREAD, "Breitbart's Weiner hoax: New photos surface! Analysis, and Surprise!" because the hilarity isn't so much in what they said but in how they presented it. You have to actually see their thread to fully appreciate the unintentional humor in the highly detailed closeup analysis of several Weiner bulge photos plus the accompanying charts. They are so desperate to pin Weinergate on Andrew Breitbart that I won't be a bit surprised if they present spectral analysis graphs of the Weiner bulge as well as subject the pics to a CAT scan.

So if you want a great bellylaugh, head over to this KOmmie THREAD to watch hilarious obsession in action. Of course, the FUnniest times will come when the TRUTH about Weinergate is finally revealed. It will be very hard on the KOmmies. The TRUTH most likely will be delayed in the near term as we await the advise of Weiner's counsel. Yeah, he actually is seeking advice of a counsel to tell him what to do. Most likely the counsel will tell him to just write it off as a prank. God forbid the authorities investigate this. That is the last thing the Weiner wants to have happen.

The comedy continues...


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

"Weinergate! Big deal or just a Little Pickle?"

"I am really uncomfortable with the expression "Weiner Hack" to describe the facebook/yfrog invasion and subsequent coverup. Could we find something else, please?"

"Just another example of the 'hard left' attitude towards inappropriate sexual hijinks. Now a republican without a shirt? Death!"

7:14 PM  

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