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Obama's speech? It's bombing in DUmmieland!

President Bush--sorry, President OBAMA has just finished his speech on the kinetic military action in Libya, and the early reviews are coming in. Obama's speech? It's bombing in DUmmieland! Too many are saying they've heard this speech before. Just substitute "Saddam" for "Qaddafi" and "Iraq" for "Libya," and Chimpy McBushitler could have given it.

But of course there are some Obama/Democrat Party loyalists trying to spin this thing so as to placate the DUmmies. Chief among the apologists is, as you would expect, William Rivers Pitt, aka Will the Shill, loyal party hack, who is starting to tiptoe carefully out of the seditiously silent shadows. But Wee Willie shows himself to be HIGH HYPOCRITE PITT! He was so anti-Bush and anti-War on Iraq now DEFENDS Obomber and his War on Libya! We see it here in this Pittiful THREAD, "He's not like Bush."

But, as I say, most DUmmies are not buying what Pitt and Obama are selling. And to get a flavor of that, we'll select from a number of threads, too many to link to.

So let us now see how many DUmmies will violate the No-Hypocrisy Zone and support Barack McSame, in Bushevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, always amused to see the DUmmie DUbble Standard, is in the [Barackets]:

He's not like Bush.

[High Hypocrite Pitt will now try to convince us--and maybe himself--that Obomber is not Bush.]

Every time I read the "Obama is like Bush" comparison here, it makes me wince. . . .

[Every time I read your Pittiful Will-the-Shill act, it makes me laugh.]

and it makes me think people may have forgotten what those eight years were really like.

[Eight years of you attacking Bush for what now you're letting Obomber get away with.]

He's not like Bush.

[OK, you've now said this TWICE, Will, so it must be true! What a compelling argument! I think you must have won over the DUmmies, Pied Piper Pitt! Let's find out . . .]

Obama speaks the English language better than Shrub. We don't have to hear "NOO-KU-LUHR."

[HUGE difference!]

he's worse than bush in a way. He's supposed to know better, he's a LAWYER and still he does this stuff. Its worse because he has taken our votes and then gone out of his way to kick us in the teeth, he and his surrogates. So, its your opinion and its no better than anyone else. You must have a stronger stomach than I do, Mr. Pitt.

[Oh, come on! Mr. Pitt just told you, "He's NOT like Bush"! Twice! And he's William Rivers Pitt!]

it makes me sick

[In the Pitt of my stomach.]

why in the world would anyone think he is like Bush?

[Oh, trading blood for oil, under the pretext of an "international coalition" removing a "brutal dictator," that sort of thing--you know the routine.]

There is a difference in leadership at the top--a cautiousness, a deliberateness. . . .

[Yes, I agree. Bush was MUCH more cautious and deliberate in going after Saddam.]

True. He's a bad president in his own unique way.

[Hee! Hee! Well, not much support there. Let's go to another thread . . .]

It's actually refreshing to see a COMPETANT speech on foreign policy

[It's actually IRANIC.]

Obama just nailed it.

[Obama just chalkboard-fingernailed it.]

So, let's see if I have this straight...The President gets pressure from all sides to do something about Ghaddafi. Then, when he does, in participating in the execution of U.N. Res. 1973, he is then ridiculed, chided, criticized, maligned for having done it to the point that he is being called on the carpet as if a child who has been naughty?

[LEAVE . . . BARACK . . . ALOOOONE!!!]

Psst. He's Black. Plenty of the pasty, fat white men in Washington are still pretty pissed off about that fact. In that they only have limited time in their busy schedules, they don't get the opportunity to attend as many Klan meetings to air their hatred of the black man who is our President.

[When your hand is failing, you can always play the Race Card.]

Gaddafi is kind of wacko after all. Any world leader who dresses like Michael Jackson did in the 80s is in need of some kind of help.

[Let's see . . . so Gaddafi is dressing like a black man trying to dress like a white woman. . . . I'm so confused! . . . Let's try another thread . . .]

"Our interests and values have been challenged in Libya." I understand Col Q is a bad guy. But how has he "challenged our interests and values"?

["Our interest and values" are OIL, Stinky The Clown! OIL! Black, crude OIL! "Our interest and values," my eye! This is Halliburton-speak, buckaroo! Follow the money!]

This is just sad, I can just hear Bush giving the same exact speech.

[No way! Bush's was about Saddam and Iraq!]

Why would I accept it from a Dem president if I am against this type of war mongering in principle?

[Look, this is kinetic-military-action-mongering!]

Do kittehs die?


blah, blah hypocrisy and lies blah blah.

[Obama's speech, the CliffsNotes version.]

Humanitarian? Dick Cheney's @ss.

[I take it you didn't like the speech.]

Obama's gettin' his war on, and those of us who don't like it should STFU

[MOVE . . . UNDER . . . THAT . . . BUS!]

At least the exit strategy was clearly defined....war is peace

[Oceania has always been at war with Libya.]

no explanation of which US security interests were threatened enough to necessitate intervention

[Security interests?? We don't need no stinkin' security interests!]

Can somebody explain the consistency of our foreign policy, and sum it all up in nutshell? . . . if some foreigner came up to me and asked me, what is the US' foreign policy regarding the use of military force, the only thing I could say is "Well, you're either with us or against us, unless you have weapons of mass destruction, whereupon, you're against, but if not, you're still a dictator, so you're against us, unless you're with us, because you're the devil we know, unless you're about to slaughter your own people, whereupon, you're against us, unless you keep the surrounding region stable and our interests intact,...."

[That's it in a NUtshell! And that's why Obama is not like Bush, of course!]

"Freedom Oil"

[The Bushobama Doctrine. So how come you guys aren't marching on Washington this time?]

I mean, nobody likes Khgaddaffyie or however you spell it. Well, I give up on the whole peace thing, . . . the U.S. is no longer going to stand by and watch injustice and oppression anywhere on the planet, so I'm expecting we'll start bombing a whole lot of other places pretty soon here. Bombing because we also don't want some protracted and costly ground invasion, so we need to enforce regime change from a stand-off position. Why can't we just nuke everyone from space? . . . F*** it, let's roll. Bomb everyone.

[Bomb bad people everywhere! Bomb for peace!]

It looked to me like he didn't even believe his own BS.

[BAD teleprompter!!]

You thought he wasn't a cowboy. he may have just proven you wrong.


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Oh, the massive knots liberals tie themselves into to excuse "Obomber and the Libya Adventure".

It's just excruciating to watch them.

...And only the hopelessly delusional are buying this tripe.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50: "It's just excruciating to watch them."

Yeah, excruciatingly funny.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a HUGE difference between what Bush did and what Obama did...Bush actually consulted with Congress before he attacked anybody...which was also with a coalition even broader than Obama's, and with a UN resolution at his back.


11:05 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

Night Crawler (87 posts) Mon Mar-28-11 07:59 PM
Original message
You got that right

He's black, taller, reads a better speech, has a Nobel Peace Prize based on future Performance and of course has cute young kids instead of hard partying teenagers in the White House.

So he's got all that goin' for him.

Well, that one got a Deleted Message. I wonder why?

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The super-hypocrite Moonbats are loathe to hit the streets against their Chosen One doing the same thing Bush did. They loathe Bush and love The Obamassiah and since they are incapable of accepting they may have made an error in judgement, they slam their heads up their ass and produce the mental excrement you see in the DU comments.

The fact they are such hypocrites is why they should NEVER be given control of anything ever again.

9:25 PM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

So when do the reactionary leftists start protesting Obama's illegal war for oil?

7:12 PM  

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