Monday, December 15, 2008

Dean-obsessed madfloridian stars in "Days of Our DUmmies"

We have previously DUFUed threads by DUmmie madfloridian, notably HERE and HERE. What we have learned about DUmmie madfloridian is that she a) is so FAR LEFT she thinks Obama is a centrist (due to the gatekeeping influence of DLC Clintonista Rahm Emanuel), b) is OBSESSED with Howard Dean, and c) is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to any criticism. That makes for a FUnnie combination once again now in this THREAD, "It hurts when an era comes to an end, and we go back to what did not work." Let's identify the recurring players in this melodrama for ease of reference:

madfloridian (MF), the put-upon, always-threatening-to-leave-but-never-leaving martyr
sfexpat2000 (SF), defender of madfloridian
wyldwolf (WW), persecutor of madfloridian
Writer (WR), persecutor of madfloridian
babylonsister (BS), persecutor of madfloridian
Some Other DUmmie (SOD), i.e., not one of the main players

Like ants through the ant-farm glass, so are the "Days of Our DUmmies" . . . in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, amused but not amazed that this is how the DUmmies act when they WIN, is in the [brackets]:

MF: It hurts when an era comes to an end, and we go back to what did not work.

[Love hurts, doesn't it, madfloridian? You're just mad about Howie, but no one else is as obsessed as you!]

MF: Howard Dean has stepped down, which was expected. What was not expected was the party apparently closing the door so hard it hit him on the way out.

[The doctor is OUT!]

MF: How about a thank you?

[How about a love letter?]

MF: It's sad when eras come to an end. It's hard to accept, and hard to handle when no one is saying the words that are clear and honest.

[The Howard Dean Era is over. There's this guy Obama, but he's no Howard Dean. Thank you, madfloridian, I'm sure you will have MUCH more to say. But now for some reactions from your fellow DUmmies. . . .]

BS: Boo f*cking hoo. . . . Alert me the next time you post something w/o Dean in the mix. THAT might be interesting.

[A madfloridian thread without Howard Dean is like a day without sunshine, which is like . . . night.]

WR: No f*cking SH*T. I swear to God, I think this poster has an altar set-up to this man.

[Where madfloridian does her Daily Dean-votions.]

MF: Can you respond without anger and ridicule? My post had none of that. That is what is hurting DU lately.

[Leave me ALONE!]

WR: And your obsession with Howard Dean is hurting us, as well. MOVE ON.

[madfloridian's website: MoveOn.orgasm]

SF: The readers of this thread thank you for stopping by with your contribution of curses, insults and orders.

[sfexpat2000 rushes to madfloridian's defense!]

WR: Here's a curse: F*CK. Here's an insult: YOU SMELL. Here's an order: I WANT FRIES WITH THAT.

[Special orders DO upset us!]

WR: just how f*cking obsessed the OP is with looking at the entirety of Democratic politics from Howard Dean's perspective. This has been going on for the last four years: What speeches did Howard Dean make today? Did Howard Dean have a waffle for breakfast? Look - Howard Dean just turned in his rental car at Dulles. OMG - Howard Dean has been denied the rightful chairmanship/ambassadorship/cabinet position/Kingship that he deserves!

[Why can't Howard just eat his waffle?]

WW: you forgot one important element. The victim-martyr act whenever anyone disagrees.

[DUmmie wyldwolf knows his madfloridian.]

MF: Ah, the old martyr thingy that has been tried since 2003 early on against us.

[I think madfloridian is possessed by a demon. Hence the "us."]

SF: Maybe the problem here is not madfloridian's contributions, wyldwolf, but your habit of trying to tear posters down. . . . I thought about responding to your posts on this thread. And realized getting out of your way as you insult a DU treasure was the best course of action.

[But, sfexpat2000, you just RESPONDED!]

MF: You and your buddies have won, ww. I will not mention Dean's name again in GDP...your ridicule worked.

[Why do I have a hard time believing you, MF?]

WR: I really think this OP has an unhealthy obsession.

[Ya think?]

WR: I very sincerely wonder if his loss in the 2004 primary was an especially big blow to her, perhaps emotionally traumatic.


WR: Obama enjoyed a lot of populist support and I suspect he will continue to do so. Just because it's not the DEAN version, doesn't make it any less beneficial to all Americans.

