Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

I just saw the movie Election for the first time on cable about a week ago. The thought that immediately came to mind while watching the obsessed machinations of the lead character, Tracy Flick, was the similarity to Hillary Clinton in her campaign. Just out of curiosity I did a search on YouTube for Hillary and Tracy Flick and apparently I wasn't the only one who had this thought. Check out this VIDEO. It's hilarious!

BTW, didn't most of us know of a Tracy Flick in high school? In my case we had a male version of Tracy Flick (Mr. Flick) running for student body president in high school. I should have had the heads up that "Mr. Flick" was running for president when, a year before the election, he came over to our lunch table to shmooze even though we didn't know who the hell this guy was (he just transferred over to our school). Strangest conversation ever. No matter what we talked about, he always tried to steer it to the topic of better ways the school could be administered, a subject that didn't interest us at all. After we kept reverting the conversation back to hot looking cheerleaders, Mr. Flick left the table to go shmooze on the same unwanted topic at another table. Yeah, Mr. Flick kept up a friendly appearance up until the moment he lost the election the following year. After that he assumed a very cold demeanor. No more shmoozing at lunch tables.

So do any of you out there have any Tracy Flick stories of your own? If so, post them here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following a hitch in the Navy, I went like a shot to college. Don't get me wrong, I treasured (most) of my time in service, but realized pretty quick that a degree was a REALLY good idea.

My FLick was a character, Alvin Barnes Collins...ABC. (Name changed to protect the innocent, but the initials are right)

He was convinced that all he had to do was 1)grow pubes, 2)Pre-Law, 3)Law degree, and then 4)'some' form of public service, and then 5)Governor!

ABC was going to make it all right and his ace was his memorable initials. He was on fire, on the hunt and had a plan, such as it was.

But Lord! Was he an annoying sort.

I wonder how that worked out for him?

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a college freshman, I was tripled in a double room due to overcrowding. The first chance I had, I took the opportunity to move to an opening nearby. It happened to be with a bunch of juniors, quite different from me but easy to get along with. Except my roommate. This guy (Steve) was the consummate politician and user of people, and it just so happened that he was going to running for the student association president in the Spring.

Most of the time, I was lucky enough not to see him. My suitemates didn't really like him, either. After a few incidents mostly based on personality and values disagreements, I disliked Steve even more.

The day of the election, he asked me if I had voted. I said yes, but I didn't tell him I had voted for his opponent. If he had asked, I was ready to tell him the truth.

He did win, which I'm sure was a great stepping stone for him. After we parted ways I don't think we even crossed paths again, which was just fine with me.

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