Friday, April 04, 2008

"Dangerous Randi Rhodes has been silenced"

This is the biggest Randi Rhodes story since she was MUGGED on a New York street by 14 Bloody Marys last October. It seems our gentle Randi has been indefinitely suspended by Air America for calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro whores. As a result DUmmieland is in an uproar as you can see in this THREAD "Dangerous Randi Rhodes has been silenced." Oddly enough, your humble correspondent does not believe that Randi should be fired. You see, I feel I have a proprietary interest in Randi's career because I was the one who got Randi hired by Air America in the first place. I kid you not.

Back in July 2003, Randi Rhodes was unknown nationally except for a very small audience of constipated Condo Commandos in Palm Beach County who were able to listen to her low power local station. Since I frequently traveled up to that county, I felt it would be a FUn goof to give Randi some wider notoriety which I did in my role as a "typist" for the "Al Gore At The Movies" reviews which I was writing at the time for the Laissez Faire Electronic Times (to their credit they paid well). Although that publication is no longer online, I reposted the Al Gore review of "The Italian Job" which contained the Randi excerpt in the Free Republic that you can see HERE. This is the excerpt about the then unknown Randi Rhodes as narrated by "Al Gore":

If you can catch Randi Rhodes before the WJNO signal fades away, it is a truly amazing experience. We are talking about a FULL MOONER here. Randi has a conspiracy theory about almost everything including why she is not syndicated nationally (a right-wing conspiracy led by Rush Limbaugh is targeting her). To listen to Randi is like driving by a big car wreck. Horrible to look at but it definitely draws your attention such as Randi's assertion that her biggest fantasy in life is to give a "Lewinsky" to Bill Clinton aboard Air Force One. Even when Randi goes off the topic of politics, she still sounds NUTS. Randi is probably the last person on the planet to actually believe that OJ Simpson is searching the golf courses of the world in order to track down his ex-wife's killers.

Right now Randi's big topic is how she wants to be syndicated nationally. She knows that Anita Drobny of Anshell and myself are looking for a liberal radio talk show alternative to Rush Limbaugh. As a result, Randi is shamelessly promoting herself for this slot on the air to the extent of asking her listeners to call up the radio syndication services and plead her case.

Randi's desperation is really quite entertaining. The problem is that if I did hire Randi Rhodes for a national radio broadcast, she might mellow out and lose that nutty edge.

Therefore I plan to just string Randi along. I'll pretend that I am interested in her but that I also have to investigate the possibilities of other liberal talk show hosts. This is sure to make Randi even more desperate on the air. Then I will take the taped shows of Randi Rhodes begging to be syndicated and syndicate that nationally. It would be the radio equivalent of Jackass, The Movie. Folks will tune in to those taped Randi Rhodes shows for laughs. Although that shtick will wear out after a few weeks, it is sure to attract a big audience in the short term and allow me to declare victory over Rush Limbaugh.

Randi subsequently sent me an e-mail sort of thanking me or at least acknowledging my help in my role as "Al Gore" in bringing her to national attention. Remember, just a few months after this "Al Gore At The Movies" review was published, Randi was hired by Air America. And it was this review that made her stand out from the rest of the pack. Therefore I have taken a great interest in Randi's radio career which I kickstarted via that movie review. Okay, enough about Randi and me. Now on to watch the DUmmies get outraged over the silencing of Randi Rhodes in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Air America knew ahead of time thanx to the movie review what an uncontrollable loon Randi was, is in the [brackets]:

Dangerous Randi Rhodes has been silenced

[By 14 Bloody Marys?]

So, my favorite radio personality has been silenced.

[Blame EVIL Air America.]

Gee, I wonder, who benefits from this?

[The Vast Rovian Conspiracy?]

I remember when Randi was on CNN (live) and they couldn't hold a candle to her. The next time she was on, they didn't go live it was taped and edited to cut her off every time she made a point.

[I remember it looked like she had no candle power in her skull.]