[Who's this Obama fellow?]

BS: I have a problem when Dr. Dean is brought into every conversation, about anything.

[You know, back in 2003, Howard Dean once made a remark about bike paths. . . .]

SOD: Now I can just run on over to FR to discover how to behave in a political forum.

[Visit the DUmmie FUnnies, the most POPULAR feature on FR! Learn how to have FUn!]

SOD: Does anyone even know if/what Dean wants/wanted.

[A better bike path. And a restraining order against madfloridian.]

SOD: I wouldn't doubt it if Dean is being left "apparently" un-rewarded (or whatever) as a symbolic gesture to other factions, since he is kind of a lightening rod.

[The Democrats WISH they could be lightening Rod!]

MF: It's just like 2003 here again. In many many ways. Sudden influxes, words of ridicule.

[madfloridian is STUCK in 2003! Howard Dean is ALWAYS the Perfect Progressive heading into victory in the PRIMARIES!!!]

WR: What is so particularly special about 2003?

[2003, The Year of Howard.]

MF: DU has been calling the same people the same old tired words since 2003. I don't call names, I write thoughtful posts. Why can't you disagree without ridicule?

[Leave . . . me . . . ALOOONE!!!]

SOD: OMG, maybe Howard Dean doesn't want a job in the Administration? HAs anyone here spoken directly to him?

[madfloridian hasn't spoken DIRECTLY to him, but she has made some late-night calls and quickly hung up.]

SOD: Good grief! You must think about Dean 24 hours a day!

[At least!]

SOD: I have googled Dean. . . .

[madfloridian has ogled Dean and giggled.]

SF: This thread is about ganging up on madfloridian.

[sfexpat2000 is only $10 away from winning a Kewpie Doll!]

SF: Sometimes, DU reads just like free republic. . . .

[Sometimes, DU reads just like a stalker's diary.]

SOD: Never underestimate DU's capacity for people being out of their minds. . . .

[A mistake we NEVER make here at the DUmmie FUnnies!]

MF: He was in a great position to lead a more progressive movement at that time. Now he can't, just as many of us predicted.

[Howard's End.]

SOD: My path in politics has been so like Dean's. . . .

[A bike path?]

SOD: Yes, Gov. Dean is leaving as head of the DNC but that DOESN'T mean the total destruction of everything he has helped build. What is it with writers perdicting in LONGGGGG posts the total destruction of the Democratic party in the next election because X has or hasn't happened in the space of 1 second!

[It's the Eve of Total Destruction!]

SOD: I'm still holding out for an appointment for Dean.

[Howie is going to be Ambassador to Micronesia and Lichtenstein and Luxembourg and Monaco and Zimbabwe and Zanzibar and Burundi. . . . YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!]

SF: I just want to know what Howard has planned next.

[Whatever it is, I don't think he will be telling madfloridian. I am reminded of Richard Dreyfuss trying to get away from Bill Murray in "What About Bob?".]

MF: And the big winners are the ones who ridicule. . . . It really is not worth it to come to GDP anymore with any ideas that are different. Ridicule wins everytime.

[Let's see if madfloridian can indeed stay out of the GDP (General Discussion: Presidential). . . .]

WR: G'd*mn it - get off it. Here's the problem: You put your lifeblood into a long post essentially knocking the president-elect for not going "by way of Dean." When people raise objection to it, you get defensive, passive-aggressive, and start your Scarlett O'Hara bit about being the victim of ridicule.

[madfloridian, starring in "Gone with the Long-Winded."]





MF: I was not criticizing Obama. I will not post anything in GDP that mentions that name ever again.

[Somehow I don't believe you, MF.]

SF: I hope you change your mind.

[Don't worry, she will.]

MF: Why does the DLC not have Obama's pic above Rahm and Hillary's?

[She did.]

MF: Ridicule...the tactics of Rove and Atwater are still alive and well. And they really do work.

[Perfect Rovian Scorn.]

MF: I thought I had the guts to post stuff in this GDP forum that was not in lockstep...but I don't.

[But you just did. For the 447th time.]

SF: Maybe you need a break from this cr@p. . . . Whatever the need is, fill it, madfloridian.

[MF is thinking: "So now even YOU, sfexpat--even YOU are turning on me!"]

