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Pied Piper Pitt Day 2010: Pitt homeless, Bobo the Hobo still posting

Happy Pied Piper Pitt Day! Yes, today is May 12, the fourth anniversary of that fateful Fitzmas fiasco in 2006, when Prosecutor Fitz indicted KKKarl Rove, and Journalist Pitt then breathlessly broke the scoop to the moonbat multitudes hanging on his every word: "It's a sealed indictment--Sealed vs. Sealed--Rove has ALREADY been indicted, and now, just wait, you will see him frogmarched within 24 business hours!" FREUDENSCHADE, BABY! Break open the champagne! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Tick, tock, tick, tock. . . . 24 business hours came and went. . . . 24 business DAYS came and went. . . . 24 LEAP YEARS came and went. . . . and still no frogmarch. Oopsie! Thus Will the Shill's journalistic, political, and punditry career went down in Plames. Wee Willie was reduced to living off Mumsie's trust fund and doing some part-time bar-bouncing.

But there was always DUmmieland. The Pied Piper still had his loyal sycophants at the DUmp, where he could be a star.

Until this past Sunday. The Mother's Day Massacre. The Tombstoning of William Pitt. Yes, Our Boy has been BANISHED from DUmmieland! Here it is, Pied Piper Pitt Day, and Will the Shill is OUT ON THE STREET, HOMELESS! Wee Willie is languishing in Prog Purgatory!

The Magic Man's offense? Will the Bouncer challenged DUmmie bobbolink, aka Bobo the Hobo, herself homeless--oh, the irony!--to a fight. Thus the Bouncer became the Bouncee.

You need to know a little something about Bobo the Hobo. She is a homeless person, living out of her car in Denver, and she's always playing the Victim Card. "How'd you like it if your mother ended up homeless like me?" is a common bobbolink complaint.

Well, in a thread on Sunday--Mother's Day, mind you--Bobo apparently used this line (or something like it) in a post to Willie Boy, mentioning Will's mother somehow. The relevant posts were immediately deleted from DUmmieland, of course. The mention of his dear Mumsie (aka Mother Pitt, aka DUmmie Raven) and the likelihood that the Pie-eyed One may have been well into his cups--this set off the eruption of Mount Eyjawilliejökull! All of a sudden, Will the Drama Queen went into a foul-mouthed tirade: "How ****ing DARE you mention my Mumsie?? Meet me in the ****ing alley, you ****ing ****er, and I'll drop you a like a sack of ****ing potatoes!!!"

Them's fighting words, and fighting words are a no-no in the Land of Peace and Love. Will gets the granite cookie, while Bobo the Hobo lives to post again. Is there no JUSTICE??

My prediction, though, is that a Properly Penitent Pitt will come up with a suitable mea culpa and be restored to full DUmmieland fellowship--maybe within 24 business hours! The Pied Piper doesn't want to lose his audience, Head DUmmie Skinner doesn't want to lose his "star" attraction, and the DUmmies don't want to lose their entertainment value. Neither do we here at DUmmie FUnnies! Come back, Will! Let him back in, Admins! We give you the BIRD, bobbolink, that you would whip-poor-Will and Mother Raven!

So, for the moment, Will the Bouncer sits in prison, silenced, while Harridan Anti-Pitt is clothed in soft raiment and posting in king's houses. Since we cannot hear the voice crying in the Willieness, let us now find out more about this most annoying Bobo the Hobo who got him banned. You get a sample of DUmmie bobbolink here in this
THREAD (written a week before the Pitt-bobbolink confrontation), "When do you want people to die?"

The comments of DUmmie bobbolink, aka Bobo the Hobo--and one DUmmie responder--are in Rentless Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, spending this Pied Piper Pitt Day longing for the return of Poor Persecuted Pitt, is in the [brackets]:

When do you want people to die?

[Why did you want Willie to be banned?]

Right here on DU, we have heard from people who have been telling us that there ARE people who want them to die. . . .

[Yes, Bobo the Hobo, play the Victim Card ONCE AGAIN! Everybody wants you to die. Well, come to think of it, now that you've gotten Willie banned, maybe. . . .]

