Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DUmmies get in the holiday spirit: Seize the assets of the wealthy!

'Tis the season of cheer and good will. Except in DUmmieland! There greed, envy, covetousness, anger, and class warfare reign supreme. Witness this heart-warming THREAD, "The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized." The DUmmies want the Young Prince to redistribute some wealth THEIR way! So grab your assets before they get seized--for if the wealthiest 1% keep getting robbed, eventually you too will move up into that category--and enjoy the Marxist remarx, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, doing a quick fill-in for PJ while he battles spyware and before I get back to sermon-writing, is in the [lower tax brackets]:

The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized

[All your assets are belong to us!]

Obama is spending 2 weeks vacation in an $8500 per night rental house in Kailua HI.

[Obambi is living the HI life!]

He's going to be flying on a big jet from now on too.

[Well, we're movin' on up . . . to the East Side. . . .]

Never mind the Bush tax "cuts", it's time to roll back the REAGAN tax "cuts". I'm also in favor of a 100% "death tax" for inherited income. . . .

[What the heck, make it 150%!]

I need to bone-up on finances within our American History.

[Raising taxes would give you a bone-up.]

My mom has chosen to give a lot of her assets to us now while she is still alive. I got her car, my brother her house. I have no problem with this, as he is living near her assisted living center and is looking after her.

[She should do her patriotic duty and hurry up and die, so she can pay the death tax.]

I like this concept, it encourages spreading it around.

[Spread some in my pocket!]

the "ultra rich" shouldn't be able to use our tax system to pass on egregious and immoral sums of money to offspring. . . .

[What makes a certain sum of money "egregious and immoral"? Why is it wrong to pass it on to offspring? Woops! Sorry! I'm questioning your premise!]

Where I draw the line is something above $5M. I see that as the line in the sand between the "doing better than others or maybe even much better than others" and the ultra filthy rich. It is the latter I want, or demand to attack. I want to see the smirks on their faces disappear and find them counting the cans of beans in the pantry.

[Darn those achievers!]

Don't be ridiculous. You're saying my sister and I can't inherit my mother's house? Only a complete idiot would propose that.


Will Obama be our hero and seize the assets of the top 1%?

[Get real. That would hurt his big bankrollers, like $oro$.]

Obama is not going to take money from friends like Oprah etc.

[I want to see Oprah counting cans of beans. I'm afraid she'd eat them, though!]

off with their heads!

[Seize their top 10%!]

heads on pikes!!!

[Pikes Pique!]

you just pulled that out of your ass, didn't you?

[He seized it and pulled!]

If they ever sell lottery tickets for gutting and skinning them, I'll be first in line with an assortment of Ginsu knives

[New show on the DUmmieland Channel: "Who Wants to Field-Dress a Millionaire?"]

These monsters should be stopped because it's also the right thing to do.

[Grab your torches and pitchforks!]

Ooh, is it time to murder those we disagree with?? Sweet! Where do we pick up our brown shirts?

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

Let them eat cake--from a dumpster!

[Let them eat pizza in a basement--like a DUmmie!]

y = 1/x (nt)

[Commie Code from the aptly named Commie Pinko Dirtbag.]

Then we'd have a new top 1%. We could do them, too. And keep going until I'm in the top 1%.


Because we all know that the top 1% are all Pugs... errr... nevermind... BTW anyone know what percentage of the population the top 1% employ? It is always fun to blame the other guy for all the bad things, how many dems were/are misusing credit, buying homes they couldn't possibly afford, speculating on the housing market, etc. I suspect a lot. At the same time * has been in office, Dems have controlled no small amount of Washington power. The sooner we all get over ourselves and look at these problems objectively, the sooner real solutions will arise...seizing wealth from anyone (not implicitly involved in actual criminal activity) will not fix anything...just another snake oil scheme.

[DUmmie pipoman, YOU win the Kewpie Doll for a brief moment of mental clarity! Santa will be dropping that down your chimney tomorrow night.]

"I don't like the fact you have so much stuff. I want stuff. I'm going to take your stuff" There, I just summed up the whole thing. Presto Chango.

[Sorry, DUmmie Cid_B, only one Kewpie Doll per thread.]

I don't know the percentage overall. But they comprise over half of my customers. Without them, my employees wouldn't have a job and I wouldn't have a business.

[Sounds suspiciously like trickle-down economics.]

It's early yet, and the competition is fierce, but this could be the stupidest post of the day...

[Referring to the Opening Post about seizing all the assets of the wealthy. You're right, in DUmmieland it is always a fierce competition for stupidest post.]

It might be used on the Rush Limbaugh show. You know, to illustrate a point.