MF: I just won't use Dean's name again in GDP.

[Wanna bet?]

MF: I was once part of a Dean-inspired forum which thereafter became different in many ways.

[I KNEW you couldn't stop!]

MF: I will check back if the thread continues to clear my name...again and again.

[OCD much?]

MF: I repeat to defend myself.

[You sure do.]

WW: This sub-topic stems from the off-topic tangent you were in upthread.

[We're in a sub-topical climate.]

MF: To those of you wondering what is going on in this thread. . . .

[Give up!]

MF: This is the last post I make in GDP. . . .

[Let's see how long that lasts. . . . 4, 5, 6, 7. . . .]

WW: promises promises. . . .

[8, 9, 10. . . .]

MF: The way this post was hijacked is the way our party was changed.

[11 seconds!]

MF: And they are the winners now....ding ding ding. Let's the ring bells loudly.

[Cue the Hunchback of Notre DUmmie!]

MF: If they can drive me out of GDP, and ridicule me...they can do it to anyone.

[But they CAN'T drive you out of GDP! No one can! Not even yourself! You just keep posting, and posting, and posting . . . always threatening to leave, never following through!]

SF: I hope you disengage, madfloridian.

[Even sfexpat2000 thinks you're nuts!]

MF: So I must give in to all this? That's really how it works, isn't it? I'm out of GDP.


WR: This entire thread is quite ludicrous.

[And thus PERFECT for the DUmmie FUnnies!}

SOD: F*ck the DLC, and f*ck anyone who bashes Howard Dean. Because without him, we'd be one more melanoma away from President Palin right now.

[Instead, we're one melodrama away from madfloridian leaving.]

SOD: I love this thread. I love the replies. I love the flames, by-the-bye.

[Love is all you need. . . .]

MOD: Locking. This has become a trainwreck.

[Locked and laughed at!]

- - - - -


Tune: "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady"

She is the most grouchiest Marxist
Under the ground
Pitt! sfexpat! graywarrior!
Rolled in a mound. . . .

Ohhh. . . .
It's madfloridian
She's done flipped her lid again
Floridian, the bad mood DUmmie
She's a Howard Dean fanatic
With a knack for things dramatic

It's madfloridian
That DUmmieland idiot
Floridian, the queen of DU
When attacked she will threaten to leave the zoo
But five minutes later she's crying "boo hoo"
There's always a "don't" but there's never "adieu"
You can laugh at madfloridian!

When her thread hits the scene
And it's all filled with Dean
Don't you speak up and criticize
For that's when you will see
She's a martyr DUmmie
Contending to win the self-pity prize

Oh, it's madfloridian
She's done flipped her lid again
Floridian, the bad mood DUmmie
She's depressed about Obama
Everything's a melodrama

It's madfloridian
That DUmmieland idiot
Floridian, the queen of DU
When attacked she will threaten to leave the zoo
But five minutes later she's crying "boo hoo"
There's always a "don't" but there's never "adieu"
You can laugh at madfloridian!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, from a so-completely-disinterested-observer-you-can't-imagine-how-little-I-care, outsider...

It does seem a bit odd that Howard the Duck is pretty much "persona non grata" in the brave new world of Jugears McHopeyPants.

It's almost as though Crazy Old Uncle Howie has been finally coaxed out of the attic and sent off to the Old Loonies' Home, where he will make handsome leather wallets and shake his pecker at passing cars.

I wonder why that is?

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

madfloridian --> a DU treasure?

I really hope that none of these fruitcakes live in my neighborhood.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21
madfloridian --> a DU treasure?

Of course she is. You can tell by the sunken chest.

Ba-dum tsshh

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is going to end badly. I foresee Howard Dean getting a restraining order against the aptly named "madfloridian". Stalkers are usually obsessed with movie stars and TV personalities but leave it to a DUmmie to be transfixed by a failed Presidential candidate.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madfloridian is "aware" of two websites mocking her.

*waves* Hi, Mad!

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's even being mocked by fellow DUmmies. You know you've hit rock bottom when the other moonbats are laughing at you.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Howie is going to be Ambassador to Micronesia and Lichtenstein and Luxembourg and Monaco and Zimbabwe and Zanzibar and Burundi. . . . YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!]


1:29 AM  
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