You see it all the time, when ever there is a "panel" the Republicans talk over the liberals, but only when they are making a good point. Try reading a transcript some time. The GOP are very good at it too.

[Air America is controlled by EVIL Republicans?]

But so is Randi. Can't wait for you to come back!

[IF she comes back. And now to hear from the other DUmmies...]

She deserves better than Air America.

[How about low-power WJNO in Palm Beach County where "Al Gore" first discovered her?]

On Monday's show, Randi said that she was moving back to
Florida, because she really misses her family. I wonder if this is something that's been in the works all along? I know the Greens are real big Hillary supporters, and I wonder if this latest faux pas is the excuse they'll use to finally get rid of her?

[Hmmm... Interesting. Perhaps Randi knew she was being canned anyway and decided to go out in a blaze of "glory."]

Oh, please. She was suspended for calling two female politicians F*CKING WHORES. Silenced is what happened to Imus.

[FIRED is what happened to Imus.]

Randi Rhodes can complain all she wants, and cry "breach of contract" till she's blue in the face, but she has no "right" to that microphone. It isn't HERS. It's her BOSS'S. She hasn't been fired. She's just been suspended. She needs to suck it up, and maybe contemplate the meaning of the word "progressive." Using sexist slurs to express anger at women isn't the way to make your point. And it isn't funny.

[I thought it was a laugh riot.]

She was appearing at an affiliate event on BEHALF of her employers. She was "representing the company." And I doubt they want to be represented as the "F*cking Whores" radio network.

[I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the Air America execs when Randi went on her rant. Oh, and how many Bloody Marys were consumed before this event?]

I don't listen to Rush. I think he coarsens the level of discourse. And I think this individual has done the same. Whatever she is, she isn't a Democrat. That's not the sort of sexist, offensive language that a real Democrat would use. It sounds like a phrase out of the GOP playbook, really.

[Yeah, blame Randi's rant on Rush Limbaugh and the EVIL Republicans. So Randi is really a secret Rovian agent?]

I don't listen to Rush either and he is more a father coughlin figure than anything else

[You don't listen to Rush but you somehow know what he says?]

She WAS representing the company. She was at a company event, and that is why the network chairman suspended her.

[Hey Air America! You were already warned about what a loose cannon Randi Rhodes is thanx to the "Al Gore" movie review.]

Is "f*cking whore" really legitimate discourse? Is this really how "progressive personalities" think and discuss people who disagree with them?

[If you read e-mail rants sent to Michelle Malkin by "progressive personalities" you would know that the answer is YES.]

She Was Doing A Stand Up Comedy Routine At The Time
Completely different role from her progressive talk show host. Anyone that has ever been to a late night comedy show would expect this kind of speech during a routine. Sometimes it is even funny.

[Perhaps I should contact my friend Jamie Masada who owns the Laugh Factory to give Randi a comedy gig. (Note the plug, Jamie.)]

It was a comedy shtick. A stand up routine and the new owner of AAR is a f*cking corporate whore!

[Hee! Hee! More civil war in the "progressive community."]

I watched the whole tape. It was dispicable. Anyone who supports that sort of "comedy" is, too. She didn't use the word POLITICAL. She used the word F*CKING. But you do go on--this thread will be an interesting tiny slice of American history years from now on the sad state of equality for women--in the "f*cking" Twenty First Century.

[I'm thinking that if Air America fires Randi, the excuse will be because she offended feminuttie sensibilities.]

You don't seem to UNDERSTAND. Why would I care what you think? I know what I know, I know how little you know, and I also know that you just can't STAND to be far away from me--it's why you follow me around the board constantly, and behave like this when you don't get the reaction you desire: Obsession is your curse. Poor little you! There, there, little thing. There, there!!!

[We love to stalk whining DUmmies who stalk whining DUmmies.]

.... !!! You're the stalker, not me. !!!


You're the poseur who can't answer a simple question. And yet can't seem to resist responding to my posts. Curious, that. What happened to putting me on "ignore," by the bye?