[Or on the DUmmie FUnnies!]

so anyone who's net worth is more than 2 million dollars should have their assets seized? That's f*cked up. That . . . would include small business people who work their asses off. It would include retirees who worked their asses off.

[We need to SEIZE their assets off!]

But.. but.. They're rich and I'm not! Thats not FAIR! *proceeds to throw temper tantrum on the floor*

Bingo! All these revolutionaries crying "Don't let 'em keep their money!" would be happy to keep it if it were theirs.

[It's a Lousy Freeper Troll INVASION!!]

When you consider that many are pure socialists and some would even call themselves communist, it's not surprising. As for me, I want strong regulated capitalism, progressive taxation, and European socialist programs for the benefit of society.

[IOW, socialism.]

Wouldn't it be interesting to examine who wrote the Constitution and how it represented certain vested interests. . . . Not too difficult to see who identifies with the ruling classes here.


But don't worry - I include myself and all of us among the oppressors. . . .


Why do NFL players or some actors make millions a year?

[If you're referring to the St. Louis Rams, I've been asking the same question.]

Obama views the constitution as a list of negative values so maybe he can change it.. Then we can make the greedy wealthy pay.

[So the greedy DUmmies can get some of their wealth for doing nothing.]

the average millionaire is unassuming, thrifty, and works more than 45 hours a week, often as a small business owner.


Instead of engaging in envy and murderous thoughts, study hard, go to medical school, and BECOME one of the 1%.

[Then YOU can have your assets seized!]

Do you mean literally seize all their assets? Or just very steep taxes? I definitely support super-taxing the super-rich, but NOT just going in and seizing their assets.

[That would be too honest and straightforward.]

The mega-wealthy used their power to STEAL money from the rest of us. It's not their money. Their assets should be seized until a FAIR return of OUR money is figured out.

[Stunning. This DUmmie is serious.]

for the record i am not opposed to such a seizure as the op mentioned. in fact, i'll help.

[Another DUmmie getting in touch with his Inner Marxist.]

not exactly envy, more like hatred. . . .

[It's kind of an envy/hatred mix.]

look, i don't imagine any of this is actually going to happen without revolution.

[The DUmmies are revolting!]

I'm fine with eating the rich. But we can't do it in one bite.

[A rich-rich diet!]

Great idea! Screw 'em! Oh, wait a minute, I just thought of something... my boss is one of those people and he won't be able to pay me anymore, and I will be out of a job. Perhaps it's not such a great idea after all.

[Reality bites.]

How Many Times? Do we iterate the confiscations of the top 1% every quarter. Then pretty soon the top 1% will be people who make $100k per year. And then those who make $60k. And then everyone who makes more than $40k?

[Hmmm. . . . problem. . . .]

Why not the top 2%? 10%? The top 25%?

[Let's go all the way! Seize the assets of the top 100%!]

It's all about the top 1 percent, the Corporations and their stockholders. We are all just serfs in their game of life.

[Serfs up!]

Pure idiocy on so many levels. Simplest is it is unconstititutional. Come back when you can think.

[Don't hold your breath.]

Just because many people who are poor or middle-class are good people, does not mean all wealthy people are evil.


F*ck that "liberal" sh*t.; I'm a Leftist

[An honest DUmmie.]

I can support seizure of 95%


This is the United States, not the Soviet Union....

[Ay, there's the rub.]

sure, progressive tax them. But then apply also a mandatory servance of, i'll just throw out a number...say 40 hrs a week community service. . . . In other words, make them 'volunteer'. . . . What a lesson in forced empathy it could be... and if they refuse, yeah, hang 'em.

[Serve lunch or be lynched.]

What is the difference between making someone "volunteer' and slavery?


Why not force poor people to live the lives of the wealthy instead? . . . And then we can all join hands, rich and poor, and sing The Internationale.

[FORCE everyone to be wealthy!]

We're all brothers, as Marx said.

[Groucho or Chico?]

Revolution Time. It's time for real Americans to organize, and do just that. Take back what is ours, and imprison the thieves and politicians that made this happen.

[TO THE STREETS! TO THE BARRICADES! Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité!]

Look on the bright side... Whenever the Have Nots show up, there is always lots of good singing. . . .

[The Les Miz Argument.]

Do you really think that people would be willing to struggle to get to the top if everything they owned could be seized because you think that would be "fair"?


I wouldn't take away their assets. seriously, what's a middle class guy like me going to do with P Diddy's gold toilet seat?


Gee. I wonder why they call us the looney left?

[Hey, you've been reading the DUmmie FUnnies!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn those pesky 4th, 5th, 13th, and 14th Amendments anyway! /DU mode

Though personally, I'm rather fond of the 2nd as a backstop for them....

7:31 PM  
Blogger Bilgeman said...

