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Leftwing YouTubies Slam NewsBusted

One of the most FUn things about watching the NewsBusted comedy show is reading the outraged comments on YouTube from Leftwing Loons who just can't abide by the concept of conservative humor. You can see a big sampling of their rants accompany this February 26 NewsBusted editon HERE. So let us now watch the disctintly unhumorous YouTubies slam NewsBusted in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding everybody that the Leftwing Loon screechings serve as the spice for the video main course, is in the [brackets]:

omfg how can you get any stupider than this! stop rapping my ears please and shut the F**K up

[Okay, you have my permission to play with your Tinker Toys again.]

whatever that thing jodie miller does with her mouth after her punchline is, it's a serious turn on. then the little shoulder shimmy. she's very hot in the intelligent smartass chick sense.

[Little Shoulder Shimmy Schwing Alert! No Viagra for you today, buddy!]

I bet you pronounce "liberal" as "librul." Because when you use a word as an insulting slur so often and with such malice, the word just kind of loses its meaning.

[Then why does it bother you so much?]

shes more attractive with the sound off. oh and your smug little grin after the punchline does nothing to further your ignorant filth.

[How about a smug little grin BEFORE the punchline?]

A little constructive criticism for the host: work on your posture it seems awkward. Your shoulder movements are exaggerated.

[That little shoulder shimmy seems to appeal to Mr. Schwing Alert above.]

I didn't know the GOP knew how to use the internet nor make good YouTube videos.

[They can even make fire and use the wheel.]

I thought that consrevatism went out in the 90's

[Wasn't that the era when the Rush Limbaugh radio show was cancelled because of competition from the Mario Cuomo talk program?]

fascists + comedy = bloody car wreck

[DUmmies + rants = comedy]

Clearly, conservatives need to stick to what they know best... being mean and vitriolic.

[They need to get a refresher course on that from the DUmmies.]

Those are dead people laughing.

[The same ones who vote the Democrat ticket in Cook County and many other places.]

yeah no joke. if you think the show is a waste of time, why the hell do you keep watching, rating, and commenting on it? sweet jesus on a hockey stick no one is forcing you to watch these things. i think most of them are pretty funny and the jokes remind me of stuff i see on leno and conan.

[Yeah, amazing how many people hate the show who continue to watch...and rant.]

audiance laugh tracks are recorded

[And all this time I thought those laugh tracks were live.]

Conservatives are lonely people who have nothing better to do, then to make fun of the rest of the world & people who simply disagree with their right wing facist ideology! I feel sorry for conservatives because GOD doesn't allow hate into heaven!

[Posted the lonely liberal from his basement dripping with hate towards "right wing fascists."]

Oh my God, you crazy Far Right Looneys are unable to be funny. It takes intelligence and a deft sense of taste which you lack. It's like cowards who speak in nothing but sarcasm to actually just speak insults. The funniest thing in the video was the 10 member audience clapping and that lady's ugly sneer after telling a "joke."

[What about her little shoulder shimmy that gave the other guy above a massive Schwing Alert?]

the only thing that is funny is the laugh track.
and the look of "yeah that's right, I said it" on jodie's face.
She has a nice raspy voice though.

[I guess Jodie's little shoulder shimmy just doesn't do it for you.]

Libs' reactions to the show are also fun to watch too! It upsets them soo much its funny!

[Yeah. Half the FUn of NewsBusted is reading the leftwing rantings reacting to the shows.]

Also she's got a really awkward way of sitting at her desk. Looks like she's trying to be ready to get up and run away at any moment. Hmm...

[Maybe she is just trying to run away from the guy who gets a massive Schwing Alert from her little shoulder shimmy.]

Oh come on! The half mast Che flags at Obama campaign headquarters was funny!

[Absolutely! That joke was BRILLIANT! I say find that writer of that joke and give him a big contract writing jokes for TV shows. Better yet, give him a big advance to write a humor book (with CD-ROM insert).]

She thinks too highly of herself. People deserve better

[That's because Jody knows she can rule your libido with a little shoulder shimmy.]

The Tom Cruise joke was the only remotely funny one.