[It's FUn to have a front row seat at the Whining DUmmie vs Whining DUmmie Comedy Show.]

You stalk me, you fire it up, and now, you whine about the heat.

[You stalked me. NO! YOU stalked me!]

I know the rules, little putz--if you say you're doing it, you have to do it. And you said you were going to do it--NOT ME. I don't use IGNORE. I think seeing idiots make asses of themselves following people around the board is kind of funny. It's an amusing look at a real time representation of the term "PATHETIC"--almost like a form of lousy modern art.

[The DUmmie FUnnies fans also think its FUnnie!]

I don't care WHO Randi Rhodes is talking about. You don't call ANY woman a "f*cking whore" if you are a progressive.

[Except for those "progressives" who regularly use that term against Michelle Malkin.]

Anyone who excuses that kind of language is off the progressive team. The Limbaugh locker room is to your right.

[Randi Rhodes uses offensive language...and Limbaugh gets the blame.]

she's not dangerous. she's fake and wrong and dumb and counterproductive, but not dangerous.

[Randi Rhodes is a DUmbie]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly hope she is NOT terminated! Her sort of language and rhetoric helps to clearly define "Progressives" and the progressive way of thinking, speaking, and acting.

What better weapon than a trite, vulgar, pottymouth, particularly when she's attacking her own? Let the rifts be widened, the internecine warfare broadened and the blood flow!

Go Randi! Your rankness labels the Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Democrat Party beautifully!

Karl and Rush couldn't have orchestrated it better.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Randi finally become too drunk, obnoxious and foul-mouthed even for the cads and dolts at Air America?

I don't think she got canned for a few carelessly tossed f-bombs. It's ideological warfare on the Democrat Left, it's like the Trotskites vs the Stalinists and no prisoners are being taken.

Nothing to do but pop some corn, sit back and enjoy.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the whole tape. It was dispicable.

Am I the only one that thinks of Daffy Duck when someone says that?


11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason she got suspended was because she said this about Rodham and Ferraro. I will bet my life that if she'd said that about Mrs. McCain and Laura Bush, she would not have been suspended.

I listened to this loon (Rhodes) while driving back from a trip to the East Coast, and she is a hate mongering maniac. She was on a rant during her Err America broadcast about the "main stream press" not investigating a report in the National Enquirer that said President Bush was sleeping with Condoleeza Rice. Now, if THAT kind of stuff doesn't get you tossed off the air, I fail to understand why she would get suspended for something she said off the air other than she attacked the Socialist Democrats and not the Republicans, and that of course just can't be allowed.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Jerome, well said! I couldn't agree with you more. I've had the unfortunate 'pleasure' of listening to a few of her shows and find her completely lacking in anything that might resemble a fact and as hate mongering an on air personality as there ever was. O

nce again, the left lives in a dream world where they claim the high ground when in fact they are the ones spewing the most vile venom. No mater what, they will always CLAIM to respect everyone and then turn around and heap piles and piles of dog shit everywhere.

Even a local liberal rag that I read here has a columnist who actually tried to call for respect when talking about Shillary and claimed to do so for everyone when in fact he's spend the past 7+ years heaping nothing but disrespect and slime on our President, VP and virtually everyone on the right.

Typically, in my experience at least, the left is almost always guilty of doing whatever it is they accuse the right and/or others of doing, in spades. It's straight out of their play book.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have listened to Rush for years, and the worst word I've heard him use is "ass", which has somehow become okay to say on radio and network TV (but that's beside the point). If he was saying (or even intimating) anything near what Rhodes had said, that would be all over the network news faster than you can say "Jack Robinson."

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randi Rhodes never should have been suspended from her job for speaking truth to power . Is this what our nation is coming to? We can’t speak out against anyone we want for fear we’d lose our job? Pathetic and very fascist if you ask me! Spit.

I just HAD to check out the monkey cage!

9:14 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

"Truth to Power"

God, what a tired expression. Especially when used about a bad comic committing a blunder because she's undoubtedly drunk.


7:31 PM  

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