"The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized"

Merry Fuckin' Christmas to you, too. Dummie.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gee. I wonder why they call us the looney left?"
Yes, DUmmie Onehandle, you just found our dirty little secret.


12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Obama views the constitution as a list of negative values so maybe he can change it.."

"Then we can make the greedy wealthy pay."

Thanks for revealing in the public sphere precisely how much yourselves and your chosen One think of the US constitution, and what your real intentions are.

Can we please now do away with all the lies about "peace", "fairness" and "social justice", and just acknowledge that all you want is to take from those who have more than your selves?

4:16 AM  
Blogger Jack Bauer said...

"Wouldn't it be interesting to examine who wrote the Constitution and how it represented certain vested interests. . ."

Because NO ONE has any idea who "wrote" the "Constitution." It's a complete frackin' mystery since 1789.

My money's on Ulysses S. Constitution -- a mysterious figure from the Revolutionary War thought to be a confidante of Washington.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Such as it's always been, such as it always will be.

Class struggle and envy.

I betcha that if any of these morons actually took the rist to start a company or won a lottery or inherited mega-millions, they're ideas and entire thought process would change overnight.

Jealousy is a POWERFUL emotion especially when it's coupled with envy..

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think it was Uthmeyer Sanchez, a Mexican-German transgendered undocumented American, who originally penned the document in the hope of creating a Euro-style socialist utopia in North Mexico, to provide hym with affordable health care, and prevent anyone becoming richer than the State was comfortable with.

Over time the spirit of his constitution was hijacked and replaced by evil Rethuglican powermongers and the socialist paradise abandoned in favor of the oppressive capitalist Bush regime.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The essence of DUmmie political thought: If enough of us get together, we can take away other peoples' property and not have to compensate them for it.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dummie economic thought is like DUmmie political thought: vague, uninformed, sophmoric, irrational and full of hatred.

Prime example: Obama views the Constitution as a list of negative values so maybe he can change it...Then we make the greedy wealthy pay.

Yeah, change the Constiution by Presidential decree! Then pay us DUmmies! Eat the rich!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm kind of glad that someone mentioned Oprah. She makes more than most of the EEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLLLLLLLLL CEOs that these DUmmies are bitching about.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Thanks, P.J. for another great post. You bring some light into my life.

Merry Christmas to you and you family...

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that thread and wondered if it would make it over here.

What I find interesting is that the few people who actually had some coherent thought and posted this was a bad idea were not publically ID'd and tombstoned. Guess opposing screwing the "rich" is ok, but "gays" are off limits.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madoff... a Democrat... has been doing a bang up job of robbing the wealthy - individuals, universities, foundations, nonprofits ... all left leaning Democrat supporters who will have a difficult time menacing the rest of us without money.

Merry Christmas, PJ !!! Enjoy your columns!!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone! I won't do it today out of respect for Christmas, but tomorrow I'll check Kayinsane and the leftist blogs for what I KNOW they'll vomit about the mass murdering Santa Claus in LA.

Bush, Christianity, Capitalism and Whites will all be blamed - bet on it!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Madoff... a Democrat... has been doing a bang up job of robbing the wealthy - individuals, universities, foundations, nonprofits ... all left leaning Democrat supporters who will have a difficult time menacing the rest of us without money.

I'm kind of glad that someone mentioned Oprah. She makes more than most of the EEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLLLLLLLLL CEOs that these DUmmies are bitching about.

Zigackly. The wealthiest 1% of Americans would include George Soros, Bill Gates (who is fairly centrist politically but leans Democrat IIRC) and a whole bunch of other lefties/Democrat supporters. Probably the only conservative they'd actually get would be Rupert Murdoch.

But enough of the Dummies.

Merry Christmas all!

(Or pleasant non-denominational season's greetings, if you prefer)

mandible claw

12:10 AM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

There was more than the usual amount of good sense in this thread.

Perhaps it was because of the extreme nuttiness of the premise.

Nevertheless, it's always nice to see flashes, however brief, of rationality.

4:53 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

"I betcha that if any of these morons ... won a lottery or inherited mega-millions, they're ideas and entire thought process would change overnight."

The only thing that would change is the prosperity of the nation. We have the glaring example of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe as an object lesson.

Giving people money does not make them "successful" or "competent" or "prosperous". If one does not have what it takes to earn it, one is generally unable to manage it invest it, increase it, or, indeed, retain it.

Taking money/property/wealth from those who successfully earn it and giving it to those who cannot leads to ruin. This is what these class enviers will never understand.

They, like Zimbabweian thugs want new cars, new bling, new boats, new houses. They have no idea the skill, the dedication, the ambition, the work ethic, the life commitment, the time sacrifice involved in becoming and remaining wealthy, productive and prosperous.

What a bunch of pathetic losers.

5:07 PM  

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