So, what about it, DU? Why are THESE cases of suffering and potential death not a cause du jour for liberals or progressives?

[Will Pitt is our cause DU jour! . . . But now one comment from another DUmmie . . .]

I'll comment more tomorrow, Bobbie. I'm a little emotionally fried at the moment.
My dog broke his harness, jumped our fence, and bit a Chihuahua. It's been a messed up 24 hours.

[24 bit-ness hours. . . . Back to bobbolink . . .]

People are suffering and dying. Its time to DO Something.

[PITT is suffering! It's time to DU something! DUAC! DUAC!]

So, what are you going to do about it?

[The confrontational bobbolink challenges everyone to help her. Fat chance now, honey!]

we should all be able to own our own homes, for the safety that provides. Now, ..... HOW?

[Mm, get a job? Just a guess.]

I'm doing all I can while living in my car.

[HA! You've got a CAR?? Will Pitt is out on the STREET!]

How else can I say this... I DO NOT NEED A SHELTER.

[Gimme Shelter--NOT!]

I am a person. I am a good person. I need a home. . . . It. Really. Is. Quite. Simple.

[How. DARE. You. Imitate. Pitt's. Periodic. Punctuation. Style?!?]

I'm sure when your mother becomes one of us, she will thank you.

[There--THERE--is the smoking gun, from BEFORE the Mother's Day Massacre, as to the kind of post I think Bobo the Hobo wrote to Pitt that set off Mount Eyjawilliejökull! That must have been it! Mystery solved. I, Hercule Poirot, have cracked the Case of the Powderkeg Posts!]

- - - - -


Lady Bird Pitt (Mumsie, DUmmie Raven) chirped in on Monday, The Day After the Mother's Day Massacre, in this THREAD, "On being somebody's Son."

On being somebody's Son.

[Our Lady of the DUmp now refers to her "Son" with a capital "S." Is this "The Passion of the Pitt" or what?]

Very difficult sometimes when you are a writer and you put yourself out there all the time. There is no better way to turn a discussion away from the main point than to derail it by bringing a relative into it.

[Mother Pitt is trying not to get tombstoned herself, so she does this cryptic, passive-aggressive style post, without mentioning Willie Boy or Bobo by name.]

There is no better way to enrage a son that to bring his/her mother/father into the discussion in a really hurtful way.

[Pitt went Raven' mad!]

I don't know what the writer said to be banished from this site and I don't condone it but it seems to me that the poster who brought the writer's mother into it hit way below the belt.


We have to find a better way to converse here. Locking and tombstoning one side of this kind of discussion and not the other does not seem to further that. It now would seem that bringing a relative into a discussion and evoking a reaction will become the debate tactic of choice.

[That's So Raven! . . . Now let's hear from the DUmmies . . .]

People who graduate jr. high should get passed yo mamma jokes.

[Wee Willie is stuck in seventh.]

Also, death threats are bad.

[Bad Pitt!]

My dear Raven...

[DUmmie CaliforniaPeggy is HEARTBROKEN!! She always like to say, "My dear WILL"! Now she can't!]


[In Before The Lock.]

Wait, whaat? ...I missed something over the weekend, didn't I?

[3, 2, 1 . . .]




Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

This titanic shift in the blogosphere calls for a "Serious Sentiment"...

"How the Mighty have Fallen?"


"Thus is Greatness brought to Ruin?"

Um. Not.

"Look at those two Ugly Dogs Fight!"


What do you think?

(And should we start a pool about how long it will be before Will the Pittiful can wheedle, weasel and whine his way back into DUmmieland?)

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"I'm glad my pain could give you such a good laugh."

I thought Pitt was the DU's prima donna until I read Bobo the Hobo's weepy, egoistical posts. Damn, she's the national tear duct, the uber prima donna; all must read her posts, grovel and admit their unworthiness. Pitt never had a chance.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Floreswdyr said...

"Die!, if you want to, you innocent puppet!" "One!" (guitar riff) "Two!" (guitar riff) "Three!" (guitar riff)... ////////// "Thirty eight!" (guitar riff) "Thirty nine!" (guitar riff) DU in 4 BC had no mass communication.

1:58 AM  

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