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Hillary Does NOT Concede

We were absolutely assured by news outlets, such as AP, yesterday that Hillary Clinton would finally concede last night. It didn't happen. Instead she is keeping her options open which means she either hopes that Obama stumbles sometime this summer or she will dig up some dirt on him. Perhaps there is a Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape out there somewhere but I wouldn't stake too much on its existence primarily because the main person plugging it (while blaming its eventual release on EVIL Republicans) is one Larry Johnson who has a track record of near ZERO credibility. However, Hillary's non-concession is quite interesting. This means she isn't hoping for a VP slot nor for the Obama campaign to pay off her enormous debts. The only answer left is that she is still holding out the hope of grabbing the nomination away from Obama. A fight at the convention for more delegates? Probably. All I know is that it is STILL not over. Therefore it is interesing to read the answer by Hillary supporter to DDUmmie, Josh Orton, in his MyDD DDUmmie THREAD titled, "Lanny Davis to MyDD: Obama Won, But Clinton Is Holding Her Delegates Anyway." So let us now watch the DDUmmies as they note Hillary's non-concession in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, stocking up on DiGiorno pizzas and Johnsonville Brats in preparation for this summer's Democrat convention fireworks, is in the [brackets]:

Lanny Davis to MyDD: Obama Won, But Clinton Is Holding Her Delegates Anyway

[As well as holding her War Room dirt.]

As the press broke down gear and supporters streamed out of the gym after Hillary's speech, I spoke to Clinton supporter Lanny Davis about his view of tonight's results:

JO: Do you consider the nomination settled?

LD: Well, the majority rules, and he's got a majority that amounts to his victory. But she said tonight she's not making a decision about releasing her delegates, and that's a significant statement. I know that she's concerned about issues in the platform such as health care, and I know she's concerned about our process - how we nominate candidates in the future. So holding onto her delegates is really the headline of the night.

[And the other headline is: "ON TO DENVER!!!"]

This is about as clear an analysis from the Clinton side as I've heard. Hillary's campaign knows Obama's won - but they're holding their leverage for something.

[Hmmm... Not conceding sure isn't a way to gain a VP slot nor getting your campaign debts paid off. That leaves only one option. She is hoping that Obama stumbles bigtime. ON TO DENVER!!!]

In her speech, Clinton herself addressed the question of "what does Hillary want?" by talking about ending the war in Iraq, turning the economy around, and other such broadly noble goals.

[What does Hillary want? Isn't that pretty obvious?]

But she can't actually exchange her delegates for those things. So cynically, I think she likely wants something more concrete for herself from the Obama campaign before she concedes.

[Gimme the presidential nomination!!!]

We'll see what happens in the next two days. I doubt party leaders will show much patience for this delay.

[Their impatience will be FUn to watch. And now let us hear from the other DDUmmies...]

This comment has been deleted by an administrator.

[I saw quite a few of those posted in DDUmmieland. Hey Unknown Jerome!!! Please leave the offensive comments up. They provide great DUFU material.]

Democrats get behind the Democratic nominee. She hasn't even acknowledged that to be Obama. Do you think this helps us win in November?


I'm doing a happy dance now.

[Posted the Hillary supporter.]

But this can't go on until August. If she keeps telling her supporters the nom was stolen from her, it's going to be that much harder for us to defeat McCrazy in November.


Hope she's not holding out for VP. The President needs loyalty from his VP. Clinton is not showing loyalty to the party. No way Obama can trust her to have his back when there's the inevitable controversy.

[Hillary has your Barack.]

Given the nature of the possessiveness she seems to have of her 'eighteen million votes' it sounds a bit like she wants them in the streets. Maybe she took her own Zimbabwe analogy a bit too seriously. She sounds like a third-party minority candidate trying to form a coalition government in a Westminster parliamentary nation, at best.

[Third party candidate? Hmmmmm...]

there are many problems and they will most certainly get addressed. But the most pressing problem RIGHT NOW, BY FAR is Hillary not conceding. Probably the biggest obstacle between Obama and the presidency the longer this thing goes.


