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KOmmies Obsess Over "Recount"

Last night HBO ran their fiction movie Recount. You can see the TRAILER of this movie in which, predictably, the Democrats come off as innocent little lambs who allowed the 2000 election to be stolen from them by EVIL vicious Republicans. The reality, of course, is that Democrats flooded Florida with high-powered attorneys and tried to lawyer their way to victory. To put this "stolen election" into proper perspective check out this NewsBusters ARTICLE which demonstates that recounts conducted by USA Today and a consortium of newspapers, most of them liberal, shows that Bush won in every subsequent recount. Of course, these facts don't prevent the Left from continuing to OBSESS over the "stolen" 2000 election. They just can't get over it to the extent that it causes extreme mental problems. You can't see the extent of their insanity over that election in the Daily KOs where there are several threads devoted to Recount and their continuing Obsession over it. We shall begin with the KOmmie THREAD titled "Some Thoughts on 'Recount'" and then proceed on to the others. So let us now join the KOmmies as they obsess over this HBO movie on the psychiatrist's couch in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that if you missed the movie last night you can catch the fiction again tonight, is in the [brackets]:

Some Thoughts on "Recount"

[My thought is that it is still driving you NUts.]

I just finished watching the premiere of "Recount" -- and I just need to get out some thoughts, and hope to hear from others too. While I felt the movie was even-handed, I'm sure that there may have been some pro-Gore biases in there, which I didn't notice since I am (obviously) pro-Gore.

[GASP! You mean there were "some" pro-Gore biases in there? I never would have known if you hadn't mentioned it.]

Of course, seven years later, history, reality, facts and common sense are also pro Gore too...

[What about the reality of the subsequent recounts by the newspapers that showed that Bush WON?]

Anyway, here are my random thoughts (in no particular order):

[And no particular rationality.]

Joe Lieberman is an effing dingleberry.

[Because he wanted to count the military absentee ballots. Shame on him!]

Man, I wish we had some more Jim Bakers on our side.

[Don't be so modest. You Democrats flat out stole the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington by "finding" missing ballots in King County all by yourselves.]

That Supreme Court opinion is borderline criminal.

[All subsequent recounts still showed that Bush WON. And you're borderline NUts. Make that flat out NUts.]

Assuming that the film was accurate, Gore should have sued Warren Christopher for malpractice.

[On the grounds of failure to steal the election.]

Joe Lieberman is SUCH an asshole.

[Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.]

Was Katherine Harris' position elected or appointed? If elected, how did she survive a campaign? What a train wreck...

[Especially since Laura Dern who portrayed Harris went out of her way to make out that she was a "train wreck."]

And finally, F*&! Lieberman!

[Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.]

One final thought -- "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" -- let's just remember the mistakes made in 2000; we can't allow another election to be stolen like this.

[Ironic that Recount was broadcast just as Hillary Clinton is trying to get the Florida primary votes to count---something most KOmmies oppose. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmie Krew...]

Lieberman is a shitbag.

[Lieberman has become the Emmanuel Goldstein of KOmmieland.]

the show brought be right back to 2000. Elevated blood pressure and all. And yes, Lieberman is a shitbag.

[Should we send you KOmmies a Lieberman piñata ?]

The movie made me want to cry and scream. It was extreme upsetting, but I'm glad someone finally could explain to me exactly what went on. But you know what, the sadder thing is that there are still Hillary Clinton supporters out there who want to forget all this and hand this one over to the Republicans again.

[The same Hillary supporters who want the Florida primary votes to count?]

In the Bush v. Gore paradigm, it seems obvious now that Pro-Gore = Pro-Truth

[How about the inconvenient truth that subsequent recounts, including the entire state of Florida, still showed Bush winning?]

I yelled at my poor TV so many times tonight. How did we miss how much of an asshole Lieberman was?

[They allow TVs in the Rubber Room?]

They stole the election, and they got the Supremes to hold the bag. Al Gore was a gentleman, but gentlemen often lose to bullies.