[According to ex-wife Mimi Rogers, his Cruise missile is very remote.]

well all comedy channels broadcasted in the u.s. are owned my newcons so its not really that funny to watch anymore .. sick sad world

[And all those neocon bagels are now consumed by blueblood WASPS .. sick sad world.]

i'm not conservative either, but i have to admit, i've seen a lot worse. plus, have you SEEN snl lately? this ain't far off.

[I only wish I could have seen some new SCTV lately.]

love the canned laughter. only one joke was a little bit funny, around a 5 on a scale of 10. the other "jokes" were more commentaries than anything.

[The Che Guevara flag joke? Right? Right?]

She is a wicked MILF, tho. I'll bet she is wearing awesome lingerie.

[I can categorically state that Jodie Miller is not a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Phillipines. However, she does have a wicked little shoulder shimmy.]

" ... lowered their Che Guevara flags to half-staff."


[Absolutely PERFECT! That is also my completely unprejudiced opinion.]

Great work as always.. Keep it up.

[With a little shoulder shimmy?]

I have to watch it twice because the first time I am mesmerized by Jodi's beauty.

[And the second time you were enthralled by her little shoulder shimmy.]

Loved the Obama/Che joke....

[Me too! Me too! Me too!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newbusted is just fine. Certainly not world-class satire or anything, but a nice piece of work.

Why these DUmmies are caterwauling about a little bit of the same stuff that John Stewart dishes out on the Daily Show, is beyond me.

Liberal humor must be like the Koran. It's completely sacred and cannot be disrespected, unlike all of the other religious tomes.

Or they keeel you!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Oh man, anon you hit it right smack dab on the head.

All libural thought is sacred and cannot be disrespected, questioned or even discussed!

Of course someone had to blame the Jews (Neocons) Par for the course on the left side of life.

p.s. I thought the Che/flag bit was a riot :)

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Absolutely! That joke was BRILLIANT! I say find that writer of that joke and give him a big contract writing jokes for TV shows. Better yet, give him a big advance to write a humor book (with CD-ROM insert)."

PJ, I'd like to see a PJ or PJ & Chalres book but I've never like'd the CD-ROM inserts in books. Let me know when you publish and don't stop the DUmmie FUnnies when you start writing for television.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50 is correct.

I had a "houseguest" for a couple of weeks who insisted on the Daily Show. You know, it was amusing at times - in a sophomoric way.

I guess this dingbat would probably have a fit if he listened to News Busted. I'd find THAT just as amusing.

(cousin of my wife. homeless due to stupidity. stereotypical lefty - homeless but correct about what life is all about)

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know the GOP knew how to use the internet

Dan Rather probably wishes that conservatives and the GOP didn't know how to use the internet.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL james good one.

Oh, and speaking of right wing fascists, go read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Amazing book, very well researched. Except it destroys the whole right wing fascist thing...so it terrifies the Left. Like sunlight and garlic to them.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...the concept of conservative humor." PJ


Maybe liberals don't understand it because conservatives, being conservatives, only laugh on the inside.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am fairly conservative, but NewsBusted just isn't funny. The jokes are obvious, with little to no wit or analysis. Her delivery is repetitive, her comedic timing is awful. You can't forget she is reading from a script so the jokes feel forced and obvious.

Liberal or not, Newbusted is just a poor attempt by conservatives to be humorous.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>I am fairly conservative

Let me guess, and on Tuesdays you're an astronaut. You gave yourself away when you claimed her timing is "awful." It's called overreaching.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Lucas said...

Moonbats are terrified of being made fun of. Kinda like the Muslims. They are very insecure.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Python said...

You have to hand it to the Liberals , they are fairly consistent , even when you catch them as they still show up to complain , only then some will try to hide it and claim to be "fairly" conservative and stick their big foot in the pie.

Jody Millers delivery is totally funny , I hook up with her Newsbusted Show every week on my blog .

In this world of mundane Moonbats and Bill Mahr we need someone like Jody Miller to set all things straight.

Much of the Truth can be funny , Jody has shown that

Is Jody Miller herself a Conservative ?

Does it really matter as long as she is funny ?

2:22 AM  
Anonymous RIP FROM BUTLER, PA. said...


6:30 PM  

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