Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Lib'ral White Crowd That Cried

The mass weeping that the Barack Obama speech caused in the Leftwing blogosphere which was chronicled in all its comedic depth in the previous two editions of the DUmmie FUnnies has now inspired another song parody by Charles Henrickson. The parody song is called "The Lib'ral White Crowd That Cried" based on the Johnny Ray song, The Little White Cloud That Cried.

I was thinking, "Down goes Obama"
Feeling Barry's sure to slide
When all at once I saw, filled with drama
The lib'ral white crowd that cried

They told me they believe what he preaches
And no one cares what he tries to hide
They said sometimes just warm fuzzy speeches
Make all the lib'ral crowds cry

They said Barack will solve all our issues
Heal our souls, still all our fears
Don't ask how, just pass us the tissues
Our eyeballs flow with tears

They asked me why the rest of the voters
Don't believe, their eyeballs are dry
That's how I know that come this November
The lib'ral white crowd will sit right down and cry


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