[Such a wonderful gentleman. Al was just too good for us.]

The larger point of the movie was well made, but read Jeff Toobin's book (upon which the film was based) to get greater historical accuracy.

[Yeah. You are sure to find "historical accuracy" from the absolutely unbiased Jeff Toobin. Snort!]

Another one WAS stolen - in 2004

[Correct. The Washington State gubernatorial race in which the Democrats mysteriously found "missing ballots" in King County. And guess which party's candidate ended up winning that one? And now to HBO's Recount shows why we must win in 08...]

Watching “Recount” on HBO brought back all the terrible memories of the 2000 fiasco and so much more. I was only 12 when it happened, and I’ll admit I was thoroughly confused by what went on. All I knew was that the election was very close and the U.S. Supreme court decided democracy just took too much damn time.

[Obviously your confusion continues.]

HBO did a fantastic job of clarifying that awful mess. It certainly wasn’t a feel good movie—in fact, it was more of a “feel like complete shit” movie. It made me pissed off again. How the hell did this happen? Voters disenfranchised by the thousands, non-partisan decisions in the hands of the most partisan of people, butterfly ballots, hanging chad, planted protestors disrupting vote count and assaulting a lawyer, election officials being tricked left and right by the disruption created by the Republicans.

[Film fiction rubs salt in KOmmie's wounds.]

But about 20 minutes after the movie ended, my frustration about what happened in 2000 came to an abrupt halt. It dawned on me that the situation we now find ourselves in is making those very same Republicans open bottles of champagne and celebrate the Democratic party once again shooting itself in the foot.Listen up! We can’t let this happen. We can’t let John McCain win. We can’t have Democrats ripping each other apart.

[What are you going to do? Send a telegram to Hillary?]

That Hillary Clinton claimed voter disenfranchisement in Florida is the saddest part in this campaign. In 2000, people were REALLY disenfranchised. They went to the polls and were turned away because their name was similar to that of a felon. Little old ladies were tricked into punching the wrong part of a butterfly ballot. And thousands of people’s votes were thrown out because clogged machines prevented their chad from getting punched through. And yet, Clinton claims voters, who actually cast ballots were disenfranchised? She continues her campaign alleging that Democrats disenfranchise voters and Republicans do not. How truly sad! She sounds exactly like Joe Lieberman, who argued for invalid Bush votes to be counted!

[So the Democrat primary votes in Florida were invalid?]

Please, Hillary supporters, put this in perspective. I understand you were upset when people told Clinton to get out of the race when she had little chance of winning. But now she has almost no chance at winning whatsoever. And once the last primary ends, her chance becomes absolute zero, yet some of you advocate going to the convention!

[Please Hillary! Stop trying to have the Florida primary votes count!]

If you take this to the convention, granting John McCain the best chance he would ever get at becoming president, then you have completely fulfilled the wildest fantasies of those nasty Republican operatives who STOLE this election in 2000. If Obama were in the position Clinton were in right now, there is no doubt in my mind I would be the loudest one calling for him to drop out.

[Toss out those valid Florida primary votes!]

We can’t do this. We can’t be the ones to give this election to John McCain. Please, for the sake of all those who died because George Bush became president instead of Al Gore. Please, remember 2000 when advocating a floor fight!

[Please! For the sake of my sanity! Don't count the valid Florida Democrat primary votes! From this hypocrisy we go to the other KOmmies on this thread...]

I can't watch it. As much as I'd like to, I still get angered at the thought and I'm sure it would just make my blood boil to see it all over again.

[Then you better skip watching the Democrat convention this summer. Hee! Hee!]

I thought at the time that Al Gore should have called for a statewide recount because he would have had the political high road and James Baker wouldn't have been able to push him around using the US Supreme Court. Instead Gore called for a recount of the areas where he thought he'd win.

[As subsequent recounts showed, Gore still would have LOST a statewide recount.]

