Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"This may be a very painful night"

This THREAD, "This may be a very painful night," began just 12 minutes after 7 EDT and already the mood is quickly switching in DUmmieland as you can see in the title. In stark contrast to Have a very, very good feeling about tonight, the latter thread reflects the sad results of the election returns. So let us now watch as the DUmmie mood has suddenly switched from happy to gloomy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, predicting massive dosages of Prozac being air dropped to DUmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

This may be a very painful night.

[A DUmmie reality check.]

It might be a good idea fo brace youdself for the worst, even while hoping for the best. There is an election night tendency to sometimes let our hopes lead only to find them turning around and stabbing us right in the heart. This, unfortunately, is the condition of being a Democrat. Best to take care of your heart.

[Take care of your heart and then report to the nearest Walmart detention center. And now to the rest of the deeply depressed DUmmies...]

I learned my lesson after Kerry in '04. Never again!

[...Will I stand up and announce my real name to the world like a laughable Drama Queen.]

Right. That's where I learned the power of wishful thinking to distort one's picture of what's going on.

[So no more alternate universes in which Al Gore is President?]

I'm rigidly braced for impact tonight.

[The giant meteor will impact in a couple of hours.]

Kerry '04 devastated me, shocked me, and left me permanently cynical about outcomes

[It also left you with a permanent rabid drool.]

I expect the worst... and with the media calling the elections when only a small minority of the vote is in, we're essentially f*cked. Why vote? Only 7% of the population need bother if that's where they're calling it at these days. Jesus. I need to start on this beer quick.

[And then finish up with the crack pipe.]

Here's the deal. The Dems won a whole slew of seats in 2006 and 2008 that, based on history, they had no business winning. The GOP and Bush White House were so outrageously disastrous that the Dems picked up a ton of seats in places where Dem support is scant. Fact: there were 44 House districts in 2008 that elected a Democrat to the House while *simultaneously* going for McCain. This GOP wave has a lot to do with the economy, but it's also a big fat snap-back, the GOP taking back seats they wouldn't have lost in the first place had Bush and the GOP congress not been such total disasters. So, yeah. Bad night, but not unexpected.

[Except YOU predicted no turnover in the House, William Rivers Pitt. Hoping we'll be forgetting about a certain thread to be shoved up your ass?]

According to this guarantee, it is unexpected.

[A Kewpie Doll to DUmmie Obamanaut for reminding us about Pitt's thread shoving promise.]

Youthful exuberance.

[Replied Pitt...hoping to preserve the integrity of his butt.]

According to the message block in that post, the result may be

[DUmmie Obamanaut reminded William Rivers BUtt.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me help you with your Wednesday excuse DUmmies:

"Since the Republicans didn't take 72 seats like they did in 1938, they essentially lost last night. Clearly they need to start working with Obama's agenda."

Will that help ease your mind DUmmies? feel free to repeat that to yourselves as often as you need to to get through the week. Your bosses (presuming you work) will thank you.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biggest landlide since '48. Bend over, Pitt...

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

I remember in 1994 when Alan Colmes asked why the Republicans didn't do better. He was roundly laughed out of the room. I felt embarassed for Alan Colmes that night, but will join in the laughter at KO and the DUmmies. And that sick, demented bastard, Grayson...and the semi-literate Ariana Huffington. BTW, she looks absolutely horrible tonight. The truth is taking a toll. And BTW, KO is a complete idiot. MSNBC is going to take a beating after tonight. He is economically illiterate. Government does not create jobs, bath tub boy.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous The Daily Vex said...

Your blog inspired me to visit the site after a few years of avoiding their idiocy like the plague, and I was pleased to see that they actually talk about your site. I cannot wait to see the DU response to tonight's DUmmie Funnies.

We may not have everything we wanted, but we got what we needed in this election. Now the real work begins.

3:20 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

It's a complete refudiation of the obama regime.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Shambhala said...

Now to get rid of the RINOs that are lining up to run for president on 2012.

Tone-deaf, they havent woken up to the fact theyve already lost.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A thread about DUmmie FUnnies at the DUmp?

I'd love to see that one.

Link, please?

10:52 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Really this couldn't have come out better for the GOP. Had they eked out technical control of the Senate, They'd be prisoners of Chuck the Schmuck on filibusters and Obama vetoes on new legislation, while Obama would be blaming a GOP Congress for all his troubles for the next two years.

As it is the GOP now has a truly reliable filibuster that doesn't depend on weak links like Collins, Snowe, or McCain who can be so easily seduced into voting Demo-crackhead. Dingy Harry remains the public face and therefore designated bag-holder for the sins of the Senate, and the GOP controls the unique fiscal powers of the House with a solid majority.

Well-played, GOP, well-played. Bravo!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Mark Nielsen said...

Tanker: I agree completely.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Mark Nielsen said...

In fact, as painful as seeing Reid eek it out was, it's probably a good thing politically for Republicans. It keeps Reid as the legislative face of the Democrats.

I think if *both* houses had fallen to the Republicans, Obama's re-election hopes would have been increased, just has having both houses fall to Republicans in 1994 helped Clinton.

11:47 PM  

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