Hillary will press her agenda until she is assured, as she says, that those who supported her are respected and that she can be sure their concerns are addressed...

[Yeah, sure. Hillary didn't concede because she wants her supporters to be respected.]

don't believe all these Obama supporters care about the country, or the 50% plus of Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton because she reflects our values and addresses our concerns. She WON THE POPULAR VOTE, and that gives us all the time we want. All you care about is your guy winning, it's power, pure and simple. All the cynical and mercenary attributions you project onto Clinton reflect your own agendas and manipulativeness. The bullying, thuglike tactics aren't working, and in fact are backfiring, they are exactly what is inspiring the defiance and anger and rejection you see from Clinton and her loyal supporters. We can hold those delegates until Denver. Sweat it out as long as you like. Spin, squeal, and bluster all you like That ugly tactic of stealing 4 lousy delegates from Clinton's Michigan winnings has probably done more to harden our defiance into steel, and drive this thing all the way to Denver. Spit in our faces again and it is guaranteed. The more you threaten, insult, and try to intimidate, the fiercer our resolve becomes. Oh, and save the pretty speeches, we go by people's actions, not their words, the fake Hollywood air kiss doesn't fly here.

[No Kumbaya singing by this DDUmmie.]

She did not acknowledge that he won or congratulate him on winning. Then she went on to make the case that she was the stronger candidate as if the primary was still going on and stoke the resentment of her supporters. She did it on national TV right before Obama was going to give the historic kick off speech of the GE. No defense of the party's nominee from the attacks made by McCain right before her speech. If she was not ready to concede she could at least not have sabotaged the presumptive nominees first speech of the campaign.


He has not officially won the nomination until the comvention in Denver! Delegates can change their minds as they have done all along this primary!

[Meanwhile Hillary's War Room will be working overtime to dig up the dirt on Obama. Hee! Hee!]

They still think they can win this. They just need someone to paint him with radioactive slop so they can step in and save the party. They 'll do what they can but thats the plan, chip at SDs and pray for a neutron bomb.

[A neutron bomb in the form of a Michelle Whitey tape? However since Larry Johnson is the one plugging this, I wouldn't put too much hope on its existence. Meanwhile Hillary's War Room will be digging, digging, digging for dirt.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I saw all the "It's Over" hoopla on the Drudge Report, I had a feeling it wasn't over. Ken Norton needs a job on Drudge, then we can be 100% certain.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's over. It was over months ago.

Look. Hillary can run for as long as she wants. Any candidate can. Ross Perot. Nader. Jackson.

Ron Paul and "None of the above", who haven't campaigned for months, constitute 25% of the Republican party. The question remains as to why Hillary continues her fight. It defies explanation. It might be as simple as trying to squeeze as much money from her donors as she can. She's in the red.

On the other hand, she might be staking out her considerable territory and trying to make a deal. Or both.

I'd guess both.

Troglamn's prediction: If Obama wins the general, which he will, Hillary will be high profile in upcoming health care reform. Bill's going to be an international diplomat of some kind. Maybe UN ambassador. Hillary won't be Obama's VP but will be positioned to run in 2012.

I'm taking odds at

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...If Obama wins the general...

He won't. She won't be VP on the ticket. Bill will continue boning anything with a skirt.

McQueeg will win and we'll still end up with a mishmash of Marxism and statism and a bigger welfare state.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...and a bigger welfare state." dubya

We're already a welfare state...sorry, warfare state. Instead of borrowing money from the Chinese for highways, energy sources, border security, schools, health care, etc...we're borrowing money from the Chinese for war we can't win. Trillion dollars, dubya. For what? Lower energy costs? Nope. Increased security? Nope.

You dumbassed conservatives have spent us into oblivion. None of you can claim your party is one of fiscal responsibility because your party have bankrupted the nation. Simple as that.

12:15 AM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

Anon...don't confuse Conservatives with Republicans. Conservatives didn't "spend us into oblivion". Anyone who did so is, by definition, not a Conservative.

This latter group includes George Bush, et al. And it certainly includes the embarrassing John McCain.

3:01 PM  

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