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"Why did Elizabeth Edwards write her new book?"

The DUmmies just can't let go of their erstwhile hero, John Edwards. Despite everything that has happened, they still cling to him to the extent that they are peeved at his wife for writing an (almost) tell-all book about the Breck Girl. I say "almost" because I understand she didn't address whether the daughter of his mistress is really his. I think we already know the answer to that but apparently, Elizabeth prefers not to face that ugly fact. It's strange that the DUmmies are attacking Elizabeth because she is one of the very few public people to actually enter DUmmieland. It was the time the DUmmies were piling on Laura Ingraham when she had breast cancer and Elizabeth entered DUmmieland to tell the DUmmies to try to behave like normal people. Of course they couldn't and now the DUmmies are griping about Elizabeth as you can see in the very title of this THREAD, "Why did Elizabeth Edwards write her new book?" So let us now watch the DUmmies getting peeved over Elizabeth Edwards' book in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering which section of the Edwards palace the mistress is going to end up with, is in the [brackets]:

Why did Elizabeth Edwards write her new book?

[Does it have a CD-ROM insert featuring the many poses of the Silky Pony?]

I honestly don't get her motivation for writing about her husband's affair. Pay back? wanting to get her side of the story out? She's bringing up something that had pretty much died down in the public sphere. Now, with her book and her public appearances, it will be all over the MSM again. How does this impact her young children? Just seems a strange thing to do.

[Yeah, she should just suffer in silence as her hubby continues to lie. And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

A Woman on the Verge of Divorce Needs Some Lawyer Money

[Take him for every last penny!]

it just seems weird to write something about this now, while her kids are still young and in a vulnerable place.

[Maybe Johnny should have thought of that when his mistress easily seduced him the first time at the hotel bar.]

Edw went on to run for prez AFTER Eliz KNEW about the affair. WHAT A SCUM BAG!

[Edw was Pied Piper Pitt's secret choice which he told us about only AFTER he was safely out of the race.]

So she can ask her husband to help proofread and stuff... "Honey, tell me what's a better title for Chapter Six, 'My Bastard Husband Tore My Heart Out,' or 'Someday I'll Kill The Son-of-a-Bitch in his Sleep.'"


This need to splat your personal experiences all over the tabloids is a bit too much for me. What ever happened to the stiff upper lip?

[Put some ice on it.]

To call the paramour "Pathetic" in the public square, perhaps?
This hasn't died down--that baby is the offspring of JE. The girlfriend was getting ready to go public, according to some sources. Imagine how that little girl will feel as she grows up and realizes that Daddy spent a few years of her life denying her?

[She is just a DNA test away from claiming a big chunk of that NC palace.]

Refusal to acknowledge one's child. To me, that is even lower than cheating on a cancer-stricken wife.

[Even lower than claiming you made big bucks at a hedge fund in order to study poverty?]

There are more than a few contenders for father of that child.

[I think the number of contenders has pretty much been narrowed down to one.]

How many visited the kid at 3:00 a.m. before trying to leave through the basement? Don't even try to call me a "hater". I supported JE, traveled hours to hear him, got his autograph.

[And if you told him that he was "hot" you could have borne a love child as well.]

John has asked her to take a paternity test and she refuses to do so. That tells me she's afraid of the world finding out the truth. For all we know, it's another kid from the same fertility doctor as octomom's. It does raise the issue though, that until the child is completely tested, it is always going to be her word against his. And anyone who blames him without proof is just talking with and to a brick wall, and has absolutely zero credibility doing so.

[One look at that baby's face pretty well shows that any DNA test would be a mere formality.]

Calling her pathetic is pathetic....I really do believe the book is just an attempt to soothe a wounded ego by portraying her husband as a victim the way Hillary Clinton did.

[Pathetically posted the DUmmie.]

Rielle Hunter is pathetic but Elizabeth Edwards doesn't grow in stature by stating the obvious.

[So she should just grin and bear it?]

I feel sorry for Mrs. Edwards. I think she got f*cked over, emotionally, spiritually, and worst of all--IN PUBLIC-- by an asshole of a husband.

[Is that you, Elizabeth?]

maybe she has money, but she is still fighting for her life, and her self. if i were her, my regrets would be unfathomably deep. i would be thinkin' lorena bobbit.

[Uh-oh! I sure hope John is sleeping while wearing a cast iron athletic supporter.]

It's a "short book" they say. Doesn't address "the baby" at all....you know, "the baby" that is the spit image of her husband.

[No DNA test necessary.]

Writing this book shows that she is still not acting completely rationally. JRE really created a nightmare for his entire family and possibly an innocent little girl who may have trouble when she learns of her father.

[An ambulance chaser done in by a paternity suit. Karma.]

My best guess is that this has to do with 1) money, as there's no such thing as "enough" money; 2) attention - those in the limelight grow accustomed to it being there; and/or 3) she wants to run for office herself and grabbing enough of #1 and #2 would certainly help her.

[Or 4) payback.]

The big question is... will she do the book pimping interviews with or without her hubby...

[She should go on Maury Povich and then John Edwards shows up for a "You the Daddy" episode.]

$he's just trying to get her $ide of the $tory out there.

[Is that you, Bev Harri$?]

John and Elizabeth rock! Always have, always will!

[It sounds like Miss Hunter was the one doing the rocking.]

My one regret is that I supported Edwards in the primaries.

[Fool me once, fool me once again.]

I don't get all the sympathy here - she was a partner in the cover-up of her husband's affair and had he been the nominee or considered for VP he could have destroyed the 2008 election. She could have outed him and his lies. Now she wants to make a profit off the story. bah. Greedy.

[Unlike the saintly Barack Obama.]


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

The "Saga of Silky Pony" as told by his screwed-over wife...

I still say that a slobbering, weeping, "I'm sorry" on Larry King, and these DUmmies will be lining up to kiss the Breck Girl's a$$.

Democrats can do that. Republicans? Not a chance.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw Republicans. It's conservatives. Get a clue.


9:44 PM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Seems like it's the Republicans that are doing the screwing to the Conservatives, to me. Speaking as a Conservative.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...


I take your points about the divergence of Conservatism as opposed to the milquetoast bilgesuckers extant in the Republican Party.

But I'm not ready to throw the baby out... just the filthy, gutless bathwater.

I'm an optimist, and see a few bright spots on the horizon.

4:36 PM  
Blogger mark said...

I have Nothing to do with the press ect ect....I just would like to speak with Mrs Edwards or John....So Please...I just want to talk.OH yea No book stuff either.I just want to speak with one or both of Ya.This is nothing for me to gain,,It may be for you both.I belive and do my best to listen to my Higher Power.Christ,God the Father and the Holy spirit.I just would like to speak to ya all.You may see things in a different way...I am straight up.Hopefully,,later Mark....night

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

"... Hopefully,,later Mark....night ..."

Aaah, the bleating pleas of one irrational to two other irrationals for mutual comforting and validation of their (hopefully) common irrationalities.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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