I'll never get over it. Never. Gotta say, the Lieberman clip made me sick to my stomach. Sick to my soul.

[Gotta say, Lieberman has given you a permanent ulcer.]

I wonder what all those Republicans who cheated and attacked and protested back then are happy with themselves--happy with what they have brought upon our country.

[I wonder if the smirking DEMOCRAT official who was caught in Palm Beach county with a Votomatic machine and a stack of blank ballots was happy with himself. Of course, Recount left out that incident. And now to the open sore THREAD titled, "Eight years later and the scar remains."]

I just watched the brilliant movie Recount on HBO and boy did all my bad feelings of the year 2000 come rushing back, I thought I had gotten over that election but after watching the movie I have this bad taste in my mouth that I couldn't believe we didn't fight harder to win that election.

[You should have found some "missing ballots" like they did in King County, Washington in 2004.]

Yes the dreadful supreme court lead by the dumb asses Scalia and Thomas stole the election, but I couldn't help but think if only Al Gore and his team hadn't from the start giving the high ground to Bush for him to claim he had won the election maybe things could have been different. Al Gore should have made it clear from the beginning that he thought he was the winner and nothing in the world was ever going to change that, maybe just maybe the perception of things wouldn't have been what they were.

[Actually Al Gore did declare himself the winner via Richard Daley right from the beginning.]

P.S: If Anybody watches the movie you'll notice what a scum bag Joe Lieberman had always been. The turncoat Lieberman was instrumental in throwing the election to Bush. God how Al Gore ever chose this man to be his running mate is beyond me.

[It's great to know that the mere image of Lieberman throws you KOmmies into tantrums. And now for the other tantrum throwing KOmmies...]

Gore is rational.


In addition, Gore didn't claim he was the winner, because he didn't know whether he was or not. He was honest.

[Sigh! Here is what his manager, Richard Daley, said the day after the 2000 election: ""If the will of the people is to prevail, Al Gore should be awarded a victory in Florida and be our next president."]

I have never been so stunned in my life. Honestly. Completely stunned. When they started their battle to prevent the votes from being counted, I had no clue they could possibly prevail. Florida law called for a recount. Simple equity, never before questioned in this country, called for a recount.

[There was recount after recount all showing that Bush WON. Even recounts conducted later by liberal newspapers showed that Bush WON. And now more KOmmie Recount obsession with HBO's Recount post-talk.]



I'll leave this as an open thread for anyone who got to see it tonight. I live in Vegas, but I have an east coast HBO feed, so I got to see the premiere tonight, and it was exciting and tense as hell, and I learned a great deal about what happened, and I finally learned what the stupid under and overvote chads meant. If this wasn't 2008 and I wasn't so confident about Obama's chances, it'd be much harder to watch for me, and I couldn't help but think about all that's happened since 2000, especially 9/11 and the War.

[Yes, yes, no need to worry at all about Obama's election chances. Rest easy. Hee! Hee!]

The one thing that really burnt me hard was...

[I think I can guess what follows...]


[Yup! And now on to the other angry KOmmies...]

About the 2000 presidential election with Kevin Spacey

[Whom William Rivers Pitt invited to his apartment.]

I know my heart was racing and blood pressure up watching the damned thing. I certainly hoped that we have learned over these past two elections that we really do have to fight for democracy and that Democrats better be damned prepared for that fight.

[So does that mean you will support seating the Democrat delegates elected in Florida at your convention this summer?]

And god damn Joe Lieberman. 8 f*cking years of damage to our economy, our democracy, our infrastructure, our environment. Angry all over again.

[We need to somehow flash the image of Joe Lieberman in the night sky above the Democrat convention in Denver.]

Yep. It's all Joe Lieberman's fault and now we know why. He wasn't a real Democrat anyway. He was scum-sucking, wimpy, whiny, lying piece of crap.

[All his fault! Forget the fact that all recounts showed that Bush WON! Nope! It's all Joe Lieberman's fault.]

Another Documentary this morning... on HBO was "Hacking Democracy". I only caught the last part of it but it showed that there is a possibility of tricking the electronic machines. It was sad I dvr'd it then when I started watching it, realized I've seen it already. Its the one about Bev Harris and I don't remember exactly why she is so controversial though. But I'm sure someone will read this and remind me :)

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from making John F. Kerry president.]

The film is invention, not fact, as the screenwriter had essentially admitted.. Those who have posted here who seem to be treating what they saw as what actually happened are falling into the screenwriter's and HBO's trap. The thought that in 5-10-20 years out kids might be required to view this schlag as evidence of what occurred in 2000 is worse than discouragin.


The movie must have been good because I am angry all over again.

[The true test of worth. Whether it makes you angry or not.]

I had tears in my eyes at the end of the film. We don't know what a Gore presidency might have brought us but, I have little doubt, it wouldn't have wrought such havoc upon the world as this person has done in the name of president.

[Boo-hoo! You wan't a hankie? And finally we go to Open Thread for Recount...]

We also need to watch it to be reminded how Obama has not officially secured the nomination and with Clinton anything is possible. Vigilance and the willingness to fight to win is necessary to secure the nomination for Obama!

[By making sure the Florida Democrat primary votes don't count.]

It made me so tense that my stomach was churning. Ten minutes was too much.

[Remind me to keep an eye on you in November.]

It's devastating. I was in high school when this happened and remember my mother crying for days. It is painful watching this an konwing that this idiot stole the election.

[I also need to keep on eye on you in November as well. And on mom too!]

That six weeks were about the worst in my life. I knew what was happening, and the people who could do something would not act. I remember it as vividly as you tend to a traumatic death. I remember the Saturday that Scalia stopped the recount, the full recount, ordered by the Florida Supreme Court in slow motion. That these people are not imprisoned is to the everlasting shame of those who could have acted.

[The Rubber Room for you in November.]

I made a decision not to watch. Living it Ft. Lauderdale (Broward County), I was in the thick of it and the pain cut too deep.

[Easy to keep an eye out for you in November since you are in the neighborhood.]

I live in Florida, and living the nightmare was too painful, too horrific...someday I'll watch the movie but it's still too raw

[I once met a Palm Beach Democrat woman who was so devastated by the election that she could no longer watch the TV at all for fear of accidentally seeing Bush.]

I live in Florida. It will make me work harder.

[...To keep this state's Democrat delegates from being seated at the convention.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord!

Do you get the feeling that these twits could watch Bambi and use it as the basis for their anti-gun argument? Demand equal rights for skunks?

I see now how the great propagandists of history made their lies work...

You just need an underclass of whiny, gullible, fools who want to have their stupidity, imagined injuries, and misapprehensions pandered to.


No. I take that back. In DUmmieland, it's status quo.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur.

I know someone who is just like this...he still believes the Federal Government is behind the coverup of the REAL facts on the attack of September 11, and will never be swayed from his fantasy because he has his head slammed too far up his ass.

These people also sadly have their heads slammed up their ass too far to ever comprehend the real world again.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that they're STILL obsessed about 2000! Someone should point out that they need to let go, for if they REALLY believe that Bush 200-2004 was not a legitimate presidency, it means that he's STILL eligible to run for president! I'd LOVE to see their heads explode if Bush was offered the VP position by McCain and that this movie was used as a justification for his eligibility. The response by the DUmmies would be explosive, to say the least! Hell, I'd buy a ticket to see that.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe they are not getting the connection between their idiot allegation of disenfranchised voters in Florida (2000), and the fact that they are purposely and without any denial doing exactly that to voters in Florida AND Michigan as we speak (2008). There has to be a named psychiatric condition for this level of hypocrisy.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has to be a named psychiatric condition for this level of hypocrisy." anon

Narcissistic Wingnuttia. It's infiltrated the population at an epidemic level. No shit.

12:39